We are hey everyone and welcome to another. Very interesting episode of ask drone you, as we enter the holiday season. We would like to wish you and your family a happy thanksgiving from everyone here at the drone. U flight crew also, as you know, its black friday, which has already started and weve, got a lot of deals going on. In fact, you can grab an annual membership which is access to over three dozen courses for 347 dollars a month now heres the uh heres, the new cup that were sending out to our new annual members and its got something very important on it. Well, talk about it later, but its thumbs up buttercup and if youve attended flight mastery. You know exactly what i am talking about, but ive got a very special guest today, steve dela santos. He is our new producer and he was a drone pilot before he came to drone. U, but then has worked his way up here at drone. U to now be the producer, and i have steve on the show, because i think hes hes, just a perfect representation of many of you. These intermediate pilots, who are getting going and really uh, really dont, know what they dont know and thats kind of what were here to talk about is how steve has garnished value, essentially from being here at drone. U but steve welcome to the show thanks paul good to be here. I know youre not normally used to being uh on camera youre.

Normally, behind the cameras well yeah, my mom says i have a face for radio, so that makes two of us Laughter but steve. I know uh in an effort to kind of get in this. I know. Yesterday, you uh, everyone had left the office which uh steve normally stays pretty late to be honest and uh very hard worker. But you, everyone left the office yesterday and you had gone flying out at the field. Is that right, yep yep, and so you went out to the field and there was another hobby pilot, but he was flying an rc helicopter, not necessarily a drone right, thats, true, yes and so steve. In a total, a contrast to myself, you actually asked him if you could kind of share the field with him. Is that right, oh yeah, yep! He was standing right in the middle of it, so i couldnt really uh fly around him or through him or anything like that. So i figured id just ask. Well i think that was very nice of you, something i probably would not do but uh to showcase. The contrast um, but what was really interesting, is that you know you said that he was like yeah. I im essentially almost done flying, but you said he asked to watch. You fly thats right, theres yeah this guy out here with his little mini rc and – and i told him i just wanted to get some stick time on the drone, and he was very interested in that because he had never really seen up close someone fly and Launch and uh he kind of wanted just to check it out.

He thought it was a good opportunity so as soon as he used his last battery, i set my stuff up and and proceeded to do my pre flight and he was very interested in that. So, to give us to give everyone kind of a picture, what which drone were you flying? Uh, the phantom 4 pro version, one its still a fantastic drone, as many of you know um. I actually know a lot of pilots are trying to scoop one of those up right now and theyre having trouble finding them ah well, im looking for a mavic 2 pro so anyway, any good uh condition. Mavic 2 pros out there lets lets talk. Trade send an email, support, the droneyou.com exactly or just post it in the uh, the droneu community app, but so you were kind of getting in your takeoff sequence and this guy was kind of like what are you doing right, youre right, i mean what did he? What so help us understand? What were the pre flight motions youre going through and his kind of responses? Okay, so im just taking my drone out of the case like anyone else, would you know setting it down on the landing pad and uh? You know hooking things up and hes asking me these questions as im doing all this stuff im thinking its pretty normal by the book kind of stuff. You know a to b, stuff and hes just saying well, why are you doing this? Why are you uh, for example? Why are you throwing that battery in so hard? You know why are you uh uh checking your props? Why are you you know spinning these motors dont? You just take off and i said well, no, you got ta, you know for one its cold today is.

It was a very cold evening and so im just making sure my batteries are warm and im making sure theyre seated into that drone and im clicking them in hard because thats one of the the things that people sometimes dont do yeah um. So thats, just one precaution, im making sure i do and just checking my props, its just a standard kind of thing. Looking for nicks and cuts in it, you know and and spinning the motors making sure theyre spinning freely no noise. Its just part of my typical pre flight checklist, and he was asking why i was getting so detailed with it. Why why wasnt i just taking off yeah, no very, very interesting, and so i know here at drone – u in fact just filming flight mastery. The other day, you know, i know, youve known these rules for a long time, but you you, you keep essentially seeing this frequency of the rules, the rules of takeoff, the rules of landing etc. So you take off and you do your battery test and he was like flabbergasted right right right. So so i mean what did he say when youre sitting there doing the battery test? Well, he i bring up the drone and i um i push forward and i just jam the stick up and im. Looking at my battery voltage and hes sitting there going, what are you? What are you looking at now? You know why are you flying so aggressively right now, i said well im checking my battery voltage because its the really only one true test that you can do um to really know the uh condition of that battery at that time, and whether or not its its Safe enough to fly and uh, you have to jam it thats what you have to do to get the true battery voltage and he says.

