Of course, we are going to uh go into the new 1s nano baby quad here uh shortly. I want to go over the other parts first. So this is a new f7 flight controller that um theyre, calling it all in one but its, not all theres no escs on here its just the flight controller part its an f745 uh 20 by 20 mounting holes, and then you have uh these little little things On the corners for mounting uh in a 30.5 by 30.5 mounting uh frames, so obviously you can put this into like a five inch or something like that or a smaller setting. So if you want to put this into a 20 by 20 stack, just basically, these are just uh. You can just basically uh pop these off. I think uh shouldnt be too difficult and you have a 20 by 20 mount um. It looks like a pretty basic uh: f7 f745. Its got the smaller f7 chip, its got um black box data right there, uh betaflight or yeah osd chip, their mpu6000 chip, and then here are all of the specs and the wiring diagram. This is included in the box, so it looks like it has eight motor outputs, seven uarts um yeah its got a barometer uh, five volts two amp and a nine volt. Two amp bc input voltage of 2 to 6s, so its um yeah its fairly modern by todays standards. It should uh meet the needs of most people that are building anything from a micro to a five inch or even bigger.

So this is a pretty versatile fly. Controller by the way, if you have any suggestions on what you think this would be uh good to put in terms of a build. Let me know down in the comments below alright, so next weve got the express lrs receiver, so this is uh flywoods um. I guess their rendition this they dont, have their own target yet for this part uh, so i think theyre just using the diy firmware. So when you go into the express lrs, configurator just select diy receiver, and that will be the one youll use to flash this receiver. So, as you can see here, it does come with the ceramic smd antenna and its got the same wiring order that all the other receivers have. It has have the wi fi chip on here as well. So, basically, it looks a lot like the happy model version. Um same size, i believe, uh, you can see the wi fi antenna there and basically just uses the diy firmware and not the happy model firmware so dont get that mixed up. But this is their version, and this is also in the um 1s bb nano that im going to show you shortly by the way the wires are also included in the packaging all right. So this is the all in one foot controller that is in the 1s baby nano and has a built in free sky d8 receiver, as well as built in video transmitter up to 250 milliwatts 5 amp escs its 1s.

Only this is the packaging it comes to. So you get your parts here and then the antennas, so this is the vtx antenna just come with the ph 2 battery lead and then the antenna for the d8 receiver thats on board and theres a closer look at the board itself. You can see the usb port there. Its vertical sticks out no plugs on this one for the motors youre gon na direct solder, the motors and see the motor pads right there for the escs and then the other side. You have the ufo connector for the vtx antennas that one on the right and then the connector for the d8 receiver on the left here is a smaller ufl type connector. You can see this one has a ton of solder pads on here, theyre, nice and big. So, for those of you have complained about happy models, tiny solder, pads this one – these are a little bit better, a little bit bigger. But again this is a tiny board. So this your soldering skills still have to be pretty good uh to get all the uh connections on this one here. This is their rendition of it. So this comes with basically built in receiver and built in video transmitter, uh flight controller and foreign ac, so uh similar to, i think the crazy bx light, i believe, is what would be the equivalent from happy model, and this is on obviously the 1s baby nano Which is here – and i did – i did an unboxing, quick unboxing on my instagram, so you can check it out over there.

If you want to see that, if you missed it, they sent along to these batteries, they are not included, they do work when they use these. If you want to try and get the eight minute flight time that they are, i guess advertising with this model. I did do a longer flight with a little bit of aggressive lying in there and got about seven minutes. So i think the eight minutes is basically just non aggressive, cruising around kind of very gentle on the throttle flying and if you want to get the maximum flight time of eight minutes thats, you know if you just do gentle flying youre gon na get that if You do more aggressive flying, i did another flight with more like flippy, floppies and stuff, and i was getting like five to six minutes, so it really depends on how you fly and the conditions are like if its windy, that kind of thing this thing does get Pushed around quite a bit by the wind, its very light, but these are the batteries they recommend. These are not included in the packaging, although in the unboxing they did include these in my box because there there was foam cutouts for this. These two batteries in the box, i think, um. I think they do offer an option with the drone with two batteries included and its a its an extra cost um. So basically just go to the uh. The link below to the web page theres different options.

