I know it’s been a while, since i last made my videos just when i’ve been caught up in a lot of things but yeah. I finally had a chance now to get back onto this, and hopefully we’ll not slack anymore, but yeah. So, as you can probably tell now by the title, we are well i’m trying to do a review of the bm135i done six thousand miles once i said in the title in about three four months: four months: that’s quite a lot of course, it’s safe. To say this car is definitely not a garage squid it’s, something that has been used on a daily basis. I’Ve been going to work back and forth and in this car i’ve been going on these long random spontaneous drives that i’ve filmed a few of you may have seen that and yeah it’s it’s just been a car for the family as well. To be honest, so it’s pretty much covered all of our needs and it’s exceeded all expectations in honesty, so yeah. I want to begin with the looks of the car, so let’s start from the front now the front i’ve always been a bit too minded about i’ve not really been the biggest fun. The grill still not too sure about it, but it is something that still, even though it’s not probably not the best looking – and i do agree with those who do say that it is quite a menacing front end, i mean if this car is in your rear View mirror you do want to get out of the way.

It is quite daunting in that manner. Let’S say the side profile. I love this high profile on it. It is, i love the lines on it. It is really nice it’s straight lines. It looks really really smart, no sounds we’re, saying straight lines, but the way they’ve done it. It does look really really smart and the the wheels that it’s got on it as well. It makes all the difference. It’S got a 19 inch on this it. It makes it look a lot more sportier, let’s say it looks more, you know, let’s, say meaner. We’Ll go ahead with that, but yeah those rims really have made a difference to the overall look of the car, and i am a big fan of it. Luckily, it did come with this and yeah really really grateful of those wheels, and it does look really special. However, the back end that’s the main main bit of this car. I love the backing on this car it’s. Absolutely stunning they’ve got it so right i mean the exhaust the lights, the rear diffuser. It is absolutely on point and that’s what for me, it just gets the whole car right yeah. I managed to overlook the front of it. When i look at the back i’m, like oh yeah, fine, wonderful, i do like the Music, the rear, spoiler as well. Again, it just adds to the whole hench little pit bull, look of the rear of the car. It just looks really really squatted.

That wrist boiler helps with that again. It helps with the lines helps with the side profile of the car. Overall, the car is a stunner. It does catch a lot of attention. Of course, the color itself is workers magic um in assisting to get those looks, of course, it’s a very, very brave, color, very bright, color yeah. The back end of this car really does it for me and when i used to see it before i mean before even i had one. I never really liked this car. You know honestly, but whenever, when i saw the backhand, i was like okay yeah that’s. What really changed my mind and, of course, when the deal came through of this, it was a no brainer but to get it um, but yeah overall, a good looking car, the backhand. Obviously does it though it takes it. So it takes all the boxes and it does push it over the edge and makes it something that you do want to get so. Let’S discuss more about actually living with this car. As i said, we’ve done six and a half thousand miles in this car within four or five months. It is very, very well used, and i mean, of course, as you can see in the drone shots that i have done. Yes, i got a drone, hopefully that those are coming through nice. I hope i hope you’re enjoying that, but yeah. So, as you can see in those drone shots it’s absolutely filthy.

Do you apologize for that it’s? Absolutely filthy? I mean this. Like. I said this car gets used on a daily basis, i’m, using it to go work and back, and it does the job so effortlessly. It is all around a wonderful car now to be more in detail. Yes, i do have a family of my own and, yes, we do go out in this car as a family. So, yes, it is very practical, it’s spacious as well. It is accommodating. There are five of us. So yes, five people can sit in this car reasonably comfortably, of course, on longer journeys maybe might get a little bit uncomfortable. But yes, it can accommodate five people rather reasonably let’s, say a surprising thing that you guys may be a bit towards, but um. I had a 3 series. 320I uh brand new shape before this, so it was that wasn’t as seventy plate. I think it was yeah. Seven to play so three twenty, i m sport i had we used to go and that was out as a family. Now, rather strangely, we used to find that quite cramped in the back, but whereas in this it’s not the same now, i don’t it’s it’s. So strange, how i’m, how i’m saying this, of course, that’s a free series? This technically is a bigger car. This is a one series and we’re saying what i’m saying now this is bigger, and it is, though, honestly is of course, like i said, three of us will sit on the in the back and we have found this car to be more accommodating than the three Series don’t know why i think the only reasonable explanation i can put forwards towards it towards this is that it’s a flat bench rather than in the freezer.

