Another year has absolutely flown by this time. Ive got three papers because this time of year, mcn have a week off. They do sort of a bumper christmas issue and well cover that off, but it wont be quite as long as it normally is. Anyway. They deserve a week off, so no problems there all right grab yourself. A brew lets crack on with whats, been going on in the world of motorcycles here in the uk for december 2021, Music okie dokie five stories in this first paper, then oh and dont forget, of course, weve got paris notices coming up when we finish the news. Uh ill give you ive, got some very interesting uh information coming for you and some massive news about something thats happening on the channel, so stick around to the very end for parish notices if youre interested in that all right back to the news in first uh Story here harder, better faster, is what the headline says here: ducati ramp up their v4 panigales performance, so its even more track focused, which is quite an interesting headline. Actually because i found the um v4 when i last rode it. Actually, it is, of course, best at home on the track, but i actually found it pretty good to ride on the road anyway, lets see what it says here: ducati youve, given their top of the range superbike, an update to make it an even more potent track Tool, a new oil circuit and larger exhaust outlets um mean that it results in a small boost in peak power up one half brake horsepower, which uh im not sure youre gon na notice, because its now 212 brake horsepower at 13, 000 rpm thats powerful this bike.

So not sure youll notice that first second and sixth gear have been lengthened. Youll, definitely notice that um its got a revised electronic system which now offers four power modes full high, medium and low um. It ducati have also tweaked the riding position. Uh. The bodywork has been uh had an update. The fairing has been tweaked to tunnel more cooling air towards the engine um new orleans mpx 25 30 semi active forks that have five mil more travel than before. The dash has been redesigned to be simpler to read. Thats always a good thing: um the updated panigale, v4 and v4s will be available from this month december um and although prices have not been confirmed, expect a small step up from the 20k from the v4 and 25k from the v4s of the outgoing model. So a few useful tweaks, it seems for the 2022 model year on the panigale, absolutely lovely machine. I love all panigales at some point. If i dare. I might have a little go on this one and report back to you if i find out its any different, but me being predominantly a road rider probably wont make much difference to me. Its just an awesome bike. Full stop all right. Moving on second story: honda hornet coming back – oh this is a great new store. Do you remember the honda hornet? The story here says new honda horn. It creates a buzz. Honda have revived the hornet model, name with a surprise, naked concept revealed at last weeks.

This is obviously about from a month ago, uh motorcycle show in milan a new raked out. Naked design will be powered by combustion engine rather than electric motor excellent news. Um, the soundtrack uh playing as honda unveiled the futuristic looking model suggests it will be a revvy mid sized parallel twin rather than the old hornets, in line four bit of a shame. The old hornet, of course, was around in the world 2010s. I guess it was around when i went and started riding this time around and uh what i loved about it when i won it was a great bike. In fact, i remember my um riding instructor rode a hornet and i used to think it was a massive, impressive bike as it followed me, along as i was learning to ride um, and i just love the fact it was called a hornet. They had great names in those days of which, more in a second anyway, the front nose piece. It says here bears uncanny resemblance to ktms 890 duke range, a likely rival for the new bike. When it arrives, the original cbr powered cb600f hornet went up against the yamaha phaser and the suzuki bandit you see names again. I just think names of bikes are great, its a shame that um, you know we dont get more manufacturers using names again, isnt it for bikes. Some of these um, you know, nomenclatures are just quite hard to follow up. You know, follow with arent they as im.

Always getting them wrong, but anyway great to see that the honda hornet may be coming back. I guess, as its only i think, a naked concept at the moment, its probably going to be at least two years before we see it for real, but one to look out for in 2024, all right. Moving on the ultimate all rounder. Is there anything hondas, crf 300 rally cant do we did it all just to check? This is excellent. Now the honda crf l range youll know if youve been a long term viewer of the channel im, a big fan of i used to have a crf250l. I had it for about five years exhausted all the local green lanes really enjoyed having that bike uh and, of course, now uh noralie, ichi avicii boots fame is uh thoroughly a fan too shes just bought herself a crf300l and, as we speak well, shes probably moved On now, but at the moment when ive been watching shes in ecuador on it and seems to be getting on really well with a really well with the bike, so what do mcn say lets see lets go straight to the verdict ive written the 300 yet be Interesting to see if it feels any more powerful than the 250l i used to have, i will ask honda if i can have a borrow one in due course by the way uh, because it is, as i say, a bike that i know well, and it would Be really interesting to see what its like anyway, this bike that mcn have been riding is in the rally guys um, which is basically the same as the crf 300 l.

