The monthly roundup of all thats been going on here in the world of motorcycles in the uk. Ive got another four mtns to go through and an adventure bike rider magazine this month. So, stick around stay tuned lets crack on with the news Music right, so thats, quite exciting isnt. It ive got a copy of adventure bike rider magazine because uh last bike, news uh. I think i put something on my instagram and uh yeah theres a picture thats right on my little setup here as i was recording bike news uh and the editor of abr said looks like youre missing our magazine. So i said: can you do anything about it and he kindly sent me a copy of the magazine. Ive now got a subscription uh to that as well, so well be getting bits out of adventure bike rider every other month, because that comes out every two months. As well so uh, thank you for that anyway. Mca. Can you believe march already gone its just incredible? Where does the time go? I cannot believe it so dont forget at the end of this video i will be bringing you some parish notices with some news about stuff thats, going on uh with the channel plus uh some little ideas of some new features that i maybe want you help with. As well so, stick around to the very end, if youre a fan of the channel uh, because i could do with your help with some of those things, uh and yeah, well be doing that in parish.

Notices all right, thats enough waffle lets crack on with the news now. Normally i prepare these a bit in advance, so i know what stories are coming up, but i didnt do that this time. I cant quite remember what ive tagged here. So its news to me as well as you right first story here, more brit built trump. Sorry, i remember now. Do you remember a couple of years back when trump announced they were moving much more of their production to the middle east, caused the right old, hoo ha didnt it because uh triumph, of course do make great play the fact that they are a british company uh. Some of these special editions were still made at the factory, but most of it went over to their factories in thailand. I think theyve got two factories there and a number of people were laid off so its a bad news story. Uh for traffic really well, the good news is things are turning around. It seems at trough and more jobs, and the factory is gearing up again here in the uk over at hinckley. So it says here: traffic massively ramping up the uk production in a move that will more than travel output from the hinckley factory and create nearly 100 new jobs after a big rise in uk and european sales. What great news that is, chief commercial officer, paul stroud, said well: have the centre of design excellence at hinckley and expanded production capability as well.

It will start progressively at a rate of 15 000 a year. Uh then well go up very quickly to beyond 20 000 bucks a year, doesnt tell you which fighters are going to make there by the way i dont think well carry on uh. He predicts the factory will be running at full capacity within the nine month. Within nine months, starting with the tiger 1200, while the tiger 900 speed triple and rocket, three will follow before the end of the year. So it looks like those the bikes are going to be made there with norton opening a new factory facility just up the road bsa promising an all new manufacturing base in the midlands and royal enfields strong uk r d base. Could we be witnessing the return of british motorcycling manufacturers glorious heyday, well lets hope so great to have such a good news story glad to hear that trump for doing that again it uh it just makes sense isnt it from a well just from all points of View really, if theyre going to make a you know big deal about being a british brand, then its right there, some bikes are made in the uk, so great news from traffic. There next story, fantic on the up new factory, new engines and even new bikes from resurgent italian brand. Now this is the this is fantic which uh i wrote the caballero. I borrowed it from crazy horse a couple of years ago, really like that little bike, uh and uh.

It was a its a lovely sort of scrambler type of bike, but it had an engine in it that was sourced from china, which uh always for some reason is a problem. The rest of the bike made in italy, designed in literally but because the engine was made in china, got a bit of a bad rap anyway says here: fanta are going from strength to strength with big plans for the future uh developing, affordable new products in different Sectors which embody lots of emotion, enduro, flat track, scrambler and rally uh, says: um roman, the technical director, apparently of uh frantic one of the side effects of their success has been their ability to purchase minorelli from yamaha. So not only are they now in a position to start building all their own engines, which is great news. Um theyll also be supplying them to others. Within two years roman says every fantaic will be 100 built in italy uh with their own engine, so they will. No longer have to rely on zhongshen, which is the factory in china, but actually is uh is one of the better chinese factors it produces bikes. I remember rightly for the likes of um whos, the owners of aprilia uh. You know the lot i mean they make scooter engines, they do make some preliar engines. I think they might do some ktm as well, not sure anyway, in the case of fantic thatll, be no more soon because theyre going to start building their own engines.

So another great new story there. As far as im concerned right, um multistrada gets more moved to make ducatis v4 better for shorter riders. Now this is a fantastic update. I rode the multistrada v4 recently. My videos are currently going up on that. I think ive got one more video coming on the v4, the mighty multistrada, where i do a comparison of that bike against the gs which i know is something that a lot of people have been asking about so stay tuned to the channel. If youre interested in that particular comparison anyway, one of the complaints i had about the bike was that uh to put the heating grips on uh, you had to press the grips button. Then, on the other handlebar, you had to navigate some menus to turn the um heat, your grips on uh and then, when you turn the bike off, the heat grips went off and you get to do that all again. When you turn the bar back on again right or hassle, glad to say uh ducati have done a software update. So when you next take your bike in uh to be serviced or whatever theyll update the software for you and it puts that right. So now you can turn the heaty grips on uh, just using the button you dont have to faff about, and there are some other changes as well, which sound pretty cool. So let me read this to you: ducati have updated their multistrada v4 range for 2022, adding a new iceberg, white paint, job and a range of electronic updates.

