BLUE, RED or WHITE Props for the DJI MAVIC AIR. Any Good?

These propellers are available in three completely different colours relying in your style. It didn’t seem that there was any distinction between these propellers and the DJI propellers. You should buy these propellers right here:

Hobbyinrc Fb web page

The Touchdown Pad may be discovered right here:
The Waterproof case may be discovered right here:

DRONE: DJI Mavic Air:
CAMERA: GoPro Hero 6:
GoPro Hat:
AUDIO: Tascam DR-10L: SOFTWARE: iMovie

  1. Like the look 👍 how about the noise?

  2. Hi Cap'n, I use this type on my Mavic Pro, the white are great to spot it at a distance and they are pretty cheap. I have a set that have done well over 120 flights, not even a scratch.

  3. Good to know that you like the freewell cases captain, i use two freewell cases for my Mavic pro & the air, and that's a really good-looking launch pad 😐

  4. but the originals come m
    more harder than the colors one. I bought yesterday

  5. Nice video, I also do some drone videos, come check my last one

  6. Just remember you can't use CrystalSky with the Mavic Air!

  7. very good video captain D. (sorry I have forgotten your name!)

  8. was it hard to sync the audio to match the MA footage ?

  9. im trying these out on saturday

  10. I'd probably just put the coloured ones on the front to help identify orientation.

  11. Only good if they make that ANNOYING drone QUIETER lol…


  12. What about flight time, RPMs in that type of stuff..


  13. thank you for this review, I have bought 2 pairs of white for a white air cool

  14. I just saw an ad for DJI Mavic Air STEALTH Upgrade Propellers by Master Airscrew. I hope they send you some.

  15. Im gonna buy the blue ones and get a batman sticker so i can call it the batcopter i have the onyx black

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