I can tell you youll, give me a fair hearing, but if i say this in public, i think i might get sectioned people think im mad, so weve got to go somewhere. Remote, where other people cant cant, hear us talking, Music, Music right as tiffany would say, i think, were alone now, apart from some sheep over there, this car costs 140 000 pounds forty thousand pounds more than an m5 competition more than a 911 turbo. More than an audi r8 or an aston martin vantage, but thats thats not a crazy bit. I think it might be worth it sorry. I dont think anyone heard thats just between us. You understand now why some people might think i was crazy. It is, though, um Music. So what makes this car special? Well, you might have seen the headline figure of this being the most powerful bmw road car ever produced with 626 brake horsepower, but thats only 10 brake horsepower more than an m5 competition and its got the same amount of torque 553 pounds for the torque, which is Obviously not to be sniffed out, but the extra power is not the reason that this car is so special. More pertinent is the weight reduction, so it weighs 70 kilos less, which is not to be sniffed at actually, particularly when 23 kilos of that is from the carbon ceramic brakes which come as standard and thats. Obviously, unsprung mass weve also got the big carbon bonnet, so that removes quite a lot of mass from over the nose as well.

Weve also got a carbon splitter that carbon sort of lip on the boot lid carbon ready, diffuser. In addition to the carbon roof, which is already part of the m5 package, then there are the dampers which have come from the m8 grand coupe and then being tuned. Specifically for this m5cs and when you put all that together its just magic, it is absolutely fabulous this car and its not something that is just brilliant on a track where you can decouple the front, drive shafts and go sideways to your hearts content. I havent driven this on track id love to, but it feels really special on the road Music and then it goes one stage further, and i think this is the mark of a truly great car. It feels special on the road at any speed. You do not have to be going quickly to feel that this is shot through with m division magic. You get into this first thing in the morning, pottering through town and the steering theres a lucidity to it, its something that the best bmws have always done, and this is one of the best bmws. It just has a lovely clarity to it, but also a sort of lightness that makes the whole car feel precise, but but agile, really, agile and having fantastic steering. You can tell that its really good steering, because this is a big car, and these are really quite narrow roads, but it doesnt feel big.

You can thread it down a road like this between the stone walls and the rock faces, and it feels accurate. It doesnt feel intimidatingly massive. The suspension just seems to breathe with the road. You can turn it up. Sports pretty good. Actually, just then gives you a bit more control. If you leave it in normal, then yeah through the compressions it just sort of on the rebound doesnt settle necessarily on the first stroke back through the damper, but put it up to sport, much more control and the whole car. Its got such a good balance to you think big turbocharged, v8 up the front its going to start pushing as those big saloons sort of character traits. I suppose this just turns in and the harder you push it the more it seems to happily rotate into a corner. Ive left it mostly in four wheel, drive sports, so its sort of definitely rear, biased its just fantastic. As i say, this is not really sort of this is not driving in a larry way. It just feels so much all of a piece and theres something cool about a car that you know is this big, but that can be driven with such delicacy. Such accuracy seriously some of those other supercars i mentioned they dont feel as special as this. I dont think the clever thing about this car as well is that it still does the big super saloon trick its comfortable its definitely every day usable the dampers work with the road they work around town in comfort, its a lovely place to be these seats perfectly Good a long journey now there is something else about the cs that i havent mentioned yet and, to be honest, its something so fabulous that this alone might make it worth a hundred and forty thousand pounds.

What is it the gear knob fashion from diamonds, a lifetime subscription to the nurburgring, a free m2 with every purchase, nope its got, yellow lights and thats just cool isnt it. It makes you think, of the gt cars at le mans also makes me think of old. French cars, because from about the mid 1930s, all french cars had yellow lights. As far as i can tell, nobody is exactly sure why. But one theory is that it was a request from the french military who wanted to be able to tell french cars from foreign vehicles. If the country was invaded, which it was other people say that theyre just easier to see by because theyre called selective yellow because they cut out the blue and the violet under the spectrum, which can provide dazzle, particularly in sort of adverse weather conditions. So heavy rain or snow, which is why, on rally, sweden, youll see rally drivers wearing, yellow glasses. We havent seen them on french cars, though since 1993, because at that point they decided to fall into line with the rest of the eu, which mandated white lights. How can this get away with it? Well, these only come on when you unlock the car or when youve got the headlights on full or dipped beam, so there we go whilst were out here. We should probably have a quick sort of mention of the other sort of m5cs specific bits, namely these gold, bronze sections im, not quite sure about the grill being that it just reminds me a bit of it, its been sort of drinking a cappuccino or something.