The ducati semi active electronic suspension gets a new feature called minimum preload. This is this sounds great. This allows you to reduce the bikes ride height, making it easier to manage at slow speeds and around town. Now our understanding of this is is when you get on the bike or when you start the bike up and press the button, the suspension button it lowers and then it only goes um higher. When you go over 70 miles now, i think thats the case. So if youre shorty like me its going to make the bike much more accessible, not that it was too inaccessible anyway, but certainly if youre shorter than me this is going to this is going to help so uh so yeah. So your next update at your ducati daily, you should get this minimum preload feature and youll get the heated grips feature as well, so make sure you ask for that if they dont mention it to you so thats great use, those are improvements and of course, i Recorded my multistrada videos way before this news came out so ill, probably whinge about the heated grips again in the next video you see in the course thats now irrelevant. So i do know that i know ill get a load of comments saying oh theyve fixed it. Now, in an upload, i know they have ill record my videos, some months in advance other than this one im recording this on tuesday, its uh 20 to 12 and ill be uploading it to youtube all things willing um tomorrow morning, at 7 15.

. So this one is very much up to date, all right next up, perfect storm five days, a thousand miles and three storms confirm the tiger sports genius. This is the tiger sport 660. Another bike that i recently wrote a video on the channel ill put a link in the corner somewhere to that one. If youre interested really enjoyed this bike, actually i didnt think i was going to hint why i held off riding it for a bit because i you know when i saw pictures of it. I thought thats just a mundane. Do it all, but actually its a great great fun bike, really good value, and i really loved it, but lets see what mcn said about it in the verdict here. This is from michael knees, my favorite mcn tester. He says uh. The traffic target sport 660 has proved to be an all rounder thats, so capable it belies its price power and engine size wholeheartedly agree. I found exactly the same aside from going off road theres, nothing, it cant do its lightness, smooth controls, friendly power and slick gearbox, make it easy to live with over big distances, but impressively its also stable, grippy and fun in corners, regardless of whether the surface is Wet or dry now the the review i did, i think, was pretty much entirely in the wet uh, but i did get to ride the bike in the drawer as well, and i couldnt agree with nievzy moore, absolutely fantastic bike, its a really good fun machine, as He says it belies the price.

The tiger sport 660 is hugely capable and great value for money, but wed have never predicted just how well it would have handled life on uk road roads, yeah agreed, eight thousand four hundred and fifty will get your tiger. Sport 660.. Uh, if you fancy a bike that will do a bit of everything, then this is a great one to consider or if youre, just new into biking. You want your first big bike. Youre gon na do a lot worse than the tiger sports 660. Im telling you its a great great machine, all right next up: a quality, low cloth, low cost, classic royal emperors new four and a half k classic 350 hearts back to a bygone era of british motorcycling. Now this is a bike that i was very interested to hear about the old classic 500 that roy enfield built. I love the looks of it but boy. It was a bit the dog when it came to riding it, but very, very popular. I made a video on that years ago and i think its probably my top five most viewed videos ever uh, which is incredible. So i was very keen to get hold of this new uh classic 350, which i have now done and again posted a video that im running out of links. I can only do five of these links per video, so if ive got one left ill, stick one in the corner to my classic 350 review, love that bike uh, unfortunately, one i borrowed was laden with accessories that i didnt think actually helped, but the standard bike.

I think looks brilliant if youre looking at the pictures here, what do mcn say they say uh, there are no uh royal enforcers new for afk classic 350 hearts back to a bygone era of british motorcycling. There are no panel gaps or dodgy welds and it gives off the impression of a bike costing more than its sub five grand ticket. I would agree its hard to fathom just how royal enfield can sell the 350 so cheaply at 44′ on the road. Now that is a good price isnt it for a new bike, its more wallet friendly than a lot of mass produced, japanese 125s, many of which are draped in endless plastic and share. None of the enfields charm couldnt agree more. If i had more space id 100 have one of these new royal enfield classic 350 same engine as the meteor really smooth single um piston engine on here dont know how theyve done it: thats, clever, flywheels and balancing, i guess, but yeah it looks great, goes well Really nice bike and 44′. The verdict here from dan sutherland, the classic 350, is so much better than any 4500 single has any right to be a delightful blend of modest power, build quality and quaint styling. The classic is slightly let down by lack of feel from the brakes. You could also benefit from a sixth gear and a slightly higher top speed yeah, but youre paying four four three nine. So i mean we can forgive it a few little foibles cant be, but overall it doesnt feel like a cheap and nasty machine in any way.

