If you want to support us, please, like the video and subscribe to the channel. According to afghanistan news, the u.s has resumed drone surveillance flights over kabul, nangarhar and kandahar. Provinces taliban so far have abstained from any reaction. U.S officials previously have said that this surveillance as part of the duha agreement signed with the taliban on february 29 2020. The u.s drones are circulating very low over kabul city, which seems like they might be searching for any specific target to strike reports of clashes and guerilla attacks on taliban by nrf forces in the last 24 hours guerrilla attacks and ambushes by national resistance for armed forces. In every corner of the country on the taliban, terrorists and the pakistani occupiers continue daily. According to nrf sources hours ago, a taliban convoy was ambushed by forces of the national resistance front and the jabal sara district of parwan province. Details of the casualties are not yet known. According to nrf sources. Last night nrf forces attacked taliban positions in hawaii, pass off pine, sheer province, and this fierce attack 18 taliban were killed and several were captured. All their weapons, ammunition and equipment were seized by nrf guerrillas. Also, its reported that, as a result of guerrilla attacks in rokha district of pine share province, more than 30 taliban were killed and wounded. Last night forces of general muhammad roja pejori, killed and wounded several taliban in a gorilla attack on taliban in the shaedon area of pine shield province, commander, hasibah, commander of nrf and the pine sheer valley says: silence is not for us.

We are fighting for freedom. This image shows fazel ahmad manavi, but hafiz mansur and the hindukush mountains. Both were former senior government officials. Mansur was a parliament member and he is a famous author. Now they are with the resistance front and pine sheer fighting for freedom reports from anderope last night. Nrf guerillas attacked hollywood positions in polyhesar, anderop district of baglon province. As a result, five taliban were killed and one wounded. According to nrf sources, the nrf got terrorists and anderop, who only speak the pakistani language urdu, they dont know a word of dary, persian or pashto, and afghanistan. People dont speak urdu. They didnt even know what province or districts they were in. Yet they were fighting for the taliban according to nrf sources. Currently, there are fierce clashes, ongoing and three districts of pine share and two districts of andhra.