The monthly series here on the channel, where i take a look back at whats, been going on in the world of motorcycles here in the uk this time the month of june 2022. Okay, so welcome back, as i say to another bite news, ive got uh one. Two three: six editions of mcn to go through loads of stories. Lots of stuffs been going on in june, um and uh, of course, towards the end of the episode as well. I will be bringing you some more readers rides and some parish notices. So if youre interested in whats coming up on the channel stick around to the very end of the video, and also if you want to take a look at some of the readers rights that have been sent in then stick around. For that too. Lots coming on. All right without further ado lets crack on queen of the desert, nows it in tunisia. Now this is fellow uh youtuber social media, star vanessa ruck, who is an incredible rider. It has to be said, says here: british rider, vanessa ruck, who is more commonly known on social media, as the girl on the bike has become the first woman to start and finish. The tunisia desert challenge first run. Last year, the tdc desert rally covers 2 500 kilometres over eight days, its a pay and play affair with bike entry fees ranging from 2800 to 3500 quid the total of ‘8 vehicles, including cars, buggies race tracks and 55 bikes took part.

Although vanessa was the only female rider so credit where its due, that is amazing, theres, no doubt vanessa can ride a bike so well done to you vanessa, brilliant effort, first person or first female to finish uh that um tdc rally absolutely incredible effort. Never catch me doing anything like that: shes, a proper rider im, just a youtube person – i dont, know anyway well done vanessa great effort. That was really really good. All right, okay, next story in here, then that i wanted to um raise not such a sound idea. It says here now: do you remember a few months back in bike news? We talked about the idea of these noise cameras that were potentially going to crop up. These are like speed, cameras um, you know, but for noise. So if youve got a noisy bike, these things could potentially uh capture your details and send you a ticket in the post. Well, it says here its not such a good idea or not like to happen after all, not so quickly because of technology reasons. Let me read you some of the highlights here. So last month, transport secretary grant shaps announced that a new trial of noise cameras aimed at catching drivers and riders with loud exhausts will run across four areas in england and wales. So far, so bad uh were still a long way, though from the point where fines for loud pipes could be handed out automatically its getting better while all modern vehicles are type approved to meet noise levels at the time theyre built theyre, measured in very controlled circumstances.

Roadside cameras cant replicate those control conditions over the years. Top approval rules have changed, reducing noise limits, so there arent even a fixed set of goal posts. So you know different noise limits for different cars, depending when theyre built and bikes additional problems arise and identifying which vehicle is noisy on busy roads with traffic running in two directions and multiple lanes its a challenge. Technically, the result is that the speed camera comparison is misleading in reality, theyre an other evidence gatherer. So what its saying here is were unlikely to see: um sound cameras. Finally, you theyre just uh, maybe one part of potentially uh potential prosecution, so in other words, this is going to be quite complex, so lets not worry about it too much just yet hes. Basically the tenet of the article so thats good news all right. So i just thought id give you that little update, speed or noise cameras arent coming near us anytime, soon, all right next story here touching distance, zeros new sr brings high performance electric within reach of everyday riders. Uh we prattle on how electric bikes have trouble with range and charging time but away from uh the world of throwaway battery powered urban scoots, the greatest hurdle for a proper battery or a bike. Uh electric bike is surely price. Yes – and this again is the big deal – it says the energy, because uh ss9, for example, is 25 grand the harley davidson livewise, similar sort of price, so expensive bikes this.

However, this new version of the xero sr, which is based on the super naked srf platform, which is a bike i rode a couple of years ago. In fact, i fell off it. It was so flipping fast, but amazing, great fun, bike. First, electric bike over road. In fact, it says here this new version has an output, uh thats capped at 52, kilowatts, which is about equivalent to 70 brake horsepower, and it uses a battery with slightly less capacity than its more expensive stablemates. And that means that the bike – the sr comes in at 17810, so still 18 grand. So its still, you know were talking bmw gs money, but its a little bit more uh, realistic, isnt. It certainly in the sort of ballpark of uh, traditional um bikes, sure its limited to 104 miles. Now, how often do you do 104 on the road um, but the sr still has a pulse raising 122 pounds feet of torque available, thats nine pound feet more than suzukis hayabusa thats, not to be sniffed at so its going to get away from the lights. Pretty quick says here off the line: acceleration is rapid and overall performance is perhaps on par with yamahas fruity mt 09 about its role on urgency, where the zero really shines, exit the corner or village at 30 or 40 tweak the throttle and whoosh the sr flies. So yeah so thats great news, uh in general, im, not a huge fan of electric bikes.

I think the acceleration thing is is the thrill, but once you get used to that, does the rest of it justify um having one they are getting there, though, as prices come down battery capacities go up and also crucially the infrastructure. We need more of that for actually charging then well get there im sure we, you know, electric bikes are in our future, not quite there yet, but this sr brings us a little step closer doesnt. It anyways thats a few stories from the first paper. Moving on next up and by the way, i must apologize that uh this months, bike news is a little bit later uh than usual. Hopefully i havent kept you waiting for too long and thats. Why theres six papers this time more to go through and been a busy whole month, uh more about that in their parish, notices at the end um right next up here off road legends, uh, developing trumps, new mx enduro range. Now do you remember a while back trout for announced that theyre going to come out with some enduro box? We didnt hear much more about it. Did we so theres a little story here about that lets? Get a bit of an update in late july 2021 tran shocked the off road world by announcing a range of competition, motocross and enduro bikes that were in the works at the time. Trance said an announcement of the timetable for launch plus a reveal of the bikes would follow in the coming months.