Quite the opposite, in fact, so yeah check one of those out if youre at all interested in getting a classic in your garage, alrighty thats the first paper im up against time. Im always getting told i speak too fast. I do apologize. Youll just have to listen quicker but im having to do this on one battery on my gopro im, recording it and without overheating ive got a little fan underneath the camera lets hope it keeps going how we doing all right next up here, super touring superbike. Now this is a buell they, madam, it says the buell make mad 182 brake horsepower v twin adventure tourer check the looks of this thing out now it might be super practical, but my goodness me its a humdinger in the ugly stakes isnt it. I really havent seen a bike as awful looking as this for a long long time now, sometimes bike, surprise you dont, know and theyre better in the flesh, the uh harley davidson pan american is one such example, the even the ducati street fighter. I first really didnt like when i saw the pictures, but in the flesh a beautiful bike. I dont think this ones going to work somewhere. I mean look at this: the lights at the front that do it isnt it anyway lets read what it says here. Buell have burst back on the scene in a big way, unveiling two new bikes powered by the engine from their hammerhead 1190.

. The super touring is powered by the 119 v twin from the hammerhead, which itself is a board out version of the 1125r developed by rotax. For bill interesting, i know road tax, of course, because uh, one of my other hobbies, is flying small aircraft and rotax make lots of engines for light aircraft. Very reliable, very well made machines. I think theyre swiss company actually says here: uh hammerheads, wet weight, minus fuel was 190 kilograms, so wed expect this to be around 235 kilograms, fueled to the brim. So quite a heavy bike, uh buellers saying they plan to put the super tour into production in the autumn, with a recommended retail price of approximately sixteen thousand seven hundred pounds so uh yeah, i can think of better ways of spending. Sixteen thousand seven hundred quid – is it just me, or is that really ugly as f anyway might just be me so its entirely a personal opinion dont get too upset if you love it all right, moving on right next up another royal enfield story: classy specials, as Enfield celebrate 120th birthday. Now these look absolute corkers dont. I think weve mentioned them before on bike news, but they are now available. I think these are their uh special editions, uh bikes to celebrate 120th anniversary lets, read what ive highlighted here. Royal enfield have unveiled a pair of special edition 650s for their 120th anniversary, the limited run of interceptor and continental gts debuted in a flash sale uh on monday.

Well, this will be a few weeks ago. Monday. Now now we expect the uk allocation to be long gone by the time you read this and it was. I checked out the website. Theyve all gone, so you cant have one of these. Even if you want one, just 120 60 of each were made available with europe and only 11 of each model, uh available for buyers in the uk, so youve got no chance getting one of these. The tanks on the special editions are finished in this black chrome scheme, its sort of a sort of a dark silver. It looks a real quality finish. I think it looks amazing. Now the special editions are sporting, blacked out engines and silencers like that. Handmade die, cast brass tank badge, adorns each machine and last but not least, each special edition also has a side panel that pays tribute to nfls 120 year history. Special edition, interceptor 650 is priced at 8150, while the continental gt8350, so yeah lovely, looking bikes and what shame they only made so few, because i reckon if theyd made this on a mass produced, um basis and still charged. Eight thousand three hundred quid for the most expensive one theyd still fly off the shelves id buy one of them for eight thousand three hundred quid. I think it looks amazing, so uh yeah anfield come on knock out something a bit similar, but all of us can buy okay. Moving on.

Oh, this is uh. I love a bit of technology me. This is just a story that caught my eye. This is amazing. Press print for super light bikes – it says here so this here. This picture main picture is a 3d printed bike frame and what struck me about it is apparently its been developed. The structure using some clever mathematical algorithm to work out the strength and so on and to me it looks like a natural skeleton doesnt it so its just uh its one of those things where i think oh blah isnt evolution. Amazing. It comes up with this itself, but if evolution was making a motorbike, this is what it would look like anyway. I digress lets read what it says about it. This 3d printed frame could be revolutionary in the design and manufacturing of future race bikes promising to be lighter than alloy or titanium. Apparently this was made at the nebrija university in madrid um, and it says here because the 3d printing isnt fast its unlikely to be used for mass produced bikes um its some of the highlights here. The frame tubes are all hollow with walls. Just point eight mill to one mil thick, making it incredibly light. Despite being made of steel, the layout, the triangulated tubes is created using a computer algorithm to maximize strength with reduced weight. I think thats very clever uh. It weighs in 3.8 kilograms, whereas a normal alloy chassis would be around about five kilograms or a steel one, six to seven kilograms, so massive weight saving uh the chassis is made using a standard wide available powdered steel using existing existing additive manufacturing 3d printing technology.