But its got some extra body work, uh its a little bit higher um and in the summer and its got a screen things like that in some um sense, it makes more sense because it is its more of a practical bike. What with the screen and so on the trouble is, i dont think it looks as nice as the uh crf300l uh theres, something again about the squinty headlights. Theres got to be a lord buckethead about it that ive mentioned before that i dont quite like, but anyway practical bike. It certainly is. I think, anyway, lets see what mcn said. John ary is the tester thats reviewing this one. He said when you ride one. You instantly see why so many riders fall for the simple charms offered by hondas crf range and the new crf300 rally takes all the good bits to the old crf 250 and improves upon them. Excellent. A 286 cc single cylinder engine with just 27 brake horsepower on tap may sound too slow for long distance work, but the crf holds motorway speeds and does so with minimal vibrations. Excellent news you, it really can be argued as the uks ultimate two wheeled all rounder. Its interesting, they call it the uks one isnt it of course it being a japanese bike, but uh we do seem to be fans of these here. I certainly am uh in the likes. It says the surprisingly pokey and vibe free single cylinder engine uh its rugged, build and feel, and its unquestionable reliability and long service intervals thats one of the great things about these.

If you want a sort of an off road bike, this uh, you know, has normal service intervals the same as a road bike, so youre not um, servicing it every 50 hours youre doing it every 6 000 miles plus on the dislikes. It says the position of the horn and indicator switches well, thats, a common complaint with hondas isnt it if youve never ridden one um lots of them. In fact, possibly all of them have the horn and the indicator the opposite way around to where you expect not a problem. If you only ever ride a honda because it gets into muscle memory and its fine, but when you ride lots of different bikes like i do, i never get it in muscle memory. So as soon as i jump on my honda gold wing, i go to get the indicator and i get the horn, and vice versa, very embarrassing makes you look like a right numpty anyway, it looks like mcn are just as much of a fan of the crf300 L rally, as indeed i expect i will be if and when i get a chance to go on one right next up the intrepid sidecar guys just a great article here, uh in their best of british um series uh about matt, bishop and rhys gilkes aka, the Sidecar guys they went around the world with a scooter with a sidecar attached a couple years ago, now an absolutely epic journey. The reason i mention this is because i met these guys at the abr festival uh last year back in july.

I think it was, or was it june. Perhaps it was june – really lovely couple of guys and in fact i bought their book from them. Put it here just to prove it here we go our ridiculous world trip its called and its a its a great great read, im about a third of the way through ive only just started actually but im finding it really engaging its really well written. So if youre fancy learning more about the sidecar guys get their book, i imagine its on their website um. I bought that, as i say at the abr festival, a really great read if you want something to read in the new year, but lovely couple of guys. Uh, if youre stuck for reading material get that book and get stuck in also theyve got a youtube channel as well. You can go and watch this stuff on there, so yeah great stuff, so thats the first paper all right next up. First story: in the second paper radical new tiger arrives now this is the much awaited long awaited tiger 1200 replacement uh, its still called the tiger 1200, but it looks radically different to the outgoing model. It is, in fact, a completely new bike. Tran have been teasing. This for ages, i dont like the. Why now that trump in their marketing do these teasers of new bikes, where they show us the bike and its sort of camouflage form, and then they kind of build it up um because i just think thats potentially um.

You know you build up all this hype and then, if the bike turns out to be not very good, you look a bit daft. We dont know yet, because i havent seen anybody thats ridden one of these, so i dont know how this actually is in the real world, but the bike has now been released. Uh they did do their normal uh sort of release, thing which i watched with great interest, because one of the things theyve been saying about the new 1200 tiger. Is that its a lot lighter than not only the previous model, but all the significant competition as well? Lets face it theyre aiming this squarely at the gs, which is about, of course, that im a massive fan. Now, when i rode the old 1200 tiger on paper, i thought it looked an excellent bike and it did it looked a lovely bike and had all the tech on it, but i just found it way too lardy and too tall for me personally to ride. So i always had a bit of a black mark against the old tiger 1200. I love the 800s and the 900s, but the 1200 too big and heavy. For me um. However, as i say completely redesigned now, new bike im absolutely fascinated and cannot wait to have a go on this new bike to see how this one feels so uh anyway, lets see what uh mcn have said about it. Uh trout have unveiled a fully overhauled tiger 1200 range that is not only claimed to be lighter and more powerful than the competition, but also has a 30 liter long range tank option for the first time.

