News: ive got uh five editions of mcn uh, one edition of adventure, bike rider and a couple of new features to go through so settle back. This is likely to be a long one. Music well thats. What i tell mrs flyer anyway, okay, so i mentioned weve got a couple of new features coming towards the end of this months. Bike news: they are a new feature called readers rides, which is basically a nosy. Look at some of your motorcycles and, of course, parish. Notes is not a new feature, but a feature id like to do anyway. Tell you a bit about whats coming up in the on the channel in the next month, or so stick around stay tuned for that all right before all that, though, lets crack on with the news loads to go through this month, uh its been a busy one. All righty first up, then in the first mcn uh, all new 125 duke brakes cover naked ktm, gets new engine frame suspension and more now this looks really good. Actually, i im a big fan of one two fives. As you may know, i just think theyre great fun to rag a one, two five to its to the max around corners. They are a laugh and of all the one. Two fives ive always been a big fan of the ktm uh, duke one two five uh, which is unusual for me, because you dont often hear me um uh, lording ktms, because often i dont like the design of them.

But i have to say the one two five, i think, looks absolutely great. Anyway. It says here ktm looks set to reveal a virtually all new duke 125, this autumn, its clearly the biggest upgrade since the original was launched in 2011, with an all new new engine frame, rear suspension, wheels, revised brakes new bodywork, including ktms latest, led headlight and more. Although theres no official word about the spec and launch date, the prototype here is virtually production, ready, im missing only its final graphics and finishes well, i think we can guess its probably going to be orange, but yeah it looks great doesnt it i mean it to Me first glance is obviously a ktm um, but it has. I mean the front light is a different design, which i quite like look of uh the side. Cowls look slightly different, but yeah thats, a really nice bike, if youre in the market for a one, two, five think about learning to ride or whatever definitely uh keep this one on your radar. Itll, probably i imagine itll be towards top end or one two. Five prices, but i imagine itll, be great fun to ride and you know a bike that potentially could be a keeper alrighty, so thats that next up rally raiders are these two rough and ready adventurers at home on uk road? So this is the yamaha tenere 700, which always gets great reviews versus the aprilia tuareg 660. A new bike ive not ridden.

Now these are two barracks. This is a category i love. I love the middleweight adventure category personally, im a big fan of bikes like the trump tiger 900, which i think is an epic bike um. These two are in that same sort of category, but for me i just cant get on with the looks of it. I dont know if its because they dont have a beak on them or whatever it is, but theres something about these. I dont, like the looks of im, sure theyre, both lovely bikes, but i personally wouldnt buy them because i cant get over the looks and the shallow though it is um looks mean a lot to me. So so i wouldnt buy one but anyway thats, not just thats, just a personal taste thing thats, not to say you dont, like the look so lets see what the verdict was of these two. So the terrain 9700, the tuareg 1006 or the tuareg – is almost a grand when in fact its uh yeah a grand. Well, my maths is rubbish. Why im doing it lets say its a ground, more expensive? Okay, 900 quid the verdict here then theyve, given the tener, a five stars and the touareg four stars, even though the touareg, as i say, is the more expensive bike. Middleweights are far more manageable in the muck than heavy big capacity models, and also brilliant fun. When attacking b roads, i would absolutely agree with that they may not be quite as luxurious or loaded with tech and pillions are probably out of the question, but for dirty weekends away.

They are ideal again, 100 agreed, although even i have ridden you know, ive done a tour on a tiger 800 with mrs floyd on the back in thailand. Ill put a link in the corner to that series. If you havent seen it and it was absolutely fine to up and with luggage as well anyway, it says here: uh, the ten array is targeted at rough riding and, if youre serious about exploring trails its the more capable option for us, it would be our pick Because this attitude makes it more engaging to ride on the road, it looks better than the aprilia and when the going gets tough, it would be the bike more willing and able to take on the challenge so theyre. Obviously, fans of the yamaha i do agree. It does look better than the than the prelia. The aprilia definitely needs a beak. I think then it would look. Fine um, it just looks a bit sort of toothless as it is, but yeah im sure theyre, both both great bikes and you know, 9700 less than 10 grand for the ten array. If youre gon na do around the world trip, that would be a serious contender. Wouldnt it, i think, all right. Next up sports bikes, we dont often talk about sports bikes here on bike news, because me being old, get me back being a bit knackered in my shoulders too. I dont ride sports bikes that much, but this i had to mention because i do love the looks of a sports bike and this one is absolutely beautiful.

Wind wonder: moto gp aero gives mvs f3 a new lease of life, but is it really worth almost 20k? It says here: well, i think it is just looking at it. I mean its just lovely its a thing of beauty. You can have in the living room isnt it. It says here. Envy augusta are one of the few manufacturers still pandering to the discerning super sport. Headbanger excellent uh, formerly the f3 800, but now just the f3. It comes in two flavors, the 14.8 entry level, the f3 rosso or this the new 19.6k f3 rr well 20. Grand for this uh middleweight sports bike is beautiful, though isnt it says here the motor makes the makes 145 brake horsepower. Not only does the triple get the blood pumping its clever two with a crank that spins backwards like a panigale v4s, so it forces the front end down under acceleration and stops you running wide on the throttle. What a clever idea that is um! It still has fully adjustable marzocchi, forks and sac shocks with stronger internal settings, but for nearly 20 grand youd expect some semi active assistance or rolling stickers yeah. I agree. It seems a little bit short change for a 20 grand bite there. 20 grand for super sport box seems insane, but the f3rr is immaculately finished, yeah agreed so uh. Well, heeled riders only need a ply, but it is beautiful. Isnt it. If youve got a sports bike itch and you want to ride something on the road, then i would suggest this is probably better than one of the new insanely powerful liter bikes, even though its in the same sort of cost bracket – uh, lovely, lovely boy.