I think they’re actual seats now, because this is more flat. You’Ve got more space. You’Ve got more space to move around. You can sit more towards the edges, i think so it gives you that gives you that more room in essence now also another thing that i noticed i mean yes, i have sat in the back in this car. My dad has drove this and now, when i’m, in the back in this, what i’ve noticed i’m classic very don’t like sitting in the back i’m, always the one that’s always driving on these long journeys or anywhere. We go it’s, always me who drives whenever i do sit in the back i don’t like it. I find it very claustrophobic, regardless of what car it is and i feel, like i said, very classic when traveling now. That was a big issue when we had the free series, because i did say the buckingham a few times, and i did feel that now with this car i didn’t well, i did but not as much again now. I think the explanation behind that is that the bench itself, the rear seats, are higher and these front seats are more narrow. So what i’m trying to say is that when you’re sat in the back, you’ve got more visibility of the front and because you slap it higher up, you feel you don’t feel like you’ve been literally thrown in the back or you don’t feel claustrophobic it’s.

Quite an airy cabin to be honest, and for me who is a bit of a drama queen um in regards to sitting in the back i’m, always causing issues and this it isn’t. So bad i mean when i went to when we went to um jonah groves. Sorry we went to general groves. I was sat in the back um when my my father and my cousin were driving. I was sat in the back of this and i tried i was trying to catch up in my sleep and i was able to do that. I was, i was surprised, to be honest, i thought i would be. I wouldn’t be able to do that. I feel feeling very sick and all that, but yeah that wasn’t the case so yeah. In that sense it was brilliant. I was able to do that and yeah i mean if, if it can, if it can reasonably manage accommodate five people, it’s doing a good job and of course it is in my in our experience anyway, if it’s doing it better than the free series that i Had previously and it’s even better isn’t it so yes, we’ve talked about how the car accommodates. And yes, it is very accommodating to summarize now like, of course like, because we are discussing this car in its hole and, of course, because we’re trying to review this um i’ve had this for, like i said a few months now, living costs is a big one.

That i’m sure people would want to hear about. Yes, i have done an efficient video on this previously, but about a car a few months now i’ve got more of an idea of what it is all about. Now, when you put a full tank in this car, this costs you about 65 60 yeah 60 to 65 pounds you’re looking at to fill this car up. Normally, when i filled my previous cars up when i put 60 to 65 pounds in, i used to get the fuel range of in excess of 350 400 miles that was rather comforting. Okay, yes, it’s a big spent putting 60 pound in one goal: losing 60 pound in one go fine, but i’ve got 400 miles range to play with now happy days you can carry on with this, though you put in 60 pounds 65 pound full tank and it’s A bit depressing, when you see that fuel range, it only tells you that you can do about 200 miles 220 miles and it does hurt. It does and trust me. It does go that quick as well. Um i’m, looking in average let’s say of course, like i say i’ve, i drive up this car every day, no it’s, not every day. Surprisingly, i push it all all the time. It’S, not the occasion. Um sorry it’s not the case um, but i do accelerate hard in this car all the time but yeah as an average. I do get between 200 to 240 miles again, depending on how i drive this car, but yeah 200 240 is heavy um if you’re putting in that much fuel.

But of course you. What you need to bear in mind is that you are driving a two liter turbocharged enz engine. So when you do put your foot down like this, your fuel range does go down rather quickly, so yeah. So just an example. I was on 98 miles range. Then i went down to 96., so this is a bit of an indication. Sorry about that guys. For some reason, my phone had heated up really bad. I think because of course, i’ve got my phone in the windscreen and it is a very warm day today. I didn’t have my ac on, so you guys could hear me but yeah that resulted in my phone getting a bit too warm just wait waiting but yeah. So i had to just pull over into the local patrol station cooled my phone down, never thought! I would say that ouch therefore i’ll say that but yeah i had to cool my phone down and yeah let’s carry on the video. So what were we talking about? We were discussing the fact. Oh yes of the most part island um, like i said, you’re looking about 220 240 master gallon, of course it’s not ideal, but, like i said you got, you have to bear in mind what kind of car it is it’s, not a typical diesel it’s, not a Small engined fuel efficient diesel car that you’re expecting to get wonders out of it. It is known to be a little hot hutch.

