So, if youre interested in that stick around stay tuned, Music all right! Well, you know the format by now four papers to go through loads of stories to cover lots of stuff been going on this month and uh, i hesitate to say, but another months gone already. What has been going on, i dont know anyway right first paper, then a few stories here to pick out first, one that has been all over the social media and motorcycling press for the last month is the brand new from suzuki gsxs 1000 gt. This is a brand new touring, a sport, tour old school sport, tour from suzuki and uh its been getting a lot of plaudits. The launch was this month. I didnt go along its in scotland. It was a bit rainy. I was elsewhere in sunny climbs, hence the suntan um, but anyway, all reports are that it seems to be a great bike more about how it actually rides in a minute, but lets just look at the sort of top line of it. If you like so suzuki, have unveiled a new sports touring version of the recently updated gsx s 1000, it uses the same 150 brake horsepower engine. So this is going to be a rocket ship uh. It has touring friendly plastics with a comfortable, upright riding position. So great for us oldies with our aches and pains um, the bike will be a sportier and cheaper alternative to the suzuki v.

Strom 1050 xt tour thats, a bike that ive ridden recently and ive got videos going up on the channel at the moment, a bike that i loved and it will replace the gsxs 1000f as the firms long range road option, thats. The bike that i often referred to as the bat bike – it was uh again a bike. I rode earlier this year, actually ill put a link in the corner. You havent seen the reviews to that because thats, i think, got the same engine, albeit maybe not as quite as updated, but i absolutely love that bike as a touring option. But the looks are a little bit divisive. This one has brought the bike, but its not the same bike, but its bought this sort of sports touring genre, for as you can bang up to date, its got a bit of um kawasaki s1000sx about it for sure um, maybe with a little bit of panigale At the front as well, i dont know something like that, still to tell from pictures sometimes im not quite sure, from the pictures, whether i like the look of it or not, but i will reserve judgment until i see one in the flesh which i havent done. Yet um because ive made this statement before and ive said: oh thats, a big ugly bite and when i actually saw it ive quite liked it so uh ill reserve judgment on the looks its not ugly for sure but im not sure if its beautiful either, but Certainly, it looks like its going to be an absolute winner.

I think this is the best bike that suzuki have come out with in terms of on paper, at least for many many years, 999 cc 810 mil seat height, which is nice and low. Well, relatively at least for you know, average size people and its available from 11 599.. Incredible talk a bit more about the spec a bit later because in a few papers time theres an actual ride. Review of the bike so well come back to this, but very excited to see this, and i cannot wait to have a go suzuki if youre watching can have a go. The new gt please. Thank you very much all right next door. In this first paper, new for old kawasaki give their mid size z650. The retro rs treatment now im a big sucker for retro bikes. I absolutely love them. I have a speed twin myself and a royal enfield interceptor 650 uh. I love theyre. Just to me, they just look like motorcycles should look and i was definitely a huge fan of the kawasaki z900rs. In fact, still in the back of my mind, im still thinking i might want to get one of those one day. Well, theyve now come out with the 650 version of the bike. If you like, theyve taken um the uh their 650 engine and made it into a naked model in the same way as they did with these z900 rs anyway, let me read you some of the highlights here: kawasaki have expanded their retro naked model range to include The a2 friendly z650rs, its powered by the 649cc twin from the z650 and ninja 650 models puts out 67 brake horsepower, which i would propose as a perfect amount of power for real world riding.

So the only thing i mean it looks fantastic. I have to say i love the paint scheme on this green with gold wheels its actually exactly the same as my interceptor that i recently had customized, which, more bit later perhaps, and when kawasaki came out with this, i had a little smirk to myself because it Is exactly the color scheme that i would choose of anybody? I love green and gold. You cannot go wrong, so it looks splendid. My only slightest bond is that it is a twin wouldnt have been lovely if it was a four cylinder 650, but there we go its the 650 theyre using from existing borax, which is a twin, so there we are now what else to say here. The frame has been specially designed to be skinny in the middle to make it easier for riders to get their feet down. Um its got a seat height of 820, mil this so not too high, but not too low either and its got a relatively low, curb weight of 187 kilograms, so thats curb weight so wet with fuel that is quite low, um, so yeah, it looks lovely again Id love to go on one of these. I dont often ride car sockets because i dont actually have access to kawasakis very easily, but i might have to have a chat with a local dealer. See if i can get myself a go on one of these once they become available, it certainly looks a cracking bike.

Um, i dont know maybe theres a problem with all of boxers. Getting older and thats liking. This sort of thing – and maybe we need to move on and go with the more modern bikes, but it certainly appeals to me. I love the clocks, the way that theyre bullet shaped. I love the finish on the light: the colors everything i love it anyway. I like that, as you gathered all right. Moving on okay, ccm, this is a manufacturer. I dont talk about too much uh colin clues mode thats. What i believe it stands for. I have ridden a ccm in the past. I owed henry coles um. I think it was called a flat tracker version of the spitfire um and it was an interesting bite in that it looks, lovely theyre beautifully, designed beautifully, made bikes, amazing hand, welded frames and they look lovely but ccm have never been a mainstream manufacturer. Theyve always made these bikes in limited, runs and you can get through. I cant remember what the details are. Is it the special vehicle rules, something like sva or something like? If you make a limited run, i think you could do something like less than 200 bikes. You could make them without having to comply with all the european rules that you would have to if youre doing a mass produced bike, and that is why theyre always coming out with different versions of the same bike. So they can kind of get around those rules.