Here it says here, michael neaves, says pricey, but wonderful improvements to the suspension, fueling and elect electronics, make the rr the most polished f3 yet and everything a modern day. Super sports weapon should be certainly looks it doesnt it its a wonderful creation and its just a shame, its so pricey yeah. If it was uh five grand less, it would fly off the shelves wouldnt it. I think, all right final story in this first mcn uh. So good it could be swiss. This is uh. This is richard newland, the editor of mcn, lovely guy. I met him. A few times calls himself well hes known as moby to his pals, apparently um anyway. Maybe dick – i guess just just tweak that anyway, hello richard. If youre watching um so hes had the multistrada v4s on long term, loan and hes had to give it back and hes a massive fan of it. I mentioned this because i too was a massive fan of the multistrada v4. You might have seen those videos i made so rich said. The multistrada v4s is special and it uh manages to attain the accolade in a similar way to how bmw manage it with the gs. Theres. Almost nothing extraordinary or stand out about any facet but whole operates. The hole operates at a different level yeah. I agree, uh its the ride that makes the multi so special, its compliant neutral, aggressive and passive at will composed and larry to match your mood and chameleon like in all sonar in all scenarios.

I agree theyre rich. Oh, the tank cubby holes door is a bit wobbly and cheap thats. True, i kept finding it opening unexpectedly when i got on and off the bike. Uh. The lack of keyless filler cap is a faff and it drinks fuel like an oil tank. I also found that but thats it yeah lovely bike, 22 700 pounds on the road so again an expensive bike. But if youre only gon na have one bike and you like adventure bikes and you like something with a bit of thrill, then the ducati multistrada v4s. Definitely worth your consideration one, i will be looking at very closely when i come. If i come to renew my uh my adventure bike at some point. Ive got an old, ish gs at the moment, which im probably happy with still, but at some point i will look to renew it. Anyway. There we go thats the thats. The first paper right next up paper number two five stories here: ive picked out: first one: this is a shocker stuart, garner walks free now this is just outrageous theres a bit of an old story. Now i guess, but i felt i had to mention it. So the former owner of norton motorcycle stuart garner the guy that basically fleeced all the pension schemes received a three three 12 month sentences in court reduced to eight months to be served concurrently. These were then suspended for two years, so lets just unpick that.

So, to start with, receive three 12 month sentences: okay, three years in prison that sounds about right, isnt it reduced to eight months. Why reduce that? Why give them? I dont understand how justice works. Sometimes why give 12 month sentences and then immediately reduce them to eight months, whats that or about a third less uh to be served concurrently, so it makes no sense of the three sentences so its basically one eight month sentence were now down to and then suspended For two years, my understanding of a suspended sentence means basically you walk free. If you do anything naughty like indulging pension funds again in the next two years, then you go straight to prison without any further trial. Well, clearly, hes not going to indulge in any more pension funds, hes been disqualified as a director, and he would obviously be mad to do so. Um so effectively he has walked bang free, unbelievable. I just think this is outrageous. It does say on top of his sentence, the former norton man was also ordered to pay 20 716 pounds in costs, despite being declared bankrupt on may the 26th 2021. So i dont know how hes going to find that money and i dont care but 20 grand is a drop in the ocean compared to the. I think it was 10 million of pension money that is still outstanding, so british justice sometimes is outrageous. This is not justice. As far as im concerned, i was annoyed when i read this im still annoyed.

I will get over it, but uh well lucky stewart gardner is all i can say, um persona non grata in the motorcycle industry. Now, i think, moving swiftly on onto much more exciting news. Weve already talked about the multistrada and the fact that that could be something i look to replace my gs with in due course. The reason why im not doing anything hasty is because this three new gs models are on the way this has been rumored for some time, but now were seeing some spy shots of new gs and there are three variants apparently going to come out. So let me read you the highlights here: there are three new gs models in the not too distant future. All confirmed confirmed by bmws own servicing website thats right. There was a leak and then it showed the servicing schedules and so on uh. So until it was fixed, bmws website allowed people to book servicing for the r 1300 gs. So you know a bigger its gone up by 50 cc, the r1400 gs whats going on there and the m 1300 gs. So it may be im guessing here, but it may be a bit like the f 800 and f 900. They used to do its actually the same engine theyve just made them different number schemes, for you know maybe its not even a bigger engine, maybe its still a 1250 and theyre just calling the 1300 and the 1400 for nomenclature reasons who knows, but anyway, i imagine It will be a 1300 cc bike and then the m1300gs very interesting anyway, so whats that all about and mgs is the logical.

