The book of boba fett breakdown today were gon na, be breaking down episode. Four, and might i say this was probably my second favorite episode after episode two, there was so much that happened in this one and so many little easter eggs that a lot of you might not have noticed and if you did dude my hats off to you. This ones gon na be a really cool breakdown. To do so lets get right into it, because we got a lot to discuss. Okay, so first we start the episode with boba in his bacta beautiful scenery, beautiful in the background with the twin suns. This takes us into the events of the past with a flashback, as boba begins his road to avenge the tuscans who helped him, as he makes himself some food at campfire with his bantha. He sees lights overhead in the distance and we get the mando theme playing for the first time in the book of boba fett. He travels over to find fennec on his bantha, and this is a direct connection to the mandalorian season. 1 episode 5, where fenik dies and gets saved by that mysterious man walking now this man is boba. Fett boba takes lifeless fennec to the outskirts of moscespa to a mod shop where we have essentially a place for upgrades hes, greeted by a few of the cyborgs outside and its very cyberpunk esque. We even see vegeta with his scouter and the chop engineer inside fixes someone up when boba says: hey shes, about to die and drops a sack of credits.

Now you guys were telling me last night that the guy thats, actually the modder, is thundercat. I had no idea but hey thanks for telling me fenik gets modded and when boba says arent you going to cover it up, the modder says no, because it would cover all that beautiful machinery. So obviously, these modders are all about showing off their new parts and instead of concealing them like we know most cybernetics to be in star wars like lukes hand, for example, they really like showing them off. So this kind of explains the power ranger crew that we saw, which i know theyre, not the power rangers, but we just joke about them. Its become like a running joke now at this point, but they essentially are like these guys, theyre like on the outskirts of tatooine, theyre kind of nomads, so to speak perhaps, and they just spend all their money on upgrading their parts and upgrading their bikes and making Them super shiny and standing out, because this is like their way of living. This is their tradition. This is whats cool in their world, so i get that. I understand that that being said, i still dont think those bikes really fit in star wars. Anyways moving on fennec wakes up in the desert by campfire with boba, and he tells her what happened to her and who he is. She figured him to be dead, but clearly not as they were both left for dead on the sands of tatooine.

He tells her to take the black melon and this is a drink that the tuscans showed him how to find and its essentially like coconut milk. It hydrates, you fills you with nutrients and the tuscans live off of this stuff among other variances of sustenance. He tells her how he was rescued by the sand, people and blames himself for getting them killed by the nicto bikers he blames himself because of when he jumped them at toshi station people. There probably saw his clothing and weapons and word got around. You know they saw his gaffy stick belonging to the tuscans, so they took him as a tuscan as well. So word gets around and with conjunction of the pikes telling the nicta that the tuscans have also offered them safety interfering in the money that the nicta gang could make, so the gang went out and killed them all, except, of course, the warrior woman tuscan, which we Still have yet to be seen and will probably join bobas group. Now, at this point, boba and fennec decide to go retrieve bobas slave one ship, which he calls his fire spray, which is the model of his ship, but not the actual name. I feel like fennek wouldnt know what the hell a slave one is, even if he did call it by its name, but i hope they still use the name in star wars, because its been an iconic name for decades. She sends in a drone which reminds me of the eye drone sent to spy on qui, gon and anakin, and phantom menace by darth maul boba mentions to fenik that he was ready to leave bounty hunting behind.

So i guess this means that he was tired of it and why he wants to become a crime. Lord now hes tired of working for skug holes, fennec retrieves, her drone, and it presents a map which reminds me of jedi fallen order. Their plan is to sneak in now. I want you to watch this scene again for yourself, because not many will recognize and if you did my man, fenik takes the cutter to the bars and the sound is the same sound. When anakin takes dookus head in revenge of the sith. I love how they added that in there i feel, like the little nod to the grievous droid, that we see in a minute who also loses his head with the same device. We see the droids making food and they think the noise of boba and fennec is a rat, so they call the rat catcher droid, as boba takes out the first droid, the other turns into a general grievous spinning his arms, which was a beautiful little easter egg. Until of course, his head gets taken off the rat hunting, droid walks in and boba ends up playing cat and mouse with it eventually getting it where we later see him in bobas palace still, so he clearly took to the droid and he kept him to. You know keep the rats out, gonk droid can be seen just as boba and fennec lay eyes on slave one. They get ambushed by the guards and boba gets in the ship.

