We are still on the Island of the Gods, Bali and we will stay at one of the 5 star hotels in the Uluwatu area. The name of the hotel is Hotel, Renaissance Resort and Spa well. Weve come to what its like in the end. Lets, see the full video., Oh yeah dont forget to support us by subscribing liking, commenting and sharing our videos. As soon as we enter the hotel. The reasons we will see a lobby that is so big and wide – and this has a seat as well, and the receptionist on the right side for the roof is also very high, and this is indeed in a model similar to a turtle. So its like. A turtles house and when you bring it to the lobby, we will see a cafe and the view is really good from this cafe. So there is a view that is taken for the swimming pool and the one at the end is for the beach and also the city. Wow thats, really cool isnt, it n. The name of this cafe is herbal, so its one of the property of the renaissance. Okay, once we get our room, we go straight to the room. Now what the model looks like Lets see when we enter there is a small table and chairs there, and there is a cupboard inside is a place to drink. Yes, so we were given 2A bottles of mineral water., You have glasses of various classes.

. There is a heater and also an ice holder and in the drawer is a place for tea and coffee and all the utensils. Hi dont have a fridge or a small fridge. Underneath but its empty inside Hi next to the bed, we can find a chair woven from straw, and there is also one mattress. This is a king size, two by two meters, with four pillows and in front of it, a 42 inch Adha TV mattress and beside this mattress. There is one pretty cool too heck that is light. Reading yes, like this, so little capital can be arranged so further to the cupboard to cupboard section in which there is a tax Nah un. There are various hangers in the cupboard or also two cellphones. There is an emergency light. There is also an ironing table and vital tools and sandals are given and there is a safe deposit box.. Let s go to the bathroom. The bathroom is behind the bed. There is a sink its old and also mirror the width really beside the sink. Was press center? There was a tissue, there is also the towels were. There are also two water mineral water. There is also a body lotion on the teeth and also soap, so we into her bathroom. Mengkafaninya is closed. Yes, So there is a glass door glass and also in it there Betap, and there is also a shower with a view of the Q Garden. The initials are two at the top and also the handle, and we are given to examine it.

Shampoo conditioner and also bar soap and are given a large towel. Duck, is also old, and the price of a mirror is very large for the whole body and what door is this? This is the door Where have we been? We can see if we sit here. Our minds can go everywhere, yes for white and cheeks. The room also has speakers and also a GPL brand alarm.. So if we want to listen to music, its good. Okay, we have a balcony., Well theres, a seat, too. Whats, the view. Whats. The view lets see: hey, hey, okay, when were done from our room. Well go downstairs at Robbys. Section is next to the entrance on the left. We can find the ballroom. Now this ballroom can be used for weddings.. It can be used for meetings.. The capacity can reach 800 people.. Now there are indoor ones, and there are also outdoor ones like this, so maybe we have an event. Here. can be cool for outdoor and indoor and also the view Wow. This is really cool after you, we will go down one floor. That is, we can find a swimming pool. Yes, if you ask there are three divided in total details. Here there is a childrens pool. There is a main swimming pool, Its big and theres. Also, a small swimming pool at the bottom, but its closed because of the pandemic and theres a lot of water. Here too, the hanging Now we can sit back and relax while in nature or the scenery, and here it is for the main swimming pool from the renaissance, hotel Hi for the main swimming pool itself, because it is large, so there can be tea.

Water volleyball facilities in the pool – and there is also a pool with an Infinity pool so its very good to be photographed and have her view of the Hotel Residence aerial, yes to the swimming pool exaggerated yes to the main. Now we can see from here there is a small pool, is a pool of private villa? Yes? So if we stay here, which models Villa No hassle Got continue, Im also curious to go to the bottom theres, also a third swimming pool and its quite quiet, because at the bottom, many of the rooms are not opened because of the pandemic. And when I went downstairs, the receptionist told me that if you stay away, keep your teeth and we can see beside the swimming pool, there is one model. This is the athallah chevel building, and this flat can be used for UK weddings are actually very good. If its a wedding here. Why is the view directly towards the Indian Ocean? Wow thats cool isnt it, but because the inventor is very quiet out of a total of 207 rooms. Maybe even under 100 are occupied., Which is for sure, and at the bottom, its almost all empty. And if We also walk from top to bottom, its very far because it consists of several buildings and also separate elevators. So if its time to go down its a bit, complicated.. Okay, after that we go to other facilities, namely the spa and also The finder center.

For Spain is still open and also salty medipath for guests and to enter the fitness center. We have to use the key from the room, so not everyone can enter which for the results here, the treadmill is also cool facing the Indian Ocean. There is also a Bela tool, its also heavy here, plus its also open from 7 in the morning until the alarm clock every time there are also facilities for drinking water and ha free nduk. The schedule for this sport activity changes every day and there are hours that can be followed for those who stay here. Yes, this is for breakfast. Yes its morning. We will continue to discuss breakfast for the breakfast itself.. The location is click Craft and click Raffi. This is The main restaurant of the Hotel Residence Shaitan at breakfast. You could say: yes, we can give an opinion. Yes, this is the best breakfast skamy, while in Bali now the variety is complete and there are lots of them both in terms of juice, from prayer, from the main course to dessert, and also there are complementary foods such as bread or clips. There is also ice cream, so it is quite complete and we think the food is really good for the breakfast model. This is a buffet. We only take it ourselves. The staff will help us to pick it up. So if we want a lot or a little, we can request yes there for the taste Wow we can give.

The value is nine tenths and we stayed here two nights and in June it was yesterday. So this is our review. Yes, this is the best breakfast. We have had in Bali, and here it is for the food we ate in the morning and for the service from the staff very helpful and also very friendly. So we are always asked if we need something or someone can help or take it, and this is the appearance of the seat and table so its from Clay Craft itself and beside Craft. There is also a restaurant made of resin, which is called double ikat. This isnt theres someone so lets just review the model. Whats, the duplicate for the duplicate restaurant. Its still closed because of the pandemic, its just still open for people to see its still okay, the location is like this., Hey after Brebes were going to this 1st Pool. Well, in the pool, the main menu also has something called the Kids club, and we want to know the Kids club is like a lets. Go down there on the third floor and in front of this or the garden, and also the fish pond. We can see a nice view here. My friend – and this is it for his club – called the treehouse and open from 9 am to five pm, and there is always a supervisor here and when we enter, we have to take off our sandals first, so that it is clean for the childrens play area.

For the club kit, facilities themselves are also quite complete. There are facilities for playing basketball. Now there are children playing basketball, there are also drawing facilities or coloring. There is also Go playing PlayStation and there are also facilities for watching movies and reading Wow. Everything is complete here and the rooms are divided individually. So its not like this to watch movies here to play PlayStation here to play basketball there. There are also two floors: yes well see for the second floor. Whats, the prayer for later Theres, one room to relax s. There is also a pingback tone and there is also a table and chairs for drawing and coloring plus. On the second floor, there is a room for changing diapers or nursing mothers, hi hi hi, as for the activities provided by Hotel Nation for this club every day has its own schedule alone from 09.30 to 05.00, and it changes every day. So if we spend maybe a week staying here, the childrens activities are different every day And here are photos for the children who have stopped by at the Renaissance hotel a little bit. The club hi hi hi hi, The SpongeBob reps other facilities are cycling, its only not free. We have to pay 50 thousand for the first two hours. Okay, buddy cover for the sake of our review for the Renaissance. Hotel Uluwatu Bali dont forget to support us always by subscribing like comments, Solo and sharing.