Next step expect carbon fiber plenty, a wrought exhaust and a few other trick bits. The r1300 gs is most probably the logical next step in the in the evolution of the gs. Chances are the new r, 1300 gs will move to completely water cooled format. If you remember its sort of part, oil, water part. Sorry part liquid part air cooled at the moment. Speaking to our contacts, the suggestion is that the r1400 gs will replace what we now know as the gs adventure. So it looks like therell be a standard gs. 1300 1400 will be the gs, adventure and then theres a sporty version called the m1300gs. We wouldnt be surprised if bmw unveiled the new machine later this year as a 2023 model, so that is going to be massive news in the motorcycle isnt it one of the best selling motorbikes consistently for the past about seven years since i bought mine. This has been a massive success for bmw. They cannot afford to this up many people waiting to see what this bike is like, and is this going to move adventure bikes on yet again it looks like its got um cruise control radar on there, but i have to say this spy shot. If that is the finished look of the bike, its hideous, it looks like daffy duck to me, so i really hope this fairing on here is just some sort of blank plate for testing purposes and its going to look more gs like when we finally get to See it i dont care if they change it to another, look, but just not that one that just looks horrible at the front end and if they did that to the gs, if thats the final shape that could be the death knell, i think theyd find sales.

Would drop and the old stock bikes would fly off? The shelves anyway cannot wait to see what they actually come up with. Lets hope that look changes um, but it sounds interesting, doesnt, it 1300 1400 and an m1300 to look forward to cannot wait to see what bmw comes up with there. Well, this next story is quite interesting: harley davidson 500 scene testing, more spy shots again chinese made harley davidson is a bit benelli leoncino under the skin. Now my question is: does this make sense? Because, whatever i make a video, for example, about a bike that maybe has a chinese sourced engine, i always get a lot of complaints about it. People say the last one, for example, was the herald brick 500, which is 80 british in terms of parts. Yet i still got told it wasnt a british bike. I dont know how you know what percentage it has to be to be british but uh, but there we go. It turns out. The engine obviously, is a very important part of the bike, its the heart and soul, and something that means a lot to people that it has to be from its um kind of source country. If you like and harley davidson, of course, very much, an american icon. So the fact that theyve now gone with a chinese engine for the 500 cc offering basically a re badged benelli. Is this a good move from harley? Let me know in the comments below i cant help thinking.

This is probably a bad move anyway. Lets see what mcn say its been three years since harley davidson announced their time with chinese bike firm, huan yang, i think thats, how you pronounce it or quin jiang. Whatever now a new 500 cc twin has been spied in, showroom, ready format, harley codenamed, hd 400 has been, or the harley co named. Hd500 has been photographed undergoing dyno tests in china and is very clearly derived from the benelli leoncino 500.. The bike looks like its ready to be delivered, although in reality it may still be several months before its officially revealed. The hd500 name suggests. This is the euro 5 compliant 47 brake horsepower 449 cc motor from the leoncino, so there we go thats what it is. I mean clearly its a leoncino with a harley davidson badge on the tank um. Is this a good move or not? Presumably, if its really good value, then maybe itll be itll, be a good move. Um, because again, i actually dont have anything against these proven chinese engines. This will be coming from one of the one of the better factories. Um 47 horsepower i dont know, is that going to fly off the shelves. The fact is, the harley davidson makes me think it might be priced a bit too premium. I dont know, but um an interesting move well see how that works. I i think thats going to fail for holly davis, just my gut feel i hope, im wrong because id like to see harley succeed right next up here: blood brothers.

They share the same heart, but these two adventure bikes have very different outlooks on life. So this is the ktm 890 adventure versus the husqvarna norden 901. I have ridden the 890 adventure lovely bite to ride. I have to say, i think, actually again, for a ktm looks quite nice. What i was impressed with the 890 was the fact that the weight is nice and low. It has those kind of cheek low down uh fuel tanks that makes the center of gravity low. So it made it very easy to ride if a little bit tall, if youre a tall fella, the 890 would be perfect, uh the norden, similar underpinnings, of course um. We know husqvarna owned by ktm, so same engine and so its basically in a new frock and looks quite different uh. Personally again, i dont, like the looks its one of these sort of dak r esque, looks and it doesnt do anything for me. I know i might be in a minority here. I know people absolutely love the looks of this and my mate chopsy uh lamb chops rise recently today, uh review this go and check his video out uh, where he said he thought he was the best adventurebot hes ever written yet so he clearly loves it. But again, just on looks alone, it would discount it for me, lets see what mcn said anyway. Just shows how you know different different people have different tastes, isnt it and, in fact, looking at the two here together.

I think that the uh, the um ktm, looks nicer than the husky you have to say anyway. Lets see what john arya has to say. The norton is effectively an 890 adventure in a new set of clothes. Husky have thought about small touches with extra electronics included as standard rather than offered as optional upgrades, which i guess is a nice move. Something ive criticized ktm for in the in the past is the fact that the you know you have to pay extra for the electronic upgrades that sometimes already exist on the boat um. Does it ride any better than the ktm, not really, in fact, on the more knobbly tires and longer travel suspension, it lags behind a little when the pace ups, but is the one wed pick as it has a bit more about it and stands out in a Crowded bike park there you go so john arie clearly likes the looks of it uh not for me. I would pick the ktm any day, although um, i probably would go for a different if im in the mid weight adventure bike market, as ive said before ill. Probably look tiger 900, i think thats a difficult bite to be all round, but again, just my opinion go and ride. These yourself see what you think. None of these bikes are bad. That is, the great thing were in were in uh biking, buyers. Heaven at the moment, there are very few bad bikes out there.

