We start off with some of the performance specs because, with the himalayan, almost nobody ever talks about the performance. So lets start with the zero to 60, yes and from 60 to zero. Eventually, even the suspension is cutting edge, the rear has preload and the front has oil. Even the motor is just filled and packed with cutting technology. It uses an internal combustion burning gasoline and turning it into massive amounts of horsepower. In fact, this one has a whopping, 24 horsepower and 23 foot pounds of torque a little bit of change. On top of both of those for this massive air cooled 411 cc engine, it can make almost 80 miles an hour that does almost the speed limit in every state in the united states. Lets get real if youre buying a himalayan youre, not offended by anything ive. Just said you already know, this is true. This is not a bike youre buying because its cutting that technology, because of its big horsepower because of its renowned reliability, because none of that is true, but it does have some character to itself and theres a couple things. Thats interesting about the himalayan, because ive spent now 40 days in nepal riding this, and these are some of the most brutal roads. You can spend time on weve done large bridges, deep water crossings, rocky roads, mud, the one thing we did very little of was pavement and thats where this bike really stands out.

Our average speeds here are somewhere between 20 and 35 miles an hour at those speeds. This things like a mule, it crawls up the hills, clutch out and never complains the suspension. Isnt high tech. It bounces around often more like a pogo stick than it does a bike with suspension, but at those speeds its just not that big of a deal and you might look at the engine and go well. I just want a bike. Thats simple easy to work on something i can fix myself and if you ride a royal enfield youre going to have the opportunity to do that, and you can fix this on the road. So some will say it harkens back to a simpler time. Others will ask or wonder or be confirmed why they dont build them like they used to. So this is a bike, thats all about character, its about something that you just want to be different: its cheap, its inexpensive in the u.s, its only about five thousand dollars brand new, a couple of tips for you. If you do buy, one of these dont ever be in a hurry. Take your time enjoy it enjoy the scenery enjoy the roads, because youre gon na need to this bike. Isnt gon na go real fast, but it does slow you down and give you the auto opportunity to to appreciate whats around you. I am not a huge fan of using compression braking for slowing a motorcycle.

I think the brakes are designed to do that. They do a better job of that. This is one of those exceptions. We had 10 motorcycles 40 days all over nepal and we had multiple failures of the rear brakes where they overheated faded and went away, and we did find it was necessary to compression break this motorcycles that we didnt have that brake fade. Luckily, all but one all we had to do was wait for a while everything cooled off and the brakes started working again as far as reliability goes, the bikes range between 10 000 kilometers and 16 000 kilometers. These are all around 2019. Nothing has been able to be imported into nepal since kovid started. So this is the newest bike available in nepal and our reliability, uh other than the normal flats and, and things came along, the trip is, we had two stators uh one broken frame, one blown engine, one filled, rear master, cylinder, uh, obviously, speedometers not working is kind Of par for the course other than that they were all fixed on the road and and things went well from there, it is kind of a nice bike. The seats pretty comfortable, the seating posture is pretty decent were able to rotate the handlebars just slightly, and it became very comfortable in that regard. The clutch is cable. We were able to adjust it to have good clutch control for feathering through mud and gravel and other things like that.

Overall, if you want a bike with character that is cheap, that is simple to work on the hemline may just be your bike.