Adventure. Is this futuristic one gon na be worth a spin? Are you better off holding onto that cache or without like hit subscribe? If you love the switch as much as we all do here, join our growing family and lets get started Music, its a story, and it tells the tale of a father and son a duo. They are on their way to deliver a prototype armor suit to the army. What its clearly packing some strength as well of the fathers hope here, is that it wont be used for war rather prevent it well, being the good father he is. He lets you sit inside of the armor. He, no doubt let you play with the nukes in your trailer as well from his parenting here, but this moment of incredibly stupid pays off aliens attack, though the ship comes crashing down enduring this descent, you ejecting the armor, accompanied by its built in ai. Now you must explore this land, take on alien enemies and find your fathers location its about as throwaway popcorn, as you would expect, but sadly, its all led by an annoying teenager that has a lower iq than most. He says the same thing over and over as well and often comes out with these really crap one liners that may be fine, the first time, but annoying gets held by the end game when youve heard them, maybe a hundred two hundred times Music, so full transparency Here i have not completed this game, which is something i avoid here on the channel typically.

I have, however, invested 12 hours of my time. This far i got stuck though multiple times, and enough is enough, so i called it quits before i broke my switch its just incredibly frustrating that is going to be the key word. I would use to describe the game, but first before we do get into that, lets start with a few positives, because its not necessarily all bad at the same time so yeah the mech, its great fun, its fast paced. It feels heavy and brutal and its got a pretty in depth set of controls. Thanks to what is a skill tree, i was particularly appreciative for the weight and the movement being you know top down. It would be easy to forget youre, essentially in a walking tank, and that was clearly a focus for the dev team. Youll start with, like these basic melee attacks, before unlocking combos heavy and light attacks, a gun, a drone that can be controlled independently for exploration and even then, i think, dash mechanics, long, jumps, double jumps and some unlockable skins as well. The mech im happy thats important for a game where its the center focus its the world, though, where the problems lie, and even that id say it takes maybe three or four hours for them to really kind of start to reveal themselves. Youll start out in the open, though surrounded by desert youll be navigating the immediate area youre looking for some sort of base here, though, youll quickly notice, two things in the desert, the camera is zoomed in extremely close kind of makes it hard to understand.

Whats around you and then theres the lack of a map. I presumed fine, these outdoor areas, theyre even linear but thats – actually not quite the truth, its not too bad to start things off and you can expect to pretty much immediately be into a whole lot of. Like military locations, otherwise known as grey corridors as it teaches you, the ropes, these are maze like structures. You do unlock maps quickly here, though, and theres a fair amount of backtracking. As you work to uncover the direction you should be going in or even passing, some sort of you know barrier some doorway its essentially a whole lot of switches, communication desks and enemies to slay its, not particularly clever, either, but its definitely fiscal and fast paced. When this was starting to get a little bit repetitive, then as well, the game thankfully moved us forward. I was back outdoors, i was excited for this, but this is where the problems lie. No map again no way marker or clue on direction, and i quickly learned here its very easy to miss something because you cant see bloody and, i think theres, all sorts of paths and different directions. You can actually take if you move to the top the bottom. The left or the right of the screen, then it starts to do really annoying things like lets, say it introduces mines and these explode when the player touches them. But of course the player cant see them till the very last moment.

Often the camera is just like shifting and twisting all over the place and yeah id consider it almost disorientating in your position as well. It should have been locked at one angle or at least given players control with the right stick, so i could use the camera. Just a little bit more to my advantage throughout as well, it introduces platforming think the ability here to hang from pipes and ledges or move the structures to create pathways. I actually really enjoyed these moments at first because they were indoors the game, kept it simple with what i could and couldnt do with some very simple on screen indicators get platforming outside, though, and yeah thats gon na be incredibly frustrating. Why? Because theres, no clue to where you should be heading, so you have two strategies. Basically, the first one is walk around the edge of the map. Here make sure you visited every single pathway, something i actually failed to achieve myself, which had me stuck for over an hour like slowly going crazy. Then, though, too youll want to try and jump on everything, because you dont know till you try right. So here comes the invisible walls to stop you, and that was just an absolute pleasure, invisible wall over and over again. My favorite, then, is if you land on something you shouldnt the game, actually kind of freaks out a little bit. It stops controls from working. It wont let you jump anymore until you slowly walk off the edge heres, my favorite part of the whole experience.

