Hope, you’re well, blimey time flies isn’t. It we’re at another bike news this time, it’s the edition for june 2021. uh get yourself a brew, probably going to be a long one. Once again, cause i’ve got five editions of mcn that i’m going to skim through give you some of the highlights if you’re interested in what’s been going on in the world of motorcycles here in the uk for june 2021. This video is for you, Music, alrighty, let’s, get straight on then it’s going to be a busy one, because, my goodness me have. I picked out a lot of stories to talk to you through so apologies in advance. If i talk really quickly, if you’re, not a native english speaker, i often get told to slow down uh, you can actually, i think, on youtube slow, the video down. So if i talk too fast for you i’m sorry slow it down, maybe that’ll make it more understandable, but i’ll get excited. When i talk about bikes that’s, all it is it’s a bit of exuberant enthusiasm. Don’T forget to stick around till the very end of the news as well, because i’ve got loads of parish notices to go through stuff, that’s coming up on the channel and one or two other bits and pieces that i want to talk to you about. So, stick around at the very end of the video for that all right without further ado, let’s crack on with the news then uh and the first euro, a story i picked out here – uh one from norton uh.

If you remember norton all sorts of bad news stories over the last probably aren’t well forever, it seems, but certainly over the last three to five years now, with the new owners on board. Things seem to be picking up, but this story is all about um, sorting out the troubled v4s. These are these incredible bikes that were delivered previously under the old owners. It turns out there’s been lots of issues with them and the new owners are actually honoring fixing them, which is quite remarkable because they have no contractual need to do so so it’s, a great uh pr move from them. A few things i’ve picked out from the story here, so norton’s new owners are working hard to fix defects with the v4 ss. After a raft of complaints from people who bought bikes built from the previous custodians of the brand, they found 35 significant faults already listed on existing machines under the guidance of the dvsa we’re in this is the ceo of norton says under the guidance of the dvsa We’Re in direct contact with all affected registered v4 ss owners to address the safety issues in relations to the fault faults. New norton management was not involved in the production and supply of these bikes and is not responsible for the cause of the faults we are voluntarily. Taking certain actions under the guidance of the dvsa to assist with potential safety problems and to ensure the good name of norton continues so huge thumbs up to the new owners of norton there i mean it’s the right thing to do: it’s a real shame for those That bought the previously substandard bikes – i must admit i love the v4ss, but the bikes that actually got sold were they just didn’t look as good as the bikes that we saw at the nec.

I saw one at dealers once and the fit and finish on. It was frankly appalling. In fact, the salesman even pointed out how bad the finish on it was so let’s hope that all gets sorted out with the new norton things are looking up so really uh. Best of luck to those guys. I so hope norton makes a go of it this time and it looks like they’re going to so that’s all good right. Next, up manufacturer don’t talk about much here. Envy augusta mv aim to be top gun uh. This is the new 2021 edition rush uh, which takes its inspiration from fighter jets, apparently and they’re only 300 being built. The distinctive thing about this is the rear wheel on it. It’S got this um weird sort of it’s, not hubcap, but i suppose it might be aerodynamic. I don’t know what it is, but whatever it is, i quite like the look of it and it remains for the 2021 bike. I’M glad to say a few points. I’Ve picked out here so new 2021 version of the nv augusta rush has been unveiled with a reworked engine and lean sensitive electronics plus a fighter jet like inspired paint. Job 300 examples were built that adheres now to euro five, so i guess that’s what mainly what the updates were about puts that 205 brake horsepower had some internal modifications to the engine, including things like a diamond like coating on the valve buckets and lower friction primary Drive gearing um the distinctive lenticular disc that’s, what they’re calling it uh on the rear wheel remains uh.

Customers who buy the new rush will also receive an exclusive wooden box, brilliant containing a race kit that boosts the power to around 209 brake horsepower. I, like the style uh with an sc exhaust and a dedicated racing ecu, so that’s a that’s a fun way of getting around the not for road use thing isn’t it brilliantly proprietary. You fit them yourself, it’s down to you. Uh it’s dripping with carbon fiber top drawer only suspension and brembo bakes brakes, there’s no word yet on price or availability, but the old version cost of 32 280. So uh you know paupers need not apply. This is one expensive bike and with only 300 being made, i imagine they’ll just fly off the shelves anyway, but so it’s, one of those bits of exotica that’s nice that exists but uh in reality, you’re not probably never gon na see one but uh. I say that down at crazy horse, they did have the old rush and i’ve got sort of an open invitation to go and ride it. So uh, maybe i’ll, have to give them a shout and see if i can go and ride one see what it’s actually like, but be a bit frightened to ride a bike that costs 32 000 quid anyway. We’Ll see right next up, bmw bags more of the limelight, so some new versions of the r18 have come to light new spy. Shots have emerged that show bmw’s two new baggers are all but finished.

We’Ve talked about these before the two models. There’S one called the bagger and one called the transcontinental and they’re both obviously built on the current r18 platform, so incredibly they’re, actually bigger than the r18 at around 120, mil longer than the current model inside the fairing. You can see a huge tft dash, um plus speakers having infotainment so speakers all that sort of game. The tft is likely to be similar to a huge one fitted to the current r1250rt, which actually, i think, is a bit of a mistake. I think bikes like this that have a retro vibe going on should steer clear of tfts or, if they do do it within a retro, styled enclosure um. This is just one of my bug beds. I’Ve mentioned this before, but but there we go. We haven’t seen it yet we’ll reserve judgment till we actually see it um. You can see the telltale box of the cruise control radar receiver, so this is going to have the um uh active cruise control. Uh tank is visibly large. We’D expect it to be around 20 liters brimmed completely the existing r18s that had a small tank, so it looks like they might have uh helped out on that. One uh there’s been no official word from bmw about either model yet, but we’d expect them to be unveiled later this year so clearly they’re aimed at the us market um. I have to say the looks of these sorts of bikes with a massive batwing fairing don’t.