Well. Well, i mean its probably irrelevant for you and me i dont suppose were going to see these anytime soon because they do take a long time to print and no doubt are expensive. But i guess well be seeing these on on race bikes in the near future. Fascinating uh, 3d printing is just one of those amazing game. Changing technologies isnt it potentially well see how that goes right. New trip is right up your street big changes as trump tests and olins equipped 765 triple now. This sounds interesting. Traffic working on a top spec street, triple to take over from the rs, is the pinnacle of the 765 pile. Now. This is something that um i find a little bit annoying actually with trout, farm im, a big trump fan, as you will have gathered, but theyll bring out a bike, uh its great everybody, raves about it, and you want to go and buy one, and you know Maybe you do buy one and then a few months later, theyll bring out an rs version which is slightly better than the one you bought. So you feel a little bit miffed, but you those that bought the rs feeling. Quite you know: cat thats got the cream and then a few months later they do something that overtakes the rs some special edition. Anyway, i digress well carry on so this one says: the showa forks are gone in favor of shimmering gold, olins, nice uh, clear changes to the bodywork, the face of the bike in front the headlight has been modified.

There are also new plastics alongside the radiators. The big question that remains is whether this new bike will replace the rs i could do or if it will sit above it as a higher spec version or as a limited edition like trumps tfc range. Well, whatever happened to them, remember them uh. We expect it to be around 11 500 pounds. What a great bike the street triple is. If you didnt uh gather, i sold my street triple a couple of months ago, much to my chagrin, its gone to a good home um, but i love that bite. I just didnt ride it as much as my other box and i dont ride those very much so it really was just a garage queen, but i do miss it. It was a lovely, lovely bike and yeah one day. I can see me buying another street triple so if this is going to be an updated version, maybe this is the way to go anyway. Well, keep our eyes on that cant. Wait to see how that develops. Next up naked attraction, uh ducatis new street fighter v2 meets its highly desirable 15k italian rivals. Now. This is interesting to me because, as i mentioned earlier, did i mention earlier: ive got the street fighter v2 in the garage at the moment, its a bike im currently testing uh, so theyre, putting it up against the aprilia tuono uh and the mv augustu brutality. 800.. Now ive not ridden the well ive written the 200 v4 1100 im not running the smaller one, the 660, which will be interesting to ride interesting that they put the bigger one up against the uh street fighter v2 uh lets face it.

When we talk about these being smaller bikes, things like the street fighter, it is 955cc, so its hardly small. Is it anyway lets see what their what their verdict was? I dont want to give away what i think of the the small street fighter lets see what uh what mike armitage said. So he said all three are generally very good. Indeed, each has its attraction. The ducati is in second place a remarkable bike and wonderful derived, but like the v4 version has electronics that are so effective. They almost sanitize the experience, thats very interesting. The tuono v4 manages to be bewilderingly fast, super sharp and thrilling. It also practical, civilized and flattering its sensational. Mcn love the 200. It always comes out top on any of the reviews that they do um. I love it too. I must admit, and given its been around for a while now, albeit with some tweaks and changes, it still stays at the top of the part. An amazing bike must try and get hold of one of these new ones, not that easy for me to get aprilias but uh. I would like to get in a pretty good tone. V4. Give it another try, because its been a while, since a robot all right, thats, the second paper, how we doing paper number three. What do we got here scrambled for life around town? Oh yet another royal anfield story: theyve been hogging the paper of late. So this is a new himalayan based scrambler, that theyve come out with uh its called the scrambler for scram 411, and i think it looks really really great um.

The himalayan has got a lot of plaudits isnt it, but personally its not about i very much like i just think the agricultural look and utilitarian look of it just isnt for me, but, and also it didnt ride that well and but great value for money. Very rugged its built for you know for purpose. This, however, built on amazingly built on the same sort of chassis just with a few tweaks and changes, and i think it looks great and i think its cheaper than the himalayan as well. So this looks uh looks like a good bike anyway. Lets read what ive highlighted here: royal enfield have unveiled the scram 411 a strip back himalayan or himalayan as its correctly pronounced adventure bike thats been fettled for tackling the urban jungle. With its simple look and design playful colorways accessible, riding piece of proposition. The scram 411 is an ultimate adb, crossover for the urban environment, so the implication here being that it looks like a scrambler but really its one of these um sort of hipster around town box. I dont care on a golf road anyway. It suits me, the biggest change is the swap to a 19 inch front wheel from the 21 inch. The other major change is that the fairing has clearly gone and it has a high mud garden. I think its made the bike look so much better for it. Uh theres also a new single piece seat: uh royal enfield, remaining tight lipped about the price, but a himalayan or himalayans, i should say currently starts at four six.