In fact, i cant think of any that ive ridden that was classed as bad in the last well, a couple of years, really right. Next up number: three still with me only three stories in this one: first, one all right on the knight, sir, this is the new harley davidson entry level water cooled sportster, which theyre calling the neighster, and there was a lot on social media on this recently, because The launch was on and i did actually get an invite to this launch. I thank you harley for inviting me along to launch. I dont do launches as a matter of policy another story, but anyway this is the bike that was written and you can see many similar videos on this bike on the internet. If you want to it, says here, 65 years after the first sportster harley davidson have produced their first water called entry level model, which also rekindles the knights. The name in the range at its core is the debut of the 975cc revolution max engine, its a 60 degree liquid, called v twin and develops 88.5 brake horsepower interesting harley didnt used to tell you what the outputs were did they. This compact unit also features hydraulic valve adjustment, erasing prices, servicing costs, great move. The engine also forms a central structural chassis component. Its a stressed member ala, panagarli thats, the only thing thats going on with the panel guy, probably a catalog of parts accessories allows owners to take their knights to in whatever direction they prefer from traditional custom and chrome to laid back touring bagger with bigger screen uh Forward controls and bar uh, you never guess its 221 kilogram mass very light for a harley uh if it was tangibly lighter, while the 705 mil seat means flat.

Footed accessibility is in range for a huge range, so 705 millimeter seat, height, brilliant, very low uh. Even mrs fly could probably manage this, which makes me think uh, the knights that can be ordered now at your local dealer, while bikes are expected to arrive in late july june early july. All bike manufacturers at the moment have massive um supply chain issues, so that might might be optimistic. Less than 250 units are destined for uk shores this year. So if you do like the look of it, i think itll be many theyre going to go. I think these are going to fly off the shelves pretty quickly for me. Looking at it, i do like the look of it. It looks good. The only thing i dont like about it that leaps out is that single exhaust. It just looks too big where theyve done the two into one thing. I just think it would have looked better if they kept with the old sports to style with two two into two. Basically, um, you know, one coming out of each cylinder would have looked better but thats. The only thing i dont like about it. Otherwise i think it looks lovely. Obviously it depends on cost. We dont have an idea about that. Oh here we are its got a cost here: twelve thousand nine hundred, ninety five for the black one or thirteen, three, seventy four colors. So pricing is okay uh, i suppose um, maybe a little bit of the prices are, but again it is harley davidson.

You do pay a premium for those bikes. I, like it um and hopefully ill get to ride one at some point in the summer. Um harley davidson do lend me back so, hopefully theyll be able to ship you one of those to have a go on and ill bring you my thoughts on it and well. Try mrs flyer on it see if see. If she can actually sit on the floor right next up super meteor to make an impact, i see what youve done their mcn headline writers, very good, new enfield, 650 twin models, spied ready for production. So, as you probably know, if youve seen many videos on my channel, i am generally speaking a royal enfield fan, i recently uh and in fact, currently im riding the scram 4 1 1. One of my last videos was that and ive got another video coming up on saturday on that bike, taking it off road and theyre, knocking out new models at a fair rate, so this well, let me read you what it says here: uh pictures more pictures have Emerged of two new royal enfields being tested with everything pointing towards a full unveil later this year. First buck appears to be a 650cc version of the meteor. The name super meteor is a likely contender, because that comes from our royal. If it was pass, of course, together with the four controls swept back bars and tall risers is giving the bike something of a classic cruiser style, not something im.

A big fan, or i have to say the other bike, looks like a souped up version of the super meteor royal enfield uh had one of those back in the day too, and they called that the constellation so maybe thats what its going to be called theres. No official word from enfield, but wed expect both to be unveiled later this year. So just looking at these spy shots here, i have to say i cant get excited about this one um. I did get excited about the original meteor uh just because that single cylinder engine was so smooth. The looks not so much. I got very excited about the classic 350, which i think looks amazing and has the same engine the classic. I would have had room in my garage, and i also also like the scram 411 as well, but this this this bike doesnt do anything for me. I dont see why youd have this over a interceptor with its twin engine, which, which is probably the same engine anyway, and i just think the interceptor just looks so much nicer, so yeah for me. If it looks like this, its a miss but well wait and see what comes out and uh well see, but theyre for me not that interested in that. What do you think? I think this is less likely to sell than the scram and the interceptor and the other existing models right last story here: natty naked, the z90 900 rs versus the ftr s, both bikes ive written ive, written them in their latest incarnations, but these are both bikes That i like very much so weve, got the indian ftrs sort of flat tracker bike coming in at 14, 000 quid and the kawasaki z900 rs 11 000 pounds.

