I can give you four it doesnt matter. I have to do this now. There are so many go. Go, go, go! Go you ready were ready, heres, the guy right here. Okay, get ready, do it do it? Do it ready, yes Laughter? So as you can see joe and i discovered battlefield again, we played a lot of battlefield back in the days and then there was kind of a break with battlefield, 1 battlefield 5 and battlefield hardline. I didnt enjoy them that much. The last battlefield that i enjoyed was battlefield 4., so is battlefield 2042, something that i will enjoy and the answer after playing well the first day of the open beta. So what what you will see is not the finished product most likely. I will enjoy the out of it. So, im playing this one with joe and we yeah, we found a new strategy to um Music, get some fun the tree right here, yeah its, not perfect, but okay lets just find more bush heres some butch right here i mean we could go with a triple. I dont know the old uh three fingers of red theres, two holding. Let me give a third. Oh hey, see, one is turning yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah. Oh, he died like a pleb c2 is rat, though wait. Somebody died. Well, wait, wait! Yeah yeah get ready, get ready, get ready. Hes iron man lets see how iron ready, okay, okay, okay, um.

Oh, he died. Yeah iron man, oh dude, perfect, okay, im ready what what the do it do it dude hes. Looking at me. Oh wilson, brown. You got wrecked son. He was like what the is that thing. What is this noise? The big mosquitoes in this forest? Oh, oh, my god, the moment in you you here. I am yes give me more. Oh hilarious, im setting up the base of operations here. Okay, let me um one more one: more okay, youre ready, ready lets, go youre ready, you have three and we have a turret and a dog protecting us all. Sexy dude yeah, its pretty nice, were pretty set here. Oh yes, another one whos that ready yeah whos, that salty dog his name is salty dog: okay, okay, okay, okay, do it salty dog good good, oh bollocks, unpacked! For you, oh god, there was no amazon. Give me some give me. Some people are really close there right there. Okay come here right here, ill. Give you one thing: yeah yeah, give me one ill. Give you two just in case perfect, perfect, perfect! I want somewhere here, hi uh uh, my name is jeff bezos. Have you got theres people close to us, michael where, where, where have you got time to hear the words of the christian scripture, neither have i seen one is turning. C1 is turning get ready, yeah yeah! I see him. I see him joe, you think hes saying he says right: okay, okay, would you like to sign for okay, we protect lets, see what im pretty good, pretty good.

I like it! Well, god, damn son, okay, bring it bring it back over here, buddy theres, a dude right in front of you, yeah, good, okay yeah! I just saw that okay give me some c4 bro, okay, uh, im gon na give you two one for each guy, nice, okay, youre, ready to go im good to go. Okay, yeah c1 is not turning for whatever reason. I think they might be scared thats. Our first double yeah dude weve got helicopters and tanks and all kinds of, but never a double, the double the honestly, the second guy. Just you donkey you, okay, a chat ramped, my drone, oh hell, sorry for the screaming, but uh. I turned the camera and suddenly have a jet in my face: okay, okay, so i dont want to start the button. Imagine if i would have got the jet next time you scream im, pushing left mouse: okay, oh yeah, yeah theres, a guy charlie one yep yep its red again. I think theres people around us, yup nope, good good, oh good, youre! Fine! Coming back! I got him sweet dragged him. Come here: okay, nice little double bear a double: yeah sweet, sweet, another guy, another guy where, where were at same spot whos the other guy yeah go over. There go over there c4 him blow up blow up quick, quick Laughter uh. Here you go uh, okay, no, you got one go! Okay, thats enough own! Another guy same spot, coming coming coming same spot! Yeah! I see him.

I see him, get ready, get ready, im ready! Do it do it? Do it got him im. Coming back. Give me a c4 quick, real, quick behind the tree. Hey hey, come over here, stop moving! Oh no hes! Pushing get ready, get ready, get ready! Yes, okay, youre good! Go okay! Okay, okay, uh, c2, im going uh lets reposition. Follow me! Okay! Lets go! I think we killed him a couple too many times and hes a good man, um yeah. I mean that that he might be good im dead right near my body. I couldnt talk your way out of those woods. I think somebody else killed me so, oh maybe doesnt matter get it get in this tree here, Music, yeah c1, a tank. I need three, i need three come back, bring it back, bring it back, bring it back prepping for overcharge, oh, that missed hold on yeah. Just leave it right. There leave right there, okay, youre, good, okay, okay, okay, lets go wait! I can give you four that it doesnt matter. I have to do this now. There are so many go. Go, go! Go you ready were ready, heres, the guy right here. Okay, get Laughter! Oh yes, god im back im back! Oh dude, okay! Uh! Are we getting yo yo, get ready, get ready, ready, im, ready, im, ready ready! Do it do it now? Do it now got him sweet but theres another one. Coming back just standing, there give me that quick, quick, quick, quick, theres, no more trees left mike, i dont need a tree.