However, details have remained hidden ever since uh mcn sat down with their chief product officer, steve sergeant in an exclusive interview at the factory and steve said this theyre all competition off road motorcycles. We have a range of motorcross and a range of enduro motorcycles in development. Enduro motorcycles will be road, registerable registerable. Is that a word? It is now um, but the motocross bikes will be pure off road performance motorcycles. There will be a range of engine sizes im not going to reveal what they are, but theyre already well under development. Everything is already fixed in terms of specification of what were going to deliver, but were not at the stage but were going to deliver that to the press, so hes still keeping a bit tight lipped, but theyre still very much happening. These bikes so cannot wait to see what they come up with here. Theyre going to be really interesting, the one that is uh road, registerable, the enduro bikes, depending on costs and so on. Is that going to be a competitor for things like the honda crf 300l? Who knows, i would love personally a bike like that with a trough badge on the side. That would be absolutely incredible. So yeah well keep an eye on that one over the months and see what happens all right. Next up bosch push hydrogen economy, engineering firm backs plan for 4000 hydrogen filling stations by 2030, and just excuse me somebodys at the door, always somebody to disturb you new set of contact lenses.

I need those excellent just follow those down there wherever yes, bosch push hydrogen economy, um theres long been support for hydrogen as an alternative, green fuel and now engineering giant bosch has thrown its weight behind the idea. The announcement includes plans to set up 4 000 hydrogen filling stations by 2030.. Now again, this would be amazing if this comes to pass wouldnt it because, at the end of the day, new fuels new ways of propelling bikes and cars. All you know, much of it is not just about the technology on board the vehicle. Is it but its about the infrastructure in the country behind it. So this is good news. If bosch is going to stick some money at this anyway, its a technology thats expected to halve the costs to filling stations when compared to existing alternatives. Bike companies have long shown an interest in using hydrogen as fuel suzuki has long been a proponent of using hydrogen fuel cells rather than batteries to power electric bikes. Honda also has plenty of fuel cell experience having developed a prototype scooter. The fc stack as long ago as 2004., more recently yamaha kawasaki announced plans to jointly explore the development of hydrogen as a fuel throwing a lifeline to the internal combustion engine. This is the beauty of hydrogen versus electric, of course, is that youll still get the visceral feel that we get and we all love from the internal combustion engine. You get the noise, you get the basically the same engine just adapted for hydrogen use.

Even so, a hydrogen fuel combustion engine promises to reduce tail part emissions to a tiny fraction of the current level. So thats great, i think, im right saying that hydrogen um uh power bikes, the only emission, is water out the back of the bike or water vapor. So thats, just just incredible so yeah so lets uh lets hope bosch, put the money where the mouth is and we do start to see, uh more hydrogen fuel stations coming on and, of course, bikes also that can run on it. I think they need to be supercharged as well theres a change. You have to have forced induction for hydrogen for some technical reason, but im not complaining about that thatd be fantastic wouldnt. It all right has the mighty gs finally met its matched trumps. New tiger 1200 is going all out to steal, bmws adventure crown now i rode the triumph 1200 recently. The tiger really liked it, but ultimately i didnt think it was better than a gs so check out my video ill put a link in the corner. If youve not seen that of my sort of tiger versus gs, video lets see what um mcn said lets have a look at their verdict as a tour of the gt pips. It says here have trunk built an amazing adventure tour in the new tiger 1200. Unquestionably, yes, as great as the tiger is im still drawn to the polished familiarity of the gs, though this is jim moore, guest tester.

I prefer how the gss low slung weight adds aids handling as opposed to how the tigers top heavy feel flavors its ride. As a tourer, the triumph just pips it, but as an everyday bike for all occasion occasions, the gs still does it for me: har. Thank you, jim for being the first person uh ive, seen anyway, first journalist, to say that the gs is still the better bike. I think thats the case um now im a gs 1200 owner, but im thinking about the gs, 1250. um dont get me wrong. The target is a lovely bike and theyve given mcn have given the tiger gt explorer four out of five and theyve. Given the bmw, r1250 gst rally, five out of five uh, that the te rally by the way is about um 500 quid just a little bit more cheaper than the triumph as well. So not sure why you go for the triumph. For me, the shaft is a lovely bike, but it still is a little bit um on the heavy top heavy side compared to the gs but way better than the old tiger. But for me, theyve kind of supported the bike with that triple engine. The way theyve changed the firing order, or at least the you know, the well yeah the firing order um. I just prefer the old traditional um triple smoothness and sound. So, for me, its its a bit of a shame but anyway well see how it does in the sales stakes wont.