Do it for me um, but there we go uh we’ll see how they sell. I don’t know how the r18 is selling um more on that sort of bike later there’s a bit of a review later on on the r18. So i’ll talk more about that later. Here it is hi, it was the next one uh cruising for a bruising. They put the uh harley davidson heritage, classic up against the bmw r18 classic, and this is my point. These two bikes cost within uh, well they’re, pretty close price, so the bmw, 21 uh, the harley 21 7 by the time, you’ve added a bit to the spec of bmw, talking same sort of prices, both beautiful bikes. I love the r18 when i rode it: i’ve not ridden the harley yet the heritage classic, but the point i’m making with these is, if you’re going to buy this sort of bike, i can’t help thinking you’re always going to want the original let’s face it. The original is the harley and no matter what you think of harley davidson uh. They were there first with this style of bike um and they have uh. You know perfected it over the years if you’re gon na ride a bike like this people are always gon na think harley davidson, if you buy the bmw, i don’t know i’m just i just wonder whether you’re going to think actually i’m on a copy, um it’s, A bit like you know, bmw came out with the rt, and then everybody else copied that remember the triumph trophy, which was a blatant copy.

As far as i could see the rt well that didn’t work well for triumph and got fairly quickly dropped. I wonder how the r18 will stack up against the harley anyway, let’s see what the um, what the verdict was on this review, so they gave the harley davidson 4 out of 5 stars, which is just incredible, and they gave the bmw if i can find it For some reason, i can’t find what they gave: the bmw, maybe i’ve lost the page or something. Oh here we are that’s. Under there there we go. They gave the bmw uh four out of five as well uh, which is interesting, um, so let’s say buying a bike like these balls down to just two things image and feel, and that is my point really. If you want the image, then surely the hall is the way to go. Harley davidson certainly has striking, looks and would have your neighbors gossiping uh that you’re a badass biker. I certainly think that of me uh. We like the agility and surprising accuracy, but and the but the engine is almost too refined next to the r18s heavy engineering, which is why the bmw wins that’s, interesting, they’re, saying the harley’s got a more refined engine than the bmw. Can you believe that um, the rit is the better looking bike and has a greater sense of premium quality but it’s the living lunging lumpy engine that seals the deal with its touchy, feely torque and a deep and dirty exhaust note? Well, i must admit when i rode the uh r18.

I didn’t think that much of the exhaust note and i’m stunned that they think it looks better. So obviously this is just down to personal choice, but looking at the two, i think the harley looks better they’ve. Given them both the same mark, get the two um, maybe i’ll get to ride the the harley at some point and now i’ve in touch with those guys, and maybe i can do a bit of my own comparison, but uh mcn think that the the harley wins Anyway, there’s a little supplement in this copy, so um. Let me just pull out a couple of items from here: oh yeah, first one must mention this secure, your garage so uh, you may remember or recall, or have seen on the start and end of my videos that i’m sponsored by image 4 security, i4s and the Main product, one of the products that they make is the guardsman garage door barrier, which you will have seen on my garage it’s. A great thing: i’ve had mine now for over a year, it’s still going strong. In fact, i’ve got two because i’ve got a double garage um. There are brilliant bits of kit, mcn say here: the whole kit fits inside of the door, aperture, meaning it only gets in the way when you want it to in the lockdown position you couldn’t get a bike under or over it and it’s. So simple to use you can do it one handed with your bike gloves on, and i would echo that i’m, not just saying it because i’m sponsored by these guys.

I was raving about this product long before they contacted me and long before the sponsorship uh. Having said that, the kit is 599.99. If you want to secure your garage, if you want 50 quid off, there is a link below this video. As usual and a special code, you can get 50 pounds off as a tmf viewer. If you’ve got a garage with multiple bikes or indeed cars or other things that you want to protect, then i do think the guardsmen for image. Four security is an amazing bit of kit. There we go advert over, i mean it is an advert, but i also think it’s a great bit of kit so go check that out if you’re worried about security and then another thing whilst we’re on the security. This is a security supplement. Mcn have also, i mentioned the light lock, moto 108 light lock again another sponsored channel again, they weren’t sponsors of the channel. When i originally came across light lock, i just love the product and since we’ve hooked up and now they sponsor the channel too, you will have seen their logo uh. So this is the light lock moto 108. This is one of our favorite bits of serious portable security great in the garage, but it really comes into its own on the move. It’S light flexible soul, secure gold has a drill, resistant, alloy, steel casing, looks good and works with all sorts of wheels and anchor points, but one of the strongest usps.

