This is dan, and this is my son uh. His name is jm, so we’re here today, uh to discuss about the hs210 drone, so name is experiences product review in using this drone we’re going to give you uh the specification and our recommendation and reading about this product. Okay, now we are in the unboxing of our drone item. Today they will open the box and we’ll try to show you. I will show you what are the contents of or the package exclusive and when you buy this drone okay, so firstly we’ll check Applause, um and then it comes with three batteries. Also, we have the remote control and in remote, nothing guys um powered sha and triple a batteries, so in this akasama package, so did a manual remote control, modeling function at the control and also it comes with the user manual in guide on how to you know Some steps and guides and using the drone – and it also comes along with additional propellers, so Music and you also have inclusive uh mini uh, phillips, screwdriver, uh parana man uh this acting remote control, machado, maleficent unscrew so currently in size, it’s, a good thing and of Course, usb charger batteries, so your battery is nothing guys. It lasts for at least seven minutes: okay per battery Music, so Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, so Applause, Music, all right guys, uh! Thank you very much for watching. Until this part of the video and now we’re going to the part of uh product review ratings, so dito they begin, i mean saying only uh pointers at young percentage.

That might be beginning. I mean as a paganic mcnamara, so fighting highest coronation and one new lowest score so based on experience, um great in kosovo, nasa 3.5 uh because main functionality at the same time struggle when it comes to uh control. So hindi is a hundred percent again. At the same time, um very responsive so which is a good thing. Okay, so in the mind of the beginning, waiting Music, my Music, so overalls, i mean product review, my own youtube, channel, 3.5 percentage or let’s, say 3.5 star rating; well, it’s, a very good price. It’S a budget drone, hopefully Music, means product description and, by the way, the price. The last time it was 999 pesos um, possibly my changes of prices yeah, so technology uh. Thank you very much for watching our video, hopefully opinion i mean, and then Music. This is dan from dance review, tv and jm inside yeah, don’t forget to like comment and subscribe.