First, we have the small drone, it has a small battery, it came with a rechargeable sort of center, it had uh three or four of them. The drone itself has a cage around each thing. The brand is uh snapped in or snapped and i’m sure. You say that and it’s got a little light and it flies fairly well and it’s just got very basic controller. It can do flips and some other tricks i’m, not sure where the camera’s not laying in focus so we’re, going to go, see the other drone and then we’ll be able to discuss the pros and cons. Okay. Here we go. This one came with a lot more, like the other. One also came with spare propellers, but this one came with only two batteries. The other drone will fly for about eight minutes. This will fly for about 12. and it came with i’ve. Had this drone for two years and i played rough with it, i had one other tiny drone way before it and yeah, but had guards that had these little um pieces here and they had a respare, they have repair pieces and spares and a lot of stuff And it’s a really good drone and larger controller, it can do flips and it has a phone add on which allows you even more and yes, i broke off. One of the pieces told you. I played rough with my drone and it has a charge cord.

That came with it as well. Okay, so now the question which one is better well, you see here this has a smaller controller. It can do less with a small drone. This is larger and this is not quality issue. Like i said i broke it off and it’s got plane attachment, and i will mention that the larger drone was a lot more expensive. I got it on sale, nice deal and the battery’s smaller and won’t fly as long now. We will now do the pros and cons of this drone. Okay, this little guy here has a fairly good mobility. I will not uh try flying it because it’s hard to do that on camera. It’S got some landing. Things and best part is it’s, got these guards here, and it came with some spare propellers. Now, if you see her it’s got four and then the larger drone has two which is better. I really don’t know i’m, assuming it just allows it to hold their currents up more, but problem with small drones is uh. Any air current or anything will affect them. A lot, and also it has less air space, so it is a lot less stable and will fling around in general, though, is lighter and it’s a really good drone. When i flew it, it is not as fast as the big one surprisingly and its battery power is not as long either but other than that it does have more mobility and obviously it’s smaller.

So you can fly indoors more than the other larger drone. Now the larger drone, this has its own landing gear. It had a camera on it at one point again, i break stuff and uh. It had spur pillars. Large two things: um has lights all over let’s see if i can find a little turn on spot there. It had a big light in the middle there and what it does is it can fly very fast, do flips very nicely uh. It will fly for up to 15 minutes depending what you do with it. It’S got three speeds as the phone attachment, so you can do a lot of other things like the gyro and, like i said it, has a one button. Come back and ace emergency stop. So just stop because if a lot of these kinds of drones fly out of range, they will just be gone Music. So, to answer the question which drone is better well that’s, really for you to decide, you can’t really fly this one indoors. Well, even though i have tried, but with this one, you definitely can and it’s fairly good still, so i prefer the large ones when i can fly it outside, but that one you can fly outside and inside, preferably inside though so, like. I said it’s really up to you if you want to purchase either of these drones, just look up, uh snap, teen website or snapdragon. However, you want to say it see you next time on ruby time, bye.