Oops promised myself. I wouldnt mention the c word anyway. If youre interested in whats been going on in the world of motorcycles here in the uk for the month of september 2022, youre in the right place, stick around stay tuned lets. Do bike news, Music, all right as usual loads of stuff been going on uh this month, ive got four copies of mcn. That ive marked up with some stories that i thought might be of interest lets say: go through those and then at the end of the video as usual, ive got some parish notices, so youre interested in whats coming up on the channel and some other bits and Pieces stick around to the very end ill. Tell you that too, all right lets crack on then first paper and the first story, baby rs arriving down here tucked in the in the bottom here kawasaki have released a video teasing, a new model with a stomach. Turning phrase the retro volution is coming is that right, yeah, retro, volutions yeah, not not great, for the marketing department there, but we kind of understand what they mean, because what theyre up to is this uh its expected? The new bike will be a z650rs with kawasaki, adding a retro twist to the budget twin if it looks half as good as the z900 rs ive often said, though i absolutely love the the looks of uh. It could offer an alt, interesting alternative to trump street twins and royal enfield 650s expect more details soon, so that one im definitely looking forward to, i think um bikes in the sort of 650cc uh area are perfect for the road, particularly to get a retro bike, Which typically uh youre gon na kind of ride lazily around the lanes on a sunday? I would anyway, i would argue, thats, probably their main purpose um.

If kawasaki are coming out with something thats. You know a good price looks as good as the z900 rs. Then. The 600 version or 650 version would be absolutely brilliant, so there will be more on bike news about that as more uh news is released, stick around and stay tuned for that anyway, so that was just a quickie. I dont know if i can find a picture or anything of that, but if i can ill stick it on the screen but um or will have done by now, but anyway i just like the sound of it right. Moving on uh new tiger on the horizon. Now this is interesting. This is the long awaited new tiger 1200 from triumph, uh again theyve been teasing. Some pictures of this um trance has started to release um sort of press releases and little social media things when they talk about new bikes being in the final stages of testing, and they show you these pictures of them sort of heavily disguised with lots of traffic. Stickerage, all over to sort of well literally give you a tease. You can sort of see a bit of what the bikes about, but not fully, but anyway, theyve been starting to do that with the 1200, which probably means this bike is imminent um. I dont know when theyre going to release it, but you know, in my mind, im thinking probably the next month, well get some more details on this.

Anyway. What they said, traffic released a teaser showing test riders riding a brand new tiger 1200, with the promise that the upcoming machine will be the new ultimate large capacity adventure ride. Now that is quite a claim. Isnt, it theyve said its significantly lighter than its closest competition. Now that is the key thing for me, because the tiger 1200, i think always looked a lovely bike and on paper it was a great bike, had great electronics and everything, but when you actually rode it, it was as heavy as hell now im a as you May know if youre a regular viewer ive got a bmw, r200 gs which again on paper very similar to the 1200 tiger. In fact, it might even be slightly heavier, but because it carries its weight low down with the box. So it makes it very easy to live with. You can move it around. This center of gravity is nice and low. The 1200 isnt like that, or certainly the current one isnt. Whenever i stopped on that bike, or i got off tried to wheel around, it felt very, very heavy, not a bike. I could live with im afraid, however, if they come up with them. What theyre saying here with a much much lighter version? This could be a winner. What else does it say here, uh mcn, say wed, expect a serious drop in weight think 30 kilograms plus it would definitely need to do that to you know, be significantly lighter than its closest competition as theyre claiming um, uh, theyre thinking.

So the old xca was 248 kilograms. I think at least 30 kilograms off that which would be good its clear theres. A new engine peak power is likely to creep over 150 brake horsepower, which is kind of where these adventure bikes are going now isnt. It um the xca will likely be renamed rally to match the 900, which would make great sense. I found those you know the all the xs that they used to have in the model ranges was totally confusing. They got rid of that now, with the tiger 900s. Lets call it a rally that would make a lot of sense so well done the marketing department. If they do do that, theyve ditched. The 19 inch 17 inch wheels in favor of 21 inch 18 inch wheels for better handling on tricky terrain. Um new suspension unit front and rear um shaft drive remains, but its been completely redesigned traffic ditched the old tiger 1200 single sided swing arm in favor of a more conventional twin spa design, thatll, probably save some weight as well. I imagine full reveal in the autumn. It says here: well here we go septembers just passes by this is sort of autumn, so expect a full reveal soon, if not by the time. You see this im recording this uh for broadcast on wednesday morning its monday morning at the moment. So uh you never know it might come out in the next couple of days and still thunder but more to come on that im.

