Now, a couple of days ago, drone dj decided to release another leaked article on the pro 3 and its pretty much different to what i made and sad guy anyway were going to jump into this video with the new leaks and specs of the dji pro 3.. Now the initial photos look really bizarre, uh it states in the article that it they couldnt, share the photos, so they did like a sketched uh. I suppose concept of water actually looks like its not a concept, but this is meant to be a sketch of what it looks like. So now there are licked photos of it with the shell. A few weeks back and theres a couple of little air vents at the back. The sketch photo actually looks quite close to this because it does have that uh vent at the back as well, so uh. These are possible leaks, so take them with a grain of salt as well as always uh. The almighty, oshita lv did release some specs back in november 2020 of the pro 3, and it looked nothing like what were seeing today. Same again, like i said, take these leaks with the grain of salt, but uh its its really good to speculate some of these things, especially with the whole world situation going on right now, take our focus off that and put it to. You know stuff that we love the nerdy stuff, so lets go down. Lets go into this article and break down exactly what theyre actually saying now.

One of the major things that jumps out at me right now is the camera setup. Now. This is a very, very interesting camera setup. It is a pretty much a dual camera setup. It reckons its a hasselblad dual camera theres, one at the bottom and one at the top, whether that is a longer focal length and a wider focal length, which is what i was actually saying in my last video. I would really love a telephoto one and a wide one, because that would be fantastic to choose in between both but uh, whether that runs off the same sensor, the same hasselblad sensor. It really really depends but uh. I dont know how theyre gon na be putting two lenses and going into the same sensor. Thats past me now it does say the top one has a seven times zoom. That is ridiculous, and i really dont know how theyre going to be doing that but uh. If thats true, then thats pretty damn cool because uh, you could get some really really really cool parallax effects with this. If it is a seven time zoom, is it an optical zoom or is it a um, a digital zoom? So now the lower camera has a 5.7 k, uh image sensor at the 24 millimeters at an f 2.8, so its a wider 5.7 k, whether it does uh 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second, like i said in the last video, the air 2s Does 5.

4k at 30 frames per second, so its has to be better than the air 2s and uh yeah 5.7 k. 60 frames per second should be a standard in this one, and it does say here that there is a 16 millimeter adapter lens. Now i was saying in my last video that it would be really cool if you could change the lenses on this uh and putting a 16 millimeter lens on this. You know, wider wider sensor would be phenomenal. All it needs to be is like a filter designed by dji, uh and chucking it directly on the front, just like a wide angle lens. So really hope. This is true uh. That would be really interesting as well. Now this one is really hard to believe, and it does say one terabyte internal memory, one terabyte, i i didnt. No, there is no chance. There is no chance that theres going to be one terabyte internal memory. I i well, there is a chance, but i dont think so in this thing, right here in the air 2s, its eight gigabytes internal memory, one terabyte is a ton one terabyte, i dont think thats gon na happen, thats crazy, crazy. So it does say 40 minutes of flight time, so this one is quite interesting because uh i was saying in my last video – you know 30 to 35 minutes or 35 to 40. Minutes is perfectly fine, because you do just swap out the batteries anyway.

You dont want the thing to last 50. 60 minutes uh youre up there for 30 40 minutes anyway, and it is quite a long time if you do need to change battery. You just drop it down. Change battery perfectly fine, so 40 minutes yeah its its fine im perfectly happy with 30 to 35 minutes, or you know something like that. So thats perfectly fine, so it reckons the battery mount will be from the back. So, as you can see here, the batteries have been from the top, so you pretty much take it out from the top where it reckons its going to be just like the mini 2, where you pull it out from the back whether thats the case uh doesnt. Really matter its just a cosmetic thing, it really depends on their design. The one thing about the shell that was leaked a while ago with those two vents is that it is completely smooth at the top, so it does look like it was going to be a rear mounted battery design, just like the mini 2.. Now it does say it will use the same radio as the air 2s so whether its got that same ocusync uh, it really depends, but uh ocusync, i think its at 3.0 4.0 right now. I cant remember but its perfectly fine. It does really really well at the moment. You know you get that 12 kilometer range, which is super super far uh. You are meant to fly your drone line of sight anyway, legally so uh 12 kilometers.

I dont think anyone can see 12 kilometers long when it comes to something that small but uh. This one says: uh theyve removed the side, sensors, which is really interesting, but im assuming they might do something like they did with the air 2s and, have you know those front top sensors? They can actually do the top as well. So these ones are probably mounted slightly on the side where they can have a little bit more of a wider range when it comes to sensing. So it doesnt have to be directly onto the side, but it can be on the front which can get like a 180 degrees which would technically get the full. You know front and side so, whether its like that uh, we dont know. So it also says the gimbal now has an integrated automatic lock. So you can see here. The gimbals do flop around quite a lot with these ones, whether it does have like a locking mechanism where it locks in kind of like um. What you see on regular handheld gimbals, where theres a little locking, latch and locks all the axes in place that could be cool to have that and then you dont have to have the gimbal protector. When you go traveling um, it does get a little bit annoying because sometimes you forget to unlock it and you turn the gimbal on so hopefully theres like a sensor there and it doesnt overload the gimbal when you try and turn it on that kind of thing.

That would be a cool feature to have anyway. Now the last one is a new smart controller that will be released in it. I dont have the smart controller. I know some people that do have the smart controller. This would be quite annoying if there was a brand new one, and it only worked with that one. If you are going to bring a new smart controller out, you still need to make sure that whoever has the previous smart controllers will still be able to use the pro 3 with their previous controllers if they are trying to get people to upgrade into the newer Smart controller that sucks – and that is something like this company – does quite a lot release a new product and something proprietary. You can only use stuff like that, which is why ive had this thing, for, i think its a macbook air 2015. So its like six years old, now um, i dont have any mac products anymore because yeah they get a bit annoying and dji. Sometimes uh are very similar when it comes to that, but uh yeah. These are pretty much. The latest leaked videos or photos when it comes to drone dj so, like i said, take it with a grain of salt, whether its true or not, who knows but uh itll, be really interesting to see. If there is a 5.47 k resolution sensor, 24 millimeters aperture, f 2.8, that seven times zoom is pretty interesting with that one uh, but well leave it there and uh yeah comment below.