So a lot lot cheaper. I read the original. I read, i rode the uh. Well, i say the original the this version of the z900 rs, the original version of this some years ago. Now, when it first came out, probably three or four years ago – and i absolutely love this bike and um to this day – i still think uh i deserve my you know. I should make space in the garage to get one of these, because its a four cylinder, beautiful retro bike, really nicely made lovely to ride, and since i rode it, its had a few updates and some great color schemes as well. Im. Really a huge fan of the z900 rs when i wrote the indian ftrs, probably about 18 months ago now, down at barristan edmonds down at crazy horse. I love that too, but out of the two theres no doubt id take the kawasaki lets see what the verdict was um from mcn. Here we go theyve given the kawasaki four stars and the indian three star, so it looks like they prefer the kawasaki too. This is from michael knees, my favorite road tester mcn. He says the z900 rs is more about the way it looks uh and it has to be said its one of the nicest detailed nakeds out there. I agree its a beautiful finish on the bike. Its better finished than the ftr, even if the equipment level isnt as high best of all its almost three grand cheaper and thats, the clincher yeah from a value for money.

Point of view, you cant argue with that. Can you yeah, i like them both, but the z900 rs looks epic doesnt it, particularly in this blue and gold scheme. If you had gold wheels well, i might have to go to the shops immediately right, thats, that how are we doing? Weve got two more mcns. Youre sticking with me get yourself a drink, dont forget weve got uh, readers rides and parish notices still to come once weve got through the news, all right five stories here from this copy of mcn. First one: oh here we go ride. The gold star reborn bsa revealed plans for goldie test rise, so this is a bite that everybody got very excited about when we saw it at the nec, including myself, and then it all went quiet. Now i follow i signed up for updates and ive sent the mails and stuff, but no response, unfortunately, to try and find out whats going on with this bike. So mtn have got a bit more information. Theyve said, the firm are still working on plans to build a factory in birmingham with more than 200 jobs, promised and theyre. Also developing a robust dealer network now thats the thing for me. I cant find out whos going to be the dealers for these. Are they going to sell alongside other existing mates? Are they going to open um, dedicated shops or dealers? I cant imagine that, where are the dealers going to be thats the big question for me? We want to know that the dealer network is sound when you get to buy these bikes.

They now say that the gold star 650 cc single will be hitting the dealers in june, so thats only next month, um with test rides available shortly after you can register an interest and be contacted about a demo ride by applying online at their website. Bsacompany.Co.Uk, which is what ive done so ive, not heard anything yet from them um, but i cannot wait to ride this. It looks lovely as youve gathered im a massive retro bike fan um its a big, proper thumper single itll, be interesting to see how smooth this rides. They tell me at the nec when i spoke to the guys actually designed the bike. Theyve done a lot of work in balancing this engine, so it is smooth um. So im really looking forward to trying that. I think it looks epic only let down by the slightly fat exhaust downpipes, but you know well give it that and maybe the radiator as well, but these are necessary evils of euro five. I guess, but yeah cannot wait to try one of these um top of my list come on bsa if youre watching. Let me have a go on one of these first um. You know that makes sense ill. Get you a lot of views on youtube. I promise you, let me have a go on this, please all right, thats it enough begging, embarrassing yourself, there a little bit anyway, moving on swiftly uh next up here. Oh, the race is on so guy martin uh, i was gon na, say: meow mate guy martin ive never met him uh, but you know hes a character that i like the cut of his jib anyways hes once again having a crack a world speed record a Battle to hit 300 miles per hour, standing mars hotting up as five hot shots closing, including guy martin.

So it says here: guy martin has been back out testing his turbocharged suzuki hayabusa, as he targets the 300 miles per hour, standing ma record. What a nutter brave, sharing little with the original machine, the high booster, that hes got, maintains the stock bore and stroke and the standard 1340 cc. But changes have resulted in an output. Wait for this of over 830 brake horsepower thats nuts guys current top speed is 270.9. Pretty flipping, quick um the charge to 300 miles an hour is not without risk. The current record stands at 296 miles per hour and was achieved by american bill warner in 2013. Sadly, warner was unable to better it as he was killed on a subsequent attempt, so that just shows how dangerous this game is so be careful. Guy um lets hope he does it, but uh yeah. This is not something to be taken lightly. Is it i mean the guy knows what hes doing the guy? He knows what hes doing um but uh yeah lets hope he continues safely lets say he does get that 300 mile per hour record thatd, be amazing. All change for super duke gt, another ktm gosh lots of ktm news in this bike news uh, the super duke gt, got lots of critical plaudits and i love riding the bike again. Just didnt, like the looks of it, it was a bit look to me a bit like a rhinoceros theyve come up with a redesign by the looks of it says here.

New spy shots have emerged showing that ktm working on another super duke gt update less than a year after the current model received a refresh minor one appearing to be a ground up redesign. It all points to ktm making a significant investment, great news, all new headlight screen and surrounding bodywork. The new headlight area, housing, a cruise control radar, clever stuff disguising that radar appears to be a new tank shape, quite possibly larger, for more touring competence. Thats good uh ktm are taking it in the direction. Oh, if theyre taking it in the direction. We believe more touring, less sport, then its possible theyve relaxed the geometry a bit in the process for improved stability too so well see doesnt say when its going to be available or anything like that, its still obviously in test mule form. So its probably going to be well, maybe well see it at the end of this year, when the new announcements come out around november time, who knows but yeah another one worth a watch and if you like, youre a bit like the multistrada. If you like sporty sports tours, then this is very much one. You should have on your radar. The engine on this is stonking at the super. Duke r um yeah well see that one when it comes out next up, sons of a gun, two very different descendants of kawasakis 650 twin, but which is better so theyve got the cf moto 700 cl and the reason why thats a descendant is, i think it Has the engine at the old er6? Did you remember that and then the kawasaki z650 rs, which is another one of these retros, that kawasaki is so good at doing, but, unlike the 900 that we talked about just now just now, this is a twin um and for me uh, i just love the Four cylinder version in the 900, but nonetheless a lovely looking bike lets see what the verdict is from mcm um.