Sure soon cant wait to see what thats like lets hope. They are true to the word and it really is a class leader because i think it could fly off the shelves. It looks good. It just needs to lose a load of weight all right. This is interesting: um buell back on track. Remember eric buell racing. This is a brand that um gets reborn every few years. Well, it seems like its about to be reborn again or it is being reborn again be all motorcycles are returning to full production once more. With the company well on the way to launching their first new bike, the 1190 rx hammerhead and theres a picture of it here, i have to say its a good looking motorcycle um liquid asset partners, um bought eric buell racing and theyve now um bought the buell Name from harley davidson complicated this so theyre going to relaunch it, calling it buell again and theyre going to start with this new hammerhead set is properly back in production. Hang on one second ive got a flickering light here. Im getting a bit knock battery might build its way. Im. Sorry, if theres a flicker thats annoying you its annoying me anyway, moving on um, so yeah. What i love about bureaus is they always do interesting, stuff engineering, wise dont. They now the fact that other manufacturers dont copy it makes me think im not sure whether its actually success or not, but, for example, on this one.

The new hammerhead theyve gone for that bizarre brake design that they have where the disc is attached to the outside. Of the wheel and the caliper sort of fits inboard – and i think in this case it might be an eight pot, caliper or something uh lets see what it says here: uh yeah an eight piston caliper on it must be flipping amazing at stopping. I would have thought uh and also they do things like you know, keeping the oil in the frame which lets face it isnt a new technology thats been around for damage years, but uh. I dont know whether theyll do that on this model, but theres all sorts of little nice um engineering, tashas that buell do so im looking forward to seeing those come back no price. Yet it says here, um expected in uh 2023, so uh yeah well well see how that story develops weve been here before with buell lets hope this one does make it to full production because it doesnt look the best isnt it. Okay, next story. Now this is uh. This is interesting: honda, nt 1100 to fill the vfr gap. This is something that a number of people have asked me in comments to my videos. Over the last month. Have i seen the new nt1100? What do you think about it? So its a new sport tourer from honda now it seems like the sports touring um sector – is getting a bit of a resurgence at the moment, doesnt it with various bikes coming out in in this sort of genre, which is great news.

As far as ive cons. Im concerned, did you see last week the new suzuki that looks incredible, the gsxs gt um? Is it called the gs xs 3000 gt anyway, whatever therell be more details coming up on that in in future videos, im sure that looks really good, but in the meantime, honda are also now teasing this one or rather theres. Some information been leaked about the nt 1100 lets see what mcn is saying. So the new nt1100 sports tourer has a parallel twin from the africa twin, so that lot all manufacturers do these days. They develop a new engine and then they use it in different genres. Of bike, great idea in this paint scheme – actually it looks still looks pretty africa twin s. Doesnt it um. The nt 1100 name was trademarked earlier this year. The nt 1100 steps into the shoes of the vfr 800 as hondas main middleweight sports, tourer, incredible isnt it that an 1100 cc bike is now regarded as a middleweight, but there we go um theres, no official word from honda, but wed expect the bike to hit Dealers in spring, with a circuit, 12 grand price tag, so uh yeah one to watch really looking forward to seeing this one dont. Actually like this paint scheme, i dont know if this is a mock up or what but um. I imagine itll be an amazing buck. Im, a big honda fan, as you know, um reliable, good value, nice bike.

So looking forward to seeing that and how that compares to that new suzuki that we mentioned so yeah more sport tours coming soon, which is great news. All right, um mcn here done. One of their little comparisons – i love these uh here they picked two top sports bike, theyre, both 30 grand plus each, so the panigale v4 sp versus the bmw m1000rr. I havent ridden either of these bugs. I have to say i just think i love sports bikes who doesnt love sports bikes. I love them to look at. I love that they exist im, not sure i love ownership, particularly, i do have a sports bike. Ive got a panigale myself, the um, the 899, which i just think is a beautiful, beautiful, looking bike. In fact, i think the 899 looks better than this im, not saying its better. Obviously this is clearly the technology has moved on in the five six years since the 899 came out um or might be on that now, probably seven years but uh yeah, the new, the v4 sp looks incredible, but not as good as the original. I think the m1000 now from bmw now theyve gone all symmetrical. I think it looks just as good um and i suspect personally, that the bmw is possibly the better bike to live with very smooth to ride with um. You know more comfortable position, uh, etc. Based on having ridden just the standard s1000 horizon anyway, lets see what um, what mcn say, having ridden both bikes – and this is from nizi my favorite road tester on mcn.

