At least two sdf fighters were eliminated over the last day in a turkish airstrike on a house in an sdf, controlled town in northern syria. The turkish drone reportedly targeted a leader of the kurdish led syrian democratic forces, sdf in al arab or kobani, eliminated his escorts. Instead, media activist abu omar al bukamali told the new arab sister site al arabi, al jadid. It reported that more people were wounded, including civilians, who were in the vicinity of the target site. Al bukamali added that the sdf cordoned off the area and set up checkpoints in and around ain. Al arab, which lies east of aleppo. Al arabi reported that earlier this week the sdf clashed with turkish backed fighters in tall tamr in northeast syria. Music. Turkey maintains a military presence in parts of northern syria where it also backs other rebel groups. It also classifies kurdish militant groups, including the sdf, which is backed by the us as terrorist organizations. Ankara views the sdf as an extension of the kurdistan workers party pkk, a kurdish separatist group that advocates for an independent kurdish state in turkey. The pkk is also designated as a terrorist organization in the eu and the u.s. The bay rocktar tb2 is a turkish medium altitude, long endurance, male unmanned, combat aerial vehicle, ucav, capable of remotely controlled or autonomous flight operations. It is manufactured by the turkish company baker. Defense primarily for the turkish armed forces, the drone is monitored and controlled by an aircrew in the ground.

Control station, including weapons employment via turksat, satellite bayrochtar means ensign or standard bearer in turkish. The development of the uav has been largely credited to selcik beraktar, a former mit graduate student, while the turkish armed forces describes bayrochtar tb2 as tactical uav class to prevent it from being a competitor to the taianka uav international standards would classify it as a medium altitude. Long endurance, uav turkish military use tb2 gained prominence in counter insurgency operations against the kurdistan workers party, pkk and peoples, protection units, ypg militants positions across the border in iraq and syria. Reportedly, turkish military used combined uav and artillery tactics in syria against the sdf and pkk linked ypg Music according to turkish source. The number of militant eliminated or wounded ascended to 449 by use of armed tb2 and 680 were indirectly in operations assisted by air support from the uav bayrocktar. Drones have been praised for their achievements by turkish and non turkish authorities. British defense, minister ben wallace and american political science author, francis fukuyama, praised the platform in its systems.