Its a little bit sneaky really well that might be about to change, because this big backer for ccm, it says here – ccms 50th birthday present, has just arrived in the form of a huge chunk of investment. Brilliant news. The cash injection will help homologate ccn bikes for other key markets, so i think that means theyll be able to get around this 200 model limit and make models that they can then sell across the board, because theyll have money to make sure theyre homologated for all The rules um a company called pitalia capital um – has got involved, theyre also bolton based thats, where ccm are as well. Apparently, they got involved after the head of the company anil pitalia. If im probably not pronouncing that right – apologies anneal uh, he saw one of the firms, stunning raf spitfires, he loved the bike so much he decided to look at investing in the company. So there we are great news. British motorcycle company always good news to see british bikes getting on. I love the idea of ccms. It would be brilliant to see them a little bit more mainstream. I dont doesnt say how much money has been injected clearly making motorcycles is an expensive business if youre going to do it on mass, so well see how that goes, but thats good news right next up, electric bikes, we havent mentioned this for a while and they Always have mixed responses, but this is an interesting story.

This headline here charged up in 90 seconds. What is that all about? Are you saying brand new battery type could be electric vehicle breakthrough, big story as far as im saying didnt make much headline use, but this sounds amazing to me. So it says here: powertrain experts, mile, together with alatrop energy allotrope energy, have created a new form of battery technology. That promises to end concerns about charging times once and for all fantastic uh lithium carbon hybrids. Uh is what they come up with and apparently they can be charged in just minutes. The size of the battery required, for example, by an electric delivery scooter could be recharged in as little as 90 seconds. Can you imagine that quicker than feeling that with fuel miles say, the battery remains stable at high temperatures, meaning it can take a high current delivery delivery without external cooling or elaborate battery management? Well, that sounds amazing and, in fact, im tempted to say it sounds too good to be true, and you know what its like, when things sound too good to be true, um so well see how that goes. Lets hope this is absolutely true and that we are in line for some batteries that can be charged up in a matter of minutes. I mean croaky a scooter that can charge up in 90 seconds. That would be a no brainer for city living wouldnt. It um – and you know we all know the pros and cons for for electric bikes, but one of those um cons has been the charge time.

If we get it down to a matter of minutes, then thats one of those um one of those barriers to entry gone then weve just got to get the range sorted and we got to get the price sorted. Doesnt mention anything about how much these are going to cost or what sort of range you get, but fingers crossed battery technology improvement all the time, maybe thats one. You know its going to benefit us all in the future, not just for scooter riders right next tier supernakey class of 2021. Now this is a class of bikes. That is very popular and again it appeals to me because you get a modern bike but a comfortable riding position. So if youre a bit of an old cronky like me im in my mid 50s, then these sort of bikes are great. All the thrill of a sports bike, all the comfort of those retros. I was talking about just now so here, ive pitted the trance speed triple rs against the aprilia tourano v4 factory, bmw s1000r sport and the ducati street fighter v4 s personally, ive written the speed triple and the uh in fact, ive ridden all these in one incarnation Or other not necessarily than the latest version of each, but for me i love the street fighter ill. If i you know money now, object is also the most expensive out of some uh. You know by some margin at 20 205, but i just thought the street fighter was a fantastic buy and if i had room and money i would have one of those in my garage today.

I rode the s1000r a while ago, not in its latest incarnation. I rode the asymmetric fronted one. It has been improved now with its looks, but i dont know it just doesnt look quite the same as good as the others to me, but it is the cheapest of the batch. The 200 v4 factory lovely, but it looks great. It goes great, everybody loves the 200 dont they and then the speed triple 1200 rs, which has been getting a lot of um um airplay in various press outlets for the last year, rode that at goodwood festival, speed had it for a couple of weeks, myself, lovely Bike but it didnt quite tickle my fancy as much as the street fighter. All right lets see what uh mcn made her. Then then, okay, sharp crisp and easy to live with this is michael needs, my favorite reviewer on mcn. So he says each bike impresses in its own inevitable way, the bmws the one youd choose to live with every day the stip interesting. The stiff trough is more at home on the track, which is not something im, particularly into so strike that one off the ducati is the ultimate temptress. But the aprilia easily hangs onto the super naked crown. Its engine is still a heart melting masterpiece and the way the tars grip, the road and the suspension floats along the tarmac borders on spiritual. So there you go names, he loves the tuono. Hes always been a toronto fan in terms of the ratings hes.