He says the ducati panigale v4 is knee knockingly beautiful. I would agree with that. Insanely fast and actually moves the game on by being easier to get on with than the bass s or r models, thats incredible, so the top spec bike easier to live with than the lower spec incredible its harder to justify the big money on the m1000rr. Interesting. Now the good news with the s 1000 rrm package – oh, oh, the good news is the s1000rr m package is every bit as exciting on track and capable on the road and its 10 grand cheaper than the m1000rr, so thats interesting, so uh theyve, given the panigale Five out of five and the bmw four out of five, which uh im surprised by i thought it might have gone the other way, but there we go. If youre, you know into shaving tents of seconds off your lap times, then the panagia is the one to go for. If you want to ride a bike on the road, maybe get. The cheaper s1000rr is what mcn are saying there. We go interesting all right, thats, the first paper next one uh five stores to go through here, cant, remember what ive highlighted uh first thing: oh yeah! This is interesting, a new um classic from royal enfield again. This has been theres. Lots of news been about this. For a while, in fact, i think it might already be released in india, this is called the classic 350.

theyve taken. The looks remember the old classic 500 they discontinued, which looked great but was a pretty well, i would say, character full bike to ride. It was very lumpy i didnt actually enjoy riding. It was too thumpy, whereas this bike, with the new 350 single from the meteor promises to be an amazing bike to ride. I rode the meteor and i was really impressed with the single cylinder engine in that i said i thought that was the best single cylinder engine id ever ridden with, so that, with the looks of the classic, i think royal enfield could be on an absolute winner Here lets see what uh mcn have said, so royal enfield have unveiled a renewed version of the classic 350 for the indian market, uh, with the promise of a shiny new one for us early next year, uh the classic gains the new air and oil called 349cc From the meteor, as i said, uh the classic retainers are well loved thump from the exhaust thats part of the appeal, at least they sound good um theres, no pricing for yet, but royal enfield have said they expect it to be in the dealers by the spring. Well, you would expect it to be priced less than the 650 interceptor given. This is a 350.. I think the interceptors well its sub six grand at the moment. So maybe this one will be near the five grand mark if you can get this 350 classic for five grand.

This is going to be a winner. If i had room in a garage i would definitely have one and the paint schemes are lovely as well. If you look on the internet, you can see the whats been launched into the indian market. They do look amazing, theres, something about the rear mud guard im, not too sure about a little bit too chunky for my liking, but again could make the basis for some great custom jobs. You could make a maybe a bobber or something out of it, but actually, i think the standard bike looks pretty darn good, so really really interested to see what this is like when it comes out. I think this could be a really good sunday afternoon rider and i think its going to you know its going to appeal to a lot of a lot of riders. I think they could have come up with a blinder here, all right. Moving on boost for baby blade – oh yes! So these are the honda 500 um series bikes so im a big fan of these. I rode these. I think it was last year so were talking here. Uh cb500 are the naked cb500f, the sports bike and the cb uh 500 x, which is the sort of um off roadie type bike, which is the most recent one. I wrote of these and its probably my favorite of the pack, brilliant brilliant bikes. These again theyre not super hairy theyre, not super expensive, theyre, just proper practical motorcycles, theyll be reliable theyll.

Do you a great turn and they dont cost the earth to buy order on anyway, theyve all had a bit of an update. Lets never see. Whats happened so for the cb500r thats had the biggest change with the addition of uh 41 mil shower separate function, big piston, forks uh, with associated new, triple trees. Those are those clever forks where one does rebound. One does damping what is a technical thing, but each fork leg. Uh has a separate function, as the name implies, which is clever stuff um. The system controls the damping with one leg and the spring mechanism in the other. There you go so i should have read on the rear. Shock has also received a new setup. The swing arm for all three bikes has been made lighter, apparently um. The 500r and 500 f have new. Lighter 5 spoke wheels. New 296 mil discs, which are now acted on by radially, mounted twin piston, nissan calipers for improved, feel updated fuel injection, improved torque delivery in the mid range um new radiators, um uh. What else and styling tweaks on all bikes? So basically, they were good bikes anyway, but theyve made them even better. So you know, if youre thinking about getting a 500, you might be able to get a bargain on the older ones or hang on a bit. Dont know when these are going to be out and about but um you know next year, youre going to be able to get slightly upgraded on these great bikes, those, i think, all right next hubless hot rod now.

