Welcome to my channel. Well this morning is going to be an rc car day. Yes, i have the dbxle that i’ve had in my possession for about four months now and i’ve, taken it out quite a few times, it’s a little bit dirty it’s sitting over there. Well let’s go check it out all right. Let me let me drag this thing out there. It is so this dbxl is the same as the dbxl gas. This is the electric version. I have the gas version it’s up there. I’Ll show you in a second so this here electric version is pretty darn massive and it’s very scary, because it has a lot of weight. It weighs over 30 pounds with the batteries inside it’s got a huge motor, uh it’s all made out of aluminum plastic and yeah that’s. Basically it you can see on the bottom here it’s aluminum down there. Can you see that this thing weighs a ton, so it’s a fun car to drive, and i thought i should show it in a video just going out and having some fun with it it’s kind of dirty because i’ve been driving it an awful lot. This is where i keep my gas cars, so i have a gas car there that’s our way up. There’S another gas car you’ve seen that in videos and way up there is the dbxl gas powered. I know you can see it very well, but one day i’ll take the gas powered and i’ll compare it against the electric so to get under the hood.

We just take off two clips it’s a very easy access, you’ll notice, too. We have an led bar up here, but the front just comes up like this, and we have our internals very easy access for adding your two batteries here and checking out the motor and everything else up front. You can see the aluminum shocks coming around there’s our servo and going down here. You can see part of the motor down in here and we have, of course, our esc up here and back to aluminum shocks and metal parts very nice. Now this is powered by two 4s 5000 milliamp hour batteries at 100 c. All right, both batteries are in let’s, connect them up. There we go she’s all set to go close up. The hood get the pins in and uh let’s go. Take it out for a spin, you need a lot of area to drive this, so let’s. Take it out for a spin all right. So here we have my car down here and nelson has come out to help me. Nelson is going to fly. The air 2s he’s got it up there and he’s going to fly that baby and capture some video, as i go flying the car down this road now this is not a speed demon, so uh it’s, not gon na, go very fast. Video we’re gon na go to 5k 30 and autofocus is on. If i want to turn the gimbal from side to side, take your finger say i want to go, look at our feet.

Go there hold it. You got to hold it for a few minutes. Four seconds and then – and so does it move to focus on your finger or is it just a control it’s just a control all right, so we have the uh air 2s right over there we’ve got the vehicle. Here we have a gopro on top. Hopefully the gps is going to work on this baby i’m going to power this on get a green light. There we go and where’s the button there’s a hole in here there. It is i’m gon na power on the car and that’s another thing, nelson. If this car ever comes at you get the hell out of the way because it will hurt. So let me just see if i have control it’s electric all right, so nelson take on up go on up there. He goes all right. Let’S see this go all right here: i’m, trying to control this holding a camera here! I’M gon na get this over. This is the road we’re gon na cruise down all right. Let me just say a few words in here before we go all right so that the vehicle is over there nelson’s over there flying the air 2s and there’s the road i’m going to whip down that road and stop over there. Now. This is not very fast. It’S not super fast and yeah. I don’t think we’re gon na get a super high speed, but now we’re gon na try it that’s good.

All right. Nelson follow this slowly as soon as it goes out of your frame. Don’T worry about it. Just tell me, when it’s out of the frame turn it around okay, we’ll, do a few tries as soon as it’s in your your shot, just follow it. You should have no problem here, we go full speed, got to keep it straight. We go whoa, keep it straight perfect. Is the camera dead center in the road? Okay? So let me do it again. Come come and come all right all right, so that was a few passes with the dbxle uh 2.0 uh. Hopefully it looked pretty cool. Hopefully, the gopro, on top the gps, was working to get the speed now, if, if our beach is open, i’m gon na go to the beach and try this out there nelson’s going to come with me, if not i’ll have to find some other place with dirt. So let’s go check that out all right you can land it take. It back looks like somebody made a fire over here. What is that? What is that here’s? Something you don’t see every day? This is a laptop that went on fire, not mine, somebody’s, at the beach, and this is the battery port. So what was it? This was an hp, laptop Music, wow, Music, Music so, and i tipped it let’s get that over so we’ve got the fpv drone down here i’m, going to fly that, following this uh nelson i’m, just going to show nelson quickly the vehicle here all right.

So the object is not to tip it yeah, so obviously, when you’re driving, if you see it, demonstrating that how not to do it exactly and yeah and the way you do that is by you know like you, would i just oh well, hey thank god. You left the gimbal guard on, i destroyed the camera. All right throttle and the biggest one you have to know is brakes. Uh, which is brakes brakes is forward pushing forward okay and then, if you push it after you break, if you push it again, you’ll go reverse in a slow speed. Okay, go in straight lines and you’ll have a better idea of the speed. Just make sure. When you turn you just reduce a little bit, not stop, but so, when i’m flying and chasing it with the fpv yeah you’ll have to move fast. You can’t go slow like that right got ta, be faster than grandma’s speed. This is nelson’s second time driving an rc car first time he drove my x maxx in the winter in the snow. Where are you drone? Oh it’s, right by my feet, all right, don’t hit me in the head. My controller is full of sand yeah big time, i’ll take it apart when i get home. Okay, i’m going forward; okay, i’m waiting for you, Music, just land beside me. Now. How do i get the sand out of here all right? So hopefully, this worked out and the dbxl showed up well in the video driving around here in the sand, plus out in the parking lot in the other location.

Hopefully my gps on the gopro was working and you could see the speed it’s a really great vehicle electric to drive around a little bit dangerous right now, it’s a little bit later in the morning and people are showing up at the beach. So we have to stop. We did fly drones. The air 2s nelson flew that to grab some b roll shots, and i flew the fpv dji fpv drone following this thing around the beach here, just a few shots. While nelson drove this – and i think it turned out well, the only mistake i made is: i sprayed beach sand over all our gear and uh yeah. I can’t even use the the fpv controller in manual mode anymore, just grind, so i got to take it all. Apart and get the sand out, nelson’s been sitting here as well as myself, just getting the sand out of everything. So my bad all right hope you enjoyed this video i’m gon na put links below to where you can find this vehicle. It is not cheap. It is the most expensive rc vehicle i currently own, and i love it, but you really have to want an rc vehicle. This size, this powerful and this cool to get something like this, but the links are below if you have deep pockets check it out, and this is a really good one – all right guys, thanks for watching, if you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up And i will catch you in the next one and thanks again, nelson for helping out great time all right.