So obviously, aiming this um fairly again at the gsa or sorry, the gs, adventure version of the bike, so theyve effectively got an adventure version of the um tiger. Now, as well, um says, although trump wont say it on the record, they are targeting bmws r1250 gs. Let me just check something im good. How can you hear me by the way ive got a different microphone uh? You might have noticed im using a road setup that my new youtube pal, freddy dobs, recommended to me. I noticed he was using this on a video. The other day i got in touch with him and he gave me all the details on how to set this thing up, and i think this could be a bit of a game changer for me. So i hope im sounding all right and thank you to freddy. If youre watching for give me all the info but uh anyway, if you dont, know freddie dobs check his channel out brilliant youtuber going places, i predict in the future really nice chat so check out freddie dobs youtube channel anyway. I digress back to the tiger. So the triple is now 1160cc, which is oddly down it was 1215 cc before. But despite that reduction theres a healthy boost in power to 148 brake horsepower, it was 1′ before so 150 brake horsepower, give or take, which is absolutely ample isnt it for a for. A bike of this type truck have also used their t plane, crank design, which they seem to be doing on their off road box.

Now, for me, the jurys out a bit on that um. They say its to make it more capable off road to give it more of a sort of a twin cylinder character. But i personally like triples, i kind of miss the triple noise that the old tigers had and i guess its going to be the same. In this case, i used to love the triple engine in the other tiger. It was the same as in my 1050, what became the 1050 sport a brilliant engine, albeit, as i say, heavy, and particularly top heavy anyway theyve gone with the t, plank crank, crank design lets hope that the weight is held nice and low. It says here that, oh in fact, the whole unit has also been moved further forward in the chassis thanks to a new split radiator design, which should help to make the bike more nimble. Um, the new tiger has shed 25 kilograms. Now that is a lot of weight. Isnt it to share thats impressive stuff um somewhere between 240 kilograms and 261, is what it now weighs. So still sounds like a lot, but lets face it all adventure bikes weigh a lot dont, they um. So its a good few kilos lighter than the competition uh according to this so im assuming theyre, wet weights, um theres, the stock gt and the gt pro plus theres, the off road focused rally pro theyre rather annoying. This is the rally pro in the main picture here, which is in the green and white, which is the color scheme weve seen before on the 900s.

I think the green and white is the best looking color scheme of all the tigers, but if i was going to get myself a tiger, then i would want the on road focus version im never going to take my adventure bike off road im just going to Use it as a comfortable tourer uh. If they did the road version in the green and white, i would probably buy one um as soon as my gs goes clomp, but at the moment its not available. Unfortunately, the road versions dont seem to be in such good colors. I know it sounds ridiculous, though you know i buy bikes based on the color, but that does have a big bearing on which bike i go for anyway. A couple more things to point out here, shower semi active suspension with longer travel is on the rally so thats 220 mil now, rather than 200 mil travel. Naturally, this does push the seat height up with the gt from 850 mil, while the rally is from 875 millimeters, so its a tall old bike now um, so its probably going to be a bit too tall for me, but i dare say: therell be lower seat Versions available its going to be available in dealers in the spring, with the gt costing 14 600 gt pro 16 700 rally, pro 17 700. So pricing seems bang on doesnt it. Given the rally pro is basically the top spec one with all the bells and whistles um that that bodes well against things like the gs which, by the time we specked it up, is going to cost you around about 18 grand now the gt explorer, which is The long range one and the g and the rally explorer will cost 18, 100 and 19 100, okay, so getting up towards 20 grand but again in the same ballpark as the likes of the gs.

So its gon na be really really interesting. When the first reviews of how this one rides come out and again, hopefully in the next probably six months or so ill get to have a ride on one as well ill have a words with my friends at trump uk, and hopefully they can ship me one To use for a couple of weeks and im getting to see what its like here in the real world, riding it around slough in the rain, as opposed to some exotic island on a bike launch but yeah, really looking forward thats, probably the bike that im most Anticipating riding in 2022, so uh yeah stay tuned. If you want to learn more about that, one right next up, norton cafe racer. What do we think of this um its uh? I must say i think it looks quite nice and im a big fan of of all things. Norton now i know, norton have had a checkered history and none more so than in the last couple of years and lets just quickly gloss over that is now owned by a new, proper, serious owner, tvs, indian owned lots of money to put into it got a New ceo got a new factory, its now going to be lets, hope a proper professional motorcycle manufacturer going forward – and this is the first new bike that theyve um unveiled since the new owners came along and this was unveiled at the recent motorcycle live show so lets Just read what it says here: so norton have unveiled their first properly new machine.