So, of course, fuel is not gon na be great, but yeah, something to bear in mind, of course, if you’re looking to get a car like this i’m having to fill up rather frequently but it’s, something that you do have to unfortunately take on the chin. Oh god yeah, but unfortunately, something you have to take on the chin um when, if you want to decide to purchase car like this, pretty much oh yeah, so moving on to the most important part of it with the part where we’re willing to overlook the fuel. Overlook the front end of the car overlook all of its little minor little issues with it or whatever it may be. This overlooks it all the power just like that. We hit triple figures from yeah. This car is very, very nippy, honestly, it it just gets on with it. There is not there isn’t much drama. Of course, the sound of this car isn’t great, actually we’ll, get on to that um, but it just there’s no drama it just gets on. You put your foot down on this car. The car’s job is just to go fast and it does it very very well, like i said we got, we got, we got to some high speeds very quickly, then it’s just relentless car. There is no luck, that’s. What i really like about it not to slag off any other cars, i’ve driven other hot hatches i’m, not going to go to more detail, but i have driven other hot hatches and there is a delay.

There is a delay when you do press the accelerator don’t like it at all, don’t, like it it’s, not every day that you can be in sport. You just want to be able to be in any mode put your foot down, and the car goes that’s what you expect from a little hot touch and the others it doesn’t do it well, it doesn’t. Do it like this, the others that i have driven it’s a bit laggy? It takes a bit of time for the turbos to kick in and then it will go. Of course, it will shift eventually, but there is a bit of a delay and don’t really like it. Of course, when i had the chance of driving this, this was a no brainer. I had to go for one and yeah. The main reason for it is the gearbox the way it just picks up and it just absolutely just barges on. I do love the power in this car and, like i said, because of the power of it, you are willing to overlook all of its little insecurities. That’S that’s it really the power. Does it another thing i wanted to to uh, discuss or make you guys aware or share my force on is the handling and the stability of the vehicle. The handling, of course there is an x drive, so the handling is, of course, going to be very, very good, i’ve driven this car in in the wet that’s what we get mostly in the uk so yeah.

I have driven this car in the wet and, of course i have tested it, and it is, it does perform really very well it’s, very planted very secure. You don’t feel like you’re, going to lose your life. If you’re going to plant your right foot in the wet, which is nice, sometimes obviously i’ll – be careful don’t advise that, but within this car you do get that sense of security um when you’re driving in the rain. Of course, i’ve not had this car. Yet when it’s snowing but i’m sure it will be the same scenario that it is getting through plotting along and it doesn’t really get you stuck in any sticky situations. So the handling is very. Very good. Stability of the car is something that i wanted to touch upon as well now it’s hard to describe this, but i’ve had, of course, many cars before this i’ve got quite a few cars now me and i’d share. Quite a few. I think we’ve got seven cars. Now um, but yeah the stability of this car is fantastic. My dad did say to me once you get a bmw, you won’t look at any of the car, and i can see exactly where it’s coming from the this car is super planted like you, don’t feel insecure. It feels super super secure to the road it’s. Never going to no matter what speed you’re doing, no matter, what bend you’re going to go and take it feels like it’s just going to carry on like a trade and just pull through.

I really really do like that aspect. I mean the biggest biggest example. I can probably give, or the best example i can give is when we went to scotland now. Of course, we were in the highlands tremendously windy up there, absolutely terrible weather conditions um when we were coming back. Actually it was really bad. We didn’t film that, but the weather conditions on the way back were absolutely horrendous. It was the rain was relentless and it was windy. Horrible horrible conditions in any of the car you would have felt the wind you would have felt the car slipping. You would have felt the car aquaplaning. Of course, every car actually was not saying that, but in this you didn’t feel the wind in this car, even though it was really really windy. That day, this was secure, planted it wasn’t budging from its lane. It was nice and solid and just willing to carry on and push through that horrible terrain, and i think that experience. Of course we didn’t enjoy it at that point. But now, when you think about when you think back on it, because we were in this car, we were able to carry on as normal, we didn’t have to think twice. We didn’t have to slow down really we didn’t have to go in the slower lane. We were able just to carry on our on our normal sp at our normal speed without thinking twice and that’s. That was brilliant, and this is where this car really came in its place.