Oh, i had no idea. I thought you just kind of put a battery in and you flew and i went well thats what i used to think too. I know, obviously i didnt i mean not obviously, but fortunately i never really had a crash because of battery voltage or anything like that. But its a lesson that was taught to me – and i thought all this time, that percentage was the way to go. You know, because in your app you set your return to home percentage, um your emergency return to home percentage. You know, and i thought that thats what we had as far as safety. You know we had all that time. You know whatever, but its not true. You know because of the the weather conditions and things like that: yeah those that battery percentage, isnt, accounting for temperature elevation elevation, exactly um and thats, just kind of stuff ive picked up through working here at drone. You through, i guess you would call osmosis because im also the editor, and i all you know i i hear i see all this information yeah and it comes through yeah and so before drone. You, though you you were learning a lot through youtube. Is that right, thats right yeah youtube was my go to media source. I think uh, just like a lot of people yeah, you know uh, but i originally learned through a friend of mine uh, who, let me just fly uh.

He kind of gave me the basics and i you know i caught on pretty quick and uh just kind of got the feel for flying the drone. But you know thats will only take you so far. You know and then, if youre going to do anything more complex, you kind of have to know why youre doing these certain things as opposed to just what to do. You know so you can understand, in my opinion, its just more valuable to really understand why youre doing these moves or youre doing these precautions as well taking these precautions. So would you say that on youtube, you didnt maybe get the depth that youre kind of seeing here at drone? U right, they kind of give you the a to b, but they dont really give you the why and thats the kind of person i am. I like to know why im doing something as well, so that i can dive deeper into the understanding of it and come to a more useful conclusion in regards to why these things are important. You know not just someone telling me, you know it kind of goes back to the old. Do what i say not what i do kind of thing. Well, i want to know why youre saying that yeah you know so i can fully understand you know the dynamics of this yeah. That kind of thing so but um so i mean when it you know kind of getting back to this story.

Uh you you tate, you take off and you told me in pre show that you were kind of doing some figure, eights and whatnot just kind of practicing. Those banking turns right, and so you know you had also mentioned that uh. When you, you essentially were finished with the flight and you bring the drone in and you did a hand catch is that right, thats right, and so he was really. If i remember the story right uh, he was essentially really interested in. You know how you were controlling the orientation before you brought it back right and the way that you were doing your turns, and i mean how did you explain the importance of that to him, because you said he kind of had no idea yeah thats right. He was, he was actually having problems with his orientation, you know and uh. He would bring the helicopter back to him facing forward, and so his orientation was off. It was first yeah. It was reverse, i said well. What i will typically do is, when im coming in for a landing im, doing im doing three things: im determining how im gon na land this thing im turning it around. So i have the same orientation as the drone and im also descending in an angle, so that im not getting caught in a prop wash or anything like that. He says well as far as your orientation. How do you do that say? Well, you get about 100 feet out and you just give it a 180 so that its facing out so youre facing you know, youve got the same orientation now your sticks are going to go right, its going to come right.

You know youre coming back its going to come back. Everything is just the same and its the safest way to to land that, and he had never really done that before. Not really, he was just kind of he didnt. Really it was so simple. He goes. Oh, my gosh. Why didnt? I just turn my helicopter around and i said well, i dont know why i think its you know, but you know to his defense. I didnt even think of that. You know until you know joining up and listening to what the crash, the dont crash course, and you know what you had to say about a lot of this stuff and it it made total sense. I mean its just one of those v8 moments where you just kind of pound yourself in the head and go. I should have known that we hate moments. I love that. Well, i mean, and you just kind of covered, a bunch of different rules that we teach throughout operations, dont crash and fight mastery. You know never fly straight down. You know always have the same orientation upon landing following those rules of landing rules of takeoff, and you know before i know youre really helping us toot the drone you horn here, but this is not just because you work here. No right i mean because you wanted to say hey, i really want to make sure that we get it out that im, not just sitting here, trying to brown nose, uh you and rob oh yeah.

