Hey ive got something to show you today, thats, not a drone, but its definitely something that should interest all drone enthusiasts uh, particularly the guys that fly fpv drones that theyre charging batteries. All the time give me just a minute here and well reveal the product. So what i have for you here is the blue, eddy, eb, 55 portable power station. Let me get it out of the box and well talk about all the specifications. Well, here it is heres the blue, eddy, eb, 55 portable power station, its a 700 watt power station 536 watt hour and its powered by lithium, batter battery packs, and it can be charged either through an ac in your home or with a generator or with a Solar generator – and it includes inputs, dc and ac inputs right there. So there is the input for dc on this side ac on this side, and it does well ill show you what comes in the box here in a few minutes, but it does come with a ac converter in order to charge it and by the way you Can charge through both at the same time? In other words, if you needed to charge it up really quick, you could hook it up to a solar powered dc, uh power supply and uh ac. You know, through a generator or something else and charge this thing up. Pretty quickly uh, but what else do we have on here? Uh lets.

Take a look at the at the dc output right here, so youve got a couple of 10 amp outputs there plug in outputs and and then another dc output here that would be. You know, for instance, like a cigarette, lighter style output and then also whats, probably even more important, when youre out in the field, because youre trying to charge up your various mobile devices, your ipad, your tablet, your iphone or other cell phone youve got a usb c Output there and then you have four usb a outputs, so thats kind of handy that you have that many at one time and as if thats not enough, youve got a wireless output on the top here that you can just set your mobile device on and charge. Wirelessly, so on top of that you have uh four ac outputs here, 700 watts of ac output. Well, you know youre not going to power your home with something like that, but when youre out in the woods, for instance, or just out away from Music, your normal power supply away from a vehicle or whatever out camping, whatever it may be, and in my case Thats going to involve drones, you can plug your drone charger right into one of these ac outputs and charge your drone. You can charge up to 13 uh items at the same time, so heck lets count them up. We got four here. Five here, thats nine. 10. 11, 12 and then on top the wireless charger thats exactly right.

That would be 13 devices. You could charge at any given time and, as i said, you are not going to be able to power your house with something like this, but you certainly are going to be able to power like a a small coffee maker. One of the things that they advertised was a rice cooker, like i said, your normal portable devices that you use all the time: mobile devices, phones, tablets, etc. So in researching this device, i did notice that blue eddy does sell a solar powered array that you can set up and charge uh via the dc dc input right here, if youre out in the woods. So that would be a handy little thing to take with you and, if youre out remote camping, uh that i can see where that would be a big benefit. So, with the display powered on there, you can see that it shows us the current charge state of the device and the input power in watts and the output power in watts so lets see if we can charge a drone battery on this little guy right now. So the dji mavic 3 is djis flagship drone right now and you can charge the battery right on the drone so lets just set it on top of the charger here, im going to adjust the camera up just a little, so you can see that a little Bit better – and i have the the dji charger right here were going to plug it in okay.

Now that we have the mavic 3 plugged in lets, turn on the device and its beginning charging, and you can see on the display here, uh its showing an output of 60 around 63 watts, which i think i believe dji advertises. This is a 65 watt charger. So that looks about right, so its charging, it just the same as if you would put the drone on a plug it into an ac outlet in your wall. So that is handy as heck, and this is a device that i am going to carry with me. Often, when im out flying drones, uh, you can have drones batteries charging while youre flying uh this way and enjoy more flight time with all your drones. Okay lets talk about what comes in the box, so you get the blue eddy ac dc charge adapter. This is going to plug in to the adapter plug right under here to charge the device, and then it also includes, of course, an ac cord that that plugs into the adapter. You also get a car charger, a dc car charger and, of course, thats going to plug in right there and charge it from your automobile, and it also comes with a solar power charger. So now this and its going to plug into your solar panel – and this will plug into the the input right here to to charge the device. My understanding is – is that if you wanted to charge it doubly fast, you could charge the power bank with this ac.

Adapter and simultaneously, you could use a solar bank solar power bank and charge it both at the same time in the input and charge up the power bank twice as fast small things mean a lot to me and bouletti includes this velcro power, cord management device as Well, its just a strap a velcro strap, but it allows you to keep your cords nice and organized last but not least, lets talk a little bit about safety, its got long, lasting lithium batteries and uses an advanced battery management system. It protects your devices from overload over current short circuit over temperature, etc and theyre, saying that you can get 2500 plus life cycles, uh to 80 and theyre, saying that thats three to five times longer than the average lithium ion battery. So this thing is going to be a product that that lasts for years, hey, i almost missed uh one of the features on the eb 55. It does have a light on the back here and you can change the intensity and then you can change it to flashing kind of a handy little thing so uh. The other thing about the eb 55 is that it does come with a 24 month, warranty uh. So you know no fuss, no must there. The eb 55 is available on amazon and i will include my affiliate link in the description below hey, so i guess thats about it. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel.

Most of all, i appreciate you taking the time to look at this video on the eb 55. The blue eddie, eb 55 power bank. This is a handy device that im going to use a lot so yeah all you drone enthusiasts out there. This is definitely one.