So it looks like we have a new mini drone, not dji mavic mini that i have and not dji mini 2. That was only released like november last year, but there will be mini s e yup, just like iphone just like galaxy phone s e special edition, or is it like cheaper edition? So how do we know all this rumors? Well, because there has been a release of some photos online from ozit lv, as well as a walmart website. Okay, so let’s get into website. So in here you can see in the that there is dji mini sc, which already has a page. So maybe this is the way they leak i’m, not sure, so we already have a lot of photos so in this photo we can see. This is the you know very same design of mini series in the second photo. We can see that it’s going to be called dji mini s e packed light fly free of course, it’s going to be under 250 grams, just like the predecessors, so it’s gon na weigh only 249 grams and the flight time is going to be 30 minutes flight Time and then 2.7 k video on three axis gimbal, of course, and it’s going to have four kilometers or 2.5 mile signal range. So in the basic set we are gon na, get a drone and spare propeller and one battery and the rc, the rc. That looks just like you know what i have for mavic air 2 as well.

As you know, air 2s, as well as what you will see for a mini 2. However, remember the range is only 4 kilometers, not 10 kilometers, as per like ocusync. However, it’s just gon na be four kilometers, so probably the range is going to be very similar to my dji mavic mini. This is the first one, the rc, the old rc. So i guess the capability and the signal range is going to be similar to the original one. So if we just scroll down, then we can actually see more details. So here it’s going to have dji mini se. The camera is going to be 1 over 2.3 inch. Sensor 12 megapixel resolution 2.7 k. This is, you know, sounding just like the original mavic mini series. The photo mode will have single shot, interval photo and resolution will enjoy 4 000 by 3000 pixels video resolution 2.7 k up to 30 frames per second in the full hd that’s 1080p. You you are gon na enjoy up to 60 frames per second, the quick shot mode will have droney circle, helix rocket for remote control. The video transmission will enjoy 720p at 30 frames per. Second, all right, so that’s all the detail that we can find on website. So i just want to quickly have a look at what was it lv? Who is like one of the sort of trusted dji leakers out there on twitter, so in his twitter, which channel came out like early this morning, he actually says easy is gon na, be the cheapest dji drone ever and you can already see this packaging.

Actually. Packaging looks almost kind of horrible but i’m sure, but i would really think it would actually come in a nicer box than this like plastic wrap. But here you know it pretty much confirms that the name will be mini se. Of course, it’s going to be the usual foldable design and one person even said, like they were just guessing the price and they were thinking. Is it going to be like two nine nine dollars? Well let’s. Just take a quick look at the predecessors of this mini sc, so let’s just quickly take a look at mini two specs, so mini 2, which was released in november 2020 and a very great drone the weight of it. You know the look of it is the same, so the weight of it is the same at 249 grams or below it’s gon na enjoy 31 minute max flight time. So you know: it’s gon na fly one minute more than sc series, so we can just say it’s the same thing. Kilometer wise. You know video transmission wise because mini 2 enjoys focusing it does enjoy up to 10 kilometers video range, so very, very strong signal by ocusync that’s, probably one factor that we really put mini too it’s, still more expensive drone than mini sc and mini 2. It specifically says it has level 5 wind resistance, which means maybe even more strength for mini sc, is a little bit less so just like what you would find in mini, but i’m definitely going to go and compare with the spec of mini as well.

So mini 2 enjoys 4k, so that’s. Definitely a price differentiating factor of mini 2 against sc. So right now in store, we can see that dji mini fly. More combo is going at 599 as a standalone device it’s going at 449 dollars. So i would actually expect to see mini se to be a lot cheaper, because that really makes sense, because if the price gap is not that different, then i would always go for miniature, rather than mini sc. However, if mini sc is a lot cheaper, then it’s a little bit of different story, because if we also go to the page for mavic mini the price in the dji store, because i think mini sc is really replacing, is it replacing? I mean if someone already has mavic mini like me, you know it’s, definitely not necessary to actually go for a mini se, but if someone wants to buy like the latest drone and they don’t have mavic mini, they don’t want to spend so much for a mini 2, then i think mini sc totally makes sense, so mavic mini the standalone device is going at ‘9 and fly more combo for mavic mini. It was going at 499. However, it is out of stock, so i would really think you know if ‘9 dollars, the price difference is not that much just 50 difference from mini 2., so for mini essay to be really really attractive. I think we should see something in the range of 200.

. Maybe 299 is somebody guesstimated in twitter so that it makes sense for it to be differentiated against mini 2.. So, in order to lose twitter, he does say oh it’s, going to be a new gift for his girlfriend good for her. He also mentions that this could be the response to hubsan xeno mini pro, which will be coming out in the month of june and this month: Applause, Music Applause, so Applause, so right now, i’m on rc website, where they do take the pre order for this Hobson xeno mini pro, which only weighs 249 grams, so that’s a direct competitor against the whole mini series from dji. It does have this. You know gps 5g, wi, fi and also 10 kilometer, which should match against the orchesing 2.0, and also the camera will have 4k up to 30 frames per second, so that’s in direct competition to mini 2.. So even the price range you know this is in direct competition to mini 2, really try to get the entire market share of like super cheap drone mini 2, which is super. You know, travel friendly drone, and then you know the range goes up as well. So i think what dji has done is basically they revamped mavic mini the first one and then put it as an sd, so it’s like rather than giving discount to mavic mini they’ve, actually produced a new drone product, but at a discounted price most likely. I think i think we should see discounted price compared to even mavic mini that’s, my guess, but nothing is confirmed, but then let’s see how much the price is for sc, because if it’s significantly cheaper than i think dji did it again.

So i’ll definitely come back with more updates from dji, as well as other new drones. So please don’t forget to subscribe.