So once i tested it out and got out of the box, it was so cool and the charging it only takes 40 minutes to charge, which i say is pretty good. So, first off to get it started, you got to turn it on and then it’ll start flashing like this and once it turns solid, you’re ready to go and it sometimes you’ll do flips and it’ll turn different directions and sometimes it’ll go high, but it always comes Down after a while, not that long it takes a couple. Um like it takes like a couple minutes for it to calm down so like now. It gets too high, it went down and then sometimes you can toss it up, put your hand beside it and it’ll go like different directions and if you catch it like say you caught it. So you caught it like this and it was still going in your hands just turn it over turns off automatically, but once it triggers it to trigger it, you got ta pop, get your hands up in the air and let go it will fall down, but the Blades will turn on and they will start flying and it spins really fast. One thing that i thought was cool: if you stand under it, you got your own little fan Music and i really like this thing.