This is something i’ve never thought of before, but it’s. A good point is that you don’t have a dent, inducing heavy links flopping around or hard edges, dinging your paintwork or pulverizing your pannier tank bag, rucksack top box contents and i’ve never thought about that before. But if you’re carrying a similarly secure, really heavy chain, they’re a bit of a nuisance and it’s very easy to damage your bike with those, i don’t ask me how i know, whereas this with its neoprene cover and it’s, not so weighty, uh, you’re not going to Do that so again, i can get you some money off link below in the description of the video. If you click on that link, it will apply some a tmf discount as you go through so yeah, the light lock so another great product if you’re interested in some portable security, okay adverts over moving on gsx s thousand now this uh at the beginning of the Month was all the rage wasn’t on social media. Everything was about the new gsx, a thousand um and i haven’t ridden it yet. Um i’m wondering whether i should do let’s just read some of the highlights. I’Ve picked out here from mcn um, so uh suzuki’s, gsx s1000 has proved popular since arriving in 2015.. It needed changes to meet euro 5.. It was showing its age. This is a substantially revised version. It addresses uh the euro five thing with the tweak motor new electronics, revised chassis, all new moto gp influence, look uh, yet crucially retains its price so thumbs up to suzuki for making improvements, but retaining the original price that’s great news.

Personally, i don’t, like the looks of it i can’t get past these lights. I’Ve never seen one in the flesh, but yeah it just doesn’t. Do it for me now i rode the gsx s f 1000, which is based on a similar platform, and i love that bike. So i imagine i would love the way it rides, but i can’t get past the looks. Some of the highlights i picked out here. It’S got new gsxs against suzuki’s intelligent ride system, so this is an electronic suite, basically so it’s the same as that debuted on the latest v strum and hayabusa. Although it’s a budget version with no cornering and traction abs, uh it’s got stacked, led twin headlights, which are the bit that i don’t like look of it’s got some added premium touches camo side panels. Three color options are being offered blue a prime like grey or all black it’s got two liters larger fuel tank, always welcome multi, adjustable suspension and brembo baits remain better than average, especially on a budget bike. It says here so yeah a lot of bike for the money. If you can get past the looks clocking on it says here out goes the fairly old school lcd panel with conventional warning lights. Each side includes a fancy: redesigned version, it’s still an lcd, rather than one of the latest, all singing all dancing color tfts. Well. That doesn’t matter, though, does it at the end of the day, tft is just a type of lcd it’s, a color one um, but i have no problem with lcd.

Um dashes looks alright, we’ll see anyway. Let me know if you think i should have a ride on one. Would this be a popular video, i’m kind of tempted, i must admit, having never ridden one, even the old version right um, the sensible super naked. This is again is another thing that was all over social media at the beginning of the month at about yet to ride. The new bmw, s1000r it’s had a radical revamp as well. Um bmw have applied a bit more thought to the new s1000r rather than simply ripping the fairing off its latest s1000rr superbike. The single arms peak power remains the same as the old 165 brake horsepower and the s1000rr uses shift cam technology. The supernaked does, without the complexity and redundant top end power of the sports bike. A conventional camshaft profile matches the rr up to 10 000 rpm before falling behind the superbike and revving it to a lower 12 750 rpm. So the gains lower down so more is available at road speed. So it makes a lot of sense, so they haven’t gone with the shift cam, because this makes more sense uh on the road they’re saying and it does make kind of sense isn’t it. But then you question well: why did you put it on the gs? Then? I don’t know anyway, let’s go with it um. It says here: uh hold it above 7000 rpm for too long and your fingertips won’t appreciate the buzzing they’re subjected to that doesn’t sound.

So good the whole bike ways are claimed 199 kilograms joint class leader with the new speed triple rs, which is similarly light bike. Uh suspension is all new um. The it’s made the s1000 are much more agile and more dynamic, it’s easy to control at town, speed. Um let’s see what they summarized it as in reality, it’s very polished and potent super naked. The inline four engine lacks some of the pizzazz of alternative configurations. Uh it blends cutting edge performance with road sensibilities, as well as anything out there. So not a super glowing review, it has to be said, but it’s saying it’s, pretty good let’s face it, there’s, no bad bikes out. If you like the looks of this go, buy one. It cost you 12 05 pounds it’s going to give you some amazing performance, but it’s not going to do your backing if you’re an oldie like me so that’s, it that’s the uh s1000r, all right that’s it for the first paper. Still with me, let’s crack on to the second tmf mugs available, of course, at www.themisnetfly.com. If you fancy a new mug anyway. Second paper then, and i’m thoroughly expecting this camera to give out at some point it overheated last last month when we did this and i’ve got more papers to go through. So i might have to do this in two parts right, whilst the cameras in the freezer right first story here, more speed, twin for retro twins, so trump launched the brand new version of the speed twin, which had been not hugely high.

But i was aware it was coming. I was really looking forward to the launch because i’m, a speed twin owner so i’m, a massive fan of the bike i have to say i was left a little bit deflated. I thought we were going to get something quite special, but in fact, despite what trump say, it sort of feels like it’s, just a euro 5 update to get it through those rigs. They have made some tweaks as well, i’m, not sure they’re. All good let’s read the bits i’ve highlighted in and i’ll tell you what i think so trump have unveiled an updated version of their popular speed, twin uh. The biggest change for 2021 comes in the engine department, where trafford managed the holy grail of a euro. 5 update that also brings more power. Well that’s, good isn’t. It can’t complain about that that’s a great thing: there’s, a new exhaust 2, the upgrades, the chassis components brakes and tyres gone are the kyb forks in favor of higher spec marsha units and the old bikes. Axial brembos are replaced with radial m50 calipers from brembo. So in reality, are we going gon na notice that i don’t think i’ll notice any difference whether i’ve got radial or axial calipers from brembo, and i probably wouldn’t notice the upgraded forks either uh more skilled, uh, more subtle riders than me, maybe would but i’m not Sure this sort of bike is aimed at those sort of riders.

