But you know what, when you do a hobby long enough, eventually, you like to you, want to customize your gear right and theres, all sorts of little things that you can do on my radio. You can get different, stick ends to change the look and the feel some rip tape on the side to make it, you know, have a little more tactileness. You know on the goggles check this out. Rotor riot goggle strap available in the store link in the description, but if you want to get a little bit more wild its really fun to like make things and do something like really unique so like on my front here, this is real carbon fiber that i, Like grafted onto the front plate, very few people have something like this, and i just love how like special. That is, but i want to come up with something even more special. I want to take it to the next next level. I want to do something that not only makes the gear unique to me, but makes it so that it only works for me, but im gon na call for some help on this one im gon na phone, a friend, im gon na call up hack, make mod These guys do all sorts of weird little projects like making vacuum cleaners out of water, jugs and turning bluetooth speakers into logs stuff that no one asked for, but they did it anyway. So when you got something really off the wall that you want to put together, these are the guys for the job, so im going to call these guys up and see if we can come up with something really unique, really special, something that makes it only work For me, Music, im, brandon and im chad and chad, i found this in your closet.

Can you tell me what this is? What are you doing in my closet? Dont worry about it, but thats, my fingerprint reader yeah. So you want to put this on a drone controller, so not just anyone can come pick it up and fly. Your drone bingo sounds like kind of a simple task, but the more i started thinking about it, the more difficult i think its going to be and heres. Why? Because this is a dji controller and everything dji does is complicated. So i know when i get into this im, going to be cutting into a computer and im going to try to make modifications so that it can always be undone. How are we going to go about doing that? We got the fingerprint reader, which is pretty nice. It does a lot of the heavy lifting it can store fingerprint files in it and it can identify if the fingerprint is one of those files, but from there all the controlling and button pushes and stuff that you might have to automate after that. Youll have to do with an arduino, its, not an actual arduino, its an esp8266, so its a it uses, arduino code so well print a little case to make things nice and tidy and then well stick that on the back and that should be everything: Music, Music. Okay, so this three position switch here has two wires coming out of it, and each wire can either be high or low that results in four possible states for this to be in, but because of the way the switch works we actually can only ever have three Of them, we know from the notes that drew sent us that, if the switch is to the right, which is position, three itll reset the scanner all together, no matter what, if its in the middle, this fingerprint scanner will just run its default code as normal checking Against whatever it can and then when it finds a good match, itll stop itself from running, then all we need to check for is if it is running or not, because if its not running, that means it already found a good map.

So if its not running and the switch is over here, its armed Music, Music, its all working – i cant believe it so now you just need to get it off the breadboard and into the box Music, Music, yes, so cool! So now, if we put it in the middle position now its unlocked, so that shows you that its unlocked in your visual status saying that its unlocked and if i want to arm it im, pretty excited. This is one of the coolest projects. Weve done look how cool it looks got it all. In this, safe container were headed to florida. Music. On my security, weve got what you requested. You got what you requested. The fingerprint activated remote control got your finger here, youre already holding it like this pop. Your finger on that, i would not have thought of this, but seeing it im like that is pretty clever because, like while youre holding the radio, you can just be like, we got a nice little 3d printed housing, the jet black. I, like the i, like the pin here you got on there yeah oh yeah, emblem that is really slick, how you built a port into the radio that looks like it. Was there yes and it receives power from the radio, real okay, so theres no other battery. In here nope, so i told you i used this switch for arming. Yes, you gave us very specific instructions, im very particular about my army.

This is for my draw. I want it to be unique to me so weve, basically hot wired, the switch and interrupted it. So that, if you flip it to the arm, switch its not going to send a signal to your controller unless the fingerprint has been activated. But in order to do that were going to need your fingerprints, you cant just get on the laptop okay, so you didnt just download my fingerprints from like a police database. No, we couldnt find that youre youre right, yeah, youre clean. We are running two separate scripts at different times. We have one script for recording your fingerprints and another script for actually running the process that you want, which is locking your controller up. If you are not the right person, okay, so theres not like someone could even pick this up and just register their fingerprint youve got to load a custom script to do absolutely so once this is set up. This really is mine, all right so thats plugged in. I, like the red light, were going to load the enroll script, which is the one that actually records your data so now its going to say pick a number between 1 and 128 and it can store up to 128 fingerprints. So i think ill. Just do really. These three, because i feel like itd, be one of these three fingers. Okay, that i would put on the radio so well start with number one.

Okay well make that my pointer its gon na ask you to scan your finger. Okay, scan it up scanned now its gon na ask you to do it one more time to verify so just the same finger again, oh its kind of like on when you did touch id on the iphone. It would well get different angles. Not quite so. You need it just needs to check if they match. Okay. Did it go yes, all right, so that matched so that matches so that ones done yes. Now, if you wanted to be like extra thorough, you could do the same finger again at a different, different angles. Yeah, okay, okay, but for now lets go to the next finger. Okay! Do that one! So! First, we did this finger next! Well, wow! So number two, so that one, okay, so red and now go ahead and do it one more time and there you go, and we can just keep doing this for as many fingers as you want. I can. I could even do it for my finger. No! No! This is for me only we got my fingers in there were unplugging this i dont want anyone else registered, although i guess we have to change it to the script right. Yes were gon na get rid of the enroll script, were gon na run the result script, which is the name of the one that actually runs when youre flying were just going to compile and upload that one all right so now now youre gon na need to Make sure its powered by the controller, so you need to turn your controller on okay, so when this control, when i turn the controller on yes, oh, this comes on.