Given them the 205 stars, the street fighter 5 stars the bmw 4 and the trump 4. um, which i think actually is the sort of rating ill go for as well, but ill put the street fighter above the 200.. Personally, just a personal opinion. Im, not an expert nevesy is but of course, the best way is. This is all opinion at the end of the day. Go write them yourself if youre interested see which one you like ill bet, you you wouldnt, be disappointed with any of them. Theyre all great. These days arent they all right, thats it for the first paper next up loads of stories to go through this week, im rushing a bit because the camera has a habit of overheating and i suspect it might do that if it does do that its done. Well. Just do it in two parts but anyway, so if i cut off suddenly thats whats going on there, incidentally gopro just brought out a new version of the hero. I think its called the hero 11 now wondering whether to buy one of those. Have you got one of those? If you have, let me know if it overheats or not if it doesnt, i might get one right moving on back to the bike news second paper: new target to attack rivals here we go yet another new bike from triumph. Theyve been knocking them out, uh like nobodys business this year, havent they here we are.

This is the new tiger sport 660. trout from unveiled a faced, feisty, yet refined target sport 660 in a bid to rule the lucrative middleweight adventure sports sector. A road biased model with 17 inch wheels, an upright riding position and a middleweight engine. Uh is what its got: its got: an 835mm seat height quite high, unfortunately, and 206 kilograms, wet weight, so reasonably light wet weight again. Its got 80 brake horsepower ample for the road perfect for road. I say the target sport is essentially a trident for those who want to travel a bit further and the trident was a great bike to ride. I love triple engines. They sound fantastic uh. Try for targeting bikes like yamahas traces, seven and kawasakis versus 650 prices will start at eight four five, oh for the blue one uh, and a couple of hundred more for the ready, orangy colored one why they have to charge more for different colors. I dont know, but at least blue and red are a little bit more interesting than grey. So thank you there for making just giving us some slightly better colors. On paper. At least the trumpet looks good uh and looks to be very good value. Itll be available in dealers from february, so id love to have a go on one of these. I think this will be a massive seller for triumph im, not too sure again about the looks when you again im not going to draw any huge conclusions just by looking at these pictures, because ive not seen one in the flesh but theres something a bit too Uprighty about it, i think if they just rates the screen a bit more, i dont know.

Maybe it would have made the nose look too long. I dont know um. Then i think it could look better or maybe this this touring screen needs to be a bit shorter. If the screen was a bit shorter, it looked more like the old 1050 sport wouldnt it which, which i loved but uh, 660 engine triple lovely, and it seems like its great pricing too, so were interested to hear what you think about that in the comments below. But yeah nice looking bike, look forward to having a go on one of those and uh traffic, pretty good to me. So hopefully ill get a go on one of those next year. All right! Next up, multi choice just got easier. So this is the uh multistrada. V2, who doesnt like a multistrada right? Is there anybody out there that doesnt like the multistrada? Let me know, if not, i think, its one of those bikes that everybody just loves dont. They i mean – i, i suppose, like you know, italian expensive, italian bikes have a bit of a reputation i think itll ill, founded based on my experience of owning a panigale from ducati ive, had no problems with that at all. Really nothing major anyway, no more than any other bike and i think youd be absolutely thrilled with any uh of the multistradas. But this is the v2. As i say, ducati given their v twin multistrada makeover for 2022. uh, its five kilograms lighter the v2 gets the latest 937 cc testers, streta v twin and it produces a claim to 113 horsepower at 72.

3. Uh, perfect 72.3 pound feet of torque so 100 from you know, this is the baby bike, but its still putting out 113 horsepower, which is blooming ample isnt it a lovely looking machine as well um, although not the 155 brake horsepower twin from the panigale v2 sports Bike, the engine features new conrads, new 8 disc, hydraulic clutch and an updated gearbox. Well, this bike isnt so much about raw speed as its all that touring and it certainly looks lovely. I have to say this looks nicer, doesnt it than the trough we just looked at, but pricing wise, um, the stock. One comes in at twelve four. Nine five, so was that four grand more than the stock trunk and uh the s version, which is the one youd probably want, comes in at 14, 495, so 14.5 grand makes me think it is still quite an expensive, buy, not everybodys got that sort of money And uh you know: if youre in that market, you could get that suzuki gt. We just talked about with its bigger engine, more room, etc. So its down to. I guess whether you want to pay a premium for italian exotica uh or not, and i do wonder if you bought the v2 version of the bike, whether really you havent got bragging rights because you really be thinking. Oh, she got the v4s after all, i dont know maybe that doesnt matter to you doesnt, i like to think it doesnt matter to me but niggling in the back of your brain somewhere theres.

Sometimes that sort of thought isnt there. If you go small. Having said that, i bought the 899 panigale. He purposely bought the smaller version that bike and ive never once thought. I wish id bought the bigger bike, so maybe thats not the case with this but lovely looking bike, i must have a little world with ducati. I havent ridden many ducatis in the last year. Maybe next year is my chance to try these new multi strollers, not ridden one for a few years, wed love to get my hands on one for a couple weeks to give that a go so uh yeah again. Let me know what you think about that in the comments below again ill read all the comments below i dont necessarily always respond to them, because i do get hundreds and hundreds in the course its not just this video. But all previous videos continue to get comments. Um, so if i dont respond to you, i do apologize uh, but i do absolutely read them all. Let me know what bikes youd like to see me ride and is the multistrada one of those and from those comments i kind of work out which box i should borrow all right. Bringing airbags to the streets now airbags are something that ive really got into in the last year, ive been riding with them. I wrote previously with the tethered one, and now ive got an untethered one, and this is from a company called in motion.