Is it upgraded, uh they’ve, upgraded the riding modes, but stuck with rain road and sport fair enough um now get anodized, headlight and mud guard mounts brush, stainless upswept, exhaust and new tank graphics. So here we go let’s go through so the anodized headlight um bracket. Actually i think the old one looks better. So there we go interested to see. If you agree with me or not, there um the what else we got um a brushed stainless, upswept exhaust. They do look nicer than the standard ones, but i’d replace mine anyway, with the um advanced, nine spikes, which are already brushed so that’s, no different there and it’s got new tank graphics. Well to me, the tank graphics i like the red color, but the tank graphics that now stop sort of halfway along the tank. Just don’t look quite right to me. I prefer the old tank graphics if they’d done the red but kept the old graphics where the lines went right across the tank. I think it would look better so all in all um i’m thinking this isn’t, so much of an upgrade it’s more of a get through euro five and actually, i think i preferred the older bike so um a bit disappointing that it’s in dealers from august prices, Starting from 11 000 pounds, so it’s 300 more than the previous model, but there we go um. So what do you think on that? Is it just me being a bit grouchy today or do you think that’s an improvement all right, moving on sorry trump, just my thoughts moving on um, the price is rosso new entry level, f3 800 from mb, now he’s a gorgeous looking uh bike, isn’t it so I’M, a massive sportsbot fan in terms of the way they look.

I think they just look incredible and the panigale and the f3 have always been two of my favorite looking bikes. So would i have this over a new uh v2 from ducati, i don’t know let’s see what uh what the highlights are on the box. So mv agasta released the f3 800 rosso it’s an entry level super sports bike entry level we’ll come to the price in a minute. Uh sitting at the heart of the new machine is a tweaked engine, it’s euro 5 compliant and it loses none of its 147 brake horsepower. There’S a redesigned clutch plus an improved, quick shifter updates to the chassis, include new frame plates and redesigned swing arm pivot. The big change comes with electronics, big deal which are all controlled through a new five and a half inch full color tft smartphone connectivity for music calls and satnav uh. The addition of an imu brings corning abs incentive, traction control and wheelie control. Well, that will sound, sensible, um it’s got a cruise control launch control fitted with a tracker as standard. I do like that. I do if you’re gon na have a bit of exotica, then having a tracker fitted as standard is a great idea. Um and it’ll cost 14 780 on the road, so 15 grand for an entry level, sports bike; okay, so it’s a lot of money, but they call it entry level but let’s face it. Um envy augusta it’s, exotica isn’t, it it’s a bit of italian exotica.

I would love one of these with the space and money don’t be surprised if we see new versions of the higher spec, rr and rc joining over the coming months. It says here: lovely bike, hasn’t really changed. The looks of the f3 has been much like this. For years isn’t it, but it still looks good. Even today i think um they’re in danger a bit like uh. I think ducati may have done with the panigale. If you tweak it too much, you spoil the beautiful looks. I think the panigale has become a little bit bloated. It still looks nice, but i prefer the original looks i’m glad that mv have kept the f3 with its original looks. What do you think all right next up here? What does this say? Maverick at heart? Is the headline this is the new ccm the latest spitfire, so uk based ccm, have released another bike into their popular spitfire lineup. The maverick takes their tried and tested formula tweaking it slightly to make a unique dual sport offering. This is the problem i have with ccm. Well, there are two problems. Actually, i think they look great don’t. Get me wrong: lovely looking motorcycles, british company i’m – all for it, but what they do is settle tweaks to the model every now and then i think i’m not sure what the rules are, but you can only make a certain number of bikes before you have to Do a special sort of approval they get these through on a sort of low manufacturing numbers.

Um. Well, it’s not fiddle it’s there to do but um, you know if they, if they made thousands and thousands of these, they wouldn’t be able to make this box without spending a lot more money in the cost going up so understand. Why ccm do it, but it just smacks a bit of um. I don’t know something a bit odd about it to me. The other thing i’m, not keen on with ccms, is the engine that they use it’s, i think it’s from a husqvarna or ktm and it’s a single cylinder, thumper engine um, and i just found when i rode one the engine was just it didn’t do it. For me, i don’t know whether they’re thinking that, because it’s got that character, that thumpiness it goes with the retro character, the bike but uh. It lost it for me and when there are other bikes like the frantic caballero around at much less money, um, maybe that’s. The way to go anyway, again interested in your views, let’s see what i’ve highlighted here. So it’s called the maverick it takes it. We talked about that it’s powered by the familiar 600 cc single, which is the thumpy single. It weighs in at just 150 kilograms. Curb it’s a lovely light, so no problems there standard, trimmer maverick, will set you back 9 9995 when it arrives in august this year. Uh, if you buy the 2600 knot in our legend package, you get performance upgrades, including olin suspension, um and a twin brembo front to replace the stock juan set up.

Something like that. I might have got the prices and details wrong there, but you can pay extra and get extra bling anyway. What do you think of the ccm? Do you think they go in the right route by just re jigging in the same model and releasing it as something slightly different? What do you think of the engine? What do you think would be better, i think a twin would be amazing. Maybe up the up. It to say a 650 and make it twin, then i think they’re onto something: okay, um, one of these um comparisons that mcn does so good. Their mcn 250 they’re pitting the trump street triple rs, which i have britain against the ktm 890, duke r, against the mt 09 sp um. So these are um super nakeds. Can the mt 09 sb cut it against eight? Ninety two guard street triple rs, which of course are much newer models now, having had a lot of updates in the last couple of years, whereas i think the mt 09 sp is pretty much. I think it’s stayed much the same since it’s been around let’s, see what the verdict was: um they’ve, given the trump street triple five stars. I see here, and it says yamaha i’ve transformed the mt and in sp guys it’s now, the brilliant do it all naked bike. It always promised me. Yes, lots of updates for this year. Sorry made an error there. It is heavily updated this year.