This is from phil west. He says the sport is cf motos best equipped offering yet, but is littered with so many niggles bars that trap your thumbs. Early fuel warner, iffy fuelling break some, our breaks and previous electric concerns, limited dealers, unproven, reliability, etc. So, despite it being fun and 750 quid cheaper, its still too much out of reach sounds like its a bit too much of a risk as far as theyre concerned, it does does look quite nice cant help, but wonder what the next cf motor might be like, Though, because theyre now, closer than ever with a bit more refinement, theyll be genuine contenders mcn, but they do theyve, given the kawasaki uh the win, but give them both four stars, though. Interestingly, the kawasaki, seven nine fifty cf motor seven, two hundred theyre not million miles away in pricing. Are they so cf motor got to get their acting order if theyre gon na genuinely compete, but it sounds like theyre getting close doesnt it good stuff, alrighty, okay, thats! It for that one one more mcn then well get on to a couple of items for adventure bike rider as well. Only a couple of stories here from last weeks: mcn uh twice the fun. Is there any downside to downsizing yamahas r1 and r7 hit the road, and i often say there isnt? If you know, if youre predominantly a road rider, then often the smaller bike or the smaller capacity is more fun on the road, which is why i bought the 899 paligali instead of the 1199.

At the time i bought that um anyway, so theyve got the um r1, which is 18 200 1000 cc by against the r7 8400, so 10 grand cheaper incredible. You can buy yourself a kawasaki z900 rs as well um, or at least the uh, or maybe the z650rs um, but anyway, theyve pitted them together lets see what they say. I can probably guess what the verdict is. This is from john arry, well see theyve, given the r1 4 out of 5 and the r7 four out of five superficially. They look kind of similar dont they um and theyve got similar. You know, tft displays um. I think that both well, i know the r1s are great, but i havent ridden the r7 yet and its current guys riding elite sport spot on the road is demanding both physically and mentally. Yep id agree that controlling your bike, able to hit over 100 miles an hour in first gear and do so in less than five seconds its a serious test of concentration and restraint, its the restraint bit. That gets me, which is why the latest middleware middleweight sports bikes, are such a refreshing change. Yes, the r7 feels a far more budget option than the classy r1, but is it any less rewarding to ride? Certainly not in many ways is actually more fun, says john thats. Why taking track days at the equation, wed both go for the r7 over the r1 as a daily ride.

Its weird isnt, it im sure the r7 is, is definitely the better daily ride. Um but theres something about it. You buy these smaller bikes in the vacuum and you think ive gone for the bigger one, maybe not in this case, because there is that massive price difference. Um and i do agree bikes like the r1. The s1000 rr recently rode from yamaha and others are just so performant you cant get the most of them, uh out of them on the road, theyre lovely things to own, but uh. The temptation to go stupidly fast is always there, and i personally find that difficult to resist and i need to keep my driving license so uh yeah, maybe the r7 is the one to go for if youre in that market, all right, thats it for mcn this Month then, if you remember last month, we did our first look at adventure. Bike rider magazine, theyve very kindly sent me a copy of the latest magazine. These come out every two months, so this is the march april version. So in two bike, news time ill do another one of these couple of stories here that just caught my eye. First off bmw, k, 1600 now im a massive fan of big touring bikes. As you again know, if youve watched much of my channel before i own a honda gold wing – and i was surprised here that um they didnt mention the honda gold wing at all in this review, what they said is bmw has actually released four versions of the K 1600 for 2022, the grand america, the k, 1600 b whats, the one we know is the bagger, the k 1600 gtl and the gt uh the gtl as a top box and backrest the gt doesnt with me here.

I was amazed at how different the gt, um and gtl felt to ride compared to the other two interesting. The gt, in particular, with its taller 810 to 830 ml seat height, has a sportier riding position. Actually, one of the things i wouldnt dont like about this bike is the fact its got quite a tall seat, its a heavy old bike. These big tory bugs are so i want to get my feet firmly firmly planted planted on the deck if its 810 mil im, not sure thats the case. I have ridden a k, 1600 and the bagger, but from a few years ago not this latest incarnation. Ive got a word in with bmw and hopefully later in the summer. I will be getting a go on this newest bike and i will bring you a direct comparison to get this against the goldwing uh to see how they fare yeah whats. The verdict on this. Sorry there wasnt a verdict. You can read my full review of the bmw k1600 in the may june issue of april. Okay, so well, look at that next time around sorry, all right, nipping on i jump to the second story too quickly there, which is all about the honda nt1100. Now i saw one of these for the first time personally in the flesh. Last week, um and im in two months, im gon na be wearing one of these from honda again soon uh for a bit of a longer term test.