This is which is actually the company that i use for my current untethered bike: im tethered airbag. Sorry, i have an airbag its made by furygun, but its got the in motion technology, which is what this article is all about. So the start of airbags inflating has become a common one in motogp, since the tech became mandatory in 2018, but in a motion one of the companies supplying that gear based block for moto gp want to see more road riders adopting the kit. Well, of course, they do in a motion. Dont make their own clothing; instead, they choose to partner with existing brands like rst furigon, klim and held, who offered the jackets that the kit goes into. Somebody and ive got the furrigan one um suits and under vests incorporate the inner motion technology. I found it very easy to use. Actually, it says here, although in a motion will sell you in and but in in motion box for ‘9 euros mo stop for the lease scheme, which is 12 pounds per month bit odd. I dont know how i feel about that. If you lease it, um theres like an annual charge, which is about 100 quid actually, and that way it updates itself with the latest algorithmic information from crashes crashes that have happened and real deployment. So it keeps it bang up to date and probably most likely to deploy when you want it. I guess the worry with these. Is you you kind of trust that theyre going to work and, of course you dont want to fall off to test it.

Ive thrown my airbag all around this room and its never deployed, but im told it does know when you genuinely have a crash so theres a bit of trust involved, but im willing to give it a try. They do keep you a bit warm. So if youre in a hot country, maybe its something to think about is the extra safety does that mean more to you than the you know than the extra heat youre going to have? But in this country blight especially this time of year october, you know its uh autumn now, starting to get a bit cooler. Actually these keep you nice and warm, and i think uh well, as i say, im a convert. You look a bit like the michelin man in them, but they do give you a bit of extra safety, its hard to argue against that anyway, it says there are three accelerometers three gyroscopes and a gps feed data into algorithms that detect a crash. It takes less than 60 milliseconds to detect an accident and inflate the airbag, so i recommend them to the house im a big fan um. I just think maybe one day lets hope they dont get made mandatory um because i maybe dont wear them in the summer. Depending on what sort of bike im riding but uh, it would be great to see more people wearing this. I think theyre theyre a great thing now that the technology is coming. You know a little bit more mainstream right next, here, royal enfield conti is ready to race.

I just brought this up because i thought this looked amazing royal enfield here have done, have come up with a race series in india, where theyre using fed royal uh enfield uh interceptor gts, or is it what they call now, but the gt version of the 650? Putting these fairings on and racing them, and i think they look absolutely brilliant um if they sold them in this country ill buy one as a retro racer anyway. What it says here is royal enfields big selling 650 cafe racer has been breathed on for a new one, make race series which kicks off in india later this month, its dubbed the gt r650 uh, its a factory tuned, lightened and fed version of the road going Continental gt, that was the word i would struggle to remember so yeah continental gt, the fairing looks brilliant doesnt, it um no lights and stuff, so you couldnt necessarily ride it on the road. Well, certainly not a night time anyway, but it looks a biz as like. A retro racer, along with a specially developed, fairing and belly pan the racing gtrs, also feature a special stainless race exhaust which boosts power by 12. Well now, these arent particularly powerful bikes anyway, so anyway, anythings worth having so gone from 47 to 53 brake horsepower. Weight has been slashed by 24 kilograms. Now that is a massive weight saving isnt it. I bet this feels great to ride and great fun.

You could thrash it around the track. Can you absolutely pin it theres? Also, a stiffer race tune, suspension, front and rear. No word yet on whether the kit will be available in the uk, but if theres a positive response, then its surely only a matter of time. Well, i said earlier im not necessarily a big track, racer fan, but if you could get one of these for say i dont know, given the cost of these is about what six and a half grand something like that, if you get it with the fairing in That, for maybe seven and a half – and you just called that track day bike and you could enjoy yourself absolutely welding it around your local circuit. I think ill be up for one of those, so its a thumbs up from me to royal enfield. So if they want a bit of positive feedback, theyre, definitely getting it from me lets have them in the uk and yeah probably put me down to buy one. I think they look great. What do you think to those worth doing here in the uk, or not again, comments below interested to see your thoughts on that right? Next, up, easier riders stress, free on the commute fun at weekends, but which is best? This is the uh again this segment. That is very um competitive at the moment. Yeah my tracer 7b v, strom 650, the honda nc750. Now i have to say of all these and again ive been lucky enough to ride them all in various guys over the years, not necessarily the latest versions of all of them um.

I think the nc 750 looks the nicest bike, its a really overlooked bike that um it got a bit of bad press. I think when it was initially launched, because i think there was stuff coming up saying that it was built with half of a half of an engine out of a honda car and it was all a bit lackluster and breathless and stuff. But actually i dont find that to be the case. I did find you have to stir the gear box a lot on it um to get it to move, but if youve got one with dct that no longer becomes a problem, i think the 750 with dct would be absolutely brilliant and what i really like about It is the looks of the bike again. I need to get off my back side of the ranges, but i need to have a chat to my friends at honda, who are also very good to me with regards to loading me bikes and see if i can borrow all these for extended period of time. Id love to get to know one uh, a dct version and ride that around and bring you some long term reports. The v strom, i know, is a lovely bike. Uh ive got the thousand as a sale just had the thousands the 650 some would argue. Is it even better bike because its lighter and easier to manage, uh and then the tracer seven is doing great things for yamaha looks great with its redesign this year as well, so yeah, three great bucks there you wouldnt be disappointed with either what is their verdicts Theyve, given each bike, four stars out of five mcn coming its time, you got more granular with your with your mark and give it 10 stars, and then you can have a bit more variation between them.