I need a c4 im behind thats. All i have is one thats, okay, wheres that get ready, get ready. Oh, he died ready. Oh hes, mad okay, good all right next yeah anyway, i think yeah. Okay, all that yeah yeah get ready, get ready, get ready, yeah, yeah, yeah, get ready. Okay, give me a good bang. Give me a good back. You got bamboozled Laughter, well, im getting shot got shot. It interrupted. My drone, where i dont know from behind the dog, was going this way, doesnt matter im going back in the drone. I dont have time for this. Okay, you wan na find another bush no im in my drone im coming this im gon na drop. Give me the drone yeah im coming im coming. The dog is still shooting something yeah. I will follow that somebody just there died at the bottom of the of the mountain. Almost there almost back almost back yep yep, i see you, you see come back here. Holding still ive got a present for you, yeah, okay, perfect, perfect, perfect, youre good. I got shot. No oh yeah pick me up. I got him pick me up perfect god. I dont want that nice weapon switch yeah, yeah, perfect, perfect perfect. They have secured echo sector, somebody shot at us im in the drone. Again, american troops occupying most of the men you have one on it: yep youre good to go im just checking if theres another shooting me in the back.

How dare they interrupt my friends, i know right dicks, swim im just seeing trying to enjoy the game. Man yeah, they got ta ruin it like this. Some people have no manners. Oh, i got a good one. I got a good one for you, yeah ready uh. Almost he thinks hes safe. He just bailed out of the little bird, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, ready, ready, ready hold on with the button hold on give got them Laughter. You can see him in the mini map. Oh yeah. I have to pay more attention its day, one okay. Okay, let me see one of them: oh yeah yeah. I think there was something here: okay, im here, for it ready. Oh yeah, i see him. I see him get ready, ready, yep, oh enemies, close hurry up, yeah go, go blah, blah blah blah Laughter, quick, quick. I got him sweet yeah, okay, yeah, im ready for it. The same guys, quick, give me another one: theyre mad, still mad theyre trying to get us. We need to defend this. Oh yeah, oh my god. This is glorious. Get ready, quick, good, yeah im, ready, ready, ready, yeah yeah, do it. Oh, i got him. Hes got armor! Oh im, coming back straight back, bring him back. Im ready, bring it down, go, i hope hes still there. Oh, i see multiple go, get ready, get ready! Now, oh my god ready: okay, listen! Nice come and push us hurry up.

Wait! Oh yeah! There were so many they spread out the moment. We okay give me another one dude theres. Somebody really close. I know i got he got me. He got me hes at the bottom of the hill towards c1 to the left of it. One of our objectives is under attack. You might be able to pick me up: yeah yeah, yeah, okay, yep, okay, my drone is uh ready to ready to go quick. Echo sector is now secure. Go go three. Two three yeah, okay, okay, you ready! He will fly far. Do it Music here! I am here i am here. I am yeah. People on the road go, go, go, wait, wait, wait, wait, uh, im down! Oh! What pick me up hurry. He thinks the drone is not his friend theres two down there. Oh this guys. Gon na push you hard im in the drone: where are they? Can i blow it up? Uh right here with us? No thats ours, they might be dead, lets see uh everyones, protecting us now, no, no okay, get ready, get ready, get ready, hes trying to escape. Okay, go get him hes going in the tunnel, but no way all right, im ready all right. Give him a good smacking. Now got it. Oh, my god, dude, oh dear theyre, flying so far when you boost them, theres a guy right from you im down all right. I do no next, how can we die? I dont know this is our first death.

I think that is our first death yeah thats. Fine, no im alive, i got picked up. Where are you? He picked me up too yeah yeah? Oh no. He didnt! He just took my gun that much i got you. I got you. Okay, lets go in the game, bring the drum bank theres a guy up, theres got to theres the the top here, yeah im in the drone. Oh yes, dudes doing that we killed a lot of people. I have 27 kills and assists nice hater notorious ping. Thanks for watching yeah, i need to use the mini myth. More dude. My hands are shaking im excited as gg i mean come on. What did you expect that we would play the game like normal people nah? We spice it up a little bit with c5 and give the whole thing an explosive touch. I really hope you enjoyed the video because at least for now there will be more battlefield on the channel. I might squeeze a few videos out of the beta watch us play over at twitch.tv. Slash, i mean all the links are in the description anyway. Ill add joes channel too a big. Thank you to my patrons for being amazing. I hope i didnt blow any of you guys up by accident yeah excellent. Thank you for watching lets see what kind of war crimes we can commit in the future.