Since tvs took over the mark. Uh, it was unveiled at motorcycle, live in birmingham, the name, as the name suggests, the v4 cr uses the 1200 cc 72 degree v4 from the v4 sv keeping up with me, thats the new um sports bike that we talked about in last months. Bike news: it produces an impressive 185 brake horsepower at 12, 500 rpm and torque is substantial 2 at 92.5 foot pounds so not as powerful as the likes of things like the panigale that we just talked about, but nonetheless massively powerful at 185 brake horsepower. Its got a polished frame and swing arm, brembo style in the front, calipers olins, rear suspension, keyless ignition os wheels and six inch. Color tft dash price is anyones guess, especially as norton, yet to confirm the price of the v4 sv, but going on the previous selling prices of the v4 rr, which is 28 grand and 42 grand for the v4 ss, the cr is likely to be in the 30 grand price bracket, so this is definitely one for the more well heeled rider for sure for me, although um you know, i wish new norton well im, not a big fan of cafe, races generally and look at this one. It looks to me like it offers uh. You know all the disadvantages of a sports bike with all the disadvantage of a cafe racer. In other words, youve got no wind protection from a fairing, because there is no fairing and youve got the um cramped up painful body position of a sports bike um.

So it wouldnt be a bike for me, even if i did have the 30 grand plus necessary to bite. It looks nice, but i just dont think its a its a practical proposition from the riding position point of view and indeed the price point of you but uh. Having said that, im sure theyll um, you know therell be enough people to buy these and uh. I do wish nothing well, i cannot wait until they start to knock out more realistically priced bikes like the um. You know the atlas bikes that they were talking about before the um 650s. I think those will absolutely fly off the shelves if and when they come into production again. Okay, next up give bsa a gold star. Now this is a massive store as far as im concerned. This is by i saw at motorcycle, live uh at the beginning of the month of december um. What a brilliant machine this looks to be. I cannot wait again to see number one what it rise like and also to see what it sounds like, because the original gold star had a very distinctive, sound uh itll, be interesting to see if theyve captured, that i dont suppose they would have done, but what They are looking to capture is the character of the original gold star. Certainly the looks of it are spot on. If you look at this new bike compared to the old gold star, it looks very, very similar, um amazing, really thrilled to see this.

You havent seen my video of this at the um nec ill put a link in the corner somewhere, so you can take a look. We just had a very quick look at the bike in the flesh and when we managed to get into the show before it opened, and i have to say cursory first glance, it looks really great. I cannot wait to have a go on this uh. I just need to get in contact with the guys at bsa to see if i can get myself on the list, so i can have a ride on it anyway. Lets see what mcn have said. Bsa are back. The mark has risen from the ashes with a new gold star 650 single set to arriving dealers from march 2022, so not long to wait. Uh the midsize retro roadster has been developed in the uk and is set to begin production in january now. This is one of the biggest questions i had from that. Video that i made is: where is this being made? How can it be claimed to have british heritage its indian blasi blah? Well, yes, the mark is owned by um. I think its mahindra that owned them, which is a massive manufacturing company in india, so again lots of money going into this. But talking to the guys on the stand, its very much designed in the uk, they have a design house in the uk in birmingham and also they say engineered in the uk – not quite sure what that means, and they definitely have plans to produce it.

In the uk, eventually, although to start with it, will come out of india thats not as far as coming out of indias concern. That is not a bad thing. I have no problem with that. Ive been a royal enfield fan for absolutely ages. My enfield was built in india, its absolutely fine. This is very much on a par with the um enfield 650 interceptor uh a similar sort of bike, similar sort of market. I guess – and i guess theyre going for exactly that same sort of customers, so yeah and i i am it so happens that customer im in my mid 50s. I remember you know people mark my dad riding these sorts of bikes back in the were not in the late 60s, but certainly in the 70s uh. To me, this looks like the motorbike should look, and you know things like the color schemes. Theyve got coming up for these look great. If that engine um turns out to be, you know, characterful in a good way. Uh and the price is right critically. They havent announced the pricing yet, but my guess is itll be about six six and a half grand. Then these are absolutely going to fly off the shelves and i yeah i personally have no room for any more bikes in my garage, but i will make room for one of these because i just think it looks great thats assuming, as i say, theyre right or Wrong, i need to write it first or read some reviews, at least before i commit, but certainly my intention is to get one of these anyway.