We right final story in this paper cutting edge classic the revamped yamaha xsr 900 is much more than just a homage to yamahas of the 1980s. So this is the xsr900 been given a bit of a bit of a change up made it look more in quotes retro. I just wondered what you thought of this um great bike to ride for sure. But what do you think to the looks of it? It looks kind of macho and aggressive ill get that but im not sure it does. Look that retro to me for me personally, it doesnt doesnt. Do it. Do you like the looks of this, put your details in the comments below what you think of this bike, because i just dont think it quite hits the mark um so well, see again, ive read a few reviews and seen a few reviews on this bike. Everybody says it rides lovely, but for me it doesnt quite look right, although i do like the color scheme of the sort of gray, blue and gold wheels, but gold wheels always do it for me. What do you make of that? Do you think thats a bike worth investing in? Not for me sad that i yeah that i just go by the looks of the bike isnt it, but there we go. For me, the bike purchase is with the heart, and the first thing that gets you about a bike is how it looks its going to ride.

Well as well, of course, but how it looks is very important right. Bike shed rocks heres a little story about the bike sheds um custom show at londons tobacco dog that me and mrs fly went to again. If you havent seen our video on that check out the links in the corner, it was an amazing show. What did mcn make of it? The bike shared london show, has returned to the capital after a three year covered enforced absence uh, with 19 000 visitors flocking to the capitals tobacco dock site over the long weekend of may 27th to 29th. It was great, it was a great weekend, lovely weather as well. This year was the first since 2019 and housed 318 custom motorcycles and 495 exhibitors with fans flocking from as far away as the usa and asia. Famous visitors included bike, mad actors, jason momoa and tom hardy, who i think we saw wandering about uh. I was more thrilled to meet up with uh freddie dobbs, actually, anyway, check out my little chat with freddie in the video. Despite the impressive attendance figures, dutch hes, dutch van sammer and the owner founder of bike shed believes there could have been more visitors on sunday had there not been the ride. London cycling, race, which closed some roads in the area. We certainly anticipate the next year. Well need more bars and more space, he said and yeah. I would say that i really enjoyed the show and i and i would love to go again next year, but if i did have a criticism, it was there werent.

Quite enough lose its quite hard to find them, and the bar was really really busy. They could do with some more bars. The food was excellent, though, and the bikes were excellent. The general in quotes vibe was amazing, very friendly, set of people. There amazing bikes, really really good show that and the abr festival, my two favorite shows, and probably the only ones ill go to in future, more about the abr festival coming in parish notices by the way, at the end of the video all right. Next up, spide new ccm classic tracker new spitfire variant, core im undergoing final track testing. Now these ccm bikes im a fan of these um in they look lovely but ive often criticized the engine on them, because it is a single cylinder thumper and i dont necessarily think it works that well with a bike that looks like this. I dont know thats. Just my view, you may think differently. Clearly, ccm do and im now expert, but anyway lets see what theyre up to now fresh spy shots have revealed ccm, making the finishing touches to a new flat track. Inspired spitfire, the new bike thought to be called the classic tracker looks to blend the current street tracker with more classic styling touches, including a monster fuel cap like all spitfires its powered by a punchy liquid cooled 600cc engine single producing around 56 brake horsepower, so thats. The theres, the rub: again, you got ta like thumpy bikes for these it says punchy liquid called 600cc, but it will be like riding a jack hammer uh.

If my experience riding ccm theres anything to go by dont. Get me wrong. I think they look beautiful. Then theyre beautifully engineered, theyre, lovely, made and im a big fan of the british bikes, and this is a british bike. So you know thumbs up to all that. The new model appears to have 19 inch spoke, rims wearing seminar, guitars adjustable marzocchi, inverted forks, four piston radial brakes and a racy flat track style seat closest to the street tracker. Its closeness to the street tracker means wed, expect it to sell at a similar, if not slightly higher price than the 11 grand of the streak and its suggested readiness suggests it will be officially unveiled at motorcycle live at the nec, if not before so youre. Looking at 11, grand plus for this 600cc uh single, the upside, of course, if youve got one, is youre not going to see too many of them on the road, its quite an exclusive bike to see, and it does look beautiful if youre the sort of person Thats got plenty of money and loves motorcycles, and you want something that would look amazing in the living room. This might be one to consider uh, but maybe not so much to ride all right. Middleweight masterclass. Do these mid capacity masters deliver everything road riders need. I would probably argue yes here: mcn are comparing the kawasaki versus 650, with the tracer 7 from yamaha v, strom 650 from suzuki and the tiger sport 660.

. Now i mention this because these are all bikes, ive ridden at some time or other most recently, the yamaha tracer 7 and the tiger sport 660. and ive got my own video coming up in the next month. Ill talk about the videos ive got coming up in paris notices at the end of the video, but ive got a comparison of those two. So in my mind, i know how i compare those two lets see what um mcn have said in terms of their verdict across these four bikes. It says here the target is triumphant, very good thats. What theyve done there very nice one, john ari, the the guest tester with all the numbers crunched one clear winner emerges the trump tiger sport 660, although costing slightly more than its rivals. The extra investment pays off and the tiger more than delivers in terms of performance. Running costs and handling wed buy the tiger sport 660 thats. What mcn says also know more about it. Let me know what you think below if youve ridden these bikes my videos coming up soon, so i dont want to do a spoiler alert on that one. But uh yeah! No, no surprise! I did like the tiger sport 660.. I did like the tracer 7 as well. Definitely those two to me are head and shoulders above the other bikes in that test. All right, hot pursuit, luxurious, new indian pursuit, limited is more than just a straight line.