This is incredible now, occasionally id like to point out these um sort of more esoteric motorcycles, a lot of the build we talked about earlier, because this just is something different: its an electric bike im, not a massive fan of electric bikes so far, but i do Like it when they come up with something a little bit different – and this is one look at this – its got a rear, hubless wheel and its very, very clever. So let me read you the highlights here. Hot from the continent comes the verge ts, a hubless electric bike that could change the way we think about motorcycle design uh when fed uh powered by the motor, the electromagnets in the rim repel each other, causing the outer portion of the rim to turn and drive. The bike forward, the only disadvantage to the system is that it requires a wide rim and thats, a very rare, wide tire, so thats gon na possibly mess up the handling. Although the wide rear tires always look cool dont, they theres no chain belt or gearboxes, sat power, so verg or verge verge, say its a hugely efficient way of propelling the bike. Brilliant, the hublers motor is able to generate 107 brake horsepower at an utterly insane 737 pounds feet of torque. So this is going to feel blisteringly fast when you wind it on from start where all the power will be available, um not sure about the looks of it.

I do like that rear wheel technology, though i wonder if thatll make it to more electric bikes. The fact that its super efficient without a train without a chain um its just just amazing, why its one of those things its such a kind of an obvious thing when you think about it. Why didnt anyone do this before so well done verg verge verge, whatever theyre called this is uh, possibly one to watch um. It says here: uh: the ts will retail for approximately 21 000 pounds theyre still very expensive bike, but it is something different: um, full color, tft olyn suspension, brambo brakes bst wheels um, so the overall weight 225 kilograms. Normally, electric box is very, very heavy because the battery this one is not in the realms of the ridiculously heavy. It says here, dc charge. Time will top it off in 40 minutes or if youre pushed for time or 15 minutes on a dc charge will add 60 miles in range in 15 minutes so sounds like it could be practical, too: electric bikes, no matter what you think of them, theyre getting Better and better all the time it wont be many years before these are properly competing with internal combustion bikes. So uh lets see how that all turns out. Here we go mini moto, gp, replica, the new rc’0 from ktm. I smirk there because i remember what i thought about this when i first saw the picture theyve done it again, they ktm they cant.

I dont know what it is. They just dont seem to be able to design a good looking bike, and i know this is very subjective and i know some people will absolutely love it and im sure itll fly off the shelves. I have seen some ride. Reviews of this somewhere um and its being universally praised so im sure its a very good bike, but i personally cant get by the looks of this. The angular looks the funny front end where its all sort of perspex and you can see through i wouldnt – buy this just because of the looks sorry ktm. It is a personal thing. Some people love it fill your boots anyway. What does it say? The new bike immediately grabbing the attention of tara 18s, thanks to motogp inspired bodywork said to mimic the firms rc16 grand prix, racer 5 friendly 373 liquid cooled single cylinder producing 43 brake horsepower. Uh tech updates include a full color tft dash, which can be connected to your smartphone with the ktm myride app. I have to say theres not much about that. That really appeals to me again. I apologize ktm its just its just obviously its not aimed at me im, not the target market. Maybe youngsters will love it. I hope so anyway for ktmc all right last story in here imitation game. Now we mentioned this bike, the the vogue 500ds in. I think it was the last months bike news. This uh is a bike that looks um a sort of a copy of the honda cb500x, so theyve done a direct comparison to see how they compare.

Now i said, im always saying: ignore chinese bikes apparel, because theyre getting better and better. I think i think the vogue looks really good, its 5 000 quid, but a pound uh, the honda 6249 so significantly cheaper than the honda one of those things, though isnt it. If you bought it, and even if you loved it, would you in the back of your mind, be thinking i wish. I bought a honda, it is significantly cheaper and i think it. I think it possibly even looks better than the honda, but with no proven track record its a bit of a leap of faith. Isnt it to buy one, i dont know um somebody buy one and let us know how you get on with it. Lets see what the verdict was from mcm. They both both look good. Actually, i think theyre both eminently practical bikes, so uh mike armitage, says here as a budget do it all the vogue is definitely tempting its easy to ride very well equipped, performs well and is great for long cross, city, commutes or breezy for rays into the countryside. Uh, its a lot of machine for five grand value and cheap arent. The same thing, though thats a very good point: um the honda cost 1250 more, but it has a superior ride, performance, finish, economy and overall feel i mean its the better value bike and thats. The important thing isnt it the 500ds is a good 5k bike, but the cb500x is a great 6k bike.

There we go thats an excellent summary. I think theyve, given the honda five out of five ive, given the vogue four out of five um. So i guess it comes down to how much money youve got to spend, but if youve got six grand and youre in the market for one of these bikes, theyre very much saying go for the honda uh, which seems a reasonable summary all righty. How are we doing halfway through hope? Youre still with me, just have a swig in my water tmf marking course available on the website, www.themissinderfly.com all sorts of stuffs there. You can get this. This shirt, which ive worn for a while other t, shirts sweatshirts key rings, mugs hoodies uh neck doo, dah buffs. All there all sorts of prices go check it out. Www.Themissindefly.Com there you go little advert for you moving on right, first story in this paper, all the fun of the fairing. Now this is interesting. This was all over social media a couple of weeks ago. This is the new trump speed triple rr that broke cover a sort of a half fed bikini fairy, maybe version of the speed triple um, very, very interesting. Looking bike, i cant quite make my mind up about it. I dont know whether i like this or not. Well, i do i do like it. I definitely like it, but do i love it? Im not sure its got a lot of carbon um, its its an interesting design, its a departure for for traffic, its not really a retro, but its got some sort of retro vibes about it.