You know i mean what else you know when you work somewhere that teaches you how to fly your drone, youre. Obviously gon na pick up stuff. You know theres its just it doesnt matter. If im working for some other company, i mean it doesnt, it doesnt matter. Im gon na learn stuff, im gon na soak stuff in so yeah thats thats. Incredibly true what you just said in regards to what i knew before drone you and what i know now, and so one of those things that i have seen in in essentially your evolution is this unwavering confidence that you have now and this ability to do some Really cool complex stuff, like weve done, b, roll together, weve done air to errors together and and im, not the easiest person to do air to errors with because wait steve hold on consistency very easier than you think um. But but that said i mean where, where would you say this confidence kind of came from just doing it just doing it? You know just knowing the rules its really helpful, to be able to pull out a secondary phone and look at the resource page in regards to the trainings the online trainings, because there are a number of different cinematic moves that i like to get good at and Practice and thats more of the drone pilot. I am thats more of the drone kind of drone pilot. I am im more of a cinematic flyer.

I like to get those nice smooth shots with those those banking shots. You know with those nice smooth cinematic looks and you know put music to those later. You know thats just the kind of flyer i like to be and uh having that phone and watching you on those moves. You know teaching step by step where the sticks go. What to look for that kind of thing? It really helps out, and so really the confidence comes from just doing it and doing it and doing it and doing it and then ill even put a card in the drone and ill record. My moves so that when i get back to the house ill throw that in the computer and take a look at my progress, you know and if its a little jerky on some of the yaws or the turns, i just go back and i okay well. Well. Just do this again was that something that you had kind of picked up while you were here, yes, awesome, yeah, no thats, really cool. I know i know youve gone through a lot of of new courses recently, you know just finished the uh mavic air 2s or air 2.. Dont crash course were working on the wedding course right now. You just finished the autonomy and business scaling course, like youve worked on a lot of stuff this year and uh, you youve, really become kind of intimate with the content and thats really.

The story that i wanted to to show here today was that, like here is steve, who, who essentially had gone through trainings and youtube courses and whatnot, but maybe didnt, have the rules of landing the thumbs up. Buttercup rule the not flying straight down rule the orientation rules, because thats, where most people do crashes, is that orientation, stuff and so im just trying to showcase. You know how your role here has kind of shaped your flying. Well, ive got a huge advantage over a lot of people because i do work for drone. You and i do get to see this content across my desk and and look at it eight hours a day, 10 hours a day. You know 14 hours a day, so uh yeah its its for me, its a huge benefit to be able to see it and and then practice it. And then these guys i mean you guys also give me the opportunity to go out and the field is right across the street yeah. You know, so you give me the freedom to go out and practice this stuff. You know when i have a little bit of time and um its you know its great. Would you would you say that the things that like youve learned from us and the content youve produced and whatnot, do you adamantly, ardently and honestly believe that other pilots can gain confidence and reduce risk from the things that youve learned here, but also produce here? I would say yes, but they just have to take the time to look through the whole course and soak it all in and practice it.

You know a lot of people these days are youtube generation, you know, and they just dont have these super. They dont have attention spans. They dont have the patience they dont have the patience, yeah yeah, you know i mean when you look at a drone. You course theres a lot of detail in it. You know and theres a lot of great information that if you skip over it, youre not going to learn yeah, you know, but then you have to take that information and then go out and put it into practical use too yeah and thats. What im doing right now and um before drone? U it was just launch the drone. I dont know what a battery test is. You know i dont know um. Why im doing this? I dont, you know a lot theres a lot of rules and regulations that the 107 uh course is excellent. Theres a lot of rules about that and flying in different areas that i didnt know. I mean i feel like a hundred percent like ive grown 100 since joining drone yeah in regards to the content yeah, because i mean its its so easy to sit there and look at and then for me, like, i said, im a detail, oriented person. So i like to soak it all in and ask why questions and things you know. Why is this? Why is this and you know you and rob, have given me so much, you know so many great answers.