Now. This is in the same position. Of course, this is like landing position, but this is a big callback in my mind to when little boba was firing, turrets on obi wan kenobi. In episode, 2 attack of the clones with obi wan fighting his father jango fett on kamino, i loved, seeing the console again since the mandalorian fennec takes out the guards in perfect assassins, style and precision, while boba maneuvers the ship around destroying the walls. Until finally, they escape fett tells her that hell fix the ship up himself, theres an advantage to people thinking youre dead. So i think that he probably wont use his ship in densely populated areas because, of course, the galaxy knows bobas ship, the slave one is iconic. All the way from jango now in legends of course, there were like four different fire spray ships that boba had, but, of course, in canon here it is the same one that django had the slave 1 ship. This also makes me wonder if this is the reason why boba is staying on tatooine the entire time, because he cant fly off as people would recognize his ship and know that hes alive and hes not ready yet hes, not at full power, which he finally gets To in this episode, boba hunts down the nicktigan who killed the tuscans and absolutely obliterates them. This was the coolest scene. So far of the show i loved it, it was badass they fly into the mouth of the sarlacc over the pit of carcoon.

Looking for his armor, they get pulled in now, youre, probably wondering well. Why doesnt? He remember that he didnt have his armor when he went got to the tuscan camp and im going to get to that in a minute, so they eventually get overpowered by the beast. By flying over its mouth and it tries to pull them in when fennec finally drops a seismic charge into the sarlaccs mouth, and the most beautiful, sound in star wars is made with a bright explosion, ending the life of the very old sarlacc. Now, the first time we saw a seismic charge, or rather heard a seismic charge which obliterated my ears when i was uh 12 years old in the movie theater, and it was a beautiful thing. I did it another several times when i saw the film we saw it when jango was trying to get rid of obi wan kenobi in episode, two attack of the clones. So one thing i want to mention here is we see the sarlaccs beak, which is a nice little nod to george lucass additional cgi effect in return of the jedi in the special edition version. So the reason boba doesnt remember his suit wasnt on him when he went to the tuscan camp is probably – and this is just of course, a star wars – theory, because he was so dehydrated and delirious that he doesnt remember. He escaped with it on until the jaws stole it from him and knocked him out.

We also learned that his suit is made of bescar when fenix says that it would have melted in the stomach of the sarlacc boba says not bisca, so its confirmed that his suit is indeed mandalorian iron, which was a confusing topic in legends and canon. But now its settled, they sit around another fire and discuss things. Boba tells her that hes, tired of bounty hunters dying because of the idiocy of those who hire them like jabba, for example. He tells her that he wants to start a house and that he needs brain and muscle so its going very game of thrones here now. At this point, he cuts her in on the success and offers his loyalty fennec accepts, and they are now a team. She tells him that living with the tuscans has made you soft. He reassures her and us the audience that its made him strong. He claims you can only get so far without a tribe, which is very true. You know this means that he understands the value of a good team and what it will bring him. Boba is maturing and his development as a character is evolving. He leaves his bacta and the droid tells him his healing is. Finally, complete were probably done with flashbacks, which is bittersweet, because for me, i really like the tuscan moments and the explaining of what was happening, but now im very excited that we get to move forwards with the story.

In present time, we head back to madame garza whips bar and we see black chrysanton hes had a few drinks and hes raging at the sight of transoceans. Now i implore you please go watch my many videos on black chrysanthemum, mainly the one on him fighting boss. As it explains a lot particularly about this scenario here, he hates trans oceans and trandocians hate wookies. The reason for this is very short is that trandocians, enslaved wookiees, the mere sight of them infuriates, the other, madame garcia, walks in and stops him by telling him and everyone that hes, a famed gladiator hes won every match every trophy and to let this trend ocean Go of course she just you know, wants the herbar to keep making money and not have you know some terrible thing happen like this. So what is the one thing that wookies do to beings that they dislike? Well, if you didnt know its that they ripped the arms off of them and beat them with it, there was actually a deleted scene in the force awakens where chewbacca rips the arms off of unkar plut, who was basically enslaving, rey and beats him with it. I dont know why they removed that scene, but it would have been pretty cool to see it. You actually can see it its on youtube, its a deleted scene, and this is exactly what black chrysanthemum does he rips the arm off of the transocean and thats? It drops him to the ground, he doesnt listen to her and does what he needs to do and dont worry trend.