Nine nine um and wed expect the scram to come in similar money by the time it arrives and dealers by early summer this year, so one to keep a look out for really looking forward to having a go on this one again its one of those boats That just really appeals to me and what great value again, if i had space id, probably have one of these in the classic in my garage, i need to get an extension all right. Moving on to my garage sales before anyone else says anything a fresh angle on bike security, so this here is um, basically a test to see how easy it is to cut through locks and what we can do about it, because this is one of the issues. Isnt it that all these um devilish thieves these days are using these um portable angle, grinders and pretty much theyll get through anything give them time. So what it says here, theres a feeling is that if a thief really wants to get your bike, theyll get it and this isnt helped by the ready available to battery powered angle. Grinders there you go with my scouts, badging metal destruction attained. This is ben clark. Hello ben, if youre watching um, i did meet ben once on trip nice fella. He says with my scouts badger metal destruction attained. I set about doing my worst to image: fours apex pro ground anchor, which is rated motorcycle diamond in soul, secure testing.

Now this is from image: four security theyre the same people that make the garage door barriers, theyre, also sponsors of the channel um, but i think their products are absolutely amazing. I would say that, but ive got two of those garage door barriers and they are brilliantly made thoroughly recommend them to the house and theyre. Now, theyve now made this uh super secure ground anchor as well. I think its safe to say that the apex pro is impervious to attack in a real world setting with sparks flying and a screaming angle. Grinder in your hand, in someone elses garage thats, what ben says anyway, um so hes a fan of it? Basically, so that that then means i guess the weakest link is the chain itself isnt it. So i guess the idea is: keep the chain off the ground if you can to make it hard to get the grinder out and anyway, this is going to be in your garage. This uh this ground anchor with the chain uh youre, going to hear somebody in there having to go at it, arent you but yeah. If you want to go super secure, get yourself the defender ground anchor its just another step, isnt it. You know. If you, you have to think of security, always think of it as a nun in last of security, the more you can do, the more you can uh put off thieves, getting your bike, but i do kind of agree that if theyre really determined theyll get it, I heard of someone somewhere that their roof was taken off the garage and the bike was actually craned out of the garage.

Can you believe that i dont know if its true or not might be an urban myth anyway? Best of all worlds is the speed triple rr the perfect blend of superbike and super naked. Now this is the sort of sporty version of the speed triple ive, been watching chopsys review of this in the last week or so hes a big fan of it um. I mean, and it does look nice. I havent seen one in the flesh yet im getting one of these. I think next week, for a couple of weeks from trump uk, i cant wait to get my hands on it because im a fan of the speed triple im wondering with this, though, does it uh give you basically its not a full on sports bike? So you dont get everything you want from a sports bike and youve lost the comfort of the naked speed triples im wondering if its a good idea or not, i dont, know i reserve judgement until ive, seen it in the flesh and ridden it of course. But what have mcn said about it lets whip over to their verdict. Oh, this is an easy again not as easy to live with as youd think. This is interesting. Uh trumps new speed, triple rr has superbike aping acceleration handling and tech, its classy and well equipped too, which gives it a luxurious feel, but dont expect it to be easier to live with than the superbike youre.

Leaving behind this is my fear. With this bike. Actually, uh put it this way if you struggle to fit comfortably on a gsxr 1000 for any period of time. Youll struggle with this slimline triumph, thats very interesting im going to be focusing on this when i, when i borrow it um, if you want the performance of a superbike mixed in with comfort and ability to enjoy life at road speeds, as super naked still makes the Most sense, and if you want the best of all the utterly brilliant aprilia toronto v4 factory is the way to go once again. A big uh thumbs up for the aprilia v4 uh factory looks, of course, completely different to the uh to the triumph, but uh yeah nieves is a fan of that always has been. I guess always will be all right. Moving on tiger stalks its prey, the biggest threat to bmws gs dominance is the all new tiger, 1200 gt pro and gt explorer now weve seen a lot of this in social media over the last couple of weeks. Have me all the uh journals and some influencers? I guess on one of those um, although i dont go to launches ive, been out um to ride this bike in the sunshine weve seen loads of videos, all look exactly the same on the same bike in the same location, saying the same thing. So i take those all with a pinch of salt. I cant wait to get my hands on one of these on a wet day in slough to see what its actually like now ive, never seen one in the flesh.

Yet i missed out seeing it at the nec looking at this, it looks quite nice um. For me, the disappointing thing is that the off road version, which always has the spokes and the slightly higher riding position, always has the best color scheme only that green and white um. I would love to have one of these, its maybe a replacement for my gs, but i want the green and white one and i dont go off road, so itd be a bit wasted, plus im a bit shorty. So please please, please try. Can we have the green and white one available on either the gt or the gt, explorer uh or whatever the off road ones called? I cant quite remember anyway, lets see what mcn have said here after three generations, the old tiger needed a radical overhaul. That is an understatement: the old tiger 1200 great on paper, horrible in practice, so heavy it was incredible um. While they carry the target 1200 name, they are very different. In fact, they are far closer related to the tiger 900 family. It says here which is good news, because the target 900 awesome bike, but i think i made that my buck of the year last year, brilliant target 900 owners will instantly recognize the all new motor and its t plane crank. Unlike the turbine, like feel of the old tiger 1200, when you pull away as a slightly chuggy sensation laid down, that makes you question if its a triple at all now im wondering if this is a good idea.

