Last night we did a little boondocking. We stayed over at a rush station here in north carolina, so were we actually traveled? I want to say about seven and a half hours. We left out yesterday around eight oclock, we traveled seven and a half hours and we stopped at a rest station to get some rest, because our check in time is not until one, but what i want to do, i want to do something a little different. All right, the reason why i want to do something different, because i think that you guys should know so i think that you would like this. You know check this out. My rv is plugged up, but the plug is actually running to the inside of the rv. All right what if i tell you that our rv is being fully powered with an inverter thats actually sitting in this rv its, and it is not a gas inverter stick around Music. So, as you can see, we are at a rest station. I want to show you this inverter real, quick, because its actually dying and im, meaning to share it with you, but being that we was here all night been using our fan, our um, our refrigerator, our phones and everything. I wanted to show you this because we almost out of juice weve, been here all night, but check it out. I got this here little uni here this baby here. This is a blue eddie guys and it is nice okay, it is a 2 000 watt, blue.

Okay, it has a lithium phosphate battery. Okay, this battery, this battery will last that decades are like most lithium ion batteries. After, like five im gon na say about 5000 charges and start to lose its power, it could be a little bit more. I could be a little wrong off of my numbers, but a lithium ion battery start losing this power. A foresight battery does not lose its power, but anyway, let me show you about this little about this generator. This generator has six ac outputs. Okay, so you can plug you can plug all your cords up to this. If you choose to run chords, okay, four usb ports, usb c port, all right. This is what you call the dc side. Okay, this is the ac side. This is the dc side. Okay, on the dc side, you got i like to call it a cigarette. Lighter you got the 12 volt cigarette, lighter okay, you got your 12 volt 3a inputs. You got your dc output. This is 12 volt, but it it gives off 25 amps. It gives off a lot of amps all right, its actually come with this big huge unit here, because it takes a lot to charge this, and with this this here guys it charges within four and a half hours. But for my studies – guys, you come over here to this other side here. Not only can you charge this inverter all right with this power supply, you can also charge it with solar, so it takes it can charge up to seven.

You can use a solar panel up to 700 watts to charge it, so you can actually use the inverter. You can actually use the power supply in the solar at the same time to charge it. If you do that, youll get itll charge within two and a half hours all right or you can use two power supplies by getting it adopted and hooked in it hooking it up to this hey. You know where my adopters at my blue eddie adopters, okay, because because this blue eddie come with three adapters, guys that you can use on here so guys they send you three different adapters. They send you the cigarette, lighter adapter. They also send you adapters for your solar, and it also sends you adapters just in case you want to plug anything else up to this all right, but let me show you this: it comes with. This is coming on a lcd strip screen, okay yeah. As you can see, i only got two percent because weve been here all night, two percent, but what im going to do is im going to turn on this im going to turn it on im, going to use the little two percent up. Look how stuff just clicked on! Did you hear that you hear that noise? I heard it? Did you hear that noise look at that? My fan works okay right now my phone is on charge over. Here too, you can see the green light.

I just uh turned that on whats that its our door, the refrigerator, and i noticed too, that all this works everything come on. So all our prices is on. Our microwave was on. You want some coffee, yes, make me some coffee. Thank you. I appreciate you all right, hey. She know how to direct get to a mans heart directly early in the morning, okay, but check this out. Oh, we still got jesus. Do we still got just like? No, we still got oh, that tv even works. Can you believe that the tv is worse, so all our appliances in here in the refrigerator refrigerator working so it runs a residential refrigerator? I would take you back in that bedroom, but shell get mad at me all right, because all right were boom docking right now and i cant show you the bedroom cause its not clean. We still got to watch clothes and all that stuff once we get to it, but but guys i want to show you something a little refrigerator working so everything and were working off our own plugs if you notice that of our own power plugs thats in this Rv everything is working, the tv is working, everything is working, so this wheel, this unit will run an rv all right, but the thing about this rv are: we cant use our air conditioner because it takes up a lot of watts. So we cant use the air conditioner. We can use the fan, but i prefer not to use the fan because it takes up a lot of watts.

Id rather use the little this fan here because it dont. I dont need that many watts to use this fan, but anyway, as you can see, this inverter guys, it tends to be a little pricey, but if youre looking for something where you can stay overnight, you want to power your unit up. You want to. You want power in your unit and you dont want to go through using a gas inverter sitting outside getting gas. You dont want to go through that you can use a blue egg Music Applause Music. Alright, right now, i believe that it goes for like two thousand dollars. It is pricey. I mean it is pricey, but its good to have. But anyway, let me show you something else that i just thought about. It had two cell chargers, so we can actually charge our phones up with this as well is my phone charging? Oh look at the pretty kitty, so, oh, let me turn on the dc, so i got to go back to this. I turn on the dc because its all touch screen lcd. So look at that when i turned on the dc, you can see that that my phone started charging but anyway ill. Take you to the settings real, quick ill go back to this unit. Okay, the settings tell you everything. It tells me right now. I got 744 watts going out: okay, 27, 27, 42 and 766 watts going out. I got both my dcs on my dc.

I could touch on. I could touch anything and tell me where all the watch is going to hit the back button. You got the data i dont really get into the technical stuff. I just like to plug up. I just like to plug and play just go. It tell me my thoughts. Okay, i got a couple faults on here reason why i got a couple faults, because before i come on and review anything im, gon na use it im gon na use it for myself. I want to find out what works and what dont work so guys. I reviewed it myself and you know i used it. I got to learn it, i i got a chance to learn it and i really like it. I really do like it for this rv. Its perfect for this rv, so this actually sits in this rv. I leave it in the rv. I use it in rv, so whenever we travel, all i got, ta do is run the cord inside and im good im good for the night. So this is my drone charger im over at the table, as you can see its charging. Everything in here works right now, all right everything – and i just wanted to share this with you. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope this was informational for you. If you got any questions, feel free to ask questions. Um, im, gon na put the link to this inverter.

In my in my description box and, like i said you can buy solar panels from blue eddie, blue eddie sell their own solar panel. You can buy solar panels how many watts up to you want um. They actually give you bundle packages. If you, if you decide to get this, they give you bundle, packets and with a solar panel. If you get you get the solar panel, you dont ever have to worry about not having power. You can usually use the outside. You know sun, to give you power, but you can keep constantly constant power coming in with a solar, so guys thats. My review thanks for watching and were gon na, get back to our regular scheduled program. I got another video coming out im, not sure which video im gon na put out next but theres more videos coming out because weve been busy lately im in here hot right now, because i dont want the fan running so im.