Thank you so much: Music, um, Music, Music, uh, Music, uh, Music, oh so, Music, Music, um, Music, um, so Music, um Music, because theres no doubt about it as simple as it is thats what it is again one kind of two three. I really feel like that. Theres only three sasquatch here thats. What i feel like were getting many many many, so the people that were finding all the pictures. Like no mark, i showed you i was like i saw them. I was like i know, but the problem is theyre, not sasquatch or theyre. They may be, but theyre different sasquatch than we were used to seeing. Okay, then what are the chances of this look at this? You got your another trident. Okay, oh man, another one! You know how cold you start to look after a while, so yeah try to number one. This is set up at the like. You see where this is set up its like a like a circle on the hill and its its flat here: okay and thats, the main part, where elvis and always get where i got all those guys up there and its its strategic again so strategic. You know it gives them like a comfort level, and i think it has something to do with other sasquatch. Is why its strategic, its not strategic for humans, because they know when youre coming a mile away, they can feel you, okay, im telling you ive done this.

So many times guys its an energy thing, its very simple, its just that we dont understand it so were like huh. If we had that, then it would be fine right, wouldnt it. If you had that ability id be its okay, but because you cant do it. You know youre, just gon na deny everything just trust me, its all energy and they vibrate on a higher frequency than us. You know theyre more evolved than us. You guys do you realize that we vibrate as well were vibrating right now, all of us its just that we started way after they did on a perch um perch doesnt, look like they theyve been on this one this year, uh or at least in the last Couple of months i dont know if i got a lot of pine cones there actually thats, not true that looks pretty cleared right there. Look at this look at you like. This is really torn up right there. All of that and theres theres, a good perch. Look at the walking away from this perch it doesnt look like today, but it could have been like yesterday, okay and then next to the perch more dugout holes. Oh so, what im saying about the mining thing i dont know if ill put, that clip in todays gon na be a mess of clips, guys im just throwing stuff together for you. I was talking about how you know we were saying: maybe thats from old miners and its not because theyre all too consistent, theyre, all the same exact depth, the same exact, pile and im, not saying theyre graves, but somethings digging out for some reason.

I dont get it and after all the graves ive seen that the private pictures ive you guys remember. I have a lot of private stuff. I get educated privately as well, okay, but from people that you will never hear of. They will never talk to you or anyone else in the world, but they can. They need it to vent to someone and they can they know they can trust me because i have the same stuff, you know and they they go further because they dont film lets see nice see thats thats. What i missed you see this trail. You can just see it right. It looks so good in there i think thats their world over there Applause the birds wont. Let me get nearly uh Music uh, Music, Music, uh, Music, uh, Music of constantness theres, no Music, Music, Music, its like a family Music. Part tree me, Music, Music, Music, bring the back Music Music im bye doesnt get any better look at that. I show that every single time – something oh by the way, wait something got thrown before you could hear it. Just now i turned the camera on. I knew, but look so turn around theres no way to fake this. You guys cause look. These would have to be on top of the rocks to get that clean its one of the things you know not quite i dont quite understand. I know they did this look at these rocks theyre, so beautiful, but i dont know why i dont think theyre.

For me, thats why i looked really close. Okay, i think theyve been there and i just by i just happened to be walking by but im still kind of in this area like. I was filming like that strange here. Sorry that strange area, how cool is that id give anything to see them? Just look i dont need you know what dont tell me anything else ever just show me the video of this guy, putting those there and then ill quit thats. All i want. You know what you wouldnt, you wouldnt be good enough. Youd see that be like okay. Now i know i want more hey what in the seriously. What, in the add your own word blatant, i dont know if they did, i dont have a. It could have been believe it or not. This is the type of place where rocks can move because um, you have a tremendous amount of freezing and thawing here in fact, theres months, where itll literally do that every single night, itll itll be way below freezing and then and then become way above freezing or Just enough, especially in the sun, and then something like that could slide over, so i cant believe ive, never seen that. How could you, how could i have never seen that and ive never seen it? I mean i i dont know you know that could be them or you know its also explainable, with the with you know, thawing with frost thawing and freezing thats cool thats really cool.

