What im going to do is something that i havent done on a toy grade quadcopter for a couple of years, or so now in the past, i used to like to test out the max altitude of these uh toy grades, so im out of the field here, Its relatively calm um, there is a little bit of wind here and there, but uh yeah. What im gon na do is just gon na send this one up now well take some video via the wi fi app here. Okay, as you can see, weve got 2.4 gigahertz wi fi um ive tilted the camera down a little bit just to face the ground a bit, but we also have a camera on the bottom of this drone as well. So i might switch to the bottom view once we get up high in the air right, all right, guys, im going to send it up, see how it goes. Ive got a screen recording going so lets put it up in the air ill, make sure im. In rate three okay lets take off: okay, just pulling it back towards me, go forward. There must be a bit of wind up there. I can feel a little bit of wind to my back still setting it up. If i put some forward trim on it. Oh, look at that just glided down, like a parachute, fell out of the sky whats up with that all right that was odd.

Does it have that poor of a range that it wants to just cut the motors and drop out of the sky, its a pretty graceful uh landing, though all right, so it is still on it is still on. We still got the lights on and we still have bluetooth connectivity, uh, sorry, wi, fi connectivity lets. Try that again, im going to do a gyro reset and well take another recording and well switch camera. This time. Third rate straight up now, ive got the optical flow camera on at the moment. Well, just let it sit there for a bit lets change the camera to the normal one, all right so ive spun it around. Take it up. Ive had quadcopters at this field. Go pretty high looks like were much higher than we were just then on that first attempt: okay, wow, look at the view up there. Its still got control got no wi fi, oh no wi fi is coming in and out im not really taking. Much look at the wi fi im, just wan na fly it around. If i can get some video for you, guys, itll be pretty cool now. Last time i had a little drone like this. It was called the tkkj theres a little bird up there and i had the same situation as some birds flying up near it and had a bee attack with some male drone bees. They get attracted to little toy grade. Quadcopters like this and drones.

So weve got some pretty good height here i want to bring it down. I dont want to lose it lets, bring it down. I think were about 100 meters up easy thats, pretty cool guys, just gon na spin it around as its uh were in third rate. As you can see, there is a bit of wind, it is fighting some wind, so were just gon na make some adjustments as we fly around just so. We dont get uh vrs, which is vortex, ring state. You come straight down with these quads. You can fall out of the sky. I think i can hear some bees cant see any though oh she dropped out of sky. Then so thats really odd. Im too sure what that is um, maybe its got something to do with throttling down. I had that happen with another quadcopter and this time the battery popped out had that happen with another quadcopter uh, the cool rc x12 um, bringing that one down they used to cut out halfway on descent, so maybe thats whats happening with this one. The battery ejected. This time around, but as you can see its a very light, quadcopter didnt even break didnt, even feel it. Okay im sure my hat cam is still going yep, so im just going to cut off my hat cam for a sec and then um ill start. It up again well reset and well go again. All right, guys well ill put a fresh battery in it lets take it up again.

Third speed right, i was just checking the uh screen recording and it did save to my phone, so it just took about five minutes just a bit of a timeout. Just to check that i got some footage. Uh recorded about a minute of video footage to the phone uh if it falls out of the sky, im gon na quickly have to tap the record button on the app before it hits the ground, because the battery ejected out of that. That last time take it up again got a flip up there, a bit of a delayed flip. I bet he did it so its got a fresh battery in it now guys its uh. I didnt want to um fly with the other battery because we flew for quite some time, but for a little toy grey. This one is just like the others. It uh gets up there, pretty good around 100 meters, easy its fighting a headwind at the moment. Ah, here we go quickly. Yeah i tapped. I tapped the uh. I tapped the uh record on the app that time, as i saw it, uh fallen from the sky, so im not too sure what the problem is there guys with the uh whole cutting out and wanting to fall. This is the third time now it didnt do it during my review from what i can remember anyway, so thats uh its doing it today and im on the same field. I went further and higher on the last uh flight.

It has turned off with that jolt. So im going to cycle the power again gyro calibration all right, just bear with me guys: ive got to uh get out of the app rejoin it. It should automatically bind to the wi fi yeah, see weve got the wi fi back, so im gon na hit record again. Three all right lets just fly it around, so you can go pretty high anyway, guys do a bit of a distance run with it, fight the wind ill, bring it down. Okay, well ill just cut this part of the video guys where ill walk all the way for it. The wind just took all right guys. I went and picked up the blh s1 max and, as you can see, the batterys gone flat in it guys weve got the lights blinking fast, so anyway, guys im out of here. I hope you enjoyed this uh altitude test. Video just so ill see how far it can go, as you can see, just turned off now, um, so its totally flat. I went pretty high guys. You know around 100 meter mark in the altitude which is pretty decent for such a lightweight quadcopter like this, but uh yeah. As far as um recommending it, i cant really recommend it guys the way it just dropped out of the sky three times uh yeah, i cant recommend this one, even though its light as a feather and doesnt break once it uh lands on the grass.

Here. I just cant recommend it if youre flying over a pool in your backyard or at a friends place or even down near the beach, and that happened to you well youve lost your quadcopter, so theres much better ones out there, okay and uh. I might leave some links to some better value ones in the description below guys: okay, especially if youre a first time drone flyer, so uh yeah until next time, guys thanks very much for watching if youre new to the channel be sure to subscribe. Like comment, all that good stuff make sure you hit that notification bell too. That way, you wont miss any of my future rc videos and until next time, guys happy flying bye.