If you, if you prioritize agility over comfort, then there’s no desiring the street triple no denying the street triple rs, just edges the yamaha better handling faster. Turning and lighter the rs is a proper, sporty middleweight. The 890 dugar is a bike that will suit a certain type of rider track, focused aggressive and set firmly on its suspension. So just looking at the star ratings, they go for the others, the yamaha mt 09. They gave five stars and the duke 890. They gave four stars so uh interesting, again, i’m sure they’re, all great bikes. You go for the one you like the look of but uh they’re rating the triumph street triple by the read up as the winner of that particular comparison, which is good to see i’m. A street triple fan, as you may know, and then uh. Last but not least, here a lot looks at this. This is ducati multistrada v4s, a beautiful bike, i’ve always loved the way the multi looks uh in the past. I found them a bit heavy, but now, with the v4s and the later versions, they’ve they’ve largely fixed that i haven’t ridden this one yet but i’m. So, looking forward to doing so, um ducati didn’t get off to the best start with the multistrada says richard newland, because they had a significant number of expensive changes that to make, and they recalled the bikes and that i think in many cases replaced the engine which Must have cost ducati a penny or two but good on them for doing so so anyway, it’s almost ashamed.

You can’t have kept the familiar styling of multistrada name, because the two generations are of our chalk and cheese. Wow don’t get me wrong. The 1260 is a great bike, but the new multi is better in every way, so that is that’s amazing, because the old 1260 was pretty good. The engine manages to be more insane but is also more flexible, refined. At the same time, comfort has jumped up a significant notch. The airflow of the bike is calm, where the handling is precise. The dash and connectivity have taken a general leap forward too. So uh richie obviously loves this um. There are still annoyances, though let’s not get too carried away, sometimes it’s reluctant to establish a wi fi link to the ducati app that runs all of the connected services. I hate that i’m. Familiar with this. I have a similar problem on my honda. Gold wing and i’ve had the same problem with other bikes as well. For example, i’ve never managed to get um the traffic app to connect uh properly. This is annoying when they um advertise these um. These features as new features of the bikes and you buy it because it’s got all these fancy things, but it relies on your phone to connect to them. I just i don’t, know i’d. Rather they built those things in i’m, just an old dinosaur. I know um. So what else? The other grumble is the panniers they look large, but while the left hand one will swallow a decent amount, um, the other one’s um a bit.

It says it. Inversely tardis, like i love that description. So there we go. He likes it overall, but it’s not perfect. Alrighty that’s it for that paper, quick swig of me, coffee, hoping the camera, is going to last out, got plenty of battery power. It’S, the heat that’s, the issue so i’ll speed up the way i’m talking even more how we doing for time. Don’T know all right. Next shock treatment, subtle tweaks to rework livewire, give ebike a sharper new look. So this is the uh. Remember the harley davidson um livewire, the bike that you and charlie did their latest series on which i think has been discontinued now, or certainly it’s in a different form but there’s, a german customizer here called jvb moto they’ve turned their hands to the harley davidson live Wire um and have basically made it a bit more street savvy. I think it looks great. I think if harley davidson made this it would, it would fly off the shelves. In fact, they only had good reviews anyway. So i think i was surprised that harley stopped making it um, although, as i say, i think, it’s coming out under new guys and i think they’re going to actually rebrand it with its own branding, which might be a clever idea. So we’ve certainly not seen the last of the live well that’s for sure, anyway, back to this uh, this custom job uh. This bike is so much fun uh and shows that the future of motorcycling can still be really enjoyable, says: jens who’s, the uh designer and founder of jvb motor uh.

He said he concentrated on making a cleaner design with some cafe. Racer influences and it does look lovely um. He says there are no plans for customer kits, which are what jv boom specialise in um, which instead they’ll offer a small series of modified modified bikes for order. It doesn’t say how much ain’t gon na be cheap, but yeah. It does look nice, really nice good job there. So you know electric bikes need and look naf all right. Moving on benelli go touring here we go benelli. Now this is a manufacturer that sort of passed me by. I get a lot of comments from people saying: when can you ride a benelli this that or the other? The reason is i haven’t ridden them, because i don’t actually have contact with them in any way. I’D love to have a go. He is a chinese well they’re made in china manufacturing china, because benelli is a an italian brand and i believe the design and all that stuff is still done in italy, so it’s sort of no more chinese than um. I don’t know the royal enfield is british, yet we tend to sort of think i know royal enfield, isn’t british. I know it’s thoroughly indian, but you see what i mean. This thing does work where you have design in one country manufacturing in another. I know always gets lagged down when i mention not to ignore chinese bikes because they’re coming well.