I love triples. If this was nice and smooth and given people are likely to buy these to go touring on, i think smoothness is key. So im going to be very interested to see when i get to ride one, how chunky is that? Is it something thats going to annoy you again? Somebody doesnt go off road id rather have a triple smoothness and the triple noise than the chubbiness, but again ill reserve judgment until ive ridden it um. What else to say here when youre working it the engine vibrates which trunks clay, make it more engaging, but at constant motorway speed, this buzz remains now thats bad news, so theyre pitching this as a gs beater, if its buzzy at motorway speeds theyre on to a Loser immediately, the all new chassis has given the gt, a much needed boost of agility and it can be thrown around on back roads with gusto and again those reviews ive seen. I think it was at portugal that people were riding it. I noticed i dont think anyone of those reviews i saw actually came out and said it is better than the gs. I think one i think i saw the one from bennetts. I think it was michael mann, not sure it might have been. Chad said that it was up there with the best, but didnt say that it actually beat the gs. So again time will tell sales will show us wont they id love it to beat the gs.

Id love a british manufacturer to get an absolute winner in the category, but i think when youre chasing a class leader like that im, not sure youve got to come out with something radically different and radically better to actually leapfrog. You so again well see um verdicts out for me personally, so ive ridden it lets. Uh just continue here with what mcn said: uh is it as agile as a gs? I think the fact that bmw characters, weight, low and runs the tele lever front will make the german slightly more assured on bumpy back roads. So there we go immediately. Suddenly the gs gets a tick aside from missing radar assisted cruise control. It has hard to fault the tech, not too worried about technology. Blind spot detection works excellently as a generally helpful safety assistant. I love blind spot detection, had it on the um multistrada brilliant bit of safety gear uh taking the 16700 pro for comparison. A similar spec gs costs 17 505, while the multistrada cost 195.95. So pricing wise its about right. You know just slightly cheaper than the main competition, so in terms of value for money, the tiger is the bargain of the class. Is it a gs beta on the road? It will be close. It says here so well have to draw our own conclusions. The little verdict here from john arie trump have been congratulated on have to be congratulated. What can only be described as a radical transformation of the tiger 1200? Well from for me, it was starting from a relatively low bar the new generation of adventure, bike more than lives up to its promise and in terms of its performance handling and technology.

Theyre, certainly on a par with the gs. Doesnt say it beats it. So then, its down to you know, do you think its better when you ride it, do you like the way it looks compared to a gs and, of course, theres rumor, which may be more than that of a new gs? 1300, just around the corner so personally ill be waiting to see that before ill make any radical decisions, but i definitely definitely want to have a go on this id love it to be better than the gs, but from what ive seen im, not sure, yet that It is but again jurys out right next up three more stories from here: honda hawk 11 delivers retro cool check this out, uh bullet, fair twin shares, engine and parts with the nt 1100 and africa. Twin honda have previewed a new hawk 11 ahead of an official unveiling at the tokyo show this friday. I think that was last friday. The hawk 11 is based on hondas new nt 1100 tourer, its self derived from the frame and engine of the africa twin adventure bike, while hawk 11 is certain to reach production, theres no official word on price or when it will be available and its also not Currently planned to be sold in europe, so there we go. Who knows they could change their mind. I mean for me. It reminds me very much of the old um or what was it: the bmw, r9t racer, which looked fantastic, didnt it and uh, but was an absolute nightmare to ride.

You were laying across the boat, i loved it from its looks, but it wasnt a practical thing and then bmw silently withdrew it, which was a shame, because it was a brave of them to put it out there. I think this may be in that same sort of character. It looks lovely, but it might be a bugger to live with its sort of between the bmw, r19 racer isnt it and that trump we just talked about the um speed triple r um. So it appeals to that same sort of market but anyway, according to this, its not going to be here for a while, but uh, interesting that uh honda getting into that market. Now, what do you make of that one? Let me know what you think claws out can traps new tiger sports 660 beat uh best its honda and yamaha rival. So this is the sports 60 up against the nc750x, which im currently testing on the channel uh one video up on that forgotty links left ill. Put it up there, if not check out my channel last couple of uh weeks, you will have seen the nc750x on it and the yamaha tracer 9, which i havent ridden yet the latest one but is in the diary, and i will be getting that in a Couple of weeks, time from yamaha and im going to do a direct comparison, action between the tracer, seven and the nc 750x as well. Maybe i should mention the tiger sport while im at it, because thats now gone back to truck what did mcn say close, but the tiger 660 is the best.