I forgot to wipe its face, but i do like these wheels and these accents down here. Theres also some very gold exhaust tips, theyre, so gold. I think you can call them gold, bronze, theyre, just gold theyre, also some very cs bits inside Music, the most noticeable things when you get into this are obviously these bucket seats and the fact that weve got them not only in the front, but also in the Back there is a downside to the ones in the back id say and thats that well, they dont fold forwards. So if, like me, you like carrying a bicycle around its a bit tricky and the boot is cavernous, but its definitely a downside to the cs. I think on the practicality level – and this has to be – you – wanted to be practical, given that its well its big other bits in here. Obviously, weve got this lovely alcantara wheel and the way they do these sort of perforations here. So you see the red poking through and then weve got the carbon paddles here, which you might recognize, as well as the seats from the new m3. In fact, there is quite a lot shared with the new m3 when you look around and thats, not a small saloon car these days is it which rather begs the question shouldnt. You just buy an m3 for about half the money. Well, no, there are certainly still some things about this that i think set it apart.

For a start, the power to weight ratio is definitely better than this, its nearly 345 brake horsepower per tonne, as opposed to 295 for the m3. Thank the fact that this only weighs 95 kilos more about 45 kilos more if youre, comparing the all wheel, drive version of the m3 to this, which is obviously more apples with apples, isnt it and then theres the fact that this does look cooler. I think you know it: hasnt got the big grill its, not the prettiest grill, but its, not the big grill of the m3, and i do have a soft spot for the m5. This car makes me think of one of my favorite pieces of car. Cinematography of all time that little short film directed by guy richie, starring, clive owen and madonna called the star and has an e’ m5 in it, and its just so cool. This car reminds me of that things. I dont like about this. The sound of the engine, its not great its gruff grumbly, but theres, not a great deal of character to it. The gearbox, arguably yes, the dual clutch gearbox would give it a bit more snap precision, but perhaps particularly in this big super saloon. I think it doesnt worry me that much. It arguably worried me a little bit more with the m3 and m4, but in this i think its fine. Yes it. It would give you a bit more control at times i think theyve dialed it back even more than in the m3, but i think it fits with the character of the car overall steering youve got two options.

I, like comfort, actually, as i said before, for that sort of just sort of lightness – theres almost a little bit of slackness in it, but then, when youre going quicker, i think sport does work just to give you a bit more waiting and confidence. Perhaps the way this changes direction is extraordinary were on a p0 course attire. My word because some grip and the thing is the more you push it the more you you expect to start to feel the weight. And yes, i suppose you can feel it, but only in that sort of nice way of just being able to use it. It changes direction in a way that just it shouldnt not for an m5, not for a car. This big not for a big super saloon. Almost like this, you think youre gon na have to wait for it and you just dont its just there and its its precise in the corner. Little changes direction as well, although it might not sound great theres, no doubting the effectiveness of this engine, its so responsive, not 62. In three seconds three seconds. This is such a special thing, its so good. It shouldnt work on a road like this, but it does. I think the fact that this car is a cs really does mean something. Now, obviously we had the e46 m3 cs, but its its really, since the f 80 cs that m3 and m4 cs that the badge has taken on this real kudos.

At the time i dont think it did, i think we thought wow thats thats expensive for an m3 or m4 and they dont appear to have done very much, but looking back on it, the decision to go with the smaller front wheels to have that stagger the Way it drove it was the one to have. Then we had the m2 cs and again its too expensive, but the more we drove it. We realized just how good it was. Yes, it makes an m2 competition, look really good value for money, but if moneys no object, then that m2cs its the one to have its its just awesome and its the same with this, the cs badge is seriously desirable, as you can tell im more than a Little in love with this car – and i think i know how to justify it – you just have to think of it as a supercar, with all the attendant performance and feedback. But without the looks, the m5cs is a supercar for people that dont like the image of supercars Music. Ah, i just love that last tracking drone shot uh. I realized there was quite a lot of drone footage in that film actually, but we we really just felt that the car and the scenery and everything it sort of rather lent itself to it and glenn did an absolutely ace job as always on it. What do you think bmw should put the cs badge on next? Surely the m8 has got to be in line for it go on subscribe.