What does that look like to you? Just like the parrot and nafi it’s, not quite as large, but as you can see, it’s got the same kind of camera. So let’s give this a go. Nice little controller let’s, give it a go: Music: Music, Music, Music, Music, oh Music, foreign Music. Here we go: Music Music seems to be a pretty good flyer, it’s, still a little toilet bowling so i’m going to bring it back yeah. I think it’s going to need another gps calibration, oh ah so there i am so this pretty decent little camera, guys pretty decent little camera, bring it in here a little closer, and you can see that this guy is not bad at all i’m gon na put The camera down below it and you can see the camera going up yeah, so it definitely points the camera pretty pretty well. Music point the camera down. So there it is Music. Putting the camera down guys see what it looks like not a bad little booger there, Music, okay, okay, so i’m gon na fly it up pretty fast, too i’m surprised it definitely could use starting to do a little toilet bowling. So i’m gon na bring it down guys um. Okay, you decided just to drop guys i’m, not sure why really not sure what’s going on camera is going nuts, okay, okay, good Music, Music, hey Music, Music she’s all right! So this is the return home. Oh all right, so this is the return home Music, okay, not bad.

It was that far away, so the return home was one two three return home was nine feet away nine feet away, guys, not bad all right. What i want to do next is connect the phone i’m going to try to connect the phone to this little drone here and see if it connects, so it is connecting to it. Okay, so let’s start the app okay. So now i have control – or at least i have functions on here – that i can see start recording yeah all right. Here we go it’s a nice little flyer. I don’t think i must have just hit the geo fence um. It seems to uh work pretty well. That’S want to spin it around, so you guys can take a look at how well it camera does into the sun and away from the sun, Music, okay, foreign, Music, Music Applause. So all right, so let’s check the speed, yeah it’s hitting a geo fence. Okay, pretty good little booger, though watch this machine. This is not a little bad flyer here. If we get used to the software change of speeds and there’s a geofence that it hits Music, Music, uh, Music, so it’s, not bad. You can see it Music, Music, so quiet little thing right, all right, let’s get it go. I like how it flies. You got ta get to know the camera: better: hmm, Music, Music, Music, hmm, Music, hey all right guys, so i was just checking my camera now.

We’Re gon na do a gps follow. Give this guy a little benefit of the doubt. Put it over here. Okay, here i am going to just put this thing in the gps. Follow okay, see if he follows me: okay, so that’s the gps follow! Okay! I went running my screen recorder and that’s. The gps follow guys, so it does a pretty good job following me. You see that okay seems lost me a little bit. He thinks i’m over here for some reason: Music, the relationship on okay it’s, not the not the best of that okay waypoints circle. So let’s do this. Six meters done confirm so it’s gon na do a circle six meters around me. So i guess the center is over here aircraft’s starting to beep at me, uh, it looks like Music. The receiver battery is running low, okay, see if i could do a quick waypoint flight now, Music foreign. Well, i think we’ll have to try this another day because we’re out here, Music, okay, Music! Well, this is still recording it’s trying to get the waypoint to work. It’S not going to work cause i’m running low on battery i’m, like a 10 uh to 20 battery. So not very far i’m gon na do a quick away. It’S like when i have to change some parameters here. This won’t. Let me do anything at all guys, let’s just return home. I told it to do 40 meters on the return home Applause, Music, Applause, Music.

All right, so that was the return home guys. It was pretty good, pretty good return home a surprise. Okay, i’m gon na take it up one more time. Ready Music has a nice little flyer, all right, so it just started beeping big time pretty bad come on. I was doing another return home, okay, so it’s completely out of batteries and that’s what we’re getting this nagging? Okay, i want to turn off the drone in a second but first of all wow. This is not a bad little flyer guys i kind of like it. You see this it’s a decent flyer and he had a nice little controller, a nice drone for 150, or so i mean it’s, really pretty good flyer. Software could be a little better. I did not have the problems that captain drone did where his crash. This one seems to be doing quite well again. This is a dragon 5 by jjrc and it flies pretty well so it has follow me modes, it has track me modes and it has circle b, mode and waypoint modes. I didn’t get a chance to check the waypoint noise. I was out of batteries, but overall guys.