Just that star scheme doesnt help us decide between them. Does it, but what does jon arry say? The suzuki is a workhorse of a bike uh. It has the best range, the biggest tank, the most protective fairing and the squishiest seat, but it also has the least impressive motor fair enough. The honda is also workhorse, but is one with a bit more style, tech and practicality. The yamaha, isnt, perfect and taller riders will find it cramped, but its most fun to ride has the best handling and is also the most spirited engine. If that sounds like your motoring, then buy the tracer if youre looking to hack through the traffic wed pick the suzuki, while if you want the best of both worlds, its the honda, so there we go um, i think again, im a bit of a i buy Bikes, probably 70, by the way they look regard, which is outrageous, i know not just down to spec and how they ride, and i think the honda looks the best out of that lot. Also its super practical, because not only can you get it with the dct version, but its got that storage under the where the fuel tank normally is uh, which i think is brilliant. The fuel itself is actually low down, so the center of gravity is nice and low again, making it an easy bike to live with. So for me, id go for the honda uh, then probably the v strom, then probably the tracer again, just my opinion.

Dont hate me for it: if youve, if youve got a tracer im, not saying its a bad bike by any means, theyre all great bikes im just saying for me id probably take the honda, which is um actually the second most expensive, the v strom being the Most expensive all right, thats it for that paper uh. I think im missing one, no good, all right, two more to go still with me right. This is a bumper paper because once a year, mcn do their bike of the year competition and they name the best bike. Uh in various categories so well come to some of those in a moment as we go through, ive just picked out a few of those that ive found surprising, or maybe that i disagree with, but some other stuff first kawasaki hybrid revealed kawasaki say that come 2025. They will be launching an average of 16 new models a year, thats a lot isnt. It kawasaki has also revealed that theyre developing a hydrogen fuel technology for internal combustion engines burning hydrogen instead of petrol means exhaust, would simply be water vapor, while retaining the performance of visceral peel of an internal combustion engine. This is brilliant, isnt it. So, basically, you have something that sounds and feels like a petrol engine, but its running on hydrogen. Absolutely fantastic, now, theres, quite a bit of technology involved. In these i understand for hydrogen to work properly. You have to use direct fuel injection, uh and apparently kawasaki have mastered that uh and also because kawasaki youve got so much expertise in supercharging uh, which is something else you need to do with hydrogen because of the way that the density of hydrogen compares with um Uh with petrol vapor, you need to pump more of it into the cylinders to get the same: combustion ratio, um, uh, again, kawasaki, another thing or two about supercharging motorcycles, so this could actually be a realistic alternative to electric bikes in the future.

For my money id far rather have a hydrogen powered one, albeit ive, got a little bit in the back of my mind, im thinking, oh 101 hindenburg, but anyway um. So as long as it doesnt blow up on you, then i think it sounds like a great, a great idea, so im going to keep my eye out on the kawasakis development of this, because it sounds like something really interesting. Would you be up for a hydrogen bike over an electric one, or are you worried about sitting on a hydrogen bomb pretty like that, maybe its a bit scary anyway? I, like the idea, so well keep an eye on that one over the next few months and years right next up. What do we got here? Our new bike still selling strongly. This is a great news story here in the uk, because, obviously with a pandemic, youd expect things to not be going too well, but it turns out new bike. Sales have bounced back brilliantly so far in 2021, the bmw r1250gs is still britains best selling big bike and has been for absolutely years for good reason. Its a great bike, hondas pcx125, fought back against yamahas nmax125 in september to claim top spot in the one two. Five scooter class and the pcx125 again is a bike. I recently rode i absolutely loved it uh. It comes in that review, review in the corner, uh, but trumps. Speed twin saw to the top of the modern classic category really pleased to hear that im, a speed twin owner, as you may know, and they brought out a new version of the bike.

Um and uh, with all with a few tweaks, really mainly suspension front and changes. I did borrow one a few weeks back and ive got a video in the can coming soon, comparing the new speed twin to my older speed twin. So, if youre interested in that bike, stick around stay tuned for that because its kind of a i come to a conclusion about whether its worth buying a secondhand previous model or whether to go for the newer model um, so that that video is coming up soon. If youre interested in the speed twin but good news that bike sales are holding up strongly next up, sv 650s yellow fever suzuki have added some extra colors to the mid sized v strom 650 and v strom 650 xt adventure machines. I only mentioned this because ive got a thing about yellow on the v strom. I think it looks great, maybe its the golden wheels again thats, sucking me in maybe um. If you want the fancy yellow paint scheme, then youll need to pump the spoked wheel xt, which costs a bit more uh. The biggest draw to the 650, though, is really the price, and the standard mods will just cost seven: nine, nine nine, while the xt with its wire, wheels and hand guards is eight, two, nine nine again great everyday motorcycle. I do love a v strong me and i think in yellow it just looks great all right, um crikey see that just shows how i go by looks of bikes.