Tour and now look at this mahoutif touring, retro touring, americana sort of bike. I love indians. Generally. I just like the concept of the indian motorcycle just provides a real, authentic alternative to harley davidson doesnt it, but this particular bike, i have to say it might be really comfortable and ride brilliantly, but i couldnt i couldnt own one of these. For me, it just looks ridiculous on european roads might be different in the us, because it obviously looks like a piece of americana and it would blend in, and maybe you dont feel so ridiculous if youre a big brush american on one of these i dont know, But for us reserved english people im not sure this works for us, so ill read some of the stuff here in the article in a second. But what do you make of this? Would you buy one of these over say a bmw k 1600, which is another big touring bike sort of similar in some ways in terms of its comfort and size, or indeed my favorite, the honda gold wig, of course, would why would you buy one of these Over a gold wing or a k1600 be interested in your comments below anyway. What did mcn say you think indian would hold the press launch of their big 416 kilograms taller 416 kilowatts well somewhere, where the roads are long straight and smooth, but no instead theyve. Let us loose on their new 28 grand pursuit here in the french out, so thats, pretty brave, because uh one of the things i find with these big bikes.

And if you watch my recent series of me touring with mrs flora on honda goldwing around luxembourg and belgium, um ill put a link to that playlist in the corner as well. If youve not seen it go check it out, we did once twice get caught out with the big old gold wing on things like cobblestones on really tight off camber uh bits where it took a bit of thought and concentration to get the bike. Maneuvered im a pretty small person and thats a pretty big bike, so thats my defense and with the honda youve got the amazing, reverse and ford creek bows, which really got me out of trouble loads of time. So its brilliant, not sure that this has got that anyway lets ride. Theres that sorry lets read a bit more about it. Youd think indian – and we talked about that a bit so, but the pursuit also has a surprising appetite for corners if youre coming for something more sporty, then youre in for a definite treat – and this is quite surprising, looking at it uh the box shares the challenges Power plus 1769 cc liquid called eight valve v twin engine. So but it sounds amazing. It makes 120 horsepower and 131 pounds feet of torque, so its got some shove. This thing its a smooth operator with few vibes now thats uh. That does surprise me its maybe im doing it a massive disservice, and i should have a go on one uh.

That would be better wouldnt if i had to go on one before i draw cast any nasturtions at it. I know i know its, not a nasturtium thats a anyway stay with me. Our test bike is the 27.695 indian pursuit limited its slightly cheaper than harley davidsons road glide limited and the honda gold wing tour, but a chunk more than the bmw, k, 1600 grand america or the r18 transcontinental, which comes in at 24, 300.. Interesting. So out of that little batch, they named the gold wings are most expensive, um, 29 249. They say for the gold wing tour for 30 grand all. These are very expensive, bikes, theres, no doubt about it. But if you are going touring, particularly if youre two up, i put it to you – there are no better bikes than these purpose built big uh, grand tourers, theyre, just amazing bikes and again check out uh my videos on the honda gold wing. If you dont believe me um, but this one uh there we go, as i say, amazing bit of kit im glad it exists. Im, not sure i want one here in the uk but id love to go on one just to see what its like all right. How are we doing thats two papers down about 20 minutes worth lets see i dont want to go on for too long, but uh quick swing of the old tee right next up just two stories out of this paper.

First, one honda ts new hornet. This is great news as far as im concerned. Do you remember the honda hornet now i havent been riding for that long. Only about 10 years. In fact, people often think ive been riding for much longer than that. But when i started uh doing my license 10 years ago, the honda hornet was still very much a thing and ive got a thing about bikes that have names model names, not names, that people give them uh rather than just numbers. So a honda hornet to me. Just sounds like a great name lets see what mcn is saying here. So these official design sketches are the first detailed images of an all new honda hornet. The new hornet is expected to be powered by an all new high revving, parallel twin, reminiscent of yamahas popular mt07. The engine is likely to be around 750cc now to me, thats a bit of a shame, because for me the hornet was always a four cylinder bike and i love thats the sound of force in the box, the smoothness. It would be better for me if this was a four cylinder 750. I wonder why theyre bringing out so many twins at this sort of size now, maybe its to do with emissions. I dont know honda expected to use the platform for a family of bikes likely to include a new trans out mid range adventure bike. Think of it as a junior version of the africa twin thats, interesting uh, the finished hornet is expected to be unveiled later this year.

So maybe this is one well see at the nec or those shows at the end of the year. But i cannot wait to see the new honda hornet and its great to hear that name back again as well again, what do you think comments below right? Norton weve talked about norton a lot on bike news and ive got theres an awful lot of goodwill for the norton brand name, although of course the previous incarnation under stuart gardner, less said about that the better, but now its got its new owners uh in the Shape of tbs with plenty of money, proper plans um and are doing great things with they built a new factory in solihull um and theyre theyre, emphasizing uh the quality theyre putting into the bike theyve come out now with the new v4 sv as theyre calling it And just from these pictures, the quality of it looks amazing. Lets see what it says here. So this is chris newbigging has said: norton say they want to be on the bleeding edge of technology. The v4 sve is far from it for now, it is, however, a solid foundation to work towards being competitive as long as a bike meets their aim for reliability. True, it might look good, but how is it going to run the v4 sv will work well as a road bike, and the max can cut it on track. It may not beat it superbike rivals, but its not far behind its a good first move, but the next one needs to come very soon and its 44 grand this as well.

