It is a rare occurrence when fighter jets are used to shoot down drones, although israel has shot down drones with warplanes and a usf 15e strike eagle shot down a drone in june 2017 in syria. One of two us downings of syrian regime drones. The latest report was made by royers fox news and aviation week. Reuters said the incident happened in eastern syria when the unmanned system was deemed a threat coalition aircraft successfully engaged and defeated a u.s unmanned aircraft system through air to air engagement in the vicinity of mission, support site, green village said coalition spokesperson as army call wayne maroto. According to reuters, fox news, lucas tomlinson wrote that the us air force f, 15e shot down iranian drone over eastern syria. Yesterday, after flying too close to some of the 900 us troops deployed there, basing his report on its officials separately aviation week noted coalition aircraft shot down an unmanned aircraft system ush with an air to air missile near a u.s military base in eastern syria, ush central Command told aviation week the u.s officials told them the uas was deemed a threat in self defense. Measures were taken in may 2021. Israel released video that showed an f 16 fighter jet shooting down an armed suicide drone that was flown from gaza. It was an iranian style, kamikaze drone.