They stick gold wheels on it in a yellow paint scheme. Suddenly i love the bike. Ive always loved these strong, so to be fair, retro renaissance. Here we go moto, guzzi v7 stone and thank you to everybody who told me how to pronounce moto gtz. Last time i asked how that worked: got good feedback on that versus the ducati scrambler night shift. Now ive pointed this one out number one, because quite a lot of these comparisons that mcn do and number two, because these are two bikes that actually i dont really like um so ill be interested to see which one they like. If any um. Do you like these bikes um again, i dont be unfair. I havent ridden, i dont, think ive ever ridden the v7 stone ive ridden a few v7 uh v twins and i didnt know what they didnt blow me away. Maybe im missing the point, although i love the idea of a moto guzzi um, the ducati scrambler im a ducati fan, but the scrambler is probably my least favorite of all their range um. This is the 803cc smaller scrambler, the bigger scrambler. Is it its the 1100 that i rode in tuscany a few years back again, if you havent seen that tour with tuscany motorcycle tours ill, stick a link in the corner to that series where i wrote the big brother of the scrambler, and i love that the Smaller one, not so keen on what is the verdict that mcn came up with here, we go theyve, given the motor gutsy four out of five and the scrambler four out of five.

Once again, we cant tell thank you mcn from their scoring uh, which one they prefer. But if we look at the text it says here, uh the gutsy is a revitalized old bike. The scrambler is a retro styled new one. I like that, what weve done there? The stone is the base model, the v7 family. The night shift is top of the scrambler 800 one, although both are significant improvements over the old bikes, particularly the gutsy uh, we wouldnt actually have either wed go for a different variance instead thats interesting, i like that. Um so theyre saying dont go for these variants, dont go for the stone or the knot should go with something else in stone. Spec the gutsy uh a noise and its blackness is drab, go for the six, eight thousand six hundred chrome and twin dials special. Instead, good insight here um and we struggle to justify the 10k plus of the night shift id, have the 8k icon dark if youre going to go for the scrambler instead and save yourself a couple of grand, so there we go thats from phil west hes. Probably my second favorite road tester with mcn so yeah, it doesnt, really say which one they prefer but theyre saying dont go for these particular versions, the stone or the night shift, because theyre a bit overpriced for what you get fair enough right. Next up were going to number five. All right were into the bike of the year stuff.

Now so uh. I just thought id point out a few of these. I first of all had to tell you what mcn gave the overall bike of the year a war ii, and that is the aprilia rs 660., a beautiful, looking midsize sports bike. It says here: sporting superbike inspired, looks quality components and electronics. The rs features slightly lower pegs taller bars, big screen and a comfortable seat allowing riders to enjoy the thrill of sports by ownership without the risk take and saw me so once again, i suspect this is aimed at people like me, maybe slightly maturing in their years, That still love the idea of a sports bike, but find some of the more hairy larry ones a bit too impractical. This one is more practical. Despite euro 5 medline, the 659cc practical twin producers are claiming 99 red horsepower ample for the road again and it outperforms similar size, two pot suzuki sv650 ninja 650 and mt 07 by as much as 32 brake horsepower. If you want to know more about ownership of these bots by the way, do go and check out one of my current favorite youtube channels. That is really good tv really, as in doing a wheelie, not wheely ads in really with a sort of a speech, impediment uh go and see dave there on that channel again, if i remember ill put a link in the description below if youve not watched that Channel before dave is a fantastic producer of videos, a really nice guy so happens.

Ive met him actually as well. Hes recently bought one of these. He also has a royal enfield continental 650 and he has a gs as well, so hes a bit of a collector and he likes similar bikes to me. Um weve got a lot in common um, really nice guy. He makes amazing videos as well hes a bbc cameraman by trade, so he knows how to make a video go and check out his videos if youre interested in the aprilia rs660 subscribe to him and theres plenty more information on that bike there. So there you go little play plug for you, there dave um, but he is definitely worth watching go and have a look at daves channel, really good tv right next up next one. I want to point out theyve, given the best sub 1000 naked of the year category, to the ducati monster, which i completely agree with. This is a bike again, i wrote relatively recently when my panigale was in for a service. If ive got enough cards left ill. Put a link in the corner to uh that video as well. This bike surprised me: i really loved it. So this, i think, is a is a great winner for this category. 10 536 gets you the monster. It is a beautiful bike to ride. Look at gives you a bit that italian um exotica again really like that. Really nice bike, next up, um heavyweight boxers theyve been best cruiser of the year to the bmw r18.