This is another example. I mean. The thing looks great to me. So bennett’s long awaited 1200 gt is a big capacity triple it’s gone on sale in china. Already at a price that massively undercuts similarly spect rivals it’s about in china, it comes in at 99, 800 yen, which is around 11 000 pounds, apparently so 11 grand for a highly spec bike. That looks, looks really good in china. A bmw, r1250rt would set you back the equipment with 31 000, so it’s a third, the cost of an rt. It uses a 1209 version of the three cylinder engine that debuted back in 1999 as the tornado tray superbike triple, which is a quotes proper benelli engine. This was before they were shiny zones, so it’s got the uh, the um, the tornado engine in it, which is incredible. Um it’s got 134 horsepower and 88 foot pounds of torque, so it’s, not massively powerful, but it’s, not bad, either it’s up there with things like the gs um, the dash includes a vast amount of information, including tire pressures. It’S got keyless ignition, even front and rear facing cameras. Uh. The unanswered question is how long before we see this here, um we don’t know. Basically, we don’t know how it will stack up against mainstream rifles. We don’t know when it’s coming here, it’s got brembo uh radial calipers it’s got bosch. Abs it’s got a sat, nav tire pressure, monitors electrically, adjustable and auto folding mirrors electric screen they’re all standard amazing spec this, and i think it looks great so again ignore at your peril if it rides as well as it looks, and it comes in at sort Of 10 grand that is going to fly off the shelves i um was at the abr festival of which, more later this weekend, just gone, uh and benelli had to stand there.

I made a point of having a look around and, i have to say the bikes. I saw this wasn’t one of them, but others were there, things like the leoncino, etc. The build quality looked really good. I think benelli are going to go places stay tuned for more on that soon. Right next story here, the 250 mile road test that i rave about. I like the way mcn, does this this time it’s on the tracer 9 gt. The reason i’m, particularly pointing this out, is because i recently borrowed one of these. You may have seen my first ride video if you haven’t go check that out published that uh last week. It’S gone quite well that video, actually people seem to be interested in this bike. Uh interesting machine 890 cc um triple 117 brake horsepower 69 foot pounds of torque. It will cost you uh twelve thousand two hundred and two pounds so it’s yamaha’s touring version um of the what was called the um well, the mt 09. Obviously, but then the tracer 900 came out and now it’s called the tracer nine anyway. What was the verdict that nevesey had on this? He says uh it doesn’t, wow or seduce, but gets on with it its job of wafting, you and perhaps a pillion and luggage to wherever you want to go. The new tracer line gt is a step forward from the outgoing model, it’s well equipped, much more stable, speed, more punch, grip and with a new electronic suspension can be set hard or soft at the touch of a button.

Yes, it’s 12 grand it might sound expensive, but you get a lot of well finished, equipped, dependable sport tourer for your money and it won’t disappoint. Can’T really disagree with any of that. I found it perfectly nice enough bike um, my i’ve got my sort of lessons learned video coming up soon, so i won’t sort of go into my final thoughts on the bike. What i would say is the looks of it spoil it again, very subjective point. If you like, the looks of it then that’s fine, the looks um are an issue for me, as is the dashboard on this. It’S got those two sort of eyes. Looking at you looks like a cartoon character once you see that you can’t unsee it but other than that, a nice bike, no doubt about it, but stay tuned for more on the tracer 9 gt. If you’re interested coming on the channel soon, all right last store in this paper, champagne supernova now this is another bite that i recently rode again. If you’ve not seen this video, this is the new royal enfield meteor uh go and check this out. It’S, a 350 single i’ll put a link in the corner. Is it that corner that corner? I think, or maybe some i don’t know, wherever i’ll put a link, go and check out my review of this. It might have been this very bike that that i wrote. I don’t know so they said uh individually, uh.

The results are sorry, a concerted effort to raise quality and individuality uh and the results are striking. Whether it’s in the bar grips the tank, badges, the filler cap, the seat, construction and finish new led ring, headlight and tail lights, and so on then there’s, the debut of enfield’s tripper that’s. The little sat nav head unit that goes on it, i loved it um. It says here for the first time its quality and credibility is truly nudging, that of say, triumph, enfields, wells and warburton also say this is just the start, uh, which suggests exciting implications. Completely agree with that uh i mean whether you like again the looks of this bike or not. For me, the looks don’t quite do it as say the royal enfield interceptor did, which just looks right out of the can. This one looks a bit indian to me and not that’s a bad thing, but i don’t know there’s something about the the rear seat i don’t like, although you could remove that, and that would help. But i have to say from a riding point of view and for what you get for your money, the quality of it. The ride quality, i said in my review – is the best single i’ve ever ridden in terms of smoothness. It’S got a counter shaft in there. It’S, a really smooth bike to ride. If you just need cheap transport to get yourself to work, you could do a lot worse than a royal enfield meteor or if you just want something that’s fun for going around the lanes as a second bite again.

This is a bike well worth looking at. I think this is going to do pretty well and it’ll, be amazing as a basis for a custom machine as well alrighty there we go that’s it for the third paper still with me. Next up just two more to go and then we’ll get on to parish notices first story here he says trying to speed up even more stroker revolution. This is the langan two stroke remember. We talked about this um. I don’t know three or four bike news ago. So the eagle anticipated two stroke landing has moved another step closer to hitting the uk roads. The first machine has been approved for uk roads. After passing, the motorcycle single vehicle approval, um it’s powered by a 250 ccv twin uh it’s, a two stroke, which is the unusual thing, and it puts out acclaimed 75 brake horsepower at 11, 500 rpm. This thing is going to sound awesome. It looks amazing, does look a bit um ccm ish a bit to me again and i suspect that’s, because the guys, mr langen, i think his name is that actually designed this came from ccn. I think, if i remember rightly so, it’s a similar sort of approach. The frame looks kind of familiar from ccm’s it’s blinged up in the same sort of way, or, albeit maybe more but of course, what it doesn’t do. Uh this time, it’s got its own engine, which is the big thing for this bike.

