This account is one of most powerful account in CT server. This is Freaxs account and, as you can see, the title is Floral Gift and to earn this title need at least spent 200k feds, so need to grant friends wish around 200k feds. This top account always got Royale Knight since Death High Season 4 and almost got top 5 in Royale Knight. I can say that this account will be Royale for a long period. Well, lets check this account attachment special res compilation, formula, etc, … and keep in mind to wearing glass to avoid shining and stunning views. Xd dang, 573M goldbars thats a huge amount of GB tbh. The price is equivalent to Rp. 100.000.000 IDR or 69736 USD thats, so huge amount of GB like damn HUGE BROO. Well, let see the attachments 19, 19, 19 and its already Purple VIII. This is the first Purple VIII that I seen already Purple VIII and all levels are 19. Even there are two Purple Stocks VIII. There are two purple stocks and there are so many Green Sights VIII. There are also Purple Sight VII and Purple Muzzle VII too heavy attachment. Also already Purple Set Purple VII. Atp 5 DMG Bonus 28. This view is too shining for me. … then, how about Non Firearm GG Non Firearm attach also already Purple VII, even Armor attach already Purple VII and all level already 20. Its already max out level, no need to do temporary, attach anymore xD, all attach already Purple VIII, except Cotton, still Purple VII.

Then how about Special, Res. Oke? Well, some of them seem already max out too 17 gears already max out in special res. how about Compilation, some of it already lv7, which mean max out already. lv7 Compi also mean that almost all gears in category already owned, as you can see here, every max Lv compi mean already own all gears in that category. This view really stunning and shining right XD. How about the Formula Shard? Well, as you can see here, there are 7709 FS mean around 14k feds here talking about feds lets check how many feds in this account right now. So here it is, there are 112k feds in this account right now., then, how about Gene Modification 23k points – and there are 3 SSS here here – is the overview and lets check the talent cert in this account. All level in talent are already max out and there is still skill point like a lot of it. how about tactical gear dang this lv already max out. Can anyone tell me wht lv? Is that one which alrd max out now lets check the enhance in hanger drone and boom its already max out.? Now let see the drone. This is for displayed drone and most of the chip already combine with Taurus Drone Collector Edition. As you can see here, they are combined with Red Lotus Taurus CE. Almost all of it, combined with Tier IV. Taurus here is the order of tier from Tier I to Tier IV or CE.

One now lets check the garage and dang so many CE vehicle. Here I can say that, from the background of the vehicle Gold Background mean CE version, and I think this one is the most expensive one probability this Armored Warrior. Also, I dont know how many cost to maintenance. This account how many cost to maintenance. This OP account. You think there are also many outfit CE with gold background, all kind of jetpack already owned anyway, since the armor attach already max out. I wonder how many armor material this account has this one cabinet have around 1800 armor materials. This one also have 1800 materials which mean two of them are 3200 armor materials. I think I need all of this amor material, since my defense is too low. Now lets check the Formula Plus a.k.a, F 2 stars armor using Custom Anti Viral, and most of them are lv6 materials. Helmet F also has Custom Infection Hunter, and here is the most expensive F. So far, this one is pure handmade with lv5 materials. The attribute itself is really good: tho dmg to infected projectile, dmg, high suppression and static Im sure this F cost more than 10M 20M GB for sure.. I know that bcs the price for material is expensive and to get those attribute at once is damn hard with this good attributes and good score 619. We can lock it with adv chip, then use all lv6 materials in it at once.

This handmade F is better than Custom Infection Hunter. Now let see F on gun. There are so many template for gun, but lets focus on F with Infected DMG, but seem I havent found it. here is Tactical F score above 600 mean can be locked, then use all material lv6, but I havent found F for infected here or maybe just using Custom Anti Viral, Maybe Only F for Warrior, which has Infected DMG so far. I wonder how many ATK Power do we have when holding gun, let see when we are holding LSS CE 237 ATP and the DMG Bonus is almost reaching 200 GG. The Critical Chance. Also, almost 200, my account will die immediately when get shot by this account. How about craft gear? Let see how many crafting left you can see the remain craft here now lets check DMG on Shooting Range Practice. First, we will do it with melee weapon. Let see how many dmg we can deal with melee. Dang 1936 dmg, how about BioT Howi, how many DMG we can deal dan around 6k DMG 6950, exactly Bongkar Akun in this video really giving us stunning and shinning view right. Maybe we picked a wrong account this time. This one is too OP. Well now lets try BioT AR the dmg is around 600 and hit 700. When the magazine is 10, Antiviral Attribute its called Pinch, Pennies, which gives 19 dmg bonus when bullet in the magazine 10. Well, I think its enough with this OP account.

This views in this account are far stunning and shinning. I cant see it in long time. …. This account is most OP and Expensive one in CT server. I think so far. Well, well, thats! It Thanks to Bro Freax for letting me review his account and thanks to you guys for watching this video and see ya on another video.