Let me read what mcn have said: uh the midsize retros has been developed in the only one said that already 652cc single cylinder double overhead cam engine producing 45 brake horsepower and 41 pound feet of torque, so not gon na be um. You know ripping your arms out the sockets, but on a lazy sunday ride in the summer around the lanes in the uk, you dont need any more than that sort of horse powerage 45 brake horsepower. I cant remember what the um enfield has its probably not a lot more than that um. This is certainly less than comparable, tramps um, which i think put out nearer 65 brake horsepower things like that for this street twin um, but yeah what a lovely looking bike. Its got a euro 5 motor 320 mil front brake discs and a 255 rear disc, with brembo calipers and two channel abs, 12 liter fuel tank, typically brit bike flat seat is 780 mil above the ground, so lovely low. So this is a bike that is going to suit um shorter riders. Maybe newer riders with you know still yet to build their confidence up. Maybe lady riders uh mrs fly was very excited about it because she can get a feet on the ground. So im excited about that. Could this be mrs flyers? First bike, i really hope so or second one, if you discount the suzuki that shes at the moment, um its got twin analog clocks, which are great, they sweep the opposite way to normal.

Just like the old bsa bikes did, i think, thats great um, ashish josh, your bsa director said we are proud to be back in birmingham and bsa will be built in the west midlands. This is definitely their intention. Uh. We are looking at locations now. I think covid rather set them back when this bike was being developed and it set back their manufacturing, but wouldnt it be amazing. If they can produce this at a good price here in the uk, then it will be a properly british bike, even though its owned by mahindra um great stuff, theres no word on price, but expect it to be circus. 6000. A rival royal enfield, 650 twins so yeah. That again, is another massive one to look out in for look out for in 2022 isnt it. That is the bike that im most excited to ride, along with that new tiger 1200 that we just looked up. Okay next story: here: new world order: can these middleweight parallel twin sports bikes, prove worthy successes to the old supersport class? Now my initial answer is no. These bikes this. This is the aprilia rs660 uh launched in 2021. With you know much fanfare and in the main excellent reviews, it seems to be a great bike versus the new yamaha r7 um. These are both parallel twin sports bikes now for me, thats a little bit disappointing because i think the beauty of the um their predecessors were. They were four cylinder bikes.

You know you get them screaming on the roads, fantastic, so theres, something about these! That doesnt quite appeal to me, although i havent written either so im, not really in a position to comment, so i must caveat everything i say with that, so they dont hugely uh excite me being twins but ill. Try and ride them at some point, so um ill. Let you know if im wrong and im, you know i will say if im wrong, what does it say here anyway? As of 2022, there are no new inline, four or three cylinder super sport bikes on the market. What a shame and, of course, that was also um thats um, a reference to draft daytona no longer being around, which of course was a triple in this same sort of um capacity league super sport bikes became too rev happy and aggressive to be fun on the Road is what mcn has said: lets have a look at the verdict on these new ones, though, so this is from john urry. He says: aprilia have made a more compliant and road focused middleweight sports bike than the yamaha. The majority just want a bike. That is good fun to ride and thats exactly what the rs660 is excellent. The r7 is also a great middleweight, but its a touch more serious feeling than the rs on the road, with a more focused riding position, stiffer suspension and a more frantic engine um. Okay. So theyve, given them both four stars, basically saying the yamaha feels a bit more serious.

The aprilia is quite a bit more expensive, 10. 150 versus 8 200.. I think they both look lovely from the side. In particular, they both look like proper sports bikes from the front. I think the aprilia looks nicer im, not sure about that single headlight on the yamaha, but there you go thats me again, putting maybe too much credence on how a bike looks, but yeah hopefully ill. Give these a go, and maybe my mind, will be changed but im just not super excited about these two bikes, which i apologize for if you bought one of these recently, all right next up iron fist in an italian glove. This is the panigale v4s again we talked about it earlier on the review and now theyve done another more in depth article on the bike, having ridden it some more. So what do they have to say here? Ducati you havent really shouted about it, but theyve been making an effort to make their road bikes easier to ride. Now that is very much something ive noticed uh in the last few years and the new ducatis that ive ridden they are just a joy to ride. On the road five years ago, pretty much any new ducati was a well quite an experience to ride. I mean it was characterful in a good way and im thinking now of my um paragoli, the 899 v twin um, which is a which is a lovely bike. Dont get me wrong, but it is quite difficult to ride compared to any of these new modern bikes.