Its a thoroughly modern bike, based on the new speed triple rs, that i really enjoy riding up the hill at goodwood recently and also ill borrow one for a while its a great bike ill. Stick: a link in the corner to my review of that bike. If youve not seen it, but the thing is with the speed couple of things here with the speed triple rs when that came out, i clearly remember trump saying people ask them: is there going to be uh another version of this uh with better specs, only suspension, All that sort of thing – and they clearly said well – actually, maybe the rs does have only anyway. They said this is the speed triple were building. This is the only one. This is the top of the line. We think this is the bike that people want heavily implying. In fact, i think stating there would be no others. So if i put an order down on a speed triple and then this came out – and this appealed to me ill – be a bit miffed with trump saying that the other speed triple was the only one theyre going to make there. We go theyre within their rights to make whatever bottles they want the course, but i just think thats a bit a bit naughty of trump to have said that there wont be any others. They could have hedged their bets but and not said it quite so openly, because clearly, this was on the drawing board at that stage.

So thats that and then the other thing is, although it looks beautiful, um theyve taken theyve changed the riding position to make it more more of a sports bike feel so one of the appeals to me of the speed triple rs is the fact that its got The power and the performance but youre sitting upright its comfortable and for older geezers. Like me, thats very important. This one youre going to be leaning over a bit. I dont suppose its an extreme sports bike position, but it is nonetheless more sporty so thats taking away one of the appeals of the speed triple for me. Does the fact that it looks nicer? Arguably thats a you know, thats again a subjective point. I think it does look nicer personally. Does that make up for the riding position i dont know, but something thats in my mind is: do you remember that bmw, you know when they brought out the um r9t series they had the r90 sports bike version. I cant remember what its called now: the r9t sport – probably that was a beautiful looking bike with a curved retro. Looking fairing looked really beautiful. I did a review on that years ago. I love that bike boat, its a very extreme riding position. I could not live with it personally, but it looked brilliant, but anyway i think others probably um agreed with me because they took it. They would drew it from sale um, so it didnt sell very well.

I just hope that this doesnt happen for triumph. I think its one of those boxes and say yes, i, like the look of it, but nobody actually buys it, because the the riding position, maybe is a bit extreme. I dont know i havent ridden it ive not sat on it. I dont know how extreme it is. Traffic is saying its not that extreme well see, so i hope to have a go on one and ill. Let you know, but those are the two things in my mind: uh is it? Have you taken away one of the essences of the speed triple that made it so good by making it more racy, um and um? Also, you know its quite expensive im, not sure i have to wait to see in the flesh as to whether i really love the looks or not. I definitely like it anyway. A couple of bits are pointed uh highlighted here uh that mcn has said so: half ed, cafe, racer style sports bike based on the speed triple rs 178 brake horsepower 1160 cc triple slick, looking top fairing with a single round, headlamp all good. The flat bars of the rs make way for clip ons for a more canted forward and aggressive riding position, and the foot pegs have moved slightly further back as well. I think that might be an error if they could make it look like this without doing that, they might have been still being onto a winner, uh adjustable olins on the naked version of swat for semi active units on the fair bike.

So its got more sophisticated electronics for super coarser spv3 todd replaced the rss metzeler racetex um, the speed triple 1200 rr will cost seven nine, fifty in white or eighteen thousand, two hundred in this red, so youre paying a bit of a premium over the standard bike. For this well see how it goes well, hopefully get a ride on one when they come out, i dont suppose theyll be out for a while. Yet it says on sale in 2022, so i imagine its going to be spring time next year before i get a ride on one um, so you know well remain open minded. It certainly looks nice. Is it actually going to be a practical proposition to ride? Well, wait and see: okay, next up the man from mandala mandela. I think this looks interesting. This is, i dont talk much about moto, guzzis or gutsy motorgutsies on the channel, but heres one that, i think, looks quite nice and again its one of those um sports tour, bikes, theres. More and more of these coming out now that bikes that you can ride on have a good time, dont make any protections about being off roaders, so gutsy have given little away about the bikes bar its name and that they will release it in full. At the archima trade show later this year, the bike is powered by a brand new thousand cc water cooled v, twin uh, which is a departure. I think i dont think theyve done that before wed expect around 130 brake horsepower, uh new single sided swing on with traditional shaft drive.

