IRFANS VIEW. Intro MUSIC PLAYS Hey guys In Dubai. We have come here for a boat, ride. We’ve come to Dubai. Marina. This place is beautiful. The buildings are huge in here Here we can see many boats. Obviously It is like a small port. We are going to do fishing now. It is a experience on fishing. I am going to show you guys Come let’s go, It looks good ZUBIN ACTS LIKE A TOURIST GUIDE. Zubin is with us today Then Taj as usual. We are going to get inside. This is the Boat In which we are going to travel. Now. Razack is the one who suggested us this place. Irfan CALLS AMMA, He couldn’t come Since it is a weak day. If he came, it would be amazing, IRFAN MULTI TASKS BY SPEAKING ABOUT TWO MATTERS. You enjoy this place through this video Razack. Let us go, They are taking us for four hours. I am paying 900 dirhams for that. Usually they charge around 1100. For this IRFAN DOING MIND CALCULATION, HE GOT AN ANSWER WHICH GAVE A SHOCK. We are going to do fishing by spending 18000 rupees Come. Let us go IRFAN REMIND US THAT HE IS IN DUBAI. Irfan BEGINS ENJOYING AS SOON AS HE PAID THE CHARGES. You may look at me like a crazy man for spending 18000 rupees for a ride. You may think we can do fishing very easily in Chennai, But I am not going to do fishing alone TAJ.

There is another reason. Another reason is there: Irfan will do everything for a reason. It is not like that. I go crazy when I look places like this. I just believe it will not disappoint me. Irfan SHOWS HIS EXCITEMENT BY DOING WARM UP. We are party it with Champagne. Irfan MAKES MY WORK EASY BY TRANSLATING IT TO ENGLISH WITH SOUND EFFECT, MAKES THE EDITOR WORK EASY. Are you ready with the Champagne IRFAN ASKS WITH THE ACTION He looks like What is Champagne man? He is not ready with Champagne, I guess Is the Champagne is ready. What bro you got 900 dirhams from me BOAT MAN. It is only for the ride. I thought you will give everything in that payment, But they won’t give. IRFAN AGAIN REMIND US THAT HE IS IN DUBAI. Irfan REPEATS IT BY JUMPING. I can jump like this right In a while. They will go fast. I guess We are going to fly now. I will show you guys flying Now. Instagram update time We are keep on going inside. This music is kept on running in mind. That build up is another level and we are admiring it while we ride This place is very calm. The sound of the sea and the breeze is alone there. Nothing else can be heard. This is another level experience In just five minutes. I began enjoying this ride. Boat is going fast, Nemo Boat is going faster than this boat guys You too go bro.

I thought we are the one who is going fast, but they proved me wrong. I thought of this. Epic, MUSIC BEGINS IRFAN DANCES AND SHOWS HOW DEEP HE ENJOYS. Tamil SONG PLAYS. Look another Sherry I am going to fish now I will get big. No one is there. In here Dubai looks beautiful from here: Atlantis Burj, Al Arab Burj, Khalifa an be seen. We have started fishing now. What are going to get let’s see? Bro has got Sherry fish. I haven’t touched the net yet Let’s see what we get. I am basically a fisher man, IRFAN LAUGHS, AS IT IS A COMEDY IRFAN AS A FISHERMAN DOESN’T KNOW HOE TO US IT If we catch it like this, I have got something: Is it possible that we will get fish this early IRFAN STRUGGLES, A LOT? It is too rocking. Irfan STARTS COMPLAING ABOUT THE NET. Here it is to sunny. Without this weight it won’t go. I will meet you guy once I catches the fish. Editor GOES FOR A DRONE SHOT. We have been fishing for so long. I have got got around 15 fish Totally. We have got 20 fish, We have saved all the fish Honestly speaking, I didn’t get even a fish guys. Totally, we have got 4 fish. Zubin has got two and Taj has got two. I didn’t catch. Anything Dubai fish is scared of me. I don’t know.. Obviously it should be scared, So I didn’t catch one.

I don’t know whether you can see it from here. Look there Turn on the BGM IRFAN INSTRUCTING THE EDITOR. Look how beautiful Dubai is We want to see it closer? Is it beautiful, as we see it far, I am little scared. As Helicopter is flying, IRFAN BECOMES THE CAPTAIN OF THE SHIP. We are going in an undescribed setup. If it goes well, we will get an awesome view. It is very nice boat, It is huge in size. The price they charge is depends on you. It is not yet over. In the beginning, we felt something great. Those breeze which touched our face. Irfan MAY WRITE A POEM IF HE HAS PEN AND THE PAPER They are taking care of the sea very well by not littering.. I haven’t seen a trash till now. I don’t litter anything anywhere, But I am happy to see a place like this. I have gone to many beach in our place. We have littered in many places, So I feel like that., You guys would’ve seen Atlantis hotel, another level structure We couldn’t go to that hotel, But I wanted to show you guys This time we didn’t go to that hotel, Many things to so in Dubai. I am in the plan to do Burj Al Arab Atlantis in the next visit.. I didn’t all this hotel and many more is there to do. We have just 7 days, huh IRFAN CONFIRMS IT WITH TAJ TAJ 8 days. This trip is for only 8 days.

I have done what all is possible in this trip, Literally pushing the limits. I will never think we should play it under level. I always want to give my full. We have done many stuffs, you guys would’ve seen., Otherwise, you will see after this video. As far now, you would’ve seen a one part After this, you will watch another part. I don’t want to give unwanted hypes In the teaser. The hype would’ve been there Myself and Taj will think this place will be good in Teaser, Like we think in the Video making subject, But we should not work for the teaser alone. I hope the content should be another level. This time It will be If Allah Wills. That is why we torture the one who drives this boat. We are navigating them here and there We made him think that quotYou guys have come for only fishing rightquot. Whoever comes in a bat like this. We have done small fishing Let’s, see how it goes Guys. Look here. I got the fish, I didn’t get it, they got it. I shown you guys, as it was a big one At a shot. We got two ammor guys. We got two in one shot. Look down and look up TAJ, It is from same family. I guess Don’t make me feel bad. I cannot show the nature’s beauty perfect if I have a very good camera. Also, If you stand here, you can feel it. It is very beautiful.

It is little chill in here, As it is the time of December. The chillness is apart. I forget the chillness and admiring this beauty. It is Dubai man, Dubai means beauty, guys. Nothing has become … .., This much beautiful. How amazing this country would be Another level? Did you slept bro ZUBIN? No, I didn’t. Don’t create a scene here. We must get down. We cannot live in here. Zubin AGAIN TAKES UP THE TOURIST GUIDE ROLE, We finished our ride in boat. We came here to Marina, There is Musical water, fountain All are watching it. That music is so good.. A very good feel it gives The fish will be taken by those who drives the boat.