This one, i completely disagree with now. I dont know if its, because they have to give these awards to bikes that come out this year. Maybe they try and bias it that way, im not even sure what the r18 did to be honest, but i wouldnt give the r18 this one ill. Give the harley davidson fat boy, this award, which i know has been around for donkeys years, but having ridden both recently. I way prefer the fat boy, the bmws, beautiful, to look at and a beautiful thing to behold, its like art but riding it. I just found two hard work. I can live with its too heavy to lug around um. I would rather have some of the other bikes that they mentioned it like the truck rocket three uh, which is again an amazing bike uh, but id still rather have the harley over that who would have thought so there you go disagree with that. One uh! Next up well im picking up things that are surprises. Maybe this is the best do it all bike of the year, the ducati multistrada v4s have already sung the praises of the multistrada. Well, theyve made the v4s their best overall. Do it all bike, which is incredible? I mean this is an expensive machine, yet it still comes out top and mcn. Take things a lot of value for money into approach into account when they take when they make these awards, so its 18756 for the v4s and theyve, given it its best overall bike, which i dont disagree with id, say ive yet to ride one.

But i ive. Never seen ive not seen a bad review of this bike. It looks beautiful im thoroughly open to the idea that it is a great bike, so uh again see if i can roll one of those next year and then i couldnt get to go through these awards. Without mentioning the best adventure part of the year 2021 for mcn is once again the bmw r1250gs in adventure guys, but i think it supplies across the board the gs. You know im a gs fan. I absolutely love that bike. I think its the best all rounder. Actually, potentially, i would have given the gs, the best all rounder title um and maybe give the uh maybe give the multistrada the best adventure by the year. I dont know either way either way, theyre both worthy winners of those titles, because theyre both great great bikes and its great, to see that the gs is still doing amazing things, even though it has things against it. Like you know, everybody says that its an old mans bike and old tech box has been around for years and all that stuff all a load of rubbish ride, one if you havent done so youll see why its so popular its a great bike so worthy winner. There as well, so thank you mcn for doing that. Little um um study across the board, one more before we stop on the box of the year theyve, given the bmw, r1250rt um the best tourer.

It always wins this category. I disagree with this one. I do like the rt dont get me wrong, its a lovely bike, but if money is no object, i think the honda gold wing is by far a nicer bike to ride. In my i just dont think theres a better touring bike. Now i do have a honda gold wing, so people are going to say youre biased, but the reason i have one is because i bought one because i thought it was the best touring bike. So you know chicken and egg there, but uh yeah. I think i would go for the the gold wing over the rt any day. That said, i mentioned earlier that um bmw take into account value for money. It might be that the cost of the gold wing, if you get the dct tour with airbag, like mine, is pretty much twice the basic cost of the r1250rt and its not twice the buy ill. Give you that, but anyway, interesting that theyve gone for that it always wins uh there we go so that was it for the um bikes of the year. I think one more story here coming of age. This is interesting. Cf moto brings chinese bikes in line with big name brands. Now i often mention chinese bikes ive just done a review actually of the sinis on my channel a couple of videos ago can check that out. I wasnt well that was a nice bike to ride the fit and finish on it was appalling and uh, and it kind of put me off that whole idea a bit this one, maybe maybe its changing that well see so uh mike armitage.

Here deputy editor has said, this is quite a big deal. We were used to accepting small super cheap chinese boxes, pretty much disposable and now larger ones need accessing with their low price at front of mind. But the cf moto marks the moment when a chinese built machine can be judged against established, rivals without caveat so thats, quite something isnt. It hes saying this is up there with the best of them. The clx does the job of ducati scrambler icon, with a better ride and a 2 200 saving, its comfier and nicer on a sunday thromb than triumphs trident uh, which costs eleven hundred more and while its not as fruity as the yamahas xsr 700 is 900 cheaper And it also comes with a four year warranty, which is quite something isnt it. It looks, good ive, never ridden a cf moto mcn are saying this bike is uh, maybe at last. This is where we see chinese quality really coming of age. Again, im always saying it ignore chinese bikes at your peril. Yes, there are some duds out there, but it looks like there are some pretty good ones coming through too so keep your eye out on the cf motors. Okay. How are we doing for time? Still with me, excellent right last paper, only a couple of stories here to pull out uh and then ill. Let you go and then weve got some parish notices, of course, so do stick around to the very end.

This isnt, just a paper review, meant to mention that at the start, paris notes has got some interesting stuff to tell you there modifying could be made illegal. This is a terrible story check this out. Mag calls on bikers to respond to new plans that could make fitting non oem parts a crime. Can you believe this dfts future of transport review has come out and it says that under the proposed changes, it would be a crime to tamper with the system, part or component of a vehicle intended or adapted to be used on a road now. This is the case of one of these unintended consequences: type legislation – if this comes to being colin brown, mags director of campaigns and political engagement, says as the owner of a motorcycle with less oem parts than aftermarket ones. You can imagine my reaction. This renewed attack on the right to do what you want with your own property is not something that i can see. Many motorcyclists welcoming. The reasons for the proposed changes are twofold: one is emissions standards and the other one is because um the government trying to get ahead of autonomous vehicles where theyre saying that uh the safety of autonomous vehicles entirely reliant on the system doing as expected. So you start changing things with autonomous. If it was, they may not do as expected, and therefore that should be made illegal. I get that maybe they should make this legislation only apply then to autonomous vehicles.

