First, just to do the intro um its not going to be a long video, a part of it will be drawn as well. If youre new to the channel im rushed to discover boss, we showcase everything, jamaica, everything, new every development and right over here we have the new pristine, plaza, still a lot of empty shops um, so its not yet fully occupied. But um wanted to walk on the compound with you guys, um and give you guys a first walk through ive done a few videos, probably four or five videos, while in construction phase. So i just want to go on the compound um and show you guys around a little bit um. As i mentioned, ive incorporated some drone shots as well um, so you guys get some area view of the new plaza and of this area as well, so right over here, beside the plaza from this three three story. Building all around there all over here is just full of shacks and shops and gambling and betting a big lot um right beside the gully right there. So a lot of persons are saying this lot needs to be properly developed into like a big something. Okay, its just. You know it was all over the place over there, but who knows you know a lot of developments happening around the place, so a lot of shops and sharks are on there all right, so middle of a tree right close to the transport center im gon na.

Take a look at the new pristine, plaza ill. Give you guys a quick walkthrough, so stay tuned, guys, alright, so theres music playing over there. So once i got closer, i wont do much talking just to prevent some copyright. Music, Music. Music Music is Music. Oh Music! All right guys they have elevator access. We also have underground parking, as you can see, so the new pristine plaza all right so were gon na head on to the second floor. Now and again, not a lot of shops yeah.