You can choose with batteries without batteries, receiver option, no receiver option etc. Youll have to pick and choose what you want and, of course the price will change depending on the options you choose, but these are the ones that they recommend. They come with the ph 2.0 connector. It is a high volt battery. I you know i didnt try any other ones like if youre wondering, like im, sure you know g and bs, whatever are probably going to be fairly similar. These are the same size i dont. Maybe these might be gmb rebrands, they didnt really tell me, but these are the ones that they used for the eight man flight time, if thats, what youre trying, if thats, if thats your goal, so you get eight minutes and they should probably get these batteries. Okay, so this is how much it weighs and uh its about 21.7 grams on my scale um. Of course, this comes with the express lrs receiver, and so we probably deduct the weight of that theres 0.3 grams and heres all the wire. Of course youre not going to use all the wire, but they did use quite a bit says one gram right there so lets see here how about how much of that wire did they use um, not too much? So maybe i would say half of that. So maybe the weight of the expresso receiver is about 0.7 grams yeah, so maybe its 21 grams. I lets see what does this say on the box? Okay, i dont remember exactly what it says on the website: uh what the weight should be, but mine comes with the express lrs receiver, so i think its a little bit more than whats indicated on the website and then with the uh forest uh or the sorry.

The 1s 450 were coming in an all up weight of 34.7 grams, and then these do come with uh, newer motors that arent on the market. Yet these are 0.802, so a little bit bigger than 0802 motors so and these are – and the motors are 16500 kv. So um, i think that that kb is kind of more designed for efficiency more than anything else, and so i think why they went with the two bladed jump van prop instead of a three bladed prop. So i know a lot of you guys are going to ask me: how does this fly in comparison to the iflight uh nazca baby? I have not flown that model um. It is a fair amount heavier than this one about five or six grams heavier so, which is significant, which is i dont know what is that? 25 20 25 heavier than this model, and i think their battery mount for that. One which is top mounted battery is for 300 milliamp hour, uh, 1s lipo, so its im pretty sure it flies significantly differently from this one, um youre, probably gon na get less flight time its um yeah, just its just way different. I think that motor is also different, its an 002, i think 22 000 kv modifier mistake, im just looking at the specs, so that ones gon na be for like more like joyride type of flights. Uh shorter. My estimation is gon na, be the flights gon na.

Be shorter, maybe three minutes two minutes um, but probably with a little bit more power than this model. Here. This one here is going to be more for longer flight times and more efficiency, so yeah, so they have a newer. They have a newer motor on here. Along with this updated uh flight controller, with built in vtx, this new camera here um, i havent seen before it kind of reminds me of like the run cam nano two or three or maybe the ant its possible its its based off of those im, not 100 Sure image looks pretty similar to a lot of these sort of like type tiny nano cameras out there. So not too surprised. The frame here is kind of like a dead cat, squish decks kind of frame, so a little bit further apart in the front, so you dont really see too much of the props and then a little bit closer in the back and the battery. I guess uh. I guess the battery holder here is tpu, so it stretches a little bit. It fits really well for the battery that they sent and you can see that theyre using uh countersunk screws here on the bottom. So the battery just slide in without scratching on the screws, which is nice, its a nice little design thing the uh. Well, you know the bottom plate here, which is very thin. I think its only one millimeter, it does have a little bit of flux in here, but uh unless youre really crashing this hard.

I dont think this is gon na break things so light. This is gon na, be like really good for park flying um theyre. Not really going to bother anybody. Super silent doesnt make any noise at all and its pretty. I think this is going to be a pretty good one for beginner flyers that are maybe advancing from like something like whoop, because it has a similar sort of size profile to a tiny whip. But you can fly this outside and it has much more capability in terms of speed and acriflying compared to a tiny whip, but it has sort of like that sort of safety. You know not annoying people kind of factor um its not really that dangerous. I dont think youre gon na be hurting anybody. Although you know these props are exposed and you can still cut people, i mean it will cut peoples skin if you uh, you know if you hit them pretty hard, so still have to be careful with these uh little guys but uh. This is, this is like a kind of like a little fun little quad. You can probably fly it around people and not feel too worried and not scared too many people and its going to handle crashes really well. It flies for a long time yeah. I think i think this is going to be like if youre you know wanting to advance from a tiny weapon and want to get something kind of similar uh, but maybe a little bit more for outdoor flying with a little bit more abilities this one.

I would definitely recommend so thats my take on this one um theres, the sort of a little bit more aggressive flying flight footage and then ill link the sort of a boring, uh long cruising flight uh down in the video description. If you want to check that out, just kind of just kind of cruising around not really doing a whole lot, just kind of blurring the battery off seeing how much flight time i got, and i actually got a little bit bored in that flight and um did A little bit of accurate there a little bit in the middle, so i think thats probably why i only got seven minutes in that one.