Let me ask you this question steve, so you you, i mean you fly outside of drone you and whatnot, and you talked about the the cinematic stuff that you do one of uh. I got two questions for you, and one of them is well one of thems hypothetical, but my two questions are is one: what is the drone that youre most excited for thats thats coming and then two i want to talk to you about, like absolute, must have Accessories and maybe youve picked up here – maybe you havent doesnt, really matter but kind of coming from the horses mouth and representing other drone, pilots, uh and well get to this secondary, but essentially the accessories that have helped you out the most. But before we get to that, you know the mavic 3 just came out. Yes, uh theres, a lot of american drones coming out. Uh like the free fly astro is now out uh very expensive sony air peak supposedly coming out autels drone. You finally got to you flew im, not sure if you flew, but you got to see it fly the autel evo, 2, dual enterprise. Yes, what did you think about that? One? That one is what ive had my eye on uh, primarily really as far as american made drones, ah well, yeah and um. I was big into skydio. I was really interested in skydio, but there are a couple of things that with those guys that i just that kind of turned me off and turned me towards uh more towards the autel.

Did i influence this skydio? No, no. I mean just recently thats what im sure a lot of people are gon na be like well, if you work with paul no john wakey influenced that oh john uh, oh john, i do find it funny that literally a week after they leave that drone shows up. So because they were all about, we got to get this course in public safety, or this drone in public safety and then boom magically shows up a week later, but um. You know it happened. Even with the new autels, though, b h says you cant even buy them until 2022 yeah, and i mean with with everything that you know about these new drones whats the most exciting drone that you want to get your hands on. Well, the autel first and then probably mavic 3 would be the second a close second gotcha yeah im more into the uh cinematic stuff. So um, you know the the 5.4 k and the 5.1 k excite me. You know i dont have enough money to buy the point. One thousand dollar is this: where steve asked for a raise on the podcast, oh man, so i was getting to that yeah, so uh i had so. The lead up was on me. No thats a nice vest youre wearing there. You know that really! Compliments you yeah thats, really great! Thank you. I appreciate you so uh as we like to say around the office, grateful for you, steve, jesus wow, so um, but uh, okay, so lets get into accessories.

So being here at drone, you youve probably seen the gamut of accessories, because people send us stuff all the time and i think a lot of people who know drone you and know drone. You very well know that we dont really put videos out on every accessory that we get, because that is a personal choice on my part that i dont like to put information out on things that we dont actually use, or we dont believe in you know, and So one of the few companies that we really believe in is colorado, drone chargers, right, yeah and those quad chargers they put out and – and they are now sponsoring uh the props public safety program. We just got the m2 eda charger in. I just i have to say quick, shout out to colorado drone chargers because charging four mavic 2 batteries in 45 to 50 minutes was unbelievably awesome, so um, but that said, uh accessories must haves in your eyes. What do you believe are must have accessories for drone pilots, i would say gpc backpacks. Ah, oh my god im a big fan of those and um. I became a big fan because i had a hard case with the laser cutouts and uh. I thought that was the bees knees right there for forever, but then it got really hard to carry and i couldnt really go too many places. I like to hike and get on trails and stuff like that, and it was just a pain in the butt to carry this thing all over the place.

So paul turned, you turned me onto gpc, you know backpacks and i never went back. I bought one from my mav too, and i love it. You know its nice and small. Its got the laser cutouts. Everything has a place to go super easy to carry around yeah im a big guy and those straps fit me. You know they they fit around. My gut, i cant believe it you know so im quite comfortable hiking with that tiny little backpack. So now, im looking for one for the p4p, ah yeah thats, one of one of my favorite backpacks and theyre typically sold out of those um. I think they have them in stock, but theyre typically i mean they sell out of those backpacks fast. I dig those things it took me a while to get my hands on one believe it or not, but thank you uh, rick and beth for your help, and you know we even got. I think rob has it because i havent seen it here uh this morning, but the mavic 2 air backpack. Oh, that seems to be robs, go to backpack now really, oh, he. I havent even put my eyes on that. Yet i think he uh commandeered the uh mavic 2 for research purposes, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, but okay, besides backpacks. What other accessories do you feel like are absolute? Must haves colorado, drone chargers that quad charger. You know i mean if youre out in the field, and you need power now i mean just the speed of that thing.