When i rode the v4 originally when it came out, i thought it was a really easy bike to ride. So if theyve made it easier again on this latest version, that is quite something anyway. What else does it say, despite huge power available, new mapping makes the sting or takes the sting out of the lower gear, so thats that um, you know, riding a jackhammer effect. Has been removed now four power max maps to choose from within four available riding modes. This is getting complicated, so its got low, restricts power to 150 brake horsepower like the v2 for the wet and for the and is perfect for most manageable power delivery in the dry and, most anyway there we go uh it. I think all the this number of riding and power modes now is just getting too complicated for me. Uh race, inspired gearing it says here. First gear is taller by 11.6, so its easy to use the lowest cog to get the box stopped for hairpins and help it accelerate quicker on the way out. Second gear is lengthened by 5.6 again whether you would actually notice that i dont know, but it all sounds like good stuff and again, a bike that i really want to ride all right, thats it for the second paper, all right. So the last bumper paper i mentioned that mcn theyve got a week off and they deserve that too. Im not dont be graduating anyway, and what they do to get you through the week where um you dont have an mcn.

Is they give you this glossy four? In one christmas, special as they call it, ive had a good christmas. By the way i didnt mention that um uh, basically its a lot of padding, but there is an mcn in there somewhere lets go to the first story i pulled up, and that is plastic. Fantastic look at this, not a real bike. Obviously this is a new lego s1000rr. Would you believe an incredible looking thing? What am i doing talking about lego box well turns out im a bit of a lego fan if the e glider amongst you will have noticed in the past, ive got a lego land rover up there, which took quite a bit of building. I can tell you on the shelf behind me here: lego, dodge charger and if you just excuse me one moment ill just pop up here here we have my lego, bmw gs, which i built a couple years ago anyway, you may think lego is just a toy For kids – and of course it mainly is i used to be. I was a big fan of lego when i was a kid, but these technical lego kits are actually great theyre. I mean id sort of look on them as just a great way to spend some time in the winter when youre indoors in the dark, theyre just great things to build, so i definitely am going to have a crack at this one. If i get older one uh, it says here designed as a one fifth scale version of the 209 brake horsepower superbike.

The little racer is nearly half a meter long so its significantly bigger than that thing, a half a meter, long thats, going to be a big old model. Isnt it fully working suspension three different dash modes. How on earth does that work? Um its also got a working three speed: gearbox complete with a neutral um. It costs 175 pounds if you want to buy one so yeah its, not a cheap thing, but i tell you that is going to have you kept your muse for hours on end of an evening and youll end up with a great model too. Im doubly excited about this, because ive got an s1000rr in the garage at the moment of which more videos coming up soon, but uh yeah plastic, fantastic. Maybe, if let go if youre watching, if you want to send me one or indeed bmw and ill, be more than happy to build it on a video for you anyway, just a little bit of a shout out there. If anyone wants to send me a freebie all right next up on to talking point the letters page here, motorcycle not so live is the headline. This is from something called gordon freestone and he he says uh we have just returned from microsoft, live and what a disappointment it was uh. The stands were just the same bikes as last year. We went on the monday and it was like a ghost town. Very sad, well, i couldnt disagree more with gordon.

I was there on the saturday, which admittedly was the first day that it opened and the place was pretty buzzing. I have to say it may have been marginally quieter than years before, but overall there was a constant stream of people in there it certainly wasnt um wasnt empty by any means and when you say um, the stands were just the same bikes as last year. Thats completely wrong: there were loads of new bikes, it seems like you, went to a different show to me gordon, so i dont know whats going on there, but yeah i thoroughly enjoyed motorcycle live. I didnt get a chance to look around because i was on some stands. So, thank you to everybody that came and said hello to me and mrs flyer, either on the image four security stand: theyre the people that make the um the um garage door barrier or indeed on the custom fit guard, stand the people that make the earplugs that We use um, we were on those stands for the whole of the saturday and we must have met well hundreds of people. It was just lovely to meet you all. So thank you. If you came and said hello and uh well, do it all again next year i cant wait. It was really good anyway. So yeah i thought, motorcycle live was brilliant. I said i dont know what gordons going on there. If you went to motorcycle live on some of those other days, i was only there on the saturday.