So suddenly this becomes a really enticing proposition. What’S. Not so interesting is it’s priced from 34 000 pounds so again, don’t get too excited you ain’t, going to be seeing too many of these on the road um run is going to be limited as well to 100 bikes, so they’re going to fly off the shelves To um rich collectors, maybe you won’t see too many of them on the on the road. It’S, a shame. If we don’t get to see and hear these bikes isn’t it uh, what does it say? Lc, it says suspended with olin’s forks k, tec, twin shocks, claim bike weighs just 114 kilograms. That is going to be an amazing bike to ride isn’t it and give me a bike with gold wheels and i instantly love it. So i really love the look of the the lang and two stroke, but i wonder if we’ll ever actually get to see one ourselves alrighty moving on sales, looking good, so retro’s lead sales surge. This is a good news story, given that the sorts of years that we had the last couple years, new bike sales continued to surge with commuters, including electrics and retros, particularly proving popular standout sellers in the 51 to 125 cc, scooters were yamaha’s nmax125, which has usurped The honda pcx125, which has been leading the the charts for literally years i’ve, got some videos coming on soon. I love that must try out the yamaha max.

If i can uh. Also, the overall best selling powered two wheeler and among full sized bikes, was royal enfield’s, interceptor 650 and trump’s new trident 660, both bikes that i love and both were the best sellers. So great news there that um that we’ve got a bit of a sales surge let’s hope that continues one of the weird things about covered isn’t it. The motorcycle sales, have done well, okay, here’s, a product that i wanted. Your view on this thing just to me. Well, let’s let’s see what it is and then i’ll tell you what i think. So here we are um it’s called the chill ride, it’s a vest that aims to solve the comfort conundrum it’s for for hot countries. It cools you down, basically it’s a always a challenge to find just the right combination of layers to retain the perfect temperature without compromising safety. We’Ve all been there you’re, either too hot or too cold it’s, very rare in this country anyway, that you’re just the right temperature on your bike, french firm, chill ride has developed a temperature controlled riding vest that aims to give the same sort of climate control. Comfort that you might expect in a car well done the french. The chill ride system either heats or cause fluid to keep you company uh comfortable, and it pumps it around a zillow. Basically, it’s got a breathable gla with flexible hoses, woven through it to carry the heating and cooling liquid a dura of heat exchangers mounted on the box.

Forks transfer, the heat out the fluid when the system is trying to keep you cool. So basically, it’s got these. Aha, i’m back so this time it wasn’t the camera overheated that i fell foul off. It was actually i filled the sd card up. So i stuck a new sd card in also gave me a chance to call the camera down a bit so kill two birds with one stone. Now, where were yes back to this uh, chill ride, vest thing so yeah, so it’s got these massive great air intakes down on the front here. I just can’t see me ever wanting that on my bike and let’s face it here in the uk, it doesn’t get that hot, really that you’re going to want to call yourself down that much. If you want to heat your jacket, get one that plugs into your bike, i think it’s an absolutely rubbish idea. What do you think i’ll be interested, though? Would you have that mounted on your bike? Maybe if you live in dubai or somewhere or um, you know the hot bits of australia and you’re desperate to do anything to cool you down. Maybe this is the way to go. Maybe i’m just uh dismissing it fool heartedly, but uh yeah. Not for me. Can you imagine, having hoses and oh no too much faff, so not for me all right, so uh next up final one in this paper, um, seventh heaven! So this is the moto gutsy uh v7 it’s got more cubes and extra grunt as it swells to an 850.

. Now this is a bike that sort of passed me by. I don’t know why um it looks beautiful doesn’t it as a retro bike. I mean it looks properly retro. I think the only issue with this is the uh, the v twin engine, the way it sticks out, almost sort of boxer, fashion, uh, sort of transverse v twin or whatever the technical term is just doesn’t. Do it for me, on the looks from i don’t like engines, that poke out of the side of bikes, which might sound odd, being a assembly that rides a bmw gs? I don’t like the looks of the boxer engine. I like the way it delivers its power, and this is probably the same so um yeah, maybe uh. Maybe i need to get my act together and have a crack on one of these, because it looks beautiful, doesn’t it and certainly i’m sure would have a lot of character interested in your view, uh on this one and whether you think i should go and have A ride on one of these or not anyways there we go that’s the mv augusta. The v7 had a bit of an update now with 25, more wallop, apparently as well alrighty last paper, then before we get on to parish notices uh a few things i’ve picked out here. First, one little bikes go large. Now this is the honda monkey and the cub, both 125’s have had lots of updates for 2021.

in the past, i’ve been a bit critical of the um well of these small sort of mini bikes, so things like the uh, grom um and now the cub i Don’T kind of getting people, you know grown adults on it. Just looks a bit comical, but i have to say, it’s sort of growing on me, a bit i’m sure it’s a lot of fun to ride i’ve only ever ridden one of these smaller bikes, which was the um. Actually it was a benelli. I think i can’t remember what it was called, but the little 125 mini bike they did and it was an absolute hoot to ride whether i’d want one in the garage is another question, but they are starting to look beautiful. I have to say this little monkey is looking good and the super cub is a classic of course, isn’t. It anyway let’s see what i’ve highlighted here. So honda have updated their little big bikes the monkey and super cub 1 5 with revised engines. The monkey is honda’s retro, styled version of the huge epoxy msx125, which is the grom. The new engine has narrower, bore and longer stroke, higher compression ratio, new air box and intake new exhaust or keep it euro five friends again, that’s. Really. I guess why these updates are there. The biggest change for most riders, though, will be the change to a five speed gearbox. The top speed uh is a hair whipping 56 miles an hour, and i claimed 186 miles per gallon, that’s, incredible isn’t it.

