Now, when i talked about that, i was cautiously optimistic, because this was a really good sign. It was a good sign back in march when he decided to limit drone strikes. It was a good sign when we learned that drone strikes were at an all time low and now were still trending in a really positive direction. With regards to the drone war its not over yet having said that, though, were now learning that biden has nearly ended. The drone war, its not done but hes nearly ended it, which is a substantial improvement compared with his predecessors, barack obama and donald trump. So, as ryan cooper of the week explains immediately after taking office, biden set up a new system requiring white house approval for any strikes outside of active war zones and later published trumps loose rules that enabled so many civilian massacres. Now that the occupation of afghanistan is over, that requirement applies almost everywhere and it appears biden is extremely reluctant to grant approval where trump oversaw more than air and artillery strikes in iraq and syria during his first 11 months in office. Air wars reports, just four during bidens terms, so far strikes in somalia fell from roughly 75 last year to fewer than 10 this year, with no civilian casualties and in yemen, the annual total dropped from about 18 to maybe four with fewer than 10 casualties of any Kind, precise figures are unclear because some strikes are classified thats, a major shift – and this is probably the first youve heard of it – its not hard to guess why most of the media isnt paying attention to the near ending of a long standing and highly controversial policy.

U.S foreign affairs are often treated as little more than a backdrop for narcissistic psychodrama, where actions are judged according to how much they make warmongers feel big and strong. Airstrikes are generally out of sight and therefore out of mind and death robots terrorizing little kids dont play well on cable news, but the quiet from biden and its foreign policy staff is more mysterious. Maybe theyre wary of sparking another media backlash, as happened with the exit from afghanistan, or maybe the fear is republicans accusing biden of being weak on terrorism. Risk of backlash is all the more reason to lean into the achievement. Trump proved that if a president is stubborn, repetitive and boastful enough, he can do a great deal to sway public opinion, especially among his loyal partisans. And here we have a policy that isnt some trumpian dishonest exaggeration, its a real achievement. Now its important to note that, as the article points out, it is the case that data with respect to drones is incredibly unreliable. So keep that in mind and also remember that this doesnt mean that the drone war is over because its not over, i mean biden, still does have executive authority to sign off on drones if he indeed wants to do that and a drone just killed 10 innocent Civilians in afghanistan in august – so i mean its not over and i dont know if hell actually end the drone war, just full stop. But still this is a very positive development and i want to encourage leftists to see past their anti biden bias and give him credit, because we dont want to be as hacky as the corporate democrats are right.

We want to actually acknowledge things that he does that are objectively good, ending the afghanistan war that was brave, that took courage and bringing the drone war nearly to an end. That is commendable. That takes courage now if he ends up reversing course, and he starts to ramp up drones again, then you attack him for that. You criticize him for that heavily so, and i intend to do just that, but when he does something like this thats good, we have to absolutely applaud him for it, because if politicians see that you want something done and then they do it and then you dont Give them credit, then theyre, just not going to take you seriously. I mean not like joe biden listens to the humanist report, but you get what im saying right. So if you say i want x policy and they deliver x policy to you and they see that youre not supporting them still, youre, just okay, youre against them, no matter what nothing they can do, uh! Well, when you over theyre gon na, say you so you cant, you cant do that. You have to be able to be nuanced and objective and impartial and give them credit words too, and i say this because the last time when i talked about this, where i uh read the foreign policy article about how bidens drone strikes were at an all time, Low everyone was so skeptical and cynical and they were like oh well.

This is you just you know youre falling for establishment, no, its a fact. This is good celebrated. Take the win i mean for sake. Its not like joe biden is vehemently anti war right because he is a lot more hawkish in other areas, but these are major major victories for the anti war movement and the fact that many people who are purportedly anti war are silent right here. It says a lot: it says that theyre hacks jimmy dore, for example, he purports to be one of the biggest anti war voices. He purports to care about anti war and foreign policy the most. But yet when biden does things like this, when he withdraws from afghanistan, he doesnt give him credit, so i would encourage you dont, be a hack, push through your bias and take a win now. I do think its very interesting that biden isnt boasting about this, because if he actually had some political sense whatsoever – and it was even minimally savvy – he would be bragging about this, even though the media on him for withdrawing from afghanistan. What he should be doing is bragging about that look. I did what no other president would do. I did what the last two presidents said they would do, but didnt do. I ended the war in afghanistan. I ended the war in afghanistan. Nobody else had the courage to do that. I did that, though i took the backlash from the biased media.

I took the backlash from both parties. I did that i saved lives as a result of that no more wars in afghanistan. On top of that, i nearly ended the drone war. This is something that a lot of americans care about, and no one else would dare to do. I did that so the fact that hes not being braggadocious when usually bidens character is at least somewhat braggadocious is bizarre to me and the article talks about, as you saw maybe its the case, that he is anticipating media backlash. I dont necessarily know if thats the case, but i mean you can interpret this as a more cynical view. I mean because it is joe biden after all, so my thinking is well what, if he doesnt, want to come out and say that he ended the drone war, because once you take credit for it well, if you start doing drones again, then you kind of look Like you flip flopped, maybe he doesnt want to do drones in the middle east and north africa. Maybe he wants to switch and do drones in different areas. I dont know that thats a little bit too cynical. I think with regard to this, because theyre actually doing an audit of drones and whatnot, so it seems like theyre doing a lot, but i mean either way. I dont know why hes not bragging about this, but he absolutely should. I fear that maybe hes not bragging, because hes gon na reverse course, i hope thats not the case.

I hope that he proves me wrong, but still right now. This is damn good news and if you dont celebrate it but youre anti war, then you have to accept that youre being a little bit of a hack fight through that cognitive dissonance that this doesnt mean that you love joe biden. It just means that, even in spite of all of your disagreements with joe biden, he still did something good and he gets credit for that i mean during the trump years. I gave trump credit for things that he did. Even if i didnt like donald trump him trying to repair the relationship with north korea, even if that didnt go anywhere, even if he was in over his head, because he didnt understand anything about korean politics. The fact that he was trying was better than ramping up hostilities. So look, you should be giving administrations credit where its due, if they do something good applaud them, if they do something bad criticize them its. That simple – and this right here is fantastic news and the fact that more lefties arent talking about that has me disappointed, because i thought that we were the ones who were the most impartial. I thought we were the ones who were the least hacky, but yet so many people uh they they just they dont want to talk about it because you you just cant, give biden credit. Yes, he sucks, he wont, cancel student debt. He went back on a public option, but at least in this realm on foreign policy with regard to drones and afghanistan, he did good so lets give him credit for that, because i want to see more of this, its not again its not like hes.

Listening to us and hes not watching to see what lefties are saying about him, but still i refuse to be a hack like democratic party, loyalists and republican party, loyalists so ill just take a position based on policy, and whoever does that uh.