The new mandelo has been aimed squarely at the sports touring market, with special consideration given to ryder comfort, and i like that, an upright riding position and an adjustable screen uh. But the wind beating tech extends further, not just a clever little heat shield, but behind the headers theres, a pair of active aero wings, either side of the tank that can be deployed outward to divert wind away from the rider clever stuff id say. I dont necessarily find wind blast a big problem on bikes, but they thought about it, maybe its something we didnt realize we needed. I imagine behind that. V twin youve got some warmth going on you as well. I imagine its a lovely bike to sit on for hours. It looks comfortable and i like the design of it, it just looks a bit different to anything else out in the market, so well see how that one develops. I think ive got a bit more about that bit later. Oh a letter here, i just wanted to point out um im, always saying how good my guardsmen uh security baron my garage is image. 4 security are actually a sponsor of the channel, so you may not believe me when i say that but theres a letter here from somebody called nick brown today, the lads from image – 4 security came all the way into deepest cumbria and fitted their guardsman barrier into My garage, its the best investment ive, made to keep my bike safe.

I dont usually do recommendations, but if you want to keep your bike safe, i can honestly think of no better way of doing it. So there we go dont take my word for it and by the way i got my barriers before they sponsored the channel is thats how we got hooked up. Um nick brown thinks theyre pretty good too. So just couldnt whip by the um, the letters page without mentioning that. So thank you nick for saying that and im sure image. 4 security. Please too, for you saying that next up upping the game uh here we go um. This is the new speed twin thats. Come out and well have a look at the verdict in a minute now im getting one of these to borrow in december, i think from triumph um and what i want to do is uh. Do a direct comparison between this. The new updated speed twin versus my original speed twin, i think, um mines a 2019, so its been around for a couple of years. Now that was the original bike. When it came out, its now had a bit of a refresh theyve, given it um its a new exhaust. Some new brakes a bit of a change with paint work, some internal changes to the engine and we need to see whether that will add up to making it a better bike. Theyve changed the front end, look a little bit as well its looking a little bit less retro a little bit more modern, but still obviously a retro bike lets see what the verdict is.

Um from mcn well, actually theres a few bits here. So the new monoblock breaks are possibly attached too much of a good thing. The combination of brembos, finest calipers and master cylinder and braided lines of standard mean theres a little theres little lever travel, creating an on off sensation. Thats, not thats, not a good thing. Is it ill be much happier to see the new bike on the same pirelli rosso corsa tyres, the old model carriage, as they had more more than enough dry grip, while also being considerably safer in the damp than the mets, the racetec rrs that it now comes On not sounding good, so far, trump claimed that the updates to the hp engine have boosted not only its power, but its mid range. Something a dyno test. Mtn ran uh disagrees with oh dear im, suspecting that who is this person uh john r is not a fan, then the new motor is left lacking when compared to the old one between 2500 and 4500, which shows up during the road ride very surprising. Obviously, these things are done as improvements, so if a reviewer is saying that actually its harmed the bike, that is not a good thing, ill reserve judgement till actually see it myself and write it myself. The overall summary then, here, although id like to see more suitable tires fitted with the 2021 speed twin triumph, have achieved the goal of giving this sporty modern, classic a bit more spice without detracting from its overall fun factor its not perfect, but it is improved and Yet, as just as much fun as before, although it would be even better with that with that mid range hole filled in so interesting im, not i im not actually a very good bike reviewer.

I cant necessarily feel where theres you know, holes in the torque, curves and stuff, so itll be interesting to see whether i actually notice that, as a as a bog standard rider as opposed to a skilled tester, that mike armitage is oh and then here we go Its more on the new rc ‘0 that we talked about earlier um, not sure whether to say anything else on this because we talked about it just now, dont we, as i said i dont like the looks of it, and you can see more of this transparent Screen arrangement, which is the thing that offends my eye, the most might really appeal to you now. The verdict from chris moss here, whos tested it um, ktms level of thats mossy from 44 teeth, obviously does a bit of freelance work. These days anyway, well known journalist, the ktms level of spec and finish, and that expected 5 500 arsenal price puts it well ahead of its rivals. Cowsec is ninja 400 yamas r3 hondas 500 models offer a2 license holders alternative options, but they just cant match the ktm rc ‘0s equipment levels, thats. What chris moss says mossy says: um, okay, so on paper uh, maybe its better um. I still would have one of those other box over because i dont know it looks, but that is a subjective thing, but it is under 6k. I mean great value. You cant argue with that. Uh dewey dealers, around february next year, itll cost 5 500 estimated for that money.