How did you find it? Did it get? Quite often the tuesday used to be seen as the sort of dead day anyone go on the tuesday and were there many people there dont know anyway, i found it a good show all right next story here: um is oh yeah, it being a christmas special uh. Mcn have done a bit of a review of the bikes from 2021. I wont go through them all, buy yourself an mcn to do that. I only only ever just touch the surface of mcn in this bike. News, if you want to you, know, find out more than buy yourself a subscription and get into it, but just a couple of bikes here, looking back over 2021, the ones that stuck in my mind, the first one ive highlighted here – is the triumph trident. I was really excited to ride that bike, uh just as much as anything because the triumph trident name had been around so long historically. So i was really looking forward to riding that, and indeed it was a lovely bike and it i sold and i think, continues to sell very well. I, like the trident, very much uh besides looking bike, not sure if its a retro or not but the triple engine in it is kind of like an affordable, uh intro to the street triple range. If you like, theres one way of looking at it really like the trident, so that was definitely one of the highlights of 2021.

For me, then, the other highlight uh was the new hayabusa. Do you remember that had such again, we were waiting for the new hire booster for so long uh and it was such a treat. I never rode the original high booster, i still havent, but i did borrow um the the new hire booster for a couple of weeks and made some reviews ill put some links in the corner. If you didnt see them so really enjoyed riding that in 2021 as well, i think for me they were possibly uh the bikes that um, you know stand out for me. I dont think im. When did i ride the street fighter, if that was 20, 21 ill? Stick that in there as well, but those are the bikes that stick in my mind for 2021., wonder what theyll be for 2022.. All right, uh final story in this paper before we get on to parish notices, a triumphant all rounder lets just move me gs, um. So a triumphant all rounder why the new trident based tiger sport, 660, is set to be another great british hit. Uh trump have now taken the winning formula of of the trident to create the tiger sport 660.. In many ways its the half fed street triple. We always wish theyd made, but never did in simple terms. The target support 660 is a trident 660, with a top fairing tour screen and high bars. Its got an 80 brake horsepower 3 cylinder motor identical to the tridents itself is a rework of the fantastic motor in the old daytona 675 and the street dribble.

Of course, the triumph doesnt just handle well for an affordable rounder. It flows through corners with the poise of some of the best out there. It has huge grip, impressive brakes, a tactile front end and despite low knee friendly pegs, we never got them scraping. So this is from michael and hes my favorite and i think the most respected mcn reviewer. There is, if he said, somethings good. It is good um. He says here a small blip and a seat of brilliance, so trumps, wonderful, new, targa, sport 660 is a machine that never stops impressing news. He says its such a complete well built, affordable creation that cruise control suddenly seems a glaring emission. It doesnt have cruise control as standard or indeed maybe at all, ive forgotten from the whole article um, so but its a small blip in a sea of brilliance. He says it costs 8 450 and he reckons its an absolutely brilliant bike again, ive ridden it yet. I will ride it this year. I hope um, but what i would say is, unlike the trident on which this is based and its clearly a very similar bike. I cant get excited about this one. I dont know why. Uh i mean nieves has given it such a a brilliant write up. It must be good, so i will, i will definitely ride it, but the looks of it just dont do much. For me, it looks a little bit like my old 1050 actually, but i dont know i just cant get excited about it, based on the pictures ive seen so far.

Sometimes bikes are completely different when you see them in the flesh to what they are. When you see them in the newspapers arent they so im hoping thats the case here, because i have to say tiger sports 660 not doing much for me looking at it, but i will reserve judgement ill, have a ride on it and ill. Let you know all right, thats it for the newspapers, which can mean only one thing, its time for Music Applause. You got it parish notices. Now this time i have uh been a little bit more prepared, ive, actually typed up paris notices. How about that then? So a few things that i just want to cover off here so first of all, ive always said huge. Thanks to everybody that came to see me and mrs flore at motorcycle live its great to meet you all lets. Do it all again soon. That was great fun. Another thing i want to make sure i get this right, the national motorcycle museum. Do you remember them? You may recall they had a pretty tough couple of years. Well, didnt all businesses, but they did reopen when covid restrictions allowed last year. Uh and they had that um big raffle uh, if you remember they raffled off a norton commando, um and theyve asked me just to let you know what the results were so number. The first prize went to a chat called bernard clifford, lucky man. Here he is with his bike: um hey, so he um got that from the norton factory.

