So if you guys havent already, please do me a huge favor hit that subscribe button bell, icon all notifications and pretty please vote this up. Let youtube know youre enjoying what youre watching here we go. Lets check this out. Oh okay, interesting, okay, oh Music, foreign foreign! Oh yes, all right, whoa that looks epic lets go through that again, but uh without all the sound im sure you know more than i do. But for me personally, as someone who is a complete noob, i really really enjoy the visuals. You know. Okay, so youve got ancient beings. Youve got magic, youve got fight, scenes elements, you got elemental, uh stuff. You got war, ancient beings who are going to war with each other. I just love that stuff. The idea that you have like this avatar projection thing going on. I dont understand all of it. I just know that i love what im seeing so far yeah. It looks really epic. It satisfies the fantasy lover in me and i feel a little bit wary saying that, because i know that this is related to religion. You know like its hinduism and – and so i dont want people to take it the wrong way when i say the fantasy element, but there is something fantastical about this movie like the super powers and everything in the way that theyre portrayed the colors, the good guys. The bad guys, its just everything that i love about the genre – i personally am just a big big fan of the idea of like aint having these ancient beings that have been at odds with each other for since the beginning of time.

Yeah i mean you see this pop up a lot, but here youre using uh. I guess hinduism to express that idea this time and i think thats super cool. So far it just looks really nice i mean. Obviously, there are limitations in terms of the visual effects compared to something like lets say if marvel produced it thats not lost on me. I mean thats a given, but just looking at this, the sheer scope of what theyre aiming for the audacity, the ambition right, i just think, thats super cool and to educate my ass on. Like some of the things i dont understand about hinduism. You know in a very very fun fantastical action packed way yeah and it kind of reminds me of the the ancient mythology type stories where often gods will use humans to play out their own battles and their own personal vendettas and everything and so im getting a Sense of that here, where not only is he a guy whos, really good at weapons or like these magical weapons? He himself is the weapon right. You know, and so it begs the question like who else are like? Who else is a weapon as well? I guess i sort of for for me as a westerner that kind of takes me to like moon night and wonder woman yeah stuff, like that with like ancient gods and things of that nature yeah. It just feels really really epic and im loving.

All of the like, like the way that theyre making the magic look, the colors and everything, and they set it up with oh theres, uh fire, theres, wind, all the elements and theyre all coming together as a huge fan of avatar. The last airbender like this totally speaks to me. You know, and i know that those arent the same thing. I think that avatar, the last airbender borrows from a lot of different things. Yes, but as someone like thats, my favorite show of all time more than friends to me, its the best show ever made, and so seeing that kind of stuff here in live action way better than that other indian guy, oh no m night shyamalan did avatar the Last airbender the movie – and i just i hated it so hard. This looks like what avatar should have been now this moment here is interesting to me, because you see a lot of guys right now. Typically, what weve been seeing in indian films as of late, is just an impossibly large army? I know i know indias got a lot of people, but god damn like these armies are so huge, often times, because you know that theyre like populating with cgis like duplicating people rather and so here it looks like those are all real people like its not overblown With too many extras its like th, that looks like a reasonably sized army, and presumably you know these are all very, very deadly, fierce willing to sacrifice their lives warriors exactly then that is what ranbir kapoor is up against yeah, exactly like.

Probably one of these warriors is worth 10 people. You know what i mean well, exactly yeah, oh and damn shes hot sorry, youre, like you, can destroy me any day. Take me later. You look like a problem. I need to have yeah uh, but its like shes. Also got those red eyes, i know thats all cg and stuff, but still i like the uh, the look of amitabh bachchan here, like the the stage wise old guy whos, you know guiding ramir kapoor into his self actualization to fulfillment of his destiny. I love stories about destiny, its always fun its always fun, and i also really appreciate that hes narrating the trailer because theres something about his voice, like it just sounds so full of gravitas and like magical and wonderful and warm and syrupy – and i just you know, Just keep talking amitabh bachchan, because i love it. I really love this idea of the fireblade. I have no idea how theyre doing this if he just has like a green pole in his hand and its up to the visual effects artist to figure this out later. On really like this idea, a lot i dont know like what that leads to and how thats going to be used later on, if its gon na, like have projectile fire coming off of the sword or whatever. But i love like, i guess i grew up loving street fighters. I love i love projectile elemental, stuff, yeah and also the choice to make it kind of red and pink is really interesting as well, because i think it kind of lends itself well to the fantasy element because it does look like flames.

But like not really not really the flames that were used to, because we dont often see pink but then again it could also be a choice to make him stand out from uh the lady, i think its mooney roy, who has the red power yeah. You know so you can easily go okay, thats, her theres, a guy with blue im, assuming thats like water element, maybe shes another fire, but a different type and im also really enjoying like the love story between rambia and alia, like yeah im totally buying into it. Real life, trailer yeah, oh yeah, thats, true its cute thats right, i mean you dont even need to think about it too hard because they really yeah. They really are married right now. They are but yeah its its really cute and and thats sweet theres a theres. A korean film called among gods that oh yeah yeah. You know i at the time that i saw that trailer. I was losing my cause. I was like. Oh, this is such a cool idea, and then i watched it and i wasnt quite as happy, because i didnt get everything that i wanted out of those movies. This feels like its gon na, do more closer to what i was hoping among gods would do just like bringing in all this ancient. You know larger than life figures, and you know kind of like what i was hoping for from eternals. Essentially right. You know its like, i love ideas like that and just and i just keep hoping that they execute it well at some point exactly because the idea itself is really grand exactly so big and its like.

How do you take that idea? That is just so large in scope and do it in a film, but i mean this is just do it in a way that, like is relatable and youre, able to follow the story exactly, and this is part one right so im assuming that they are focusing On ranbir kapoor and his story and his element, which is fire so, oh, i thought they were focusing on the guy that was like running away from all the fire. Oh yeah, that guy too the masked guy yeah yeah. Definitely him no, but i mean this is just focusing on one aspect of the story right sure and theres gon na be more so i feel like, if youre just kind of keeping it specific, then youre able to help the audience focus on. Like you know the the person or the people that you want them to focus on before kind of leading them into the next part of the story, which could be far more complicated. Yes, but i mean this is giving you a base to work with, and then you build on it from here exactly yeah, presumably yeah so anyways you guys. Hopefully you enjoyed that reaction. Do let us know your feelings in the comments below and feel free to, educate us on anything that we dont understand that is being revealed here in the trailer thats based on hinduism, and i just would love to know more because this is so exciting to me.

Yeah uh thanks again for hanging out im jaby kawai.