So, even though it’s got only a 5.6 liter tank, you should get 223 miles out of it. So certainly cheap motor and cheap divide cheap to run um. The supercub meanwhile gets the same engine as the new monkey, a new generator, so more electricity for plugging in stuff, which is handy as a practical commuter bike. New fork springs beefier shocks. Both bikes will be available from august with the monkey starting at three. Eight. Nine. Nine and the super cub starting at three four nine nine not ridden either. Perhaps i should have a little chat with honda and see if i can have a gun and see if they can change my mind uh about what these bikes are all about. I mean now, i would i’m sure they put a smile on your face and at the end of the day, that’s. What motorcycling has a leisure motorcyclist is, for. The cub, of course, could possibly make an ideal, commuter and it’s sort of essentially a um, an automatic. Now as well so yeah, maybe i should have a little go on these and reserve my criticism for them until i’ve actually ridden the things i’m, always criticizing others for not writing stuff, but they criticize should do that right. What we got here then uh time for tea at suzuki. Oh here we go, uh suzuki are working on an updated version of the gsx s1000f. It turns out now. This was a bike that i wrote a few months back.

I’Ll put a link in the corner. If i’ve got enough links left um, which i really really liked, it’s a great value for money bike and i think it looks good and it rise beautifully smoothly, a really nice bike anyway, some stuff has come forward that shows they’re, revamping it. So documents have emerged detailing a gsx s1000t assuming the t stands for touring. This, presumably is to make it a competitor to the s1000sx from kawasaki uh. The top approval documents suggest that the new bike shares the same euro 5 compliant 150 brake horsepower in line four. The maximum height coming in at 135 millimeters higher, which not necessarily a good thing overall length. The bike is greater too um, so that suggests there might be luggage uh, maybe the documentation, the docks list, a wet weight of 12 kilograms more than the previous naked machine. While the previous f was only 4k heavier than the naked suggests, there will be more kit and an increased touring focus. So no pictures, unfortunately, yet just a nudge that there’s, maybe a touring version of the gxs 1000 coming out, so we’ll keep our eyes skinned. For that one, definitely like a ride of that. This is interesting: electric bikes, they sort of split opinions. Don’T know a lot of people don’t like them. I’Ve enjoyed riding some electric bikes they’re, not for me yet in terms of range cost, etcetera, but the new one that trough and partners are working on sounds promising, here’s a new approach by bmw – and i think this is brilliant.

This is keeping this sort of tradition. Going is what i’ve written here on my sticky, because what they’ve got here is a shaft drive version that looks like a boxer engine. So some mistake could be a bmw but it’s, not just done. It turns out for cosmetic regions reasons it’s done for good reason. So let me read what we’ve got here so latest patents illustrates uh one of the key differences between bmw’s electric motorcycle plans and those of their main rivals. This has the use of a longitudinal motor allied to a shaft drive. The german company’s tradition of shaft drive engines with crankshaft running lengthways continues and is exemplified by the classic boxer twin. Of course, bmw is designed with a moat to turn. 90 degrees allows a longer motor without increasing byte width. A shaft with constant velocity joins at each end connects the motor to the front of the final drive shaft that integrates into the swing arm and gives designers freedom to move the motor around in turn, giving additional freedom for altering the weight distribution of the package. So it makes the engine actually more flexible, maybe to use in different types of bikes very, very interesting, and the fact that the shaft drive, as well as part of the swing arm, means that there’s not going to be probably a huge weight penalty plus added bonus. It keeps the bmw family look alive, so yeah very interesting that very clever um we’ll see what it looks like in the flesh, um, so yeah, it’s, sort of a boxer, bmw, electric motor who’d have thought it eh right.

Next up, we mentioned benelli before a way. Backstage hours ago now in the review, so this is their new 550 it’s got more of a hint of the honda cbr 650r to it. To me, one of the things that benelli do, it seems to me, is look at bikes that are successful in the particular sector, they’re going for and basically make a bit of a copy. So the leoncino looks very much like a ducati scrambler to me. They’Ve got that cruiser bike that looks just like a diavel and so on the other bike we talked about just now that looks like the rt well, this looks like a honda anyway. I don’t know how to get away with it, but it looks good uh, let’s read the highlights. I’Ve got here, so benelli has come up with a leoncino 500 derived sports bike model, so it’s the same engine as the leoncino it’s been developed by chinese newcomer uh. Qj motor firm, that’s intrinsically tied to benelli, both brands are under the wing of zyang kwan yang part of the vast geely group. So before we dismiss all these chinese sounding names, the ghillie group also owns volvo and lotus. So that again gives you just a bit of a sense doesn’t it of the um the gravity of these companies, just because they’re chinese doesn’t mean so they don’t know what they’re doing you wouldn’t say: volvo’s a rubbish, you wouldn’t say lotus. Don’T know how to make cars well, benelli is in exactly the same situation as those guys it seems um.

Well, the manufacturers in china i’ll give you that lotus don’t manufacture them in china. I don’t think and order volvo anyway, moving swiftly on so they’ve got one picture so far of the aggie unreleased new sports, twin it’s, emerged and it’s clear. The bike is close to production readiness.