So not exactly a glowing um recommendation there. I think it looks lovely, but it is 44 grand and if its not up to snuff, if its not perfect for that price, it aint gon na go far. Is it so, regardless of the goodwill so well see what happens? Not youre not gon na, be seeing many of these around that 44 grand a very rare bike indeed, but uh a lovely looking thing and again norton if youre watching can i have a go id love to get on one of these absolutely stunning. Looking bike and uh yeah best of luck to norton, with the new models that theyre bringing out soon as well ill say soon, but in the future, certainly theyre coming up all right next paper. New e direction ill never know how to pronounce this niu uh manufacturer of electric motorcycles. So this one i think it looks good. I think this makes an eye the perfect urban transport. Now i rode a new new um new, perhaps um scooter a few years back. Um – and i thought it was a great little scooter this time – theyve used similar technology to make it package it up more looking like a traditional motorcycle. So what does it say here? Chinese company nui has just released details of its new 125 cc, equivalent electric bike. The rqi sport, the electric equipment of a 125 petrol bike and a1 legal, the rqi, is powered by 7.

5 kilowatt electric motor. It claims that they will do speech in a moment. Just got to get the phone. Sorry about that. That was the the daughter calling uh cautious all go here today right. What is it, what were saying? Yes, so um new, we claim a range of 70 to 80 miles which, in the urban environment, is absolutely ample a recharge time of seven hours through a domestic three pin supply and a top speed of 62 miles an hour and again this all sounds good. If youre, just looking at an urban transport vehicle uh as an impressive spec uh with forward and rear facing cameras wow, why do you need that dont know: keyless ignition tft dash an inbuilt gps tracker, usb port launch control and variable power modes? This all sounds great um new importer synthesis expect the rqi to be priced in the region of nine thousand pounds, and it arrives in the uk in october now uh. This is an electric bike. I would be interested to ride because, as i say, i was impressed by the scooter that newey uh put out last time, and this this just looks, looks cool and again needs to be tested really in the environment for which its designed. So not so much me. Riding around the lanes around my house, but in town somewhere, but yeah it looks good. It is a chinese bike, so always get loads of views on that, but uh 9 000 quid do you think its worth it? I mean its a 125 cc equivalent soon and you can get a 125 cc bike which lets face.

It are frugal and cheap to run for half that price um, so i dont know whether it will sell or not, but it looks alright and ill be interested to have a go with that one. Next up triumph purchases, osec now asset are a long term manufacturer of i think, basically childrens trials, bikes, um or enduro bikes anyway. Lets see see what it says here. Trough motorcycles have announced the acquisition of kids electric firm, oset bikes uh, whilst the two brands will continue working independently traffic and set will collaborate on new state of the art products to inspire young riders into off road riding across the segments that try for no set. Will have a presence in these plug in machines will then sit alongside trumps, long anticipated full size, motorcross and enduro range currently being developed. So there is some logic here. We first think you know why theyre doing this well, those new bikes we talked about earlier that are in development. These would sit alongside those. Maybe then well see the brands come together. I dont know, but uh yeah interesting purchase that uh trump for madovo said, but this is an existing electric bike manufacturer again. This is just an example of these big manufacturers dipping their toe into the electric world and getting a feel for how it works, and why not get a head start by um. You know acquiring an existing manufacturer, so interesting, well, see where that goes right.

Next up perfect balance hunting for that sporty buzz, but want something. A little more comfy look no further than a super naked. So here were looking at the aprilia tuono v4 1100 versus the yamaha mt10, both bikes ive ridden, but not in their current incarnations. I love them both. They are brilliant, um and yeah me with my aching shoulders. Im thinking, perhaps instead of having a panigale sat in the garage that i very rarely ride. Perhaps something like this would make more sense, whats the verdict that um john ahri has given us on these two bikes, so the mt 10 and tuono v4 are both fantastic super nakeds that cannot only be absolutely ballistic, but also remarkably, docile and practical, and that is Their appeal, bruce said: hed pick the yamaha because of the aprilias, less extensive dealer network and also the drop in residual values. Um id pick the yamaha as well, just because i prefer slightly more relaxed nature, thats interesting um these days id take the aprilia. I think the tuono just looks nicer. I dont have for some reason i may be naive here, but i dont have a problem with dealer networks. I i think these bikes um, based on no experience of owning an aprilia myself these days. As long as ive got warranty, im not too worried anyway well see. It says here i just like the mt 10s, more refined and slightly more subdued overall feel, as well as its roomier riding position for my six foot, plus frame well im only a shorty so that doesnt apply to me um a decision that is very much personal Choice and not at all, based on the two owner being inferior in any way shape or form.