So there we go thats existed. It really is a great bike. The honda never really stood a chance in this company between the tiger and the tracer. It was a much closer call. You wouldnt be disappointed by either an isolation, but the tiger was a little better in every respect, while the tracer is sporting firm. The tiger is much more adaptable and suited to a greater breadth of riding so yeah. This really is the tiger 660 loving month isnt. It um and i agree great bike im, not too sure about the looks from the front, but from the side it looks. Okay reminds me of my old tiger 1050, but yeah in that company seems to be the winner ill see when i get to ride the tracer seven myself, okay, last story in mcn new tiger goes gs: hunting, okay, so this is the rally the off road version. Again, if youve seen the videos like me, you will see that all the people that went on that launch uh did a day on the on road bike and a day on the off road bike and they all produced a couple of videos about each bike. So here we are, this is that color scheme i was talking about. I think this looks so much nicer than the road version. It says here shedding 25 kilos over the older model, its more agile enthusiastic. You know we said that before and in fact a lot of this is probably duplicate from what i just said from the previous um paper.

Riding position is spacious and the seat in eight seven, five or eight nine five mil positions. A lower option is available, so um yeah its a tool, ill bite, this isnt it that was one of the problems with the old target 1200. It was tall and it was really top heavy, so im interested in this to see if this is too tall. For me at five foot, eight and where this remains top heavy, i really hope they fix those. If i was having one, even though i said earlier im basically on row rider, this is probably the one that i go for, because i just think this one looks lovely um, so yeah the the tiger uh tiger 1200 rally is the one that im keeping in The back of my head to pitch against the new gs when that comes out. Mcn verdict is from hugo wilson on paper, its better than the class dominating gs for low speed balance and control. The gs is still better its very difficult to compete with the gs when its got that boxer engine, whether you like the way it feels or looks, or whatever you cannot deny the way it goes and the way the weight is low is a is a massive Deal for me, thats, one of the most important things with these massive bikes is theyve, got to be easy to live with, and you can move the gs around relatively easy, theyre, big and heavy.

With my dodgy shoulders. Ive got no chance all right, thats it for mcm. Now i mentioned at the start, uh i got a copy of a venture bike, rider magazine, brilliant magazine i used to subscribe years ago, and then i stopped for some reason. I think when i stopped doing uh. Quite so many tours, although im hoping im gon na, be doing some more of those again soon and as i mentioned uh, the editor was kind enough to set me up with subscriptions so ill be having six of these through the year. They come out every two months, so ill bring some highlights from that as well. By the way, mcn dont send me that for free i have to subscribe for that myself, but anyway, i digress. So first thing i just want to highlight here is the abr festival? 24Th to 26th of june uh ive mentioned it before here on the channel, go and check out the website tickets still available, and if you use uh the or, if you quote, tmf5 at checkout youll get five percent off your ticket. It was brilliant. Last year i had such a great time going all uh the whole weekend this year again theres some great stuff on there this year and uh. For me particularly exciting, is that ryan from fortnight is going on. I cannot wait to meet. Weve already exchanged some emails. He dropped me a note saying: do we want to do? Do we have a beer which i absolutely do so looking forward to meeting ryan in the flesh? If you havent seen my interview with ryan by the way, uh go and check out my favorite videos, playlist hes, one of the most viewed videos on that uh when i had a chat to ryan over in canada, um brilliant chat anyway.

Looking forward to meeting him, uh also see now on the website that uh teapot ones going so itll be great to share a few beers with bruce again, of course, although ill be seeing him in between times and uh, sticky anus as well dickie richie veda hell Be there as well so its going to be a boozy old affair. So if you want to see what its like uh yeah, maybe yeah, it could get messy its all im saying but anyway, 24th 26th of june. If youve got anything booked, get yourself a ticket. Go and check out the abr festival website and use tmf5 for five percent off well, and then there was just um something here. This is an item that didnt come up in mcn, which i just wanted to point out. This is the moto mourinhi x cape. I just think this looks a lovely bike and its 6999 check this out. Moto mourini is a historic italian brand, which is now owned by zhongzhen vehicle group based in china. So its one of these chinese bikes dont get too hung up the thoroughly gorgeous looking x. Cape immediately set pulses racing in the abr offices and i suspect, throughout the land, when photos were released to its sharpest league styling earlier this year. It certainly attracted me motor mourinho turned its turn to karasakis er6, liquid called parallel twin plant, which produces 60 brake horsepower and 65 newton meters of torque, so its a proven engine in there its got rambo brakes incredible, switchable, bosch, abs, marzocci, suspension, uh incredible and comes In at 699, pounds again, i just say: ignore chinese bikes at your apparel, although its technically italian, its got obviously chinese bits in there um, but it looks, looks amazing.

