Oh, Oh luck, widow keeps getting better and better year after year, yeah that should do running down down down down and then the bridge on the other side, welcome back to the RC spark studio. My friends I've got water running down my Hill of doom right here I want to try out my new TSL super swampers. These our TSL boggers 1.9 Keener's of the show, are gon na realize i've got new wheels on the Black Widow red with black rings. These are bead locks, they don't have any breather holes at all. These tires are so soft they're gon na conform to anything, and I don't have to worry about getting any mud or water on the inside of the rim extra challenging today, my friends but a perfect opportunity to rip it, shall we people were watching my last Black Widow, video, where I actually had a smoking esc and it turned out that it was actually just steam steam from a hot EST. Look at that! Oh no problem for the boggers! That was a breeze. I almost want to try that backwards. It'S amazing, how difficult this hill is normally and then you get like a super capable rig and it makes it look just so easy. Look at all that mud, it's, beautiful anybody worried about me wasting water don't worry these big trees. Here, love this kind of thing. I'M, just enjoying watching the wheel spin I'm, not making an effort here, there's, just something about RC tires or tires in general – in mud, Music, Music, Music, let's come down over on this side here.

This is actually going to be a Rock bouncer area, but the widow here in this area I'd love to make it way steeper as a huge climb but it's just a matter of materials and space. Look at this those this the motor that's in here can spin these tires so easily right, like that's, I don't like having weighted tires, I like having a weighted vehicle, but I don't like having rotating mass that's, something that I find is incredibly hard on axles. This has been a TTC truck. This has been a everything buggy for me and I've done a lot of experiments with it over the years, and I can say that axle weights are a good thing. Weighing your truck down is a good thing, but I think rotating mass is one of the biggest causes of you know snapped axles that are out there, but it's still very common, nothing wrong with it. I think it just in some rigs. You can really cause a lot of damage, so much flexing those will tire walls beautiful just giving it like 18 throttle just to get it around. Don'T want a snap, an axle there. We go that's right work, your way in there baby. I just love how the Black Widow moves Music. I always dig my pits closer together cuz then it gives me a lot of articulation for my films, kind of really kind of gets to showcase how the RC functions – and I really like to highlight things like how the drive shaft rotates or how the tire walls Are flexing and of course, this teak and ESC, I have I've, got it on a bit of a delay.

Oh very nice! Oh dang! It is you. Can you recover from that? So yeah? Definitely that way, and then reverse yeah, nice, Music, Music, just so nasty. I love this kind of mud here. Let'S do some let's see if we can get up on the side, he'll hear a little bit of flex there. You go how's that for some flex, not too bad all wheels are planted nice and muddy. So have you discovered your new favorite RC tire? Is it? Is it the TSL, blogger or post down below what your favorite RC tire for 110 scale trailing is and then that'll help other people that are wondering about tires. In fact, I'll leave a link to Amazon for these tires in the video description box. If you guys want to check them out, still pulls it off. Look at that total flexing what a beautiful shot TSL boggers on the Black Widow. Look at that back wall flexing on that tire, that's, just so sick and, of course, the full suspension articulation what a great setup for a shot let's see if we can even make it out of here. Of course, we can back up the other side. Oh yeah! Oh yeah still makes it unbelievable, no winch opportunities. Yet today I guess I could have, but I haven't yet you might as well get into a winch cable scenario, for you shall we let's see if I can wipe out over here and have to use like the winch to correct me at all? Well, let's back up, oh yeah, Music come on baby, big big part of the ramp.

This fell off. This is beginning to look win table. Oh okay, so side heeling. If I go any further I'm definitely going down so let's winch out winch is set up on my channel six dial. All I have to do. You start up the winch, of course, this snatch block, even though it makes my winch twice as powerful. It takes twice as much line if you're gon na use one. So keep that in mind if you end up getting a snatch block. Okay, so winch line now set to the side hill area for the vehicle that is about to fall over. This should be interesting to say the least so number one. I need to bring the winch in number two. I need to turn the tires and start driving forward. That'S, okay, it's. Okay, am I gon na bail wants to roll just slow throttle control allowing the winch to do the work right now there we go now I'm, just letting the fairlead catch up and yeah. We are out of danger. Look at this I even pulled. Did I pull the tire out of the bead lock? I did yeah my buddy ever called me the other day and said what are you doing? I said working on bead locks, he says that's. All you ever do is work on bead locks I'm like that's, cuz, there's, so many screws in them. Well, there you have it guys I'm gon na go and fix up my tire there, so I don't get any water in the foams that's.

The one thing I absolutely hate, because once you get water or grit inside those foams, the tire becomes unbalanced and it starts to break down, and you know you can basically kiss it goodbye then, so I want to make sure to go and do my tidying up. Everything is a okay working, just perfect on the Black Widow as usual, a great bill, the great time on the backyard course. I hope you've left me a light click. Maybe even a comment tell me what RC would be your dream. Rc we'll see in the next episode my bye for now whoo, so satisfying to see dirt come off.