.. Energies, which have been … Harnessed into Astras. This is a story about the Lord of all the Astras, The BRAHMSTRA, And about one young man …, Who must discover … That the destiny of the Brahmstra depends on him: SHIVA Hi …. Who are you? What are you Shiva is your hand. Alright, Isha. I dont burn in fire.. I have a strange connection with fire. Fire doesnt burn me., Something extraordinary is going on in this world Isha.. There are ancient Weapons of Light. And a group of Warriors who protect them. But …. There is also a Darkness … Which could destroy everything We fight for just one goal: BRAHMSTRA. You are connected Shiva … To this world of Astras Weapons …, Because you are an Astra yourself., The Fire Astra Now …, The Game ..