Really the suspension – maybe of course, i’m not too technical, but i think that’s, where the special comes in really really good ride, overall and very planted and that’s. What i really like about the bmw is, of course, me saying that this is not the only one bmw. I have all the cars that we have are mercedes, so very contradictive. What i’m saying here, but the mercedes, on the other hand, is of course, a cruiser it’s, a marvel grand tourer it’s very smooth, a bit wallowy in the corners, so complete opposites really. But for what this car is for what you want a little hot hatch to be, it ticks all the boxes and it does a very, very good job of it as well, in that right, price, wise now. Yes, these car, these cars, i think they’re about 36. No, this one was 40. um, but yeah they’re around the high 30s low 40s. These car uh these cars. Sorry, so of course, this one was a bit higher spec, so this car was around the 40 mark um. Now, though, i’ve been looking, you can get some absolutely immense deals on these cars um. Of course they are lease deals i’m, not seeing what the pcps are like, but the least deals on these are very, very tempting. So if you have been watching my videos and you are tempted to go for such a car, there are very good deals now that make it affordable for the layman like me to go out and get a car like this, i mean i think, i’ll give you An example of a deal that’s so of course marginal isn’t, great, but it’s, something that can be um.

You know increased, but um. I think it was seven thousand miles and was on a three year contract. The down payment was about three thousand pound you’re. Looking about 350 grade a month bargain in my eyes, absolute bargain, what you got ta understand is what car you’re getting for that money. There are a whole other other cars that you can get, but in my eyes i would go for this it’s practical it’s fast, like we’ve, discussed already quite a lot it handles impeccable stability is fantastic. What else do you want from a car? Of course, what you would want is petrol, good fuel, good master garden. Yes, you are going to take a bit of hit on that. If you are willing to go past that, though no brainer, these deals are very, very cheap on this right now, very good. You can you can snap on these. Like i said 300 grit a month, you can get m135i. I wouldn’t think twice personally but yeah for that kind of money. You need to. You need to register what kind of car you’re getting and you are getting a little pocket rocket for that so yeah guys. All in all, this m135i has exceeded all expectations. I of course had done my research on this car. Before i was getting it, i had managed to have a drive of it beforehand. Like i said i like the power of it, so i just went for it.

It was instantaneous really, after that i just went and got one um, but all in all the car has been fantastic, it’s done. Everything that i wanted to do. It literally has ticked every box so far and when you want the power you’ve got the power like now i’ve been cruising, as you can tell there, haven’t been any vicious. Kick downs, i’ve been driving through town centers, normal roads, no country roads. Today – and you can you can enjoy this car in its normal comfort mode. Of course, when you are feeling a bit brave when you are wanting to give this car a bit of a blast, the car will do that as well. For you so like i said it is a great all rounder and it does take all the boxes that i wanted this car to fulfill it does it and it does it very, very well so yeah that’s, my review of this car, like i said i’ve, had It quite a long time now and it has been flawless and would i recommend it absolutely. I would absolutely recommend a bmw. M135I xdrive great car go for it, get it get one of those lease deals if you’re quick enough it’s fantastic honestly in my head, it’s, a no brainer, so yeah guys. I would like to thank you very much for watching the video. If you have lasted that long, it’s been an absolute pleasure driving this car owning this car.

Hopefully we can do many more miles on it and get more videos out of this car let’s see what the future holds for this. Maybe i might swap it and get something else maybe may have dropped a little hint there. I don’t know everything is up for discretion at that moment in time, but yeah all in all this car right now has been fantastic. So you guys thank you very much for watching my videos. Thank you watching this particular video. Any questions you want to ask me in regards to it i’m. Very approachable drop me. A comment drop me, a email, more than happy to answer any concerns or any issues or any questions that you may want to have. If you’re thinking about getting this call something i’ve not covered, maybe get in contact more than happy to go for it. Why not we’re all in this together, but yeah drop me a message if you wish to but yeah. Thank you very much for watching this video see you all another video, hopefully the next video it won’t be such a long way like last time. Do you apologize for that i’m on it now, no more slacking videos every week back to normal, no slacking, so thank you very much have a wonderful weekend. Wow. Did you feel that speed? Did you hear the noise? It was good, really really good. Pixel speed really really well, though fantastic as always: okay, so yeah, finally, guys take care guys.

Thank you very much for watching take care. Have a wonderful wonderful weekend.