Thank you guys for that. Thank you. I needed something else, its been a while. You know, because ive been coming down through this really weird area kind of wanting to be over there and walk back but theyre ahead of us enough technology blatant you dont, want it. Your brain doesnt want to believe it its not that you guys dont believe it, but you know what im talking about thats, so blatant thats unbelievable. How did i not see that over there? Those are the spots im missing? I was down below right below it. I was right there being distracted by other stuff and theres blatantly an entrance right there, all right over now kind of picture. The way it used to look without all the growth like this was a complete world like an entire and like habitat. At some point in history, where it was just open to the world, you know, but it was so far away from anything i mean even in todays vehicles. This is like ridiculous. Its almost unattainable, like is its just. What are you gon na? Do you can drive all the way out here and then drive all the way back like if you camped or something fine, but no, i could. I could put an rv right there right there, no problem permission. Oh, i want to do a thumbnail lets see if we can get a thumbnail im going to make them now wheres my rock thats in there my face is right.

There i think its gon na be better on the other one. You guys check out some of the older videos here. Thats amazing, that one right there is such a marker. You guys thats thats, my thumbnail right there theres, like four people in the world that will get that now. You guys get it but come on right. You do i mean, are you with me on this rock or what its so crazy blatant its so crazy? They didnt they didnt, make the mistake and do that on every one of them did they face blatant face right there on the next one thats their face? You know its just like your house, your neighbors house, doesnt, look exactly like yours, you do your own thing. You dont need to admit. You dont want to look like the idiot next door and believe me, the guy lives. Next door is a complete idiot im kidding. Just in case he was like another one up, another one markers doesnt, he just in case a guy next door to you whats, an idiot then ill get the comment but like how did you know the guy next to me is an idiot. Please do that. It has nothing to do with this video, but if you just cant stand your neighbor and its not you youre not trying to be mean, but this these people are just so ridiculous that you cant deal with it. Please send me a message because i want to know i might even do a video.

I might even start a couple off topic. Videos like in the winter like. Well, you got eric, he does trespassing um, you know the trespassers, but i do like you know stuff like that off topic. So leave me a comment. Do a video like that one day hear that see i got knocking. What was that something just flew? Oh, it was my shadow im. Like man im not kidding you guys something just flew, it was actually i dont know if you can see the shadow on the ground there. Im, like you understand something, just flew there and disappeared ill, never say i never lie to you, because something did. It was my shadow and you go in here, and things start to look interesting. Things start to change, things are built, theyre flush and its real, interesting and inside have sticks. I didnt even touch on this place, its hard to be monotonous, but here you go again completely just shouldnt be like that boulder way down here, like it, it didnt roll from the top of the mountain thats for sure, and everything is weird, everything is weird. Even the tree look look at that tree like its like what happened to it its supposed to look like one of these same thing in front of the uh look at this. We got everything guys look at the leaner, oh my god, so look at this crazy, boulder right, theyre, probably all a part of it right now right and then you got the most amazing wiener ive ever seen in my life.

This is the most unbelievable wiener theres. No doubt theres a perch underneath it which im going to crawl into in a second that is one of the most amazing leaners ive ever seen in my life and its beautiful look at it theres a huge l coming through here, too hes all by himself. I think he came up here to hide theres. No doubt some sits right there, its dry. I love these insides that have never been touched. I really do theres eating pine cones. Something was eating. The pine nuts out of there theres a little spot. I got dead locus in there, it does cut through, but its. Nevertheless, you know its weird. I like this spot. I always do this when you see them at least a little bit just for the heck of it, cones underneath really really old thats. How i found that uh i found that maze that way it was like corn underneath man thats, so dusty, its unbelievable, its never seen, moisture ever theres no marks weird ones here. Look at this spot! You guys! Remember you dont dont! I i say this. I think over and over because im saying it not to you im, saying it to myself that thats exactly whats happening, dont dont expect it to be more sometimes like yeah. You just found the most amazing spot right there. This is it somehow they use this. Look. How protected it is theres, no way to see in here at all from any direction anywhere.

This is one of their spots, except for, of course, the master perch, but that leaner is the ultimate you guys. It was brought over from like over there and put it just leaned against that rock to tell you yes and then, by the way, the whole entire boulder, if we forgot, is completely resting on other rocks its not even on the ground. So to me, thats amazing. They really do seem to stick to the rocks, with the exception of my one dude, who always walks up the the uh the sand over there i swear they walk only on the rocks theyll jump down like once in a while. I got some pretty good impressions here too. Look at this. Yes look. This is good. Look at look at the theres, no way that could be. On top of that rock you see its not possible okay and theres, not people here so theres, no way anyone can tell you that a person came up here and put that on a rock. It wouldnt believe him that who would believe him anyway. Nobody people are idiots were so far beyond whether a person did something. You know that no one understands where i am not only do i live in vast colorado, but i had a drive two and a half three hours to get to the hotel in vaster colorado. So i could get to the ultimate vastness out here, which is in the middle of nowhere.

