Bob57 is more than just a good. Looking six inch cinematic fpv drone more agile than a seven inch and more efficient than a five inch. The protective shell keeps the inside safe and clean bob57 comes with optimized propellers to ensure smooth and long flights directly power, your gopro on board. It was never easier evoke emotions by using technology, Music, welcome to the unboxing tutorial of bob 57 and the new signature drone im releasing together with iflight, so thats. What you receive this package lets open it and see whats inside so youre gon na find these props um theyre from chemfam im, releasing them with chamfam, so they are specifically designed for six inch. Drones have a pitch of 3.2 so relatively low, but for buttery, smooth flights and yeah. They are tested for these drones and give really good efficiency error around 47 throttle, which is nice for a good, fast um cruise. Then you get two different types of antenna. You get a long antenna for long range flights, but also my much shorter antenna for um some more action based shots. You want to do. I recommend to go with the small one unless you want to go long range, because, just by having a long antenna, theres no theres no need. If you dont fly long range and it just adds more potential wobbles. If you do quick, maneuvers, so yeah just use the small one, its its the flight is more stable and then, when you go long range, just put the long antenna on it.

You get also this im, not sure. If you can see it, i will take it out because thats important you get this cable and this cable is basically, i will show you in a second. You can connect that to to the drone and to your gopro, and you can directly power your gopro directly from the copper copter, which basically and saves you a little bit of weight and now here he is. Let me take this off, so this is bob 57 and its not 303 57, its bob 57 and the name was created based on best of both five and seven inch, thats why its called bob57 – and that means its a six inch drone and the reason for This project was seven inch drone. They give you great flight time, but you will see the lack of agility. They feel more floaty and sometimes if you can only bring one drone, a seven inch might not be the right choice because, yes, you can fly longer, but youre re really, not agile. You need to have big batteries. They just feel much less agile and five inch. Drones, theyre great, but as gopros get heavier or if you want to have two gopros um they it can just be optimized and i think for the little bit heavier gopros and to also get more fly time than a five inch. A six inch is really a nice in between, because you get better fly time, um, but also more agility than a seven inch, and these motors, the the signature motors theyre, specifically designed for six for six inch, theyre, not the most aggressive motors.

These motors are basically designed to give a lot of efficiency, but still some power if you have to chase um race cars or if you have to chase skiers, something as some objects which are really fast so yeah. These motors efficient motors for long range, but also add um, more action based shots. Then the drone has a protection shell here and you have seen that also on the epoch. So that was slightly redesigned, and this is just if, if you fly in sandy areas or if you go hit, for example the grass it just protects the inside, it can also be super handy if you like dive into a waterfall or if there are water droplets. You go through through a clouds or something it just gives you a layer of extra protection, because there is just this tpu in between the components and the outside. Then the next one is, you can see the gopro mount in the front and there will be its not on this one, but there will be a gopro mount also in the back. So the idea is that you can have gopro in the front or gopro in the back or both at the same time, and it still feels really snappy because yeah, the props are six inch, not five inch, and you just can feel like that. Its easier for the aircraft to to lift two gopros, then its the high quality gps in the back, its um, its better than what you most see and its its really fast and also more accurate.

And i really like this one, i think its important, and we put this on because um, as most of you probably want to go also a little bit more into long range um. When you go with this drone um, you just have this extra safety um by having a better gps, its not like the perfect dgi gps, but still its its better than others. We put only a cadex vista inside so and the reason for that is to save weight and also having one antenna. If you have two antennas and if you want to do quick, maneuvers its just not nice because they can cause oscillations so having one long antenna should be fine, um ive done tons of long range flights with only one antenna. So, yes, i mean some of you say: okay, the air unit is a little bit more um redundant by having two antennas. However, i think if you have a long antenna and its nicely positioned up like a scorpion, i never had an issue. Um a flew kilo. Kilometers away with was just one antenna and i was fine, so yeah safe, weight, safe space and having one antenna that was basically the goal. Then the drone um comes also with different configurations. This one is for crossfire and you can see theres a crossfire antenna in the back and away from the carbon. Of course, then also one of the features is, you can see here. The xt60 plug and thats.