So looking forward to giving it a try, its got the engine in the africa twin, but the looks are a bit divisive, im sure behind that big fairing, its um very well protected so great from all weather protection point of view, but i dont know it looks It reminds me of a sort of a disney cartoon character, a bit um and im, not sure whether that would put me off owning it. I dont know well see the way to their verdict. It says here the bike is everything youd hope for in a honda, immaculate detailing smooth lines and seamless engineering honda got that reputation. The look of the front of the fairing is lightly divided opinion. Yes, that that is an issue. The nts face is almost identical to the x adv. Yes, its sort of like a bigger version of the xadv that sort of funky crossover bike that they do. The nt 1100 is an africa twin with 17 inch wheels at both ends and thats pretty much what it feels like, which is no bad thing. I guess the left hand switch gear is arguably the most cluttered in the motorcycle world with 15 or so buttons and knobs to compete for your attention, uh, even if, when youre just trying to indicate now that might be a problem. Thats an issue that i had on the africa twin when i brought that im sure if youve only got one bike um and you get to you – know: youll, learn that and itll be fine.

But when you switch between bikes, like i do having a very complicated set of switch gear does get in the way, so uh well see at the moment im starting to think maybe the nt 1100 isnt for me, but well, keep it open ill. Give it a ride and ill bring you my verdict on that bike. As soon as i can. Oh okay verdict on the nt 1100 thats, what ive missed it? Doesnt have shaft drive or fancy electronic suspension, but if it did, it would be far more expensive and perhaps more importantly, like the charmander of the bike from which is derived. If you prefer your adventures on the blacktop, and you want a bike that covers huge differences. Effortlessly from morning to night, then, to the nt 1100 ticks all those boxes and more yeah. It looks very nice in the gray as well. I must say all right next story here then aprilia tuareg 660 weve already talked about that and we saw, i wont, dwell on it too much but uh. But in fact lets go straight to the verdict, because weve already talked about this a little bit uh. It says here um, while its no catwalk model, so they agree with me on the looks theres something compelling about a stripped back oversized dirt bike looks that maybe you want to jump on board and hit the trails immediately alright. Well, it doesnt mean it looks goofy to me. The power plant found in the tuareg is the same one: in the aprilias rs660 sports bike, antoinero 660 naked its uh ten thousand six hundred pounds um and there we go it hasnt actually again, hasnt got a verdict on there for me to say either, but uh Seems like they liked it all right, thats it from the press, then, which means its time for my brand new feature, which is readers rides now you know.

Basically, we all like to nose. Other peoples, motorcycles, dont. We and you know when you go to a pub car park, you see a bike. Well, if youre like me, you might have a little shifty in the look at it and if you meet the owner, you get chat to them about the bike and how many miles theyve done, what theyve done it, what they like about it, what they dont, like All that sort of thing a bit like the sort of thing you do at bike meet so thats. What readers rise is all about. So, first off, thank you to everybody that said in your um, your bike, pictures to me, ive selected, five theyre in no particular order that i just thought wed, have a nose out and see what we think so lets have a look at these. Shall we right? First up we have this motorcycle. This is uh john langstaffs, lovely, 2002 trump thunderbird. Now i chose this because you dont often see these anymore. Do you? I mean 2002 getting an old bike now, at 20 years old john says its comfortable, smooth and surprisingly quick, very easy to self maintain once the tanks removed, but some spares are hard to get hold of like, for example, the thermostat hes found he found one through An american version of a toyota car on ebay, so hes ordered that up so thats, clever thinking, john so yeah. He loves the bike uh.

I think this um this. You know it looks absolutely lovely. I love these old school uh trunks and i love the chrome on it, so a bit of polishing required id. Imagine john, but yeah very nice. Thank you for sending that in john enjoyed that next up from jimmy jim jams im sure this isnt, your real name jimmy but hes got this amazing restored 1997 fcr 1000 genesis 5 valve now, i have to say im ashamed to say. Ive never heard of one of these, but this bike looks absolutely incredible, doesnt it. I know nothing more than what ive just told you that jimmy jim chan told me its a restored. 1987 fzr. 1000 genesis. I assume this is the forerunner of what became the r1 in yamahas lineup. Somebody tell me in the comments below if theres anything. I should know about this bike that im missing here, but it does look, absolutely cracking doesnt, it all the way from 1987. uh. He says i hope you like it. I absolutely do jimmy uh. What an amazing paint scheme on it, lovely bike, be interested, no more, how many miles youve done, how long youve had it that sort of thing, but yeah, absolutely beautiful. So, thank you for sending that bike in for us next up, rob tidemans, bmw. K100. Rs. Let me just have a quick look at this right. Yes, lovely! Looking bike, this classic, bmw isnt it! This is like bmw bikes that i remember from from old.

This is a 1985 k100 rs hes got 30 uh. Sorry 80 000 miles on the clock on the clock and rob is the second owner. He says the previous owner had it for 35 years and theyve stayed in touch ever since thats, absolutely brilliant. I love that sort of story, its unrestored, but it looks amazing, i have to say, but ive, given it a considerable mechanical overhaul and cosmetic tidy up, it rides pretty well considering its age, although you do need to respect the fact that the handling and brakes are Not exactly very modern, i bet its the only model so vibrates like hell and gets really hot robs in north queensland by the way, australia and i think thats a hot bit of australia isnt it so imagine that getting really hot is an important thing to you. Rob but this bike looks absolutely lovely doesnt it its again. It looks in immaculate conditions, given you said its not restored, i mean maybe its that climate, its just uh, it just maintained its condition. It looks amazing intrigued by the engine on here as well. Again, i know nothing about this before my time: k, 100 rs, but that engine uh looks like its some sort of um flat. You know parallel type um, not parallel uh boxer layout type engine. Is it four cylinder or is it six i dont know, but it looks lovely anyway. Thank you very much rob for sending that in im learning all the time here.