The charge rate yeah is just incredible. You know i agree and the typical charger that comes with the drones, no matter what theyre, just those you know, one two, three four five or whatever clinton thank you, theyre the sequential chargers and they just take forever, especially on the mavic 2. yeah ive. Had batteries charged for six hours and im like okay, i cant do this yeah. I got to do them overnight, yeah before the shoot. Oh, that is its painful right. Okay, but so weve talked about chargers, and let me ask you this: just for for sponsorships sake, youre, not saying colorado, drone chargers, just because im saying that right, okay, cool cool its because youve seen them work in the field, and you see it yes and ive. Seen them side by side with other people, whove come out to fly and theyve got their standard charger and when i say standard i mean the one that comes with the drone and then the colorado drone charger, the quad charger and people are just you know, picking Batteries i mean you, you see when someone puts one on here and then you see one put on the colorado drone charger and its just this guys taking his off pretty damn quick yeah. You know i mean its a its an incredible difference in time. It really is, you know, and the fact that they charge all at one time is what it feels to me yeah.

You know theyve gotten better too, because i know on the old i2 chargers. Sometimes they wouldnt do a balance charge, but now now they do – and i love that i absolutely love that and for me i mean its really helped me uh, as you know how many boundaries i have its helped me manage my batteries a lot better and actually That brings up a good point. If you remember flight mastery last week, remember i took off to show everyone how to fly the obstacle course and what happened to me. I did the battery test. You remember this and uh literally voltage was at like three four five. I mean so i mean the battery test, whether youre, new or old, if youre not doing it the chances of you running into a problem, i feel like only increase in time. You know like if youre not doing that, all the time. So i know i appreciate you bringing that up. Okay, any other accessories. Absolute must haves um, i would say the smart controller. Really! Yes, because now i didnt think i was gon na like it as much as as uh like say, the crystal sky uh. That is sort of an old hat accessory. I know right now. A lot of people are selling those things to get their hands on smart controllers or other displays, but i just love the way that smart controller feels in my hands. It feels solid its heavy.

You know so you know what they say if its heavy its expensive, its good but um it it doesnt, it doesnt feel like just a standard old plastic. You know uh controller, because those sticks on those smaller drones theyre, not as tall as the um p2ps right. So you kind of get more stiffness in those yeah, but when you have, when you have a heavier controller, in my opinion, it feels more equal, you know it balances out and the screen is bright enough. I i had no idea it was going to be as bright as it was yeah you know, so i dig those yeah. You know you bring up a good point too, about weight, because the smart controller is lighter than say something like an inspire 2 remote with the crystal sky on it. You know thats, pretty heavy yeah. You know but thats a thats. A very interesting point two because i remember when we were filming the wedding course with kara and she was talking about. Oh you know its time for me to get a new drone. Ive had this one for a few years, blah blah blah blah, and i showed her. I think we had just gotten the mini 2 in and she goes oh, i wouldnt fly this and i was like cara. What like? What are you talking about and shes like theres, no display on the remote i like having a display on my remote? I dont always want to have to use my phone, so i think shes in the the smart controller uh camp as well, because i remember we showed that to her and she was like oh yeah yeah.

You know, maybe not as deep in the in the in her speech, but did she fly with the smart controller? I dont know i dont. I dont remember okay, i want to say yes, but i dont remember okay, so i i agree with her, because that display is also way bigger too. Is it a 5.5 or a seven? I think so. Yeah, okay, i think so. I i like the integrated display as well. I i do i just like having one unit that you can pull out of that backpack turn on pair up and youre ready to go. You know wires and phones. I mean thats, all fine, you know, but i just myself: i prefer that integrated display yeah. It also makes it easier when youre flying in controlled airspace, and you got to have your uh your phone ready to go yeah so um, okay. Well, first of all, i appreciate you coming on the show, but ive got a couple more questions for you, so you mentioned you use a landing pad. Yes, uh uh. Is it really working for you really enjoying it? I do i i do hand catch a lot, but when i launch i like to have that landing pad um because it it just gives me something to uh, you know and its the big one. I use the big one, even if i have a smaller mavic drone, because i believe in a wide circumference i just i hate that dust blowing up rocks anything like that and the p.

