Spa said that the first projectile was fired from a drone shattering the airports, facade windows and causing injuries. A second explosives laden drone was intercepted early on saturday. The coalition added, without giving details on any injuries or damages six saudis, three bangladeshi nationals and one sudanese were among those who were injured in the first attack. According to the reuters news agency, at least five of the victims suffered only minor injuries, while the conditions of the five others were not immediately known. No one has claimed immediate responsibility for the attack, but a number of attacks against saudi targets recently have been blamed on yemens hote forces. The houthis are fighting a saudi led coalition, which is trying to reinstate the deposed government there on wednesday. Four workers were also wounded. After the coalition intercepted an explosives laden drone targeting the kingdom sabai airport on august 31st, a drone hit the same airport, wounding eight people and damaging a civilian aircraft nestled in the kingdoms. Southwestern mountains abba is a popular destination for saudi tourists.