The escalating tensions between israel and iran in the middle east continue to increase iran, which is currently using hezbollah against israel, is blatantly threatening both the united states and israel. Following the iranian attacks on u.s troops in iraq and syria in june and july, u.s troops in syria were attacked for the first time in 45 days on saturday, it was reported by the. U s coalition forces that the iranian drone launched an attack on the us troops in the al omar oil field. In syria, iran backed hezbollah militants are exporting oil from iran, ignoring u.s sanctions to reassert their authority in lebanon. From the events in lebanon, hezbollah said that the u.s lebanese embassy interfered with the administration and oil supplies and openly threatened the us administration. However, the us again took a passive stance and claimed that there were no military units in syria. On the day, hezbollah announced that it was exporting oil from iran. It seems that the u.s administration is still trying to resolve hezbollah s situation in lebanon, diplomatically. On the other hand, israel immediately responded to these threats and dealt two major blows to the hezbollah formation. In syria, with air strikes here, iran seems to be consolidating its authority in lebanon by taking advantage of the weakness of the biden administration. Iran may also be trying the same method in syria, u.s coalition forces military officials reported saturday that a u.s air force f, 15e fighter jet shot down an iranian drone in mid air.

The iranian drone failed to cause any casualties. Us officials said the incident was self defense. There has been no response from the iranian administration, yet it is not yet known what iran intended in the attack on the sensitive syrian oil region, which was escalating with irans drone harassment. Interestingly, president biden claimed in an interview with abc news on thursday morning that the united states has no military in syria after the air strike on the al omar oil field in syria. On saturday, the iranian drone was shot down by f 15e warplanes after flying too close to some of the 900 u.s soldiers stationed in eastern syria. According to military officials from the u.s coalition forces, this report seems to disprove president bidens claim that there are no u.s troops in syria in the conflict between iran and the usa. During the process with president biden, the u.s administration seems to have always displayed a passive and defensive attitude towards iran at the end of july, the united states and the united kingdom, whose conflict with iran escalated due to the attack of an iranian made drone on the Israel, oil ship conducted the event diplomatically. Only israel had conflicts with iran. The u.s administration is taking a moderate and diplomatic approach to iran in order to return iran to nuclear negotiations. Therefore, the u.s administration may be ignoring irans many harassment attacks or simply defending it. However, according to most experts, this is a pointless endeavor.

Syrias main oil fields are located in areas controlled by u.s, backed forces when we examine the harassment attacks carried out by iran in iraq and syria, since the usas announcement that it would withdraw from afghanistan in may, we see that iran cannot be trusted and drone strikes Against the united states may be proof that iran and iranian backed militants will never accept a u.s military presence in iraq or syria. President biden promised to end endless wars. However, when the latest developments in the middle east and afghanistan are examined, it seems that the us administration and army are moving in the opposite direction. Troops are being sent to afghanistan. Troops, allegedly not in syria, are in conflict with iran. So do you think president biden really wants to end americas endless wars after president biden claimed that there were no troops in syria? Could iran have attacked to show that this claim is not true and to undermine president bidens trust? Do you think the u.s administration may be under attack in syria because of its attitude in lebanon, or could iran be planning to divert u.s attention from hezbollah before continuing you can follow? Our independent commentary on the latest news by subscribing to our channel now lets examine the details together, a us warplane shot down a drone in syria. On saturday, a rare sighting israel has, in the past, shot down drones with warplanes a usf15e strike eagle, shot down a drone in june 2017 in syria, one of two us downings of syrian regime drones.

The incident happened in eastern syria when the unmanned missile system was deemed a threat coalition aircraft successfully engaged and defeated a uas through air to air engagement in the vicinity of mission support site, green village said coalition spokesperson us army, colonel wayne, maroto the u.s air force. F 15e shot down iranian drone over eastern syria. Yesterday, after flying too close to some of the 900 us troops deployed there. According on u.s officials, iranian drones supplied to pro iran militias in iraq, have menaced u.s facilities in iraq. Over the last months, iran has also sought to target u.s forces in syria. In june reports indicated the u.s used ground based air defense to shoot two drones down in iraq. The latest incident may raise tensions with iran. Drones are increasingly common in syria in iraq. Iranian drones also targeted the mercer street tanker at the end of july. In the gulf of oman raising tensions with the us uk and israel. The u.s backed syrian democratic forces, said on the 7th of july tuesday. They had thwarted a drone attack on the countrys largest oil field, al omar in eastern syria, in an area bordering iraq, u.s troops were attacked with rockets near the oil field, the 28th of june, but escaped injury in an apparent retaliation for weekend us airstrikes against iranian Aligned militias in syria and iraq, washington blames iranian backed militias for a series of increasingly sophisticated drone strikes against u.s personnel and facilities in iraq.

Military defectors and residents say iranian backed militias who were behind several rocket attacks near the oil field in recent months are behind the latest strikes. Iranian backed militias are heavily concentrated west of the euphrates river in deer, al zour province, where they get supplies from iraq through the albicamal border crossing syrias main oil fields are in areas controlled by us, backed forces and their proceeds are a major source of financing. For the sdf forces, bidens administration has been looking to potentially revive a 2015 nuclear deal with iran. The attacks underscore how biden aims to compartmentalize such defensive strikes while simultaneously engaging tehran in diplomacy, white house, press secretary, jenn pasaki saeed iran was a bad actor in the region who supported extremely problematic behavior, but defended the diplomatic outreach as a way to deny tehran a Nuclear weapon, bidens critics, say iran cannot be trusted and point to the drone attacks as further evidence that iran and its proxies will never accept a us military presence in iraq or syria. President joe biden claimed that the u.s does not have military in syria. During an interview with abc news broadcast on thursday morning in an interview about the chaotic u.s withdrawal from afghanistan, with george stephanopoulos biden argued that the threat of terrorism was greater from syria than afghanistan. He went on to say that the u.s does not have a military presence in the middle eastern country. Despite that threat, al qaeda isis, they metastasize theres a significantly greater threat to the united states from syria, theres a significantly greater threat from east africa, theres significant, greater threat to other places in the world than it is from the mountains of afghanistan.

Biden said in the interview, and we have maintained the ability to have an over the horizon capability to take them out. We dont have military in syria to make sure that were gon na be protected. The president said: u.s troops based in eastern syria came under attack earlier this summer, although no casualties were reported. A june 28 rocket attack and a july 7 drone strike targeted u.s forces based at the al omar oil field. The troops are reportedly set to remain in syria indefinitely, even as the biden administration withdraws, all forces from afghanistan and works to draw down forces in iraq. Biden has said that he aims to end forever wars expressing an intent to bring home u.s forces engaged in conflicts with no clear objectives or end dates. In 2019, former president donald trump moved to draw down u.s forces in syria declaring victory against isis. However, he chose to maintain the force of several hundred troops in the country during a january 2020 rally trump said this decision was made because i kept the oil. Despite bidens remark, the us does have approximately 900 troops in syria.