This is like every day is a school day with this all right. Next up, uh this one. All the way from norway, thank you to carl henry mikkelbust. I think ive got your name right. Sorry, if ive pronounced that incorrect, this is a yamaha bulldog. Bt. 1100. Again, let me take a quick look at this right. I had a quick look at the pictures. Youre now looking at and uh yeah, what an absolute brute this is now again, this is a bike ive, never heard of. So let me tell you what cole said he said um. First of all, i would say it reminds me very much of the xjr 1300 that i recently wrote um its i mean it just looks like a brutal bite and the v twin on this looks absolutely amazing, doesnt it, but anyway carl henry says most everything on The bike is aluminium or metal instead of plastic. I love that uh, its real butch and premium feeling yeah. I know exactly what you mean: uh whats, real special is that the bike looks like a retro, which i think was before the retro craze uh its a naked bike. Often it has a large v twin engine from the yang maharaj dragster. I dont know what size the engine is ill, be interested to know. You didnt say on here its not obvious from the pictures, so it kind of feels like a cruiser chopper but being lighter and nimbler package overall, which sounds amazing.

So why have i never heard of a yamaha bulldog, bt11, or perhaps it was called something different in the uk? Perhaps it never came to the uk, but something that um feels like a cruiser but is lighter and nimbler sounds like a winner to me so yeah. Thank you, carl henry, for sending that one in amazing looking bike really like that all right and then last well, do five bikes each month on on readers rides last but not least, bib the builders bib, the boulder sorry bib, the boulders 1991 kawasaki voyager again. Let me just have a quick look at this to remind myself. Oh yes, i remember this one now what an absolute classic bite this looks like, and you can imagine why ive included this, because it looks like an old gold wing doesnt. It obviously kawasakis attempt at gold wings anyway lets see what bib the boulder says. He says the voyager, which was karasakis answer to the gl 1200 goldman, has such a wroughty sound from exhaust and such 90s patina that its like taking a step back in time. Every time i take it out, it does get quite a bit of attention, although its a heavy machine. I bet it is uh. It eats the miles with these yeah. It does look comfortable again, an absolute retro gem 1991. This is from wonder how much it weighs it looks, flipping heavy and does it have a reverse gear? I hope it does but yeah.

Thank you very much bib for sending that, in it looks amazing and uh yeah as a obviously, a gold wing fan im very interested in this sort of bike. So thank you for sending that in so thank you to everybody. So, thanks to john jimmy rob cole and bib for sending in your pictures and thank you to everybody else, thats sent in your pictures as well. If yours hasnt turned up on this months, uh readers rise. Do not spare ive kept them all well be doing another readers rides next month um, so it may turn up on that one. If youve got a bike, you think would be interesting for other viewers to have a look at. Do send me a picture um and uh that will, if you send it to me at the missing flyer, and if you put readers rides in the subject. That means i can find it amongst all the other stuff that i receive and ill have a look at it, and maybe we can feature it on next months readers rides uh the best uh pictures to send our landscape in 19 um ill. Look it up ill. Tell you in a minute what the best um size pictures are, but basically a few words about the bike would be good um. You know how long youve had it, what you like about it, what you dont like about it any backstory. That would be good and then i can feature it on readers rise all right, thats it for that one.

That means its time for Applause. You got it parish notices a little update on whats coming up on the channel in the next month, so uh first off. I must say before we get on to that uh huge apologies for the technical issues that i had last week with my computer. They are ongoing im, hopefully, im waiting a call back from the computer repair. People should get sorted soon, um, but it meant that we couldnt bring you the live stream with uh chopsy and bruce and was playing with ritchie as well uh. Last week, uh, which was a bit of a shame um but anyway looks like uh. Ive got a potential fix to the problem, so we will reschedule it. We will bring you another live stream with the guys at some point ill. Let you know when uh keep your eyes peeled for that, but it wont be any time eminently soon because were all pretty busy over the summer months, of course, but we will bring you another live stream as soon as we can coming up on the channel over The next month, then, just to let you know on saturday ive already mentioned im taking the four the scram 411 out again the new royal enfield. Since i made that first video on it, the price has been announced, its 4 600 pounds, which makes it incredible value as far as im concerned. So anyway, for my last rider on the bike, i took it off road well sort of off road down a dirt track, basically so, where thats coming up on saturday, if youre interested on that bike, take a look at that um next up on wednesday is my First, ride on the ducati street fighter v2.

It may surprise you my findings on this bike. This is only the first ride and i had it for a couple of weeks. Um a couple of months back now and i love the street fighter v4. If you remember so, this is the v2, so stay tuned for my thoughts on that on saturday. The 14th of may is my next classic bike. Ride, uh thanks to the guys at uh, channel sponsors, superbike factory. So, thanks to you, lot youll be interested in this one.