Really something we try to do is have the xd60. In the front that gives you usually when you have the gopro with an angle, theres a dead space between the battery and the gopro, so having the xg60 plug right behind the the gopro just uses that space plus you have more space to the back. If you have um the xd60 block just next to the to the antenna mount, you cannot really put the bigger batter battery on because its always um in the it gets in the way with the antenna. So having that in the in the front, just saves space and makes it easier also, you can see that this drone has a relatively long body and theres a reason for that, because its for short and long range flights, and if you want to put big batteries On it, it just has space up to easily a 3 000 milliamp 6s battery and its not touching the antenna or something. So it has a little bit longer. Body might have a little bit more wind resistancy there, but it just gives you the option to have enough space for bigger battery theres one little feature here and you have to take that off its this usbc plug. So, as i said before, you have this little cable. You can plug it in there and you can plug it in your gopro and then also in gopro bones and when its available everywhere – and this just gives you the option to power directly.

The gopro, also from the drone and its a simple, easy solution lets, have a quick look at the frame, so its an age frame and the reason for that is im, not a big fan of dead cat frames. Just because yes, its nice, because you dont have props in view, but just from um, if you look at it optically it doesnt look really stable, and i also feel that its not very agile and i never felt its really stiff. Because, yes, in the front you have this, it has a massive angle and but then in the back, its just its not so not so stiff. And then, if you use something like a truex um, you dont you its very stiff, um very symmetrical. But if you have a lower angle, you just get props in view very quickly and for this one i went with an h frame and usually h, frame, theyre more likely to be not as stiff, but here not sure if you can see it, but we redesigned The entire um bottom part to make basically the arms touching each other, meaning that its not just these front arms are connected in the front and the other arms. The back arms are connected in the back, like all the age frames, theyre really touching each other in the middle, and this just gives like better stability, its more stiff, its a little bit more heavier, of course, but um here the goal was just to to not Get the downsides of eight frames, but then on the other side, because its eight frames you can see the angle here is much bigger, meaning and the gopro sits very far in the front.

So having a low angle, you dont get the props in view. Also, one more thing is: you can see that the arms are relatively thick but thin and the goal for that was when you fly that its more aerodynamic. If the arms are a little bit wider, you just have like more wind resistance. So the goal was to keep it slim, its, not the absolute lightest frame, but because this drone is also to do more action based shots. And if you want to chase cars, or if you want to go freestyle, um uh, we wanted to make sure that they can take a beating so and if you want to go crazy, long range um with this drone, i suggest to take off this tpu outer Shell, because that just adds extra weight and thats, maybe not needed if you just want to go long range and make less action shots. So lets talk a little bit about flight time um the other day. I did a flight test and i flew over nine minutes with an 1800 6s battery and i did some tests with 3 000 milliamp batteries and i was flying easily over nine minutes and even with a 1400 battery, you can fly between six and seven minutes and When you put the – and that was with the gopro on with the antenna full setup, um thats, thats, really nice – that just gives – i think, every minute you can get out of of a of a five inch.

Thats thats, really valuable. Of course, its not like a seven inch which can fly much longer with lead symbion battery. But if you put the 4 000 lithium young battery on this one, you can fly really really long, its not as punchy. But you can definitely fly along and you really feel when you do a longer flight and youre diving down. You can just feel that its not seven or eight inch that its still like six inch so close to five inch, which makes it really really agile and more maneuverable lets talk a little bit about the components inside. So there are two capacitors inside um. So, as thousand microfarad um thats more than you usually have on on these drones, um on on these high fly drones, which is good because we wanted to go for more redundancy that its the blitz stack inside and the esc has a spike absorber which absorbs um Unhealthy and current spikes, thats thats great, then also its a 30 by 30 m stack just a bigger esc um, which just adds a little bit more um safety margin, basically 20 by 20 stack would also work im sure, but im i more. I just prefer to be on the safe side and have a little bit bigger esc. The fc has this new bmi, 270 um gyro. So some of you say, oh its its much worse than the imu6000, but you have heard due to the jib shortage um its just really hard to mass produce, but also only many other manufacturers like um uh, holy bro or akin theyre.