So what an amazing uh, what an amazing prize to win so well done! Bernard um, the prize draw was done at museum, live uh by the museum. Ceo is a picture again of him with my mate henry cole uh when they did the um raffle draw, and the next winter raffle has a prize of this incredible 1955 trump speed twin. I mean what a thing uh that would be. So if you fancy winning yourself the 1955 trump speed twin, i certainly do itll look nice against my 2019 speed twin uh tickets for that uh raffle cost just two pound each and you can buy them if you go to, so the national motorcycle museum website Ill, stick a link below to that as well, but two quid. If you want to get yourself a ticket to win that 1955 trump speed with no idea how much its worth. But i imagine quite a lot and ill have a looking bike so thats that uh next up abr festival. I mentioned it earlier when i was talking about the um, the sidecar guys, that is coming up again on the 24th and the 26th of june. I shall be there with mrs floyer kind of mingling around in the crowds another great opportunity to meet you guys. If you havent got your tickets already dont forget you can use the code tmf5 and get five percent off the ticket price. If you want to get yourself a ticket get over to their website, which is www. tickets, again ill, put a link below to that dont. Forget your five percent off with tmf5, okay, the huge news of this month, which uh i uh. I think i intimated at the start of the video is that, due to popular demand, mostly in motorcycle life, im bringing back hey kids at the start of my videos. Now, if you remember about a year ago, i stopped saying hey, kids at the start, my videos, because i thought it was annoying people. I used to get loads of comments about hey kids and i thought that it may be that it was putting people off um. You know never getting past the start of my videos and then they never watch the video. So as an experiment, i stopped doing it. Ive stopped doing it for a year and i can report back on the results of the findings. The findings are ive. Had more people complain about me, stopping hey kids than i ever had about me, saying: hey kids and its made absolutely no impact on my views or my subscribers. As far as i can tell so uh, i love a bit of hey kids, so youll notice. As of videos in january uh, you will start to hear hey kids. Once again, there are a few videos, ive already recorded, that have the old, hey folks in there, but hey kids is back. So some of you will be glad to hear that some of you will hate me for it, but hey kids is back im personally, quite pleased about it.

So uh, thank you to those of you who mentioned it at motorcycle live it is you ive, listened to and why its coming back all right next video is coming up. Then i know you like to know whats coming up in the following month. Now there may be some extra bonus videos too, but the next video on january. The fifth is my review of the ajs desert scrambler a cracking little bike that i rode um. Well, i think it was in about the end of autumn uh, but that review is coming up, lovely looking bike again. British bike, with an old british mark, uh ill, say no more watch that review on the 5th of january then theres a bonus, video coming on saturday, 8th of january, which is kind of an update type video. Looking at my bikes in my garage. What are the things that ive done to them recently? What plans have i got for them? That sort of thing? I pose a few questions and really looking for your advice as well on something so thats coming up saturday 8th of january, then, the first of the videos on the awesome, bmw s1000 rr, which i mentioned ive, got that at the moment thats the m sport version. Ive got um the first videos of those is coming up, theres going to be a video on costs involved in running a gold wing as well. Ive had my gold wing now for just over a year.

I just took her for a first service on a particularly cold december. Rainy wet day made a video about that where we talk about costs of servicing them might be of interest to you if youre interested in the gold wing and, as i say, um other bonus videos potentially coming as well next bite news. Next, video like this is going to be at the moment 26th of january. So stick that in your diary, if youre a fan of these um so thats pretty much it. So all thats left to say is a huge thanks as ever to all my sponsors and my patrons and my members of the channel. Without you guys, i couldnt bring you the mystery flyer, but most of all, thanks to you for watching these videos continue to get um. You know upwards of 40 000 views every month. So i really appreciate that uh, you, like these videos, ill keep doing them. If you keep watching uh, so thank you for that and uh happy new year, i must say, have a great time celebrating the new year, wherever you are in the world of course, with this new variant of kobe going around and the various new restrictions that are Cropping up depending on what country youre in it may not be quite as happy a new year celebration as we would have liked, but fingers crossed 2022 lets. Hope is going to be yet again better than 2021, which lets face.

It was better than 2020., alright thats. It for now look forward to speak to you again soon.