So theyre, basically saying go with the one you like the like of looks of so me. I go for the tuono, the new mt10. I think that just what theyve done with the lights on it, now it just doesnt look as nice as the original mt10. The original mt10 took me a while to get used to, but i sort of grew to love it. The new one with the new styling at the front end just doesnt. Do it for me im afraid all right next story: destination unknown. This is um. The k 1600 gt um that rich newland, the editor of mcn, has had as his long term tester. What does he say about it? My garage is full of sports bikes and so are the peak districts roads. But would i have schlepped a few hours up north on my ducati 996 honda, sb2 or suzuki gsxr 750, just to tank around the peaks for a few hours? No, probably not so hes saying. Actually, these bikes do come to their own, even if youre a sports bike fan if youve got a ride a bit of distance to get to where youre going to enjoy your riding, exploring getting lost on purpose, navigating unknown roads and bumbling about nosing out over hedgerows. It was more natural on the gt, inherently more comfortably too so im, not im so im only here due to the type of bike im riding gotcha, so hes saying that you know if it wasnt for the gt, you wouldnt have done this ride at all, so That validates it, the most frustrating um thing with the bike is the apps mapping interface, when its working perfectly its fantastic, but the map regularly confuses itself and seems often incapable of holding onto the location accurately.

This means the screen thinks youre playing fields going the wrong way, riding an adjacent road or just utterly lost. Now this is the issue i have all the time with these bikes that rely on um smartphone connected navigation systems. I wish manufacturers wouldnt do that theres. Only a few that make inbuilt dedicated, sat, navs and bmw used to provide the nav file would have six for the gs which they still do. I would recommend that, rather than relying on the uh turn by turn, nav, where you connect your phone just because its more reliable um, of course on my gold wing theres, an inbuilt sat nav of which, more in later videos but yeah. This. This thing, where you have to have your smartphone connected up its not for me its a pain in the backside. It doesnt work well enough, yeah ive, yet to find a bike, not just bmw but trumps and all the rest where it works reliably enough. I dont know why we cant do it on bikes, weve done it on cars. For years anyway, the shaft drive feels surprisingly clunky uh, the bi directional quick, shifter doesnt perform as well as other k, 16s ive ridden. So not a um, not a perfect bike by any means, but but a lovely bike, and you know it does things that richard otherwise wouldnt do so im really looking forward to getting to ride the new bmw. K1600 ive got it in the diary as alone.

So i will be doing some extensive reviews on this bike in the next few months and as well ill. Do a direct comparison between this and the brand new honda gold wing as well just to see how they compare, because i know thats something that youd be interested in obviously ill get um accusations of being biased because im a gold wing owner. But we shall see anyway. There we go so thats uh destination, unknown richs, k 1600 is the ideal bike for the road to nowhere, so thats it for that paper. One more paper before we get into parish notices and readers rights right first story: goldie returns at goodwood. Now, do you remember the uh bsa um gold star that we first saw at the nec show i made a little video at the nhg again ill. Put a little link in the corner if youve not seen that, i just made a quick video on my smartphone of that and it got it went ballistic its got hundreds of thousands of views, i think and clearly a bike that is much awaited and people are Very uh keen for news on the bike: well, mcn, actually rode it up the hill at goodwood, so the first people that im aware of that have actually been on the bike. They said the gold star users, so theres a few extra little snippets of information here that theyve come across the gold star uses a re engineered 652 cc single derived from the rotax motor found in the bmw f650 single, which was discontinued in 2009, its now euro 5 compliant and started to mimic the looks of the classic model from which it gets his name.

So thats a bit of information. I hadnt picked up before that. The engine is basically a rotax engine. Now ive got a lot of time for those because um being a private flyer, hence missing them. Flyer rotax make lots of engines for small light aircraft and theyre. You know by definition, theyre very reliable. So if theres, a rotax motor in the new bsa thats a good thing as far as im concerned, its now anticipated that the bike will be available in august 2022. That date keeps going back, which is frustrating and its saying, with a price of between 6 500 and 7 000 pounds. Now that price is starting to creep up isnt it not theyve ive heard prices before thats the first time, ive heard a price range mentioned, but this has got to compete fairly and squarely hasnt it with the royal enfield interceptor, which is a bike thats very similar. In spec etc – albeit this is a single, not a twin um and the interceptor i think, is below six and a half thousand quid. So this has got to be better in some way, so i really hope its closer to six and a half grand than seven, because i think if it goes to seven it might price itself out of the market. We shall see again lots of good will for this bike. It seems around. I have now actually made contact uh with somebody that works in bsa and with their pr people, and they have said to me that i can ride one uh quite soon, so i cannot wait for that.

Theres gon na be sort of a launch event up at the um whats it proving ground which i did get invited to, but unfortunately its my daughters, graduation, not the one that phoned the other one on that very same day. So i cant go so youre gon na see a load of videos soon about everyone up at the whats it proving ground or forgotten the name of this something you know the one i mean uh well, theyll all be riding the bsa uh, but theyll probably be Making the same videos with this set on the same bikes, same people, that sort of thing, but not long after that, hopefully ill be doing a review of riding one of the bikes on in my usual manner, in a bit more real world circumstances. So, im really hoping that youll be seeing the bsa gold star on my channel soon so stay tuned for that all right, uh. Next up start your engines move over bonneville uk the uk gets its own speed week event. Next may this is a new event. Thats cropping up lets hope to rival the bonneville speedway. It says a new uh bonneville style speed week. Event has been planned to take place in britain next spring. Its called the uk and ita international speedweek itll take place at elvington airfield new york from may the 20th to the 26th bit of a schlep for me to go up there, but might be interesting.