This is where you come. If you want to see the unseen world they want to see where they are, lee wants to shoot all the coyotes you poor, buddy, you poor little guy. The back looks a little open too tells me hes getting eaten from behind. I dont think he was jumped by other coyotes, although that might be possible like another clan or something he ran into like. Where do these flies come from? You know its like its amazing that fly couldnt be anywhere, except if you have a dead body, he just comes out of nowhere, its like he sent from god himself. I got some kind of a its kind of interesting that theres an inside perch right there. I didnt notice last time. Theres. No doubt you guys. This is a made like hidden thing right here: dead, coyote, cant figure out why i dont think its a gunshot. I do have his footprints. I filed him earlier. I did find uh. This is just kind of a rehash of my live video i was doing which most people wont see, because i delete those usually um, and i kind of followed them over here and then, as i got over here, you can see there was a bunch of footprints, Like his footprints and it looked like, he was kind of like trying to grab a deer, because there was deer footprints right next and then all the the coyotes footprints were all like staggered.

I mean to me: it looked exactly like that, like he was trying to get at the deer, and the deer was just kind of standing there, like okay, youre gon na try harder than that, because one coyote pretty tough to take down a deer. I dont even know how you know unless he finally caught him right there i dont know. I have no explanation for that: coyotes death hes too young for it to be natural. I mean its possible, but i just dont think its a natural situation that i saw there theres my theres, my uh theres my hole right there, my face with the hole inside the hole i didnt do. My tripod like i was gon na. Do there. It is theres the thumbnail see him his lips, his nose, his cheek right there. You know what else you notice, if you check out historical sites all around the world, that people have found this ones me. No one has ever found that face in the history of the world, except for me. You cant see it and no one would ever look or know how thats weird i have a dog bark to my right, but quite a distance in just a quick one. Huh not its its. I was in there a lot longer than i thought so im gon na snow, a couple zooms on this place right where i wasnt. I also want to see this forest, so there was a fire there and its not.

You know the ideal forest im trying to figure out if its real trees, or is it like these trees and whats going on and how good could that be in there? How amazing might that be right? There wonder if that mountain is like, where i just was okay, so inside there is, that is there rocks in there. Those trees are actually not. This is that is much more of a forest than where i was. I dont see the gaps im, trying to get a gauge of how tall they are. Those are real trees arent. They different, though eerie right id like to go in there right in there. You see, i think it is like where i was inside. I think you got the best of both worlds or you got rocks and you have uh trees. All i got you guys are killing me. You know that right, youre, literally killing me im dying right now because of you guys, youre killing me thats. My expression. Lately, im just like youre killing me you guys are killing. I tell you, i walk around its all. I say you guys are killing me because i see something else, its so blatantly, unbelievably crazy, even off the camera, just you guys are killing me. You know im not going to over zoom here, because i, i doubt theyre still looking, they know what im doing these guys are protecting like something major here theyve been here for a long, long time think about it.

They were out here when before people could even dream of getting here on even on a horse, all right – the indians were out here somehow, but you know they had scouts that went out. You know. Indians were bad asses. You know, but like regular people to come visit here, thats just happened in the last 20 years. You know 40 years ish before that it was too hard. No one, no ones car like no one trusted their car and the gas mileage was too much. You know 100 000 miles your car breakdown. You know our cars now were just were just um feeling safe with them. I just noticed the discoloration. I wanted to see what that was. I see that white. What is that white moving in the back? Probably nothing theyre right there. I can tell you that right there, you dont believe me just come over ill, bring you up there and you go into the entrance where that, where the the helmet you know the face is and ill ill be at home. Let me know how it goes: Applause, its such a blatant way. They dont go in and out of there, but i think they come and they they sit there thats actually like 15 20 feet, uh straight up and theres that face ive, never seen. I dont think weve gotten time stamps in there, but man that face is right there, every every entrance into that mountain has a rock face of a bigfoot that looks like a giant face of a person um.

You know explain that to me i mean i cant. I cant explain it to you, so maybe youll have to do it to me. I think i can explain it to you.