So many buzzwords have been activated in that synopsis. That might intrigue me to flew through the roof when highlighting this game during last saturdays upcoming games, video, but is it going to live up to those expectations or will it mecca fall out of me im glenn bolger. Thank you to the publishing team for the review code and now lets find out. The game begins with a young boy. James hawkins accompanying his dad, a professor working for the elite forces in escorting. His new mech suits the battle frames to a mining colony called medusa. 42, their ship is attacked and the professor puts his son into his new prototype battleframe, with a built in ai and ejects him from the doomed ship saving his life. James finds himself stuck on medusa 42, which is overrun with dangerous enemies and sets out on a mission to find his dad, whilst also looking into what has happened on the colony gameplay wise. This is an action game played from a top down perspective, similar in some respects to games such as the first couple of god of war games or dantes inferno from back in the day, but it probably has more in common with something like the more recent marvel. Ultimate alliance: 3 on the switch and ill break down. Why, in a moment for the most part levels take place in the form of large facilities, you will find a map which will be displayed at the bottom right of the screen, as you must make your way through the rooms and corridors that make up the facility And generally walking into a room will prompt a battle with a large number of enemies.

Your mech suit has the ability to perform weak and heavy melee attacks by pressing y or x respectively. You have a gun which can be aimed with the right stick and fired using zr and missiles which can target and then seek out enemies by holding and releasing the l button. You will receive further moves as you play through, and you can use a combination of these moves to defeat the enemies that you come across as well as these moves. You also have whats known as a termination. This becomes available to you when the enemy has taken enough damage and your cue that the time is right to perform such a move will be the letter, a hovering above said, enemies head. These are like the brutal finishing moves found in the games i mentioned earlier. God of war, dantes inferno, for example, and executing an enemy in such a way, will grant you coloured orbs, which will either fill your special meter allowing you to perform more powerful moves, refill your health or act as currency, depending on which colour they are. These orbs can also be found by smashing the objects and items that are scattered around the game world. There is a level of exploration needed in these facilities, as many of the doors you need to pass through to advance will be locked, passcodes can be found and there are switches or buttons that can be pressed to circumnavigate this problem, and this will lead to having To cover familiar ground, often within the facilities as new doors become unlocked or passwords, are required.

As i said, there is a map to each facility, although these could have been a little more helpful. You cannot zoom into the map or pull up a screen sized version, meaning you will have to make do with a small image in the bottom right corner. Also, whilst it does indicate locked doors via a red icon and those that need a passcode with a purple one theres, no differentiation between rooms, you have or havent entered, unlocking the door will show a quick cut scene as to where the door is, but because it All looks quite samey, this doesnt always help and, finally, to compound the map issue, any switches you have yet to find are shown as a small white dot, and whilst this is helpful, they can be easy to miss and i did indeed miss one at one point Leading to me wandering around the facility for about 15 minutes before finally noticing it and being able to progress. I mentioned earlier that this is more akin to marvel ultimate alliance than the other games, given as examples, and this is mainly down to it missing. The fluidity of the platform in sections in those games, as while it does have platforming sections, they tend to slow the action down, acting more as environmental puzzles, and they are a little awkward to maneuver. In all honesty, generally, these entail moving platforms into position, sometimes under the pressure of a time limit or destroying scenery, to make a platform of your own and then making it across these platforms to reach a new door or button to press.

They are perfectly serviceable, but your mex jump ability is just a bit cumbersome making these sections my least favorite part of the game. Your jump does improve due to story related upgrades, allowing you to double jump and even glide after a while, but it never quite feels right in any of these forms, as well as the levels situated inside. You also have some levels that take place outside and whilst these start off as short and linear a to b types usually moving you from one facility to the next, as the game goes on, they sometimes act as levels themselves, with you again needing to find buttons And passcodes, but with a larger space to do so rather than the confined rooms of the facilities. The problem with this is that these outdoor levels do not have a map. This decision from the developers was a bad call and its just an all round. Odd choice. Its not really an issue during the linear outside sections, but as they open up later in the game, its very possible to lose your bearings or miss key sections which may house the info you need to progress plus the fixed camera perspective exacerbates the issues at these Times by sometimes placing itself in angles that make navigating even more difficult a patch to alleviate the issues with the map, making them clearer and allowing you to zoom, possibly adding objective markers at times, could do wonders for the pacing of the game as a whole.

