Today we are going to be breaking at the ivanas laptop super hilarious. If you guys dont, know which probably not coming Music theres, nothing wrong with that. As long as youre getting work done. Thats fine and your laptop super old upgrade because, okay, its still working, i wanted to surprise her and give her this. I got at this laptop Music also, i shoot a lot of videos, videos, ivana skin, so ive been re watching some of her vlogs and sobrang. My inspire you feel like just the vlog and the freaking camera prank, so yeah ill see you guys later: Music, okay, Music, um Music. So we are meeting with the team. So i need to your marketing head Music m Music photographer slash, videographer, slash, editor Music, oh Music, oh Music, oh Music is Music, hello, hello, whats, up Laughter, Music is so Music. Okay, guys were shooting bran collaterals for ivana skin. So if you havent liked our fan page and follow us on instagram, facebook and twitter of the company, do you want to help mamita wait? You want to help them, but lotion were going hello. Music is Music. Music, Music is um Music, then Music, hello, Music, is hello. Dont. Do this Music, Music, mommy, Music, Music? No, he threw it foreign from Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, entertainment, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, Laughter, Music, nice, hey everyone, Music, oh Music, why you said sorry to me why you like pram dont, do dont do like tita? Now its not eager it will be you youre not supposed to prank on me.

You know my heart and my heart: Music: Music, Music, Music. Music. Are you really sorry im, sorry for making you cry, but also that was the goal. Whats up weve been working so hard youtube. Wow Music is youre. Welcome, guys, Music, okay, guys! Thank you.