The p4 is just its crazy for that so yeah. I have to have a large landing pad and, like i was saying before, i do a lot of hiking and shooting or drone flying out in sort of the wilderness area, so its just a lot of dirt. You know and stuff like that, if i dont have a flat surface um and a landing pad to help out with that during my compass calibration that camera gets stuck, you know, and so i have to have something to kind of spread out on a surface so That that, when like, when i power up the drone in that camera, does its compass cal it doesnt get stuck on the ground or anything like that. It happens in grass a lot yeah, the gimbal calibration yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Exactly i. I totally get that. Do you use a lot of nd filters by chance? I yeah. I have a 16 an nd16 that i typically use for most um most of my flights on the m2 um i used. I tried one of those adjustable ones and you know it worked fine um. It was stiff enough to stay in the position. I thought that over time it was going to loosen up and it would slip into some other position or something like that. But you know i was. I was happy with it. Who makes that uh adjustable one? Oh, my gosh id have to look.

I i cant remember off the top of my head, so you dont have a preferred brand for nd filters. I dont no no ive been kind of just going off now. Thats one thing i will go to youtube for because if i see a lot of people using one brand, its usually a good one, theres usually a reason for it um. I wont basically just go off numbers but ill, just listen to a lot of those videos and see what they actually like about that yeah. So well. I know because the floor pro is a big one, yeah and thats. What i like, okay – and i was actually just gon na, say you know – with the mavic 3 dji continues to just consume their environment, of of accessory dealers and whatnot, and the example is the mavic. 3 comes with its own uh, its own filters. You know. Oh, i didnt know that and uh well. One thing that i want to test is the polar pro filters against those, because i have to say polar pro filters for me, i find greater color depth and i also find more durability. So, whenever ive used the dji filters other than the x7 ive just found, they get scratched easier. I dont know maybe its just me im a little rough around the edges. As all of you know, uh but uh. I i prefer the polar pros myself so, but this but theyre not sponsoring the show theyre just thats really useful.

Well, i find also that when you have a a third party entity, creating something theyll usually put more care and engineering into it as opposed to a company thats doing several different things. You know if theyre building something here and here and here and then they throw in this its usually a little i dont know. This is just my experience, its usually like um theyre, putting attention into a lot of different things. Instead of putting attention into one thing and and thats why i kind of like polar pro is because theyre just neutral density filters and lenses yeah, you know that kind of thing, so they theyre theyre, targeted towards that yeah and ill usually go and buy from a Third party, based on that right there, even if it costs a little more, i know im gon na get a better result. You know so well. Uh, steve um heres, my uh, my last question for you uh and here comes the hard one uh one we didnt talk about in pre show. But let me ask you this: how much of a raise do i want thats just why i like steve. He doesnt mind pushing back so um but uh. No, i i think my question is um. What do you think is the hardest thing for drone pilots to overcome fear the shakes, um uncertainty? Panic, you know, do you feel, like the things that you have learned here? Have helped with that yeah, definitely because i know why they help as opposed to just a list of rules.

You know remember this remember this remember this remember this theres reasons behind those rules and and what they actually do in in a situation. You know how the drone will react. You know how a controller will react um. You know that kind of thing so that right there helps tremendously with my confidence, knowing the why, behind all that stuff, thats good thats good to know, especially uh as we try to you, know, engage and help other drone, pilots and whatnot get get through the learning Curve because its a its a significant learning curve, i would actually argue that the only learning curve that i have found thats more difficult is bitcoin mining Laughter, holy cow, oh man, so oh my gosh, but theres enough cards in that setup. Youve got right now to i dont know what you should be rich right now, what the heck 2700 30 60s whatever, but no i mean i mean learning drones. It is a long learning curve and i feel, like you know, even as i got more and more confident uh even this last year, i realized that you still have to keep learning whether its like the another tool in the in the toolbox or another cool thing To learn with your drone youve got to like essentially keep learning. Would you agree with that? I do agree with that, and also another important thing is to is to take things in chunks. You know dont try to get onto a website and you know watch this whole video and take it all in dont.