On to more positive aspects – and i mentioned story related upgrades a moment ago and as well as these, there is also a skill tree accessed through portals that youll find at particular point within each level. Here you can spend the blue currency orbs, i mentioned earlier to increase the power of your armory or purchase skills, as well as other ways of powering up your mech. This works well allowing you to put your orbs into areas that best suit your playstyle. Finally, you have a drone that you can detach from your mech suit and you will need to use this at times to infiltrate certain areas. The mech cannot reach by way of air ducts or barriers, and this mechanic is used for some of the environmental puzzle. Platforming sections i mentioned earlier, which again was a nice idea when playing in single player. You can only control either the mech or the drone at any one time, switching between them when necessary, but there is the option to play in local multiplayer with one player controlling the mech and one the drone, some of the mechs abilities, such as shooting, are awarded To the player controlling the drone at these times – and i tried this out for a while with my daughter and whilst it worked okay, i cant help but feel a proper two player mode with a mech. Each would have been much more fun. Gameplay can feel quite exciting. I liked how many weapons you had at your disposal and the variety that this lent to battles.

However, levels involve a bit too much backtracking, which slows things down, and the map ranges from unintuitive to non existent. It scores 13 out of 20. controls in terms of attacking work pretty well. Although some actions, mainly revolving around jumping, can feel quite sticky, which makes the platform in sections cumbersome they score. 12 out of 20., the visuals of black wind mix, colorful overworlds, made up of scorching deserts or lush vegetation with the dark, clinical atmosphere of the facilities and bases. Whilst a lot of the assets are repeated, youll see the same computer screens and hard drives in numerous rooms, it does the job of building the high tech futurama to a fair enough level. I liked the main characters design as well as that of the drone, and whilst the enemy designs are decent enough. These are also repeated often – and this did bother me more than when it occurred with background objects, as these are front and center of the game, and the lack of variety is much more noticeable performance wise. Whilst things ran relatively smoothly for the most part, there were some stutters to the gameplay, usually after a termination move or an explosion. They were noticeable when they did occur, but they were not frequent enough to hamper my enjoyment, although they did begin to become more frequent. Later in the game text, size was never an issue on the big screen or in handheld mode, where i spent a large amount of my time, and although the image does look a bit blurrier when playing this way again, it was never a major issue in terms Of the audio, the score is appropriate to the on screen action, be it the karma exploratory moment or the high octane battling.

Sometimes the transition between these two different sounds is a bit jarring, but on the whole, the music does its job voice. Acting is used throughout the game, but the standard is pretty hit and miss the main character is fairly whiny plus. He repeats a lot of the same lines when gearing up for a battle, so these lions really do lose their luster quite quickly. Visuals help to sell this alien world to you and, whilst a few stutters and repetitive enemies do count against them. On the whole, i like the world built and they get 14 out of 20. audio plays its part in building said world. Although the awkward voice acting does its best to sabotage this at times, it gets 13 out of 20. blackwind costs. 1999 and regional equivalents are on your screen. Now. This is one of those instances where, in terms of hours worth of content, the price is probably just about fair, but in terms of general polish, the price seems too high. The action is quite fun. I enjoyed making my way through levels and, whilst the combat does get repetitive, it was more the retracing of steps through the levels that harmed the game for me and a more streamlined approach or just a better map would have helped. With this. There are some collectibles to find by way of skins for your mech plus there is a co op mode, as i mentioned, even if it didnt feel as big a selling point as it could have been due to player 2 having to control the drone value.

Scores 12 out of 20.. To conclude, black wind is a game that i had fun with during my play through, particularly in terms of the upgrade system and the actual combat itself its let down by a few odd design. Choices such as the inconsistencies with the map, plus that jumping mechanic just isnt quite on point, a patch to help with performance and add a few quality of life features to the issues just mentioned could really make a difference here. So for now its hard to recommend at full price, but if you are going in with your eyes wide open, then there is definitely fun to be had here at a sale price Music, black wind gets a switch up score of 64. Thank you everybody for watching this review. I hope you enjoyed it. Please do remember to leave a like if you did a quick thank you to our patreons, as always for your continued support and to each and every one of you for watching our videos. Take care, and until next time, happy gaming. Your trip ends here, dude now its my turn.