Switching more and more to bmi 270, and i was actually really surprised how well you can tune them on the new betaflight, 4.3 theyre, more supported, you add some low pass filtering and i couldnt really feel the difference i can guarantee like spend a lot of time. Tuning this drone – and i also asked the scientists, which also is part of this master class brian, to really get the last five percent out of it and im. Im really happy with the with the final tune, spend a lot of hours um on the tune, and this drone when you receive it, comes with the tune and my rates um. If you prefer other rates, you can easily change them, but yeah the tune was basically optimized with all sorts of batteries with these propellers and so yeah it should fly really nice out of the box. This is how the bob 57 will look like um when you put all the props and the gopro mount with the gopro on it. You can see here now. Also the battery pack still shows above 57 makes me really happy um yeah. So this is the full setup and here just to show you thats, like a 3 000 milliamp battery, you can easily put that on the back um not easily, but you can put it on the back and you can see its not like really touching dnrs antenna Or something so yeah um. Let me know your thoughts if you tested it so far and if you have any troubles you can also reach out to me im happy to assist and yeah thanks a lot unboxing.

We have. You have seen the launch video now i want to dive a little bit into the technical part thats. Why? I just share my my screen, as there is the most most important stuff. I also want to say this is more for the people who are interested in the actual data im very analytical person, and for me the tuning has to be based on actual data, meaningful data. Also, when you buy a quad, you want to see the data and the vibrations how clean it is. I think thats very important, and so this is for those of you who are interested in this type of technicality behind pop 57. Also in my master class im going to have an entire section about advanced tuning, i have special guest brian, a scientist and were going to talk about also the the bob 57 tune, but much more about the tuning approach and what you need to consider etc. I will just go through and if, at any point in time, you really need to reflash your firmware. You have all these screenshots also on my website and in this video, and you can go back and you can like see if um, if the numbers match, because this is the tune i recommended, and i want to show you also how you can get a little Bit more aggressive tune, because this is a little bit more and i would say on the efficient side, but you can also slightly change it and then its a little bit more responsive and has more authority all right here.

Dont want to talk too much on the right you can see. I left the filters at default on the right side. This drone has a bmi 270 um gyro um, as you may have heard, imu6000 is hard to mass produce, more more manufacturers changing to the bmi um 270 chris rosser and other um a guy. He did a really nice tutorial about um what he recommends as low pass filters. I changed that a little bit so its not the same on my quad, its very clean, so i just went with 120 hertz, quite low um low pass filters, pt1, and so initially i i had um a bike quad, which um was giving me a little bit More um face delay, so its just one filter quite low, but here you can see um. I only have one harmonics visible, so second and third harmonic was really not visible. It was very clean thats why? I only needed basically one which kind of saves me a lot of latency and i put that a little bit lower because yeah, the bmi 270, as explained also in other tutorials um Music, can have just like more noise at lower frequencies. And then, here just three notches and theyre gon na hunt up and down from 90 to 600 and a little bit a wider q factor um of 300. yeah make sure you have these settings thats very important um. Sometimes, if you work with the cli tab – and you just type in it could be that some of the values are not taken.

