You will know that we had switched over to these RC four wheel drive tires. These mud, slinger 2.2 s you'll also know that I had an issue with this front: vanquish axle housing because for some reason, I've got this tire turning and it's slipping in the diff. Somehow, oh look at this there's a problem now the neat part about this. For me is that I can look at the inner joint there and if I hold it look at this, I can just turn it right there, there's, no actual. If I can just look at that, you can see the drive the cvd turning right, but the whole car is not moving. The back tires are not moving, so there is an issue here and people ask to see what was wrong. So I thought I might as well dig through my parts bin and see what I have and lo and behold, even though I tried to give these away a few times, they always made their way back to me. Look at these old vanquish axles for the Wraith poison spider covers on there and they're like a gunmetal, gray, so I'm thinking. I should switch these axles out altogether because these ones should definitely be on the Black Widow plus I can switch over the diff, so let's go ahead and take off all four tires. So we can see what's going on inside here. Just using my 1.5 millimeter hex driver to back off all the hub covers here, how many of you out there that are trail crawlers, actually take the time to do these scale.

Axle covers right here. How many of you guys actually do that or do you prefer that it's just too much of a pain, and you actually just leave the cover off, so you can get to the to the wheel, nut right away. I wouldn't mind knowing that actually comment down below and let me know well, if you are lazy or if you prefer her to do this, all the got ta go there I'm a mixed bag. I got to be honest with you. Sometimes I take the time to do it depending on the vehicle and then sometimes I don't care. I just want to go out and have a good time with the hobby, all right, so we'll get this wheel, nut off like that and then I'll just kind of shake it there's your problem, sir. Your tires are falling off shout out to David jr.. If you're watching right now and of course, the Gullah ker family, if you guys, are watching still loving this above the axle steering mod that was made by David jr. back in the day, an old buddy of mine years eight years ago. This was one of the first race to see this steering rod up out of the way, so he never actually slammed into something and bent it now. This was a huge factor. In fact, the Black Widow still holds its own today against rigs that are that are made almost a decade later, and it is still kicking butt.

Okay, next thing for me to do is to really start removing all the hardware so that's the thing about vanquish products is that even back in the day, they're very proprietary. If you got a vanquish, actually you got to get English vanquish upper link mount you got to get the mounts for the shocks they weren't built on they're, all separate pieces, women, you'll notice here that we actually had drilled out this axle housing to take larger screws Than the original ones check these out, because these always seem to back off or strip out, but if you went with a larger head on there, then you didn't have her have to really worry about it right, especially with the ultimate power that we have inside the Black Widow, you didn't want these lock outs to start falling off, and then it just occurred to me that this chain was still on the back of here. Who remembers what this chain is for that's watching the show right now. Have you been watching the show long enough to know that this came from a TTC or a tough truck competition, and if so, post up below which year I took that Black Widow to the TTC yeah? That could be a trick. Question super easy to work on the older vanquish'd uh for any vanquish stuff, really because it's only a couple of bolts that hold in that whole suspension, hanger right, like I don't, have to take that all apart.

I just have to remove the bolt that holds the upper suspension, links and tada driveshaft removal just that easy. So I can swap this out and I'll just remove the front axle the same way. Okay, this servo is off. I can remove this now. This wasn't the axle that was slipping. It was this one over here and of course, I can't seem to wiggle that free, so so what's happening here is because we drilled it to take a larger screw. I think I'm getting a little bit of resistance on the inside metal of that axle housing, not allowing me to slide this off, so I will have to do something off camera, so I can get this off, so I don't have to hear it the right way To do it? Okay, so I have jumped ahead a little bit here, because I am still puzzled at what I'm seeing. So let me take you over to the RIT, like the newer, the the quote, unquote new axles I was going to put in here. These are pretty typical and standard right like here is the diff Cup inside the diff Cup is the old original axial Locker, and I thought maybe the Locker had rounded out the plastic diff Cup and I was gon na – have to change that. But then I remembered when we got this whole thing put together, we didn't actually use one of the axial lockers. This is just a straight lock like this, and so I have no idea why the heck that was turning on the inside, because I've tested both sides of this differential Locker, and it is straight perfect.

You just seen a little bit of grease inside there, but it is perfect so what the heck was causing that to slip will I ever know weird, even when I have it set up, and I give it some torque on either side it's not slipping at all. Ah so mean being one that's, always a problem solver, I hate leaving things and wondering what's going wrong because it's not magic that it was just slipping, and so, when I looked further into it, yes, I have grease on my hands. Yes it's bad. For me, I get that thanks for your input, there's a lot other things bad in the world right now too so what's going on is when I separated it and how to look at it. I had to look very closely and you'll see right on the edge over here. What is with that there, that is not dirt, it's, actually metal sticking out, and so, of course, putting two and two together is when this axle stub fits into the end. If it's, not in there, far enough, like that, what happens is is as it's on the outside, it starts to round it out sorry about the focus issue there, but that is exactly what has been going on. Is it rounds out on the end right there and Dada Dada gives me that issue. So this piece, unfortunately, is kaput. I do not have another one, but I will install the normal axial lockers with the plastic diff cup.

Just so I can get this fixed. Then I'll order up some new ones, so we can get it properly done and the black widow can have all of its power and more who figured out what it was okay. So some of you will be wondering why then, when I stuck the axles in here and use the vice grips to try to turn it? Why wasn't it acting like it was slipping at that time and I think it's, because manually I was able to stick the axles in further than it does when it's actually seated in the axle housing itself, and so when it was under extreme torque. And it was just sitting in the axle housing that's when we were seeing the slippage in the front tire when I was increasing the wheel speed, I wonder what's going on in that differential seem to be unlocked, shouldn't be yeah, I got something going on and that Would make complete sense of how we were able to see it turning most of the time, except for when I went a little bit faster and why it rounded it out here so that's? Why? Okay? So here we are with the fresh differential I'm gon na keep those of new gears. Of course, swapped over. I also filled the tubes full of marine grease, but I did not get much on the gears themselves. I don't want any grease on the gears really because I don't want to help aid in it, slipping as it gets old under torque and believe me, it does happen over time now.

Remember if you pack your rear axle tubes, full of grease that when it is cold outside, if you live in a colder climate, it could make it harder on your engine or motor to turn the actual axles themselves. But since I'm heading into the warmer months with lots of mud and water and grit, I want to make sure to kind of give it a little bit more of a barrier to keep that stuff. Out of my differential housing go ahead and put on that poison. Spider cover the perfect addition. Well, there we go it all kind of ends where we began today and I'm glad, because we got these axle hubs on the outside completed it's. One thing about these: you got to make sure you put Loctite in every single screw, or else you will lose these as they rotate out on the trail Wow. Here we go guys. What do you think it's almost like it was built to be on the Black Widow with those red spindles and, of course, the black and silver diff cover? I even removed that ugly orange steering horn and replaced it back there, so it all looks much better. Now, let me know, threw a light, click or dislike click. What do you think made for the Black Widow? Is this a no brainer and we should have done this years ago or what what your end on this thing boom that's, what all people have said? Look at this all the way around, hopefully, you've enjoyed today's video.

I tried to keep it short and rather succinct, so you knew what was going on lots of lots of neat stuff here, making sure those axles are installed properly. Everything has been greased every all. The bearings have been replaced. This thing is good to go and I will order up those new aluminum, diff cups, when I, when I find them Wow. If anybody wants to, let me know any suggestions on an upgrade they'd like to see on the black widow or the Wraiths, please post it up in the video comments section down below. I always love hearing from you guys. Thank you so much for joining me today.