These these bikes are just getting better and better uh id like to i dont know. If i can ever get to ride one of these, but im certainly be interested in in seeing that in in more detail anyway, that was from abr magazine get yourself a face subscription if youve not done so before some fascinating articles in there all about um. You know places to ride green lanes to go in the uk. All that sort of thing, if youre into your adventure, bikes and ill see you at the festival in june. Alright, that means its time for Music Applause thats. It parish notices a few things to tell you about uh ive, gone old school, again ive written these down this time. First thing, i must say, is that biker heads have asked me: uh sponsored the channel to let you know that their brand new um catalog for 2022 is now out. If you want to check out all the stuff that biker heads, uh distribute so its things like rucker kit, schuberth helmets, daytona boots, uh segura jacket, loads of stuff, basically its all in the catalogue or if you want further details on how to get yourself. One of those check out their website as well go to for for more details. Therell be a link below there always is, as i say, theyre very kindly a channel sponsor. So thank you to those guys uh next up, ive written it shoulder news im.

Always whinging about my dodgy shoulders, so i thought i should mention up front ive. Had i had an mri scan at the weekend and im talking to the doctor on wednesday, so thats today, if youre watching this as ive uploaded it uh to find out whats going to happen with my shoulders, i suspect im going to be under the knife for Both of them sometime in the future, not too sure how long its going to take, but the point is that means aint going to be able to ride motorbikes for a little while. So there will be a little period of time when my video output goes down a bit so uh. So just warning you in advance thats going to happen, but it certainly isnt going to be next month because ive got a bumper month lineup for you in april. Ive got 11 videos currently scheduled, and there may be one or two more, including things like an update on mrs floyers learning to ride journey and lots of people asked how mr fly was getting on. So i thought it was high time we did an update, video thats, quite fun. Thats coming up uh ive got that video, comparing the gs against the new multistrada that i talked about. Okay, im comparing my gs, but i bear in mind the current 1250 uh. When i talk about the comparison, so thatll be interesting. If youre in that sort of market ive got the in depth review of the nc 750 x from honda, the dct bike that im currently testing ive got the first ride of the suzuki s1000 gt.

Massive fan of those um old gsxr powered bikes that suzuki are now making. You would have seen them on my channel, but everybodys been asking when youre gon na ride the gt. Well thats coming up. Um ive got um, oh another, classic bike review. You will have seen the one i did on. The i think was the zr4900 of the kawasaki. Well, this month, ive got the mighty yamaha vmax, what a beast that was so theres a video coming up on that and more classic bike reviews coming up soon as well. If you want them, ive got my first ride on the street fighter v2 that i mentioned ive got in the garage at the moment, so looking forward to bringing you my thoughts on that having absolutely loved the v4 version of the bike, uh and much much more As always, ive got a few vlogs as well. I did a vlog on the gs a couple of weeks back and it said, go down really well so im gon na do a bit more of that and get back to a bit more back to base lets. Do a few less bite reviews and more of the stuff that i used to do uh particularly now covered. Hopefully, uh is becoming less and less of an issue and uh we can do some more traveling again so looking forward to getting out on the button doing some of the stuff that i used to do on the mittenden flyer uh just to let you know one Few diary 29th of april 8 p.

m, live stream time and done. One of these for ages were always saying. We should do more live streams where its been six months since the last one of these uh, you guessed it weve got chopsy coming around weve got teapot and richie veda as well. In this very room, uh or maybe the garage i dont know it might be. Technically, a disaster bear with us: its were aiming for. Eight oclock uh well, no doubt be completely blooded. It was great fun last time really looking forward to doing that. So if you want to grab yourself a beer and share an hour or three, the other one went on a bit long, then 29th of april 8pm. Stick that in your diary, dont go out share a drink with us and well have a laugh. Thatll be great! Uh what else? Oh new feature im thinking about on these bike news and again im thinking about. Maybe when my shoulders mean i cant ride as much uh, i may do something with bike news and maybe ill make it a little bit shorter, but maybe make it weekly and have a few more different features. One of the features id like to include is uh resurgence of mild. Remember my readers rides. I used to where i used to get something around with their bike, and we would talk about that. Well, i thought its a sort of a different take on that. I thought what i might do is get you to send me pictures of your bike.

So if youve got something interesting or special or something youre, particularly proud of, send me a picture to the missington flyer, and maybe well try out this readers rides feature in the next bike news and well see how it goes so. Send me a picture. Ideally, if it could be 1280 by 720 thats the perfect size for youtube, but you know reasonable quality picture together with any details of the bike. How long youve had it? Why you like it any issues, things you like about it and then ill? Do a little readers ride special before parish, notices on the next bike news and well see how that goes. I really fancy the idea of that. So uh yeah send me in uh any stuff youve got for readers rise mark in the title. Readers rides and that way i can definitely put it out, because i get an awful lot of mail, so thats uh, the missing flyer, put readers rides in the title. Send me your pictures. Send me some details about the bike that ill feature here. On bike news from next month, um next bike news is scheduled for fourth of may, so stick that within your diary as well and as ever must thank my patrons and sponsors who make all this possible uh. So, thank you to you guys and again, thanks to you, as ever, for watching thats it for this months. Bike news look forward to speak to you again soon.