Oceans, regrow their limbs, so its not a big deal. Theyre, like reptiles, boba, took the legs off of bosque once in canon, and they re grew back so its no big deal. He did that one of the comics. We also get confirmation that this is max rebo, as she tells him hit it max. Max. Rebo was in jabbas barge before it blew up, he was the one just playing the music and making the atmosphere real cool in there. Boba follows chrysanthemum outside and offers him a job. This is the moment that i was waiting for boba and chrysanton teaming up and with mando coming in next episode. Most likely this is going to be so freaking awesome, dude boba sits at the head of his table and tells the leaders of different territories which we found out in episode. I think it was one or two that he doesnt want claim on their parts. He just wants them to join in fighting the pikes, the pikes are very powerful and they have turned tatooine into part of their spice trade. Now spice is a drug and theyre, essentially just turning it into this hub for selling spice and theyre. Sucking tatooine dry theyve bought off the mayor and they still cant find the mayor. Sadly, because hes probably hiding with the pikes, and so things have gotten too far, and if boba really wants to rule tatooine or at least most espa to start, he needs to make sure the pikes are out of tatooine and arent selling spice and making it a Sort of hub for their spice trade, the leaders tell him that they make a profit on the sale of spice, so they probably get a tax on it.

They tell him. Why should he be the leader? Why dont? They just kill him when bobas rancor finally lets them know whats up, and we see the massive size of his claws. They eventually settle on a truce and staying neutral. Should the pikes try to turn them against boba and fett tells them in return. Hell fight the pikes and keep tatooine safe for their loyalty in at least just staying neutral. So this is awesome. Man look, the leaders of the territories dont want to join, and for me this is cool because it leaves room for new muscle to come in as they all leave in their speeders. Boba and fennek watch them from the top of his tower, and he tells her that he doesnt trust them. He just feels that their intentions are focused on what they want. This scene reminds me of a game of thrones moment where he tells her that we must prepare for war. She asks if he has credits and he assures her that theyre rich, she tells him credits can buy muscle if you know where to look and gives him a little bit of a look, a little smirk there and we get the beautiful and infamous mandalorian theme playing, Which we havent heard in so long, meaning that hes now going to call upon the help of mando din jaren and who knows, who else, probably boss, maybe dengar his buddies? Now, personally, if you ask me, i want boss to be playing on the side of the pikes.

The relationship between boba and bosk is a really weird. One. Theyre, like friends and boss, is kind of his mentor, but also theyve, like fought each other so many times in the comics, but theyve made up at the same time its just super weird. So it could go one of two ways. You know they could fight again and they could end up being friends again. Who knows, i think the rest of the season is going to be an absolute banger im really excited for it. I think boba will go to mandalore and get din jarn to join him. I hope he doesnt just call him up, or you know, get in touch with the guild to get in touch with dinjon. I hope you see live action, mandalore and all of the mandos join in including bokutan. I want to find out what happened during the purge when the empire took over after order 66 and they took over mandalore with all the clones there. What really happened? How did they strip everything of mandalorian iron? You know why is it so incredibly rare at this point and hard to find the thing is: if mando joins boba, then most likely everybody else will join too, as mando is the leader of mandalore now because he has the darksaber. If you remember before, luke skywalker showed up in the mandalorian season, 2 finale denjarin beat moff gideon and he took darksaber from him and bogatan had a real problem with this, because she wanted to rule mandalore and it just doesnt work like that, where you can just Give her the darksaber she has to win it in a trial by combat.

So my question here is: where is grogu? Where is luke? Could we see them? I think from here boba will create his own little suicide squad of baddies, and i want to see him chrysanthem fanuc, bosk, dengar against cad bain, the pikes and kira, and you know what id be really cool with them. Putting bosk on the opposite side too, with the pikes with cad bane with kira. I think that would make it interesting for a fight between chris santon and bosk because they have fought in the comics. They have also worked together and, of course, wookies and trend. Oceans. Absolutely hate each other. I hope you guys are caught up. I hope you guys are looking forward to episode five. I am extremely excited you can probably tell by my voice and by my energy. I just cant wait for this episode and its going to be pretty freaking cool. So thanks for watching this breakdown, i love you all hope you have a great rest of your day and stay tuned for the many many videos to come, explaining blacker, santan, explaining the pike syndicate, explaining crimson dawn and so much more its a great time to be Excited for star wars, i couldnt be more stoked hope you all have a great day, see you in the next one.