. They sent me the sort of a Truex version with replaceable arms. It has an F7 flight controller in here it has 2306 uh, 0.5 1850 KV 6s motor, so anything under 2000 KV is generally going to be on 6s. We got a 1300 pack on here today were gon na run and were gon na see how this one flies with these new Dow props on board, so um theyre looking a little bit thin and racy. So Im gon na Im, gon na, say theres gon na be fast race, props, but Im not sure about freestyle with the insta 360 camera up front here with some 360 video on there today so well see how this one does, but we also have the super Nice analog toothless Fox here, cam up front there so Im interested to see how thats going to work out, as always with my Sky Zone. Goggles guys lets go ahead and get it up. Do a flight test and well head back to the bench for a little bit of bench, talk and Ill. Give you some truths about this Aurora 5.. Here we go, lets rip Music, one day, Music. I believe future, I believe in the past. I believe what you truly desire you can bring the past. All you need is focus and story to hold and the faith that you can achieve. Whats inside Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music, the life you see inside your dreams, Music. They ever make it better Music and your heart.

There is a dream for your soul to master from the moment that you breathe get to Chase and after yeah, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, either way were gon na get better. All right guys. Welcome back from the flight test, this is the box that you get, and this is the Aurora 5 with the 360 on top, and this is the Aurora without the 360. On top it comes in the box with this TPU mount for GoPro or insta360, and the hardware to mount it onto the quad. It comes with a new foxy or datura Motors. These are the 2306.5 1850 KV Motors. These are capable of running a 6S battery up to about 1500 milliamp youre gon na get about probably five and a half to six minutes flight time with this power system. But I recommend, if you want to get the 4S the 6s. I recommend getting the 6s version of this quad now also in the Box. I got two sets of the new dial prop Cyclones to test out with the aurora5. These are the 51 40 46.5. V2 props. These are t5146.5. If youre, looking for these again V2 theyre metal, gray, color – and I thought at first when I was looking at these props – that that they were super low profile, the cord doesnt look very thick in the middle. So I was thinking more of a race style prop and actually, when I freestyled this, it surprised me because of the power with 6s.

I really didnt feel that there was any lag in my power loops with the insta360 one RS on here. So this has probably more weight than your typical GoPro. I think it would carry the hero 10 all day, if you wanted to Freestyle and make this a freestyle. Quad absolutely would freestyle with the GoPro Hero 10 on board, so the props actually are really really good. These are nice kind of smooth and quiet, but powerful and very deceiving props, so I got ta, give it out to Dow prop for the new Cyclone V2s. These are again like some of my favorite props out there Cyclones used to be kind of the crowd. Favorite years ago, and now they have the V2 version that just came out. I, like the finish on these, I like the thin cord profile and that really smooth taper tip at the end, giving a nice quiet sound even on a 6S battery. Also in the Box, I got a couple different size straps. This larger one will fit up to a 1500 6s battery. This one would fit any of the 4S batteries and they have a nice kind of rubber sort of tacky grip on the back side, which is super cool thats, going to go underneath the quad as you pull your strap around and the rest of this is a Metal buckle in here and its really thick canvas with a little Velcro on this side. So super nice double Stitch and it looks like its going to hold up for the long run.

But I love this grip on here that this is going to grip onto the bottom of the quad and not do any slipping back and forth once you have your velcro strap on. This should hold and be secure in place, detection up front with carbon sidewalls. We have a TP Bumper in the very bottom two side, standoffs here: side to side. We have the TPU mount for GoPro were insta360 or even some of the dcased cameras up top and it looks like it has a center screw here as well. So four screws on there and we also have the fox ear toothless micro on here. You can also get DJI on here as well as HD, zero camera setups, and I believe these do come in ready to fly ones with the option of GPS as well. But mine didnt come with GPS and it says on the website that it does not come with GPS. I think you have to specify that with your order, but this back Mount right here. Will change and youll see a GPS module back here? If you need return to home, we also have an xt60 by back here and a four plus right hand circular polarized lollipop antenna which is kind of a mid size antenna. But what is nice about this analog version, its the fact that it does have the reaper extreme back here. So this guy right here, if youre doing Bandos this, this VTX cranks up to 2.

