We are you, hello, everyone and welcome to another edition of ask joe new im, john and im mike, and this is ask drone you now you might realize that the voices and the people sitting at this table are completely different thats, because we threw paul and rob Out of their office and out of their studio, to bring you this special update. And what is this special update mike well, were here at drawing you a few days before halloween now, halloween was supposed to have a special event and were not talking about trick or treating or anything like that. We are supposed to have a massive solar storm and how does that affect my candy mike? It doesnt affect your candy at all, but it does fall into something that is probably the most overlooked aspect of uas flight and thats uh, your kp index yeah uh kpi index could plague all kinds of problems, but more importantly, for the people out there that dont Know what is kp index? Could we explain it to them? Sure sure so. Kp index is a one through nine scale, measurement of global geomagnetic activity, so um anything below a four would be considered normal yeah its safe, safe to fly, i would say four would be above a four – would be considered a storm and anything above that would be Well severe, and so you would think what does it have to do with flying a uas yeah isnt the sun, like i have really far away from us 92 million miles to be exact, so you would say why so youd say: why does it matter? Something? 92 million well, why does it matter mike because its actually affecting something a lot closer and thats around 12 000 miles away and thats your gps and glonass satellites right? Okay? So so you would say what does it have to do again with uas flight? Well, a massive solar storm, like the one thats supposed to happen this weekend, could throw off your gps by a hundred feet or more, which is crazy if youre operating in an urban environment.

Oh absolutely its crazy. If youre operating in any environment absolutely yeah, because i mean a lot of functions that we take for granted, but our uas run off of that gps and that would be autonomous mapping missions. That would be even your orbits uh, if youre not doing them manually uh. Your return to home will be affected, so theres a lot of systems that will be affected by the you know. A high kpi increase the accuracy of your rtk lose gps entirely. Oh absolutely! But uh, you know. If it drops or the kp index rises yeah. You could totally lose the ability to have gps lock on that aircraft or lose a gps fix absolutely so, in short, always check your kp index before flight, and especially this weekend and this weekend, if youre just wondering we have a minimum of kp index of two With a high of kp index of seven massive and sunday, its going to be kpx2 minimum and a kp index of five for the maximum – and this will vary throughout the day, so its important to always get the current information from where you are actually operating from.