Why apply it across the board so that motorcycles get impacted too? This would be nightmare. It means we wouldnt be able to put our own exhaust on. We couldnt put a belly pan on change. The mirrors anything like that, which we absolutely dont want to do. If you feel strongly about this, like i do, then you can get involved in the government. Consultation again ill put a link below in the description to this one. This is important to click on this when youre done with watching the video. The consultation is very short, its only eight weeks, long rather than usual 12, and you can put your thoughts in there again ill, put a link below its a smart survey. Um. So look for the smart survey link below and go and put your thoughts in there. Clearly, the government has some good intentions with these proposals. However, its clear that the knock on effect of what they have suggested would be ruinous for the motorcycle industry. This is a big deal. Weve got to do something about this folks. Go in there go and fill out that um follow that link fill out the feedback right letter here, following up from what we just talked about with cf moto. This is uh from andrew thought. Actually, an email, he said, um really good review on the cf moto 700cl, the chinese bike we just looked at uh. I noticed the service intervals are still only three thousand miles for the cf motor, whereas a trump trident is every ten thousand good point.

Looking if youd ride ten thousand miles per annum, which not many bikers do but but lets just park that for now, if youre riding ten thousand per annum lets just use ballpark numbers and say 10k per year for four years at 150 per service, the trough would Cost 600, whereas the cf motor would be nearly 21950 so thereby clawing back more than the price difference. To start with an interesting thought that wasnt mentioned in that article, so something bear in mind, do look at service intervals. Um i mean again, who really does ten thousand uh? Actually, these three thousand of the cf moto is pretty much what i think thats the average for bikers per year anyway, so its probably realistic. So it may not be important for you, but if you are a high mileage biker, then that is something maybe to consider servicing costs might become a factor all right. Last story before onto parish. Notices then – and this is the review of the new suzuki um gt – the um uh gsx s 1000 – gt to give it its full title um. So, as i say, the launch i think, was uh well a couple of weeks ago now up in a rainy, scotland, um my mate richie veda went go and check out his videos. I didnt go on this one uh. I was elsewhere in the sunshine, hence the tan have. I said that already um 11 599. This is going to cost you, which, i think is a bargain for what youre getting the suzuki is for smiley sunday morning, tarmac and big road trips, just like the kawasaki ninja s1000 sx, its gunning for the 999 inline 4, makes 150 brake horsepower, which is blisteringly Fast, when you rev it hard its also tuned for low down grunt uh, well, thats good um standard issue up down quick shifter as well, which are always fun arent.

They um its got abs and five stage: traction control, but theres, no imu gyro, so its not its, not lean, angle, sensitive, abs, um and traction control, but thats those only come into play in very specific um use cases. So i wouldnt worry too much about that. The ride is supremely comfortable. It says here: leg room is generous, theres very little not to like about the bike, its properly sorted and well thought out – and this is michael news saying this, so this is a guy whom i trust it says here: suzukis new gsx s, 1000 is effortlessly, quick, Comfortable practical, reassuring and uh exciting too exactly what a sports tour should be. This is great news: superb value for all the metal, tech and performance. You get its suzukis best bike in a very long time. There you go, you dont get much more praise than that. Do you uh michael needs, absolutely loves. The bike cannot wait to have a go again suzuki. If i can have one put me on your list quite soon, because i love it love going one of these. It looks great im happy to ride in the winter. Itll. Be a proper test that way um, but anyway there we go hopefully ill get my hands on one at some point, but it does look good and the these initial reviews are saying it goes as good as it looks. Alrighty thats it for the paper review, a quick bit of parish notices for those of you that watch the channel regularly.

Oh dont, forget tmf merchandise, mugs, t shirts, all that sort of game at, Music Applause right moving on parish notices, then eagle, eyed uh. Amongst you may have noticed at the beginning of this video, a new sponsor has joined the clan, its a company called or biker heads they thats sort of a rebranding of a company called tran. Am that actually uh, you may not realize, are the uks largest supplier of premium motorcycle clothing and accessories im, absolutely thrilled that theyve come aboard and are now sponsoring the channel from well technically the first of november onwards, but youve seen the youve seen the logo at The start and finished so you now know who biker heads are youre going to be seeing and hearing more about those in the next few weeks and months. So thank you to those guys for coming aboard without sponsors and patreons and members. I just couldnt sustain the missing and fly so thats thats great news um. Another thing i want to mention uh, if youre at loose end this weekend coming the national motorcycle museum and once again running their nmm, live event, its free of charge to go its at birmingham uh. I dont know if you know the national motorcycle museum, but its just near the nec there, so its centrally located in the country its running over two days. This time, usually it used to be just one day, so its the 30th and 31st of october at the national motorcycle museum, its free of charge.

Aha, were back sorry about that. I said the camera might overheat and thats exactly what happened. So apologies. I think this time maybe i invested in that new gopro after all, anyway, where were yes, the national motorcycle museum live this coming weekend, its free of charge as well. There might be a slight charge if you go in your car for parking, but its free to get in, and the great thing is theres lots of free of charge. Attractions things like henry cole and friends me all mate. Henry cole is going to be there together with another male mates. Um alan millard theyre, going to be giving a series of talks together with people like peter hickman, john mcinnes, guy willison and others and again to say its all free of charge so go down. There show the national motorcycle museum – some love theyve had a tough time through the year pandemic. So so, if you are afraid the weekend go and check that out, itll be a great event wish.