5 Watt. So you could pretty much make cheese toast on that very, very high powered analog VTX on here. That should send you out Miles and Miles. You can go about three miles on 600 milliwatt or more so imagine what 2.5 Watt can get you so um yeah yeah! You could get way out there with this, but with this battery capacity on here, youre not going to do that kind of range, but its nice to have that kind of penetration. If youre flying through thick canopy in the center of this Frame, we have the fox ear f722v4, it is a 30 by 30 stack with escs just below it. These are 65 amp ESC, so Ive been seeing a lot of 40 amp, aios and escs recently and its nice to see a big stack on there. So I feel like the Aurora 5 is kind of like a really beasty 6s freestyle frame for even some Mountain surfing. If you wanted to put a much larger battery on here, you could probably put something like an 1800 6s on here because of so much truck body as we call it on the very top of this Frame, and this Quad starts at around 350 dollars for the Bun and fly so you know, prices are pretty high right now, guys um and a lot of times. The shipping is high too, with you know, being uh pre armageddon prices right, it seems like uh, the the DJI version is 429.

. They also have two versions of it: they have the gray version here and you can also get fluorescent green. If I were gon na get which color you would ask me, I would probably get the one with the fluorescent TPU options on there, just because, when you crash, if you do, have a battery disconnect and youre not able to get the Beeper to work its nice To have a little brighter frame, you can find it a little bit easier out in the in the shrub, or you know some high grass or in the trees, so that thats totally up to you. If I were you, if you were going to fly this with this Reaper on the back and you were going to do like a longer range flight, I would put an external beeper on here. Um. You can get those just about anywhere nowadays, especially if youre going to run a GoPro or something on top Ive had a crash before where the GoPro flew off the battery flew off and unexpectedly, my external beeper that I had started on the back, also flew off. So the quad was sitting one place. The Beeper was sitting over by itself, another spot beeping by itself, which I found first and then I didnt find the GoPro until about 45 minutes later, when it finally turned itself off, I was standing in the middle of a highway. Well, like a little, not a highway, a little dirt road and it was some in some grass behind me and when it turned off It beeped and I turned around Im like damn theres my GoPro um.

So I had a total yard, sale um, but thats not likely to happen. But I do recommend to you, but I do recommend getting an external beaver and putting on this uh, especially if youre going to do some range with it, and I think its really set up for that kind of um this thats. What this cut this quad is its a freestyle, Mountain Surfer, uh or race car quad, if you wanted it to be, but I see this as a range type of five inch. If youre looking for a five inch that can do some serious range, the reaper will definitely do that. Now, honest feedback on this Reaper, the way they have it set up right now, I believe, theres a wire somewhere. Maybe the the video wire is too close to the v bat in the back, because I am getting some kind of signal and disturbance in my analog feed, so Im getting some kind of lines, some vertical and horizontal diagonal lines in my video and my toothless micro Cam, so something to look out for, if that happens, to you with yours, you bought this one. You get kind of feedback lines in your video move. Try to move your harness away, you can actually see – and I might be right – you can actually see this theres. A piece of grass in there but theres a yellow wire right there right on top of the positive wire. That is, the culprit a lot of times so just get that away from your power source.

For some reason it really does affect the video wire, but overall Id say five out of five for fun: five out of five for components on board and uh Id say this is a maybe a 4.8 lets, give it a 4.8, because I didnt like the lines In the video other than that, this would be a five star, quad um, and I would I would like to hold on to this one, because I think this is one of those range setup. Five inch quads that you could really do some Mountain surfing with. I dont do mountain surfing with many five inch quads. I just like to have a six or seven inch for that, but I feel like this one is set up to be capable for that and uh. I love. I love the new Cyclones from dial prop. So if you guys want to send me some more of these Id love to fly them and take care guys, you can check out the link down below um Im, not a not affiliate for that or anything, but you can grab one if you want to.