Okay, thats, really cool and so weve got little red and green lights here. Okay, so every time you scan no none for you, no sir! No none! I like this, if this works for me. Oh look at that how cool okay so then! Now when this is green, and i flip the switch to armed thatll send my arm signal, you get a little beep and then, if i want to lock someone out again. Third position: okay, so that resets it yes, your position, resets all right, so im gon na bind this radio to my flippy floppy machine. Yes, lets get out and see how well this actually works. Absolutely lets. Do it plug it in downtown whoa is it? Is it bad to say downtown? I guess why i couldnt say it. I said junk in the trunk. I said downtown and chat. Im, censoring you, chad, chad, says you cant, say downtown yeah, im, cuffed man, im cuffed out here you can say whatever you want here lets go lets go so i want to test this thing out, so we should be all set up now. If i put this down into my arm position, okay, nothing actually happened there. But then, if i just go here – oh hey there. It is thats so satisfying too, with the beep and everything okay. But then so now its the middle position still green, oh its! So cool yeah, okay, but if i go all the way up, click click.

Oh, we turn red again lets go Music, all right! Sir! Can i perch it? Oh. Are you big enough im gon na perch up top? On top of this thing? Okay, i heard it. I heard it and i flipped it twice so were red again, uh huh, all right, so im just go. I can just leave this yeah set it down. No one can fly. You know i kind of want to fly. Your drone go for it. I can fly it. You knock yourself out. Oh i cant i cant get in drew nothing. I got nothing my quad! No. I hope this actually works if im just stuck on top of a light pole yeah that would suck. That would be not a while that would that would be a bad time for you. We would just leave and go back home. Oh oh right in the middle oh hold on. I didnt! Do it again! Oh, why arent you working? Oh, no, hey there! It is its the goggles you just now take the goggles all right. The props are spinning now, okay, so i dont know if you want to reset your fingerprint, while youre uh perched somewhere yeah that because because it was acting up a little bit well, i guess lets see. If i only did one click, then it shouldnt reset right. So i just do one click yeah and then now i should just be able to boom re arm.

No problem: hey hey yo, its pretty sick Music. Well, so what is okay, if all goes well? How quickly can we actually disarm it and retire and re arm? It with a full fingerprint, okay and the goggles disarm, go all the way down hit the thing. Oh, it takes a minute man all right, yeah and you got to get your finger just right on it too. So so the ultimate test is, can you fully hard disarm it yeah and then re arm it with the fingerprint? The main thing is getting the fingerprint dead in the middle yeah and hope for the best disarm reset go down. Lets go you just got ta be really fast. This is the new drone. Every drone trick has been found and documented, so the new thing is just introducing more points. Make it harder to succeed. I think you can do it now. I mean im concerned that if i mess up then like what are you gon na lose all right? Maybe that is a lot dont mess up. You got ice in the veins baby. All right, so disarm, reset arm position, re arm. Oh, that was clean. That was pretty quick. Okay, i think you can fly in the air and disarm it and rearm it. Oh man, i believe in you, okay, so if i dont reset it, we can dead duck it so lets see we go up high. Are we disarmed? Oh three? Arms, oh saved it: oh thats, the sweet wild willy randall roll.

So if i like, went up and started rolling and then disarmed were just saying: oh good, okay! So now what i would actually have to do, get some elevation. Yeah yeah get some oh youre, going way up away. Uptown lots of time lots of time. Okay, im gon na point it down. So i can see all right. We are fully disarmed. Oh we got it. Lets go! Oh my god! I was genuinely worried for you. I couldnt tell the props didnt, stop spinning you almost failed, like your finger was like twitching. Did you see on the thing that it actually turned red yeah? Oh, the props didnt stop spinning, which i was like. Did it just? I didnt know what happened, but i think just the the wish of it well have to hear it yeah that was. That was terrifying. I saw it on my screen. It said disarmed but im like why are the props still spinning yeah, oh okay, its windy up? There huh its a little windy Music. Thank you! No! Oh, you didnt make that gap. Ah, i wanted that gap. You like shopping at the gaps gaps rejecting me because we dont have jeans in your sides. Youre too large come on im just gon na suck it in too much uh too much uh junk in the trunk. I dont want a nice gap still around. Why do i suck at drones? Huh? I i heard you were good at drones there.

It is. I bounced off the old navy too there. It is Music, its like a pro drum pilot at work, hes, professional hes, good hes, good as what he got. Yeah hes good. He real good thought. I was about to witness a splatter. I just wanted drone parts all over the country. I was worried that was going to happen too, because it really wasnt feeling like. I was like. Oh no because your finger when i was recording twitching, it was like it was very scared. I didnt want to crash biometric drone. This was a pretty tough challenge and you guys knocked it out of the park im glad we came through for you. I know you uh really wanted something special and we decided on this fingerprint thing. So no one can get inside your uh. Your drone yeah its a really big problem. When youre out there, people always trying to come up and be like how far does it go? How fast it go, can i fly it high fast and no, you know for a first swag. This looks pretty freaking cool. I really like the you know the plug that you guys integrated thats, a really nice touch. Yeah and another thing drew you can do it. You aint got to use it for the remote control right. You can slap that puppy on a doorknob. You know you can slap it on your car. If you want, if youre feeling froggy well im glad im glad, i could provide a challenge to make you play with some fingerprints.

If you ever need anything else done for us. Just let us know im sure chad would love to hop on what else can we do well have to do retinal scanning goggles or dna propellers or um? You have to like prick the prop with your blood to to spin aint, no one getting in unless they got your blood. If you want to see more crazy off the wall, projects definitely check out. The hack make mod youtube channel, hopefully, will be in the description. Yeah, of course, hopefully yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching this video, if you guys enjoyed it as much as i did make sure you drop a like on the video hit that subscribe button leave a comment of something like uh. You like drews shirt, because i like it, thank you guys so much for watching im, brandon, im, ladrib and well catch you next time.