Its going to be a major event were not sure. Yet if it will become biannual or yearly but were trying to offer an alternative to go into bonneville, which costs a fortune to transport a bike and race, there, um, although open to all and with bikes as small as 50cc um, the organizers expect the highlight to Be the standing mile event which could see the uk record broken with speeds over 300 miles, an hour incredible and the likes of tv and road racing star guy martin taking place. So this sounds like great fun and something ill be very interested in attending um. We hear a lot, though: dont worry about these new events like the isle of wight racing, thing etc, and they dont come off. Hopefully, this one will come off because its backed by the uk and ita, which is an existing organization, apparently so hopefully this one will come off, but lets wait and see so thats uh thats, good news, new speed week type show coming to the uk. Okay last story: before we move on to readers rights, uh, baby, sportbike, bmw on the way now this is interesting. Indian launched a2 friendly g310rr could be uk banned. Now, do you remember the um g310, the sort of um? Well, it was the gs 310. I think it was cool. Was it cant? Quite remember the model number, but i wrote one a few years back. They come up, at least in india, with a fair version of it, uh a little sports bike and it was branded under the name apache the rr310 and now apparently, um and apache is owned by tvs, the same people who would send the own norton theyve done.

Some sort of a deal uh with bmw, which means it can be branded in europe now under the bmw badge and sold by bmw dealers. So lets see what it says here ever since bmw revealed plans to make a range of small single cylinder bikes in partnership with indias tvs. Back in 2013, there have been whispers of a baby sports bike. An a2 friendly g310rr announced in india and a global release for the model is looking likely later. This year. The apache rr310 was revamped in 2020, gaining improved emissions to meet indias, bs, 6 and europes euro 5 limits and tvs has already approved, has already been approved for sale in europe. So the branding change to bmw following me means that it now has access to bmws dealer network. So you could argue its not a true bmw but presumably bmw, arent, going to sell anything that doesnt meet their exact quality standards. The bmw brand lives doesnt it on its high quality standards, um, so yeah uh, a new sports bike, a baby sports bike coming from bmw im, not sure it appeals to me, but then im, not the target market. What do you think is this going to be a go or a new 80 friendly, g310 rr coming out of bmw dealers lets see anyway, thats it for bike news, which means its time for yes, another edition of readers rides the section of bot news where we Take a little nosy look at uh, some of the uh viewers, bikes that theyve sent in pictures of uh, and we get a little bit of a bit of a nose about its kind of a its a bit like going to a bike meet and having a Chat to another about an interesting bike that youve seen in the car, but anyway starting off with steve wilburns 1971, honda, sl350, k1, now theres a little bit of a vintage feel uh to readers rides this month.

Starting off with this, which looks incredible what a beauty! This is steve. This sort of bike really does appeal to me. He says i bought the bike as an american import project two and a half years ago, and have totally rebuilt it. We didnt get the sl350 here in the uk. Sadly, its a cracking trowel desert, sled style bike great on the tracks around mull. He lives on the island great place to ride by the way the sl350 project bike won the baja 1000 rally overall in 1968 a brilliant year, and you can see. Mr honda took his inspiration from the trump vitesse of that area era. I mean it looks an absolute crack of this steve thanks for sharing it with us. I mean i bet that just sounds amazing and it just looks like its going to feel really light as well, so yeah, really nice bike that thank you steve for sending that one in right. Next, up, keeping on with the sort of vintage feel next bike: ross kaiser, deans, 1975 norton commando 850 mark 2a. So this is a lovely looking bit of british beefcake. If you like and again uh, you know, norton of old. I mean this is a proper classic. Norton this isnt it so uh ross tells us its a 1975 norton commando 850 mark 2a. He purchased it, or rather his father in law, purchased it new in 1975 and he used it for his daily commute into london uh due to his father in laws ill health.

He passed the bike down to ross in 2013 uh to keep it on the road and ready to be passed on to future generations. I love this. The fact that its being handed on the box has been fully restored by normal mike norton in thruxton norman white was one of the engineers working for norton villas in the 70s on the development of the commander models. And therefore he was the perfect person for the restoration work as a result of it, it runs probably better than a new bike off the production line in 1975, despite it having covered over a hundred thousand miles incredible. The bike has two sets of panels and tank. One set in mac silva and another in black and gold, and he asks which is our favorite well, i have to say, im a sucker for a black and gold bike, so i prepare the black and gold just wondering what that would look like with the gold Wheels, maybe over the top, but beautiful, looking bike in either of the paint schemes, but yeah ill go for the black and gold, and thank you ross for sending in those pictures of your lovely bike, fantastic all right. Next up, we have dave griers, 1961 aerial golden arrow ss. Now this is uh. This is a bike im not familiar with its quite an unusual looking thing: isnt it so uh thats why i had to share it on readers, rod really so its another british classic.