So when i actually got stuck in the game, i thought i was going the wrong direction, so i walked all the way back to the very beginning. Well, that and a combination of fast travel thanks to pads around this world. Now. What i learned, though, was when i got there the objective in the upper right of the screen. It was actually rolling backwards through everything id already completed, with no way to access it. In the options now, i didnt actually realize this until the next day, when i jumped back in, i thought id had some sort of game breaking bug. I hadnt, but it did proceed to play all of the cutscenes again in this world like. Why are these turrets attacking because its one of the first lines in the game do not go too far back? If you dont want a whole lot of confusion, i managed to get it back up the track by teleporting to the most recent location and then going in a doorway a couple of times. Basically, the game starts decent enough and theyre over complicates itself to the point where, as i said, walk the edge of the map hope you dont miss something and it desperately needs a map given how zoomed, in that viewpoint is, or at least a waypoint system, to You know, like kind of point you in the right direction, often flicking a switch even opens a door or a barrier, but they all look the same so its that constant feeling of where the hell am i supposed to go next with 12 hours behind me on This one, though, granted a few hours, i was definitely stuck id, see this one clucking in at runtime, around 20 hours, or at least at my speed, given theres still a whole host of fast travel platforms to unlock the problem.

I couldnt face anymore the corridors, the indoor bits generic, but at least they make sense, get outside and yeah its current design. We have decent mech play combined with a few point and set up for your objective that just dont work together, comfortably so graphics and its not bad theres variety from location to location. Even if the actual locations are generic. You know theres a fairest, great corridor based base. The combat, though, is extremely flashy. I enjoyed that and while it is repetitive meaning its always the same animations, when you damage an enemy enough, you can hit and unscreen unscreened prompt to do a quick kill. Youll get bored of them pretty quickly, but they are useful every so often when youre in a bad situation, problems its pretty low resolution, or at least it feels that way down to heavy pixelation. This is clearly a compromise to get things up and running on the switch hardware, and i think they can actually be proud of performance here, its smooth. It definitely feels right to the action intensive action, though it can get manic, and the last thing i will say is expect to lose sight of your mech, occasionally when all hell is breaking loose, but at the same time youre a mech things explode, thats kind of Part of the idea. Finally, then, thanks to the crazy camera expect to see all sorts of clipping as the camera gets stuck in walls obscured with scenery or the game decides.

You know what lets hide something behind something on screen, because that sounds like a great time for our players: Music, audio last up in the acting its pretty b movie, which is fine and its voice acted. But it is repetitive the same lines. They repeat, as you go into war, you know think like an early alien encounter, youll say: do you want to fight its like dude youve never been in a fight in your life first of all, so that makes absolutely no sense, like you know what youre talking About but then hes going to proceed to say it a couple of hundred more times a point, so i heard the lines so much. I was like actually almost rooting for the aliens to win the battle. You know i kind of like consider just put my controller down on the side. Let them do their thing voice acting as well, though theres a few characters. Youve got you the ai that assists you in your suit, some active duty, quality id, say here: fairies and the music, its fine, the sound effects as well. They do a decent job of filling out the world, no complaints in those like latter two areas. So the final verdict and no numbered score today, i didnt beat the game, but i hope this at least gets across kind of my feelings towards it. Its got some solid mech combat a decent upgrade system and some flashy moves even but everything around it.

Slowly, kind of chipped away at my patience, the first few hours youll have fun. When is mech bashing, you know not entertaining, but quickly, youll start to grow tired of grey corridors. Then it will ask you to backtrack. Then it throws you into an open world with no map and visibility that is useless, leading to you basically spending a good portion of your gameplay walking the edge of the map trying to figure out well. Basically, where do i go next? Also, can i stand on this two foot rock or is there gon na be an invisible wall? Cool invisible wall lets. Try this rock next to it, and yeah basically repeats breaking point. Though i was met with three barriers. I got through them, theres a pinpad. It needs a code that didnt have the code hunted for like two hours thats, where i actually backtracked finally found it a small path. I had missed south of my location. That tells you how easy it is to do that, thanks to glenn, actually from switch up as well for getting me through that moment. Immediately after those same scenario, a door, a switch, i pushed everything and yeah nothing happened. Nowhere left to go at this point. I grabbed a beer contemplated breaking my switch and then said, screw it and walked away its just not worth it lets face it. It could be one of the best mech games ever after this point, but i do suspect its gon na be more of the same because i have like unlocked here most of the abilities.

I will return one day, though, if it receives some quality of life fixes, but i was thankful for now to definitely put it down credit. To the run time, though, i am going to say that i thought this was going to be. You know like a five to six hour job so its way beyond that already with me seeing the 12 hours on my save file, also for those wondering its got some decent challenge in its comeback, but its far from hard as games go. I faced some of the toughest out there. This is hard for a whole different reason and thats the shortcomings in its design challenging its gameplay. When you can see how easily it could have all been fixed and thats me done its a shame, if you do dive in youll enjoy the first few hours, as i said, just expect, with progression to exercise some serious patience and almost you know kind of simplistic Exploration, it just kind of gets a bit tedious. Will you be checking it out, though, is my question today and, as i hear about fixes, or even a line of you know, quick progression ill take the time to revisit it and give it another spin, like i said, im not seeing you know like genre, defining Here but i am seeing something that has the potential to be decent with that, then a shout out to the patrons of the channel who are going above and beyond the two support switch corner.

It helps more than you know, so. Thank you all so much then hit subscribe. If you love the switch as much as we will do here, join our growing family and ill see you all on the next video thanks.