You know its rush to discover boss here with another new development. So this is a first video. I was literally driving past right here on lady moss grave road. This property is on gladstone drive right, so i was literally driving a path. Sorry, i was literally driving past and i – and i saw you know that this development was ongoing, so its by proven real estate investment, trust uh. It seems to be a commercial development thats. Coming soon, um very close to tjf and obviously im going to include some drone shots. So when i set up the drone, you guys can see exactly where it is and whos beside it. So that seems to be the design of this commercial property and its coming soon right here on lady moss, grave road, so, as usual, subscribing is completely free. So if you have watched a few videos, if you have watched a few reviews, a few drone shots and havent subscribers yet subscribing is completely free. Join the family so were now pushing for 20 000 subscribers and your help is needed in the background around there is via bremar remember to leave your comment. Let me know what you think about this location, the design and everything and definitely share and comment comment comment. I always like these developments that have a good perimeter fence, and you know also put some pleasing something pleasing on the outside, so its not a disturbance to the other properties around um, so its not a disturbance, or i swear as well its always nice when they Put like the final design and a picture of whatever is coming, you know the developer and stuff like that.

So persons can know whats happening. So i like, when developers you know, go the extra mile and um. You know even theyre, just their perimeter, fencing. Let me know what you think about that: all right, so new commercial development, new alert new construction alert. So this is a new commercial development right here on lady moss, grave road, and then we have the lady moss grave and east kings house road, um intersectionals. Here, Music, that seems to be an evolution 10., if youre into cars, mitsubishi evolution 10.. So tjf is right out that side and again stay tuned for the drone shots um. I will show you a lot more tjf king zos, old master, governor general, all right guys. So first update first review of this new commercial development, so remember to like comment, share and subscribe and well definitely set up the drone. So you guys can get some better views.