I dont know why, but it happens so just take these screenshots as a reference dont get confused because this is like transparent. It just means manual and value were added via the cli tab and just like not via the slider all right here on the tune quite aggressive, you can see pd balance at 1.4 and 1.8, the master multiplier, but the filters are right and um the motors they Get like gently warm, but like not too much um, i havent any issues. I was really pushing it hard with a lot of weight on top, so no issue at all um but yeah. It looks a little bit aggressive, but it works very nice here, anti gravity. I put that up 0.5 and here item relax, also lower than default, because its a little bit heavier quad throttle linear and 25 im gon na explain you later why? But this is basically to have a little bit more boost at lower throttle because were going to run a higher pwm, which im going to show you in a second make sure you have these values as well, and yeah thats very important. Why this is basically and transparent is its just because expert mode is not enabled, but make sure these values are very important. You can orient here if these numbers match. You should be good to go next one. This is my personal settings, its quite smooth, so yeah. This is very, very personal taste and if the quad doesnt feel super snappy and you can change this value and yeah youre going to have way more accelerations on the sticks, i lowered tpa to 0.

6 and also tpa breakpoint, just because when i was giving full throttle, Sometimes i had some little little wobbles just because there was a lot of power. Um didnt have a massive impact, but got better results. Next one make sure um, i suggest motors running outwards. You have to press that reverse button. Um yeah thats important, then bi, directional d, shot d shot 600 on the bmi 270 um. I dont have a screen shot here, but the maximum pit loop you have is 3.2 kilohertz, so its not 8k or 4k its 3.2. I was also first worried about. Oh, my god, but after ive seen this quad flying um yeah, i dont think it would be better with ak pit loop. I got really good result. Im absolutely happy and yes, dont get confused because its 3.2 um kilohertz pit loop, its just fine, then here 6.5 motor idle. This is just because this drone has a little bit longer body that you can put bigger batteries on. So if you punch and let the throttle go, it will stay nice and stable in the air. This is important. Thats, the bl heli32 make sure um. If you reflash that you have the escs on 32.9 and why that is the pwm frequencies changed a lot uh over the last four words. First, this was just one number and then we had low and high based on on throttle position. And now i would say the biggest feature of this 32.

9 is this by rpm, and what does that? Do is basically um its going to start with a pwm at 48 kilohertz and the rpm basically decides how that pwm goes up um before that was based on throttle now its based on um by rpm, which is more accurate and should solve some of the jello Issues you got before um and yeah here, thats important, so i have 48 to buy rpm quite high. That really works nicely with that thrust, linear, but the reason why its high its more efficient um, i got really clean data. If you need now more power more authority, if you have strong wind, lower this number to 24 and the tune works really nice with that as well. The drone is then even more locked in even snappier, faster, better performance but less efficient, its um so yeah having it on 48, its going to be more efficient, less motor heat, the motor on smoother, but the top end power is not as much and it has Lower authority and just keep that in mind but yeah crank that down. If you experience – and you need a little bit more power – i will, i will probably put it down just because i want to have it extremely responsive and that helps then here on the motor timing. I know you can put it to order for efficiency. 16 is default. I put that a little bit higher and the 23 just to get um a little bit on the on the safer side for desyncs and anything.

I have my pits quite high with 23. I got some really nice results, all right, quick, look at the black box. Some of you are interested. How clean is it so? What you can see here? This was the step response test. I did um. This was the pd balance and you you can see such nice results um i could get. I was actually surprised, um so thats. Basically, why the the pd balance was chosen. The way it is um you can see here i put from a black box explorer. You can see that the motor noise dont get confused. This is a motor noise, its above 100 hertz, so you can easily filter it out. But yes, you can see very clean up to that motor noise, quite a decent peak higher than i i got, for example, on the imu 6000, but you can filter that otherwise extremely clean, and here this is a six minute flight and you can see here it Goes this is done in pit toolbox. Also, the tool we talked about in the master class um with brian, but just to show you uh, minus 20 is safe, like not ideal, but safe. Minus 30 is really good. Minus 40 is like exceptional, so its very, very clean here um. Yes, there is a sparkler here, but its below 30 decibels and its a logarithmic sale, so thats, very nice um. Of course, you can always improve it um, but i think this gives really nice results and thats a six minute flight.

So for that im really happy yeah thats it um. If you want to know more, please reach out to me and yeah.