Try to take it all in at once. Take it in chunks. You know because, usually when you learn one move its gon na then solidify that confidence for the next move, because that next move usually has something to that. Relates to that first move yeah, you know, and so i think its very important to approach it in that mindset. You know youre not going to learn everything in one day. You know and and get out there and just fly the thing yeah. You know i mean be safe about it, get your fingers used to the controls and the feel. You know that kind of thing, but do it in chunks? Maybe one day fly the drone, maybe the second day look through the menu and kind of see what the menu things do. You know get familiar with the internal um workings of the app yeah um, so you can relate those to the actual physical flying uh. Take it in chunks, yeah! No, i think thats good advice, i think thats very good advice, because i think a lot of people dont take it in chunks and a lot of people. You know kind of just like run into it, like kind of like one of our students running into one of the gates. Last week you remember that yeah yeah, so i think that i wish i could literally have that on camera, because every time that hap well thats good every time, uh that happens its one of my favorite points in flight mastery is when someone crashes, because you watch Their ego drop like a rock, their humility, skyrocket and most of the times they want to be like done for the day.

You know what im saying like. Even with that student, he was like okay im that yeah okay, its like no; no, no, no! No. We have a rule here. If you crash on the obstacle course you cant leave until you complete the obstacle course. Do you remember that remember how he walked away after he finished it. He was like, and then he just kept doing it over and over again, and he got the fastest time in the group like thats the confidence transition that i like to see right. Because what do you say you say once you crash its you thats behind us, water under the bridge is exactly now you can. You can fly the course exactly and thats thats. So true, oh my gosh. I think people are really afraid of crashing because they think that this 1500 dollar drone that they have is going to be a paperweight after a crash well, depending on how bad the crash is, it could be, but you should not fear learning your drone based off Your your the fact that you might crash youre gon na crash yeah, you know, and and once you get that crash out of the way then its you know its from there its a little easier because he took that obstacle course and he flew through that thing. He ripped and beat that other guys time. You know i mean it was. It was incredible. I gave him a landing pad for effort uh.

Was it wasnt an appreciation trophy? It was just uh uh. It was a you know, good job, putting pouring your heart in the field, yeah yeah, getting up and doing it again. Instead of just taking your toy home and walking away yeah, exactly a lot of people might do that. Well, i know he was also uh, because that particular student at the beginning of the day he was like. Well why cant? I fly one of my drones that i brought here and im like well. You can, but as soon as you crash that into one of the obstacles or the gates or the flags or the towers or any of that, its a paperweight for sure. Yes, you know its like just fly one of the burner drones. We call them burner drones for a reason, and i will never forget the look on his face when we literally brought the drum the crash drone back over, threw it on the landing pad. You know did a quick cow with it and took it right back off and it was fine and he was just like thats why i didnt find my job. Oh, my gosh, its always funny the problems that that repeat with students so but it makes it easy and fun to do flight math. You just got ta get out and do it thats all you know you can learn all you want, but every drone pilot that ive run into including you have been on the same page.

With that one statement you just got to get out there and fly yeah. You dont have to fly expertly, you just you know. If you want to go slow, you go slow. If you you want to, you know, fly casually fly casually. You know i mean just its just doing it yeah. You know yeah thats, going to increase that confidence. I know thats the way it was with me. No, i think, thats great. I think a lot of people need to need to hear that, and so also for black friday. Ladies and gentlemen, uh there are discounts on in person. Training weve got in person trainings booked for the next six months, so you can come out to hq while its still here and uh and attend flight mastery. I promise it will not be like anything else. Thats offered in the entire country – and i can say that from confidence and experience um, but that said steve. Thank you so much for joining me today. You bet thanks for asking me yeah yeah. For sure i mean i think that i think really uh. Your perception is, uh is really valuable to a lot of people of you know what really works. What is the real depth of drone you etc, and i think to have you on this show and and kind of come from an objective standpoint, because even if you talked crap about it the whole time you know it, wouldnt change your resignation date or anything like That, maybe, by two days later 48 hours just kidding, im just kidding but uh but steve.

Thank you very much.