Uh he says uh dave says heres a couple of snaps of my 1961 aerial golden arrow ss, its been slightly modified to be more user friendly in modern traffic. It has a rebuilt engine with dragonfly exchange, cranks rebooted barrels, ive, no idea what hes talking about here. Suzuki pistons new bearing seals and chains and sprockets 12 volt, paislen ignition and twin spark coils suzuki, six inch twin, leading shoe front brake professionally built alloy tank, which holds 15 liters new stainless steel, wheels, rims and spokes its a lovely ride and very capable of keeping Up with the others, up to legal road speeds, its an amazing looking bike and that new tank youve had made there. It looks a chunky piece of kit. I wonder if the original one looked like that or whether it looks like that because of the extra volume youve got there dave, but yeah. Thank you for sending that in that front end, i love the way the brakes on the front. Look like theyre cool as well with that sort of airscape feeding the air into the um into the hub brakes or whatever the other certain knot discs um yeah. It looks incredible, so thank you very much dave for seeing that one, and that is an unusual bike. Not one ive seen before okay moving up a little bit uh to something a little bit more up to date, then scott peterson has sent in these pictures of his lovely 2019 trance speed triple rs.

Let me just pull a picture up, so i can have a look at it here. We go yes, now the reason ive included. This is because im a fan of triples as ive mentioned many times before on the channel, and i think this version of the speed triple is the best one. So this is the 2019 model uh, i think its the best one. It was lighter than what came before it still had that sort of muscular look about it and that thrust and the twin pipes underneath the site seat, which i know uh, have become unfavorable because of you know, weight being high up and all that sort of thing. But in this version of the bike i thought it felt lovely previous versions of the bike were quite large and quite heavy feeling, but the 2019 model is my favorite of them all, compared even with the new version of the um speed triple thats out. So what does scott say about it? Scott says i bought this in the summer of 2018 to replace my 2013 street triple r and its been a fantastic bike, so i had a 2012 street triple and he replaced that with this, which is a you know, seems like a good upgrade currently at 19 300 miles heading into riding season here in michigan, usa. Im deeply looking forward to adding lots of mars to that total lots of custom parts and upgrades doing most of the maintenance myself, keeping it clean and running smoothly.

I love the smooth and powerful talk with the bike, its a triple engine again and ride every chance i can. The bike has been remotely tuned by bren tuning recently, and that was a fantastic, fantastic upgrade that just makes the bike even that much better. I dont know what he means by remotely tuned im interested to know scott. What you mean by that uh. The riding photo is from my trip with it down to the tower of the dragon here in the states in the fall of 2020. Using a bit of translation there, he means autumn 2020, but yeah lovely bike, scott uh. I really like that so yeah, nice machine and im still in the back of my mind, ive got a hankering to have a speed triple one day and if i did get one it would be that model nice right. Last but not least, in this months, readers rides. We have miles thomas motoguzzi, bellagio. 940.. Let me have a look at the picture of this. Here we go now. This is something quite different, so uh yeah this this, i have to say, is a new one on me miles, ive never come across one of these before so he says attached to some pictures of my 2008 moto guzzi bellagio 940, which ive owned since last summer. This is quite a rare bike for the uk uh as it wasnt officially launched, and that might explain why ive not seen it before in europe, particularly germany in italy.

This model is more prevalent. It says its his first gutsy after being an admirer of the brand for a number of years, and i have to say it: doesnt disappoint, full of character. Grunt. This bike really does perform its only 75 brake horsepower, but theres oodles of torque, which is very usable through most of the rev range handling, is also a dream with a 120 and 180 front and rear tyres which make it very stable and surprisingly flickable in corners With a very low centre of gravity, which is what i like about these sort of v twins, stopping power is amazingly good with brembos on front and rear no fancy tech on this uh, not even abs. Well, actually i quite like abs but yeah. I do like an old school bike, looks like its shaft drive as well mars, so um yeah, nice, nice one. Thank you very much for sending that in an unusual looking machine, not sure about the windscreen on the front, im sure thats, a practical addition. I think if his mind might lose that, but otherwise a nice looking bit of kit anyway. So thank you very much to uh for everybody for sending in once again your submissions for readers rise. If youve got a bike that you think would interest viewers of bike, news do send them to me at the missing and flyer great, if you can send them in then sort of 1280 720 format.

Something like that. So we can fill the screen with your pictures when i show them doesnt matter, if not landscape, of course, is better than portrait. Uh and again just provide a few little details about the bike. How long youve had it the sorts of things you do with it? Any mods that sort of thing just because its of nosy interest all right, thats it uh for readers rise, which means its time for you got it parish, notices and ive gone all high tech, this time and actually typed out by the parish, notices for you. So some of the stuff thats coming up um uh later on in the channel, but first off ive, got to say a huge thank you to everybody. I saw at the abr festival last weekend or the weekend before last. What an absolutely amazing event that was already said its one of my favorite, if not my favorite bike – shows of the year a brilliant thing, its not just open to adventure by rider riders. Anyone can go along, and this year was an absolute blast. The weather was relatively kind to us. I think there were 10 000 people there for the main event, ive seen lots of videos on youtube cropping up uh about it. I didnt make any videos about it specifically, but uh go and check out rishi vedas video, for example, to give you a little bit of a flavor of what the event was about absolutely incredible.

I met loads of people there here are a few selfies that i took of you now lots of these days. People dont ask for autographs do that, which is great, because i can barely write, but they asked for selfies. So um lots of people took selfies with the various youtubers and others that were there, which was great fun and really nice to meet people. I had the idea, after a couple of days of this, that i should take selfies to use on bite you.