Theres. A surprisingly good quality feel to the austrian bike. Theres real attention to detail high spec components make it feel much more expensive and accomplished. You have to ride it to realize just how capable it is so maybe im being completely unfair, maybe its a really excellent bike, but whether ill get to ride it. Im not sure um. Certainly, im not its not one on the top of my list to have a go on for the reasons i mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, all right last newspaper before we get on to paris notices uh, i wont keep you much longer, mainly because the camera will probably overheat. If i do oh here, we go uh guzzy. I mentioned the new uh motorgutsy earlier goody. Motorgutsy turns 100.. Somebody tell me how to pronounce that is it motor ghazi, moto, guzzi, moto, guzzi, moto, guzzi, perhaps im sure an italian can tell me phonetically how i should be saying that properly, because whenever i say moto guzzi people ever go at me, is that right or wrong Anyway, big changes ahead, so um the revolutionary all new liquid called bike uh. It says here the v100 so uh. It looks the same to me as the bike we just looked at, but anyway uh but yeah revolutionary, that its got a liquid called v twin theyve. Not done that before um, what else does it say? Uh still, a shaft drive transverse v twin new radiator new shaft drive.

We talked about all that earlier, but anyway, what its talking about here um this particular one, is called the v100 because it celebrates a hundred years of moto gutsy and as part of that theyve unveiled a new um banner uh called road to 2121, where owners piaggio Say the plan is to establish a new moto guzzi brand um and as an example of modern design, and to back that up. Theyre building new buildings at their factory as well, which looks all kind of modern and arty uh, has radically shaped new structures with historic factory buildings and green spaces, looks set to offer good, see an ex, exciting and prosperous future. So yeah, not just the new bike. Coming in, but new factory as well sounds like new money going in from uh piaggio um excellent. Well, lets hope lets look forward. To that i mean it looks great isnt. It green and gold. What a winner of a combination, lovely, looking bike and more here on the target 1200 as well. We talked about that earlier. This is obviously this paper is for four weeks. Hence from the previous one. Triumph tiger 1200 will get the t playing crank and firing order. First used in the tiger 900. um dont know if thats, good name, good news or not to lots of people, say to me that they dont, like the um t, plane crank. They prefer the old triple with its smoother delivery uh, because some people have complained that the 900 is a bit vibrant.

Once you get going, that might be the case with the 1200. If theyre doing the same thing personally, ive never noticed it on the 900 but, as i said before, im not particularly sensitive rider. Maybe i just havent got a you know a sensitive back side but anyway well see um. Trout have also unleashed a tiger 900 rally. Pro bond edition little picture down here in black and gold, it looks excellent in that color scheme. Actually, although i have to say for me as much as i am a bond fan and i have double 07 and all that im – not sure i want to buy a bike with double07 plastered all over it, it just seems a bit childish to me. I dont know somebodys bound to buy a limited edition, so maybe they go up in value, but i certainly wouldnt go out my way to buy a double 7 branded one, particularly if theres a premium so its got so the new 900 gets all black paint job With gold, doublo 7d calls blacked out components: a w7 start up screen our exhaust heated seat, thats, good michelin, anarchy, wild tyres to fit, and it will cost 3k more than the rally pro theres no way id spend three grand more uh on that bike. All that does look nice, but um. I want to do away with the w7 on the tank ill. Keep the the rest of the gold bits. Look good um.

What do you think about that? Is it just me or does it seem a little bit childish to be doing things like this next therell be a superman edition or something or or a harry potter version? I dont know uh. It doesnt work for me, but you know im, not a marketing person. Im sure they, those are clever people at tron, all right next up uh. What do we got here? Oh the new, this r1, its not a new r1 but yamaha – have revealed some new paint schemes. I think across the board. Actually, but the r1 in this paint scheme, i think, looks absolutely brilliant. Yamaha unveiled this fabulous retro race livery, which will be available on all our series road going sports bikes for 2022.. It marks the 60th anniversary of their entry into motorsport yamaha decided to offer the scheme on the 2022 um, r1, r7, r3 and r125 bikes, and it just shows you isnt it. That paint makes so much difference. Doesnt it i mean the r1 is a good looking bike anyway, uh, probably due for a bit of an upgrade sooner. I think because it feels like its been around for a while in this form now doesnt it, but this new paint scheme just gives it a whole new look and i think it looks absolutely excellent. I think those will fly off the shelves personally getting interested on your view. This is all a matter of taste, and this is just my opinion, of course, so dont take it to heart.

If you disagree, what im saying? Okay, nearly done uh the flying dutchman. Now this is hilarious. I do like to feature occasionally these um, these bikes that people have made now. Somebody here, a dutch guy has taken is, in fact its called villam hyper, hybrid, sorry for mispronunciation name, film, hes, taken a uh, bmw, k, 1600, the big six cylinder touring bike flagship bike and hes tried to make it into a sort of a gs type bike. Why on earth would you do that? I dont know, but he has done it hes uh. What hes done is. He said he wanted the handling and liveness and looks of a gs, but with a turbine lock turbine like power of the inline 6k 1600 engine uh. So hes custom built the frame his length in the wheelbase hes changed and sharpened. The steering geometry hes opted for a 19 inch front, wheel, um, hes uh, and it says here it only weighs 310 kilograms fully fueled. Now that may be a big saving over the k 1600, but its still hardly a lightweight. Is it um? He said, although its heavy, its smooth and easy to ride yeah whatd you make of that. I love that people that do this stuff exist. Um itll be fun to have a go on it, but you imagine taking that off road im, not sure hes planning to take off he hasnt got knobbly tires on it or anything im, not even sure hes achieved a great look of it.

To be honest, i think i might prefer the original k1600 but more power to villains, elbow and well done for doing it. I mean it looks sort of factory to be fair. What do you make of that? One right last story before we go on to parish notices, uh air today gone tomorrow, just a quickie to highlight this: the honda cb 1100, a bike that has sort of passed me by and as youve gathered im a fan of retro bikes and this honda just Looks epic doesnt it, but sadly, because of the way that emissions rules are going euro five and all that this ones going to be going soon. Honda have revealed that theyre going to be producing a final edition of the cb1100 to debut soon in japan, since the machine doesnt meet euro 5 emissions rules with no direct replacement on the horizon, its also set to disappear from the showrooms this side of the world, Such a shame, uh again, maybe it didnt sell. Well, i dont know, otherwise they would be doing something to keep in production wouldnt they, but i think it looks properly retro uh and would love to have a go with one uh. Maybe ill still get a chance to do so. Somehow i dont know if they bring out a final edition, maybe on the sweet talk honda into letting me have a go, but i imagine with four cylinders its probably silky smooth to ride um you know, would that be preferable to the z900 rs i dont know, But uh its going soon, which is a real shame: alrighty thats it for bike news lets, come on to a few parish notices for those of you that are regulars on the channel um a few bits and pieces just to let you know about whats, coming up Etcetera um, oh, must just say, dont forget if you want to go to the abr festival next year, which is on between the 24th and the 26th of june.

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What ive been doing for the last couple of weeks and thats? Quite a few of you out, ive changed the time ive published them a bit as well. I did one on a saturday at 6, 15 didnt do very well ive gone back to publishing in the morning again at 7, 15. So from now on wednesday, 7 15 is the time to look out for new videos from me. If youve not subscribed or hit the notification bell, not very many people get notifications of my videos going up but thats when you can expect to see them anyway, coming up at long last, i should have in the next month. I havent got it yet, but im confident its coming soon. Hopefully, im picking it up. On friday, the new uh, my custom royal enfield, interceptor 650 is complete. It looks fantastic ive seen pictures of it. Some of you may have seen pictures too, because somebody did put a video on the internet about it anyway, thats gone now, i will be doing a reveal video uh. My reveal video uh on that bike. As soon as i get my hands on it, so thats coming soon, much uh anticipated cannot wait to show you. My new royal enfield intercept 650, its been away for 10 months in the making so and its looking brilliant. I have to say um theres going to be uh. My first look, video of the new v strom uh 1050 – that was uh not re, launched, but had a big revamp for 2021.

ive got that bike at the moment. Im making a number of videos on that number of people have asked me. Can i have a look at the new v strom, so thats what ive been doing? First, video, those will be coming up. My first ride. Ive got a video about the traffic t120, which um i actually recorded ages ago, uh and in fact, its annoying because it was like a month before triumph announced this year that they were doing some upgrades to the t120, but anyway thats coming up. So its the sort of previous t120 thats one from not the archives, because youve never seen that video before it was from this year, but earlier in the year. So no smart addicts need to say: oh winters, come early to the uk because it was recorded last winter right, thats coming up, um and ive got a number of um sort of extra bonus. Saturday videos, as i mentioned. I dont want to say what they are, because i might swap them around the whole point of me having that flexible saturday. Slot uh is so that if i havent got anything i wont put it up, but if ive got something that i think youre gon na like i can just stick it up on a saturday, so those are coming up as well. Um must say as ever. Thank you to my sponsors, light lock money, moto image for security, who do the security barriers, canary motorcycle tours back up and running going to the canary islands very soon going to be making some tour videos, hopefully uh out there um friday.

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Alright thats it for now look forward to speaking to you again soon.