These are some aftermarket. Props i’ve also got a set of these stock props from the fpv drone, but i picked up these and these one set from amazon one set from pyrodrone. I want to see if these props, that are a fraction of the cost are actually safe to use, and i figured the best place to test new things out is over the water, not really recommend it, but let’s get started alrighty. So one of the biggest gripes i’ve had with the fpv drone since i’ve gotten it is the props they’re incredibly expensive. Not only are they expensive, if you nick the slightest thing with the prop, they end up getting bent up, broken or gouged, so these are a set of props. I picked up on amazon now these props here i don’t, even know the name. You need to cut off your tongue, to say the name, but they cost about nine dollars and 45 cents a piece if you divide it in two because they come in a set of two for 18.99. They took 12 million years to reach me, which is twice the time it took for pyrodrone to ship these props to me, which, let me get them. These are the me. I just dropped props. These are the drone tack props. They come in a set of four. They are 599 or 699, either or way they are much less than the props that you’re going to buy from dji.

Let me pick up this prop before it blows away. Yep there. It is all right, so these props are 6.99 confirmed. I’Ll have a link in the description below. If you want to check it out, not an affiliate link, but they do feel a lot more familiar to me, because the props i’m used to feel sort of similar to this, which, if i had to guess i would say these are probably going to be a Little bit more durable against nicks and cuts and grass, so we’re gon na fly each of these props for about two minutes, a piece i’m gon na film it bring it back land. Let you know if i notice any sort of performance segregation, but a little. Basically. I’M gon na – let you know if you should buy them all right. Let’S go fly all right, so i only got 30 left of battery left on my goggles because i’m, an idiot and didn’t bring another set, but uh let’s go ahead and start off with these. No name props from amazon boy and it is windy out really noticing anything all right. Little roll no issue hear a car. Oh looks like a toyota camry. Can we be faster than them and we got a motorcycle yep a little scooter? Can we be faster than them a little break up here? All right, let’s bring it in these performed adequately. I think oh i’m, getting a vibration. You hear that.

What is that you hear that vibration? I don’t know if you can hear it all right, that’s, weird. Okay, so on these amazon props, i was getting some weird sounds out of the motor it’s weird i don’t know if you guys could hear that, but i was getting a very strange vibration. It doesn’t appear like anything’s loose, but huh. That was weird. It was a very strange vibrating, sound all right, let’s, try, the uh, the props from pyro drone see if we still get that sound. Okay, all right so now these are the props from pyro drone. These are made by a company called dronetac. These are 6.99 for a complete set of four. They come in two colors. They come in. This green color may be hard to see on camera and they come in a clear, uh, gray. Let’S go ahead and take it up and fly it. So the previous props that i had from amazon, i was getting a crazy vibration. Sound um, definitely didn’t make me feel uh very confident in them. Uh let’s look we’re gon na be at 20 degrees, all right, i’m recording on goggles and helmet, or, i should say, i’m recording on goggles and the drone let’s go ahead and take it up all right so i’m, not seeing the bobble. I was getting with those other props, i mean it is windy. Don’T get me wrong, it’s windy, but with the other props there was a slight little bobble to him i’m wondering if maybe in shipping one of the props could have been out of balance.

I don’t know so today my brother sends me a photo: they caught a tiger shark in the river over here, a tiger shark that’s, pretty wild, so i’m, not gon na be going in the water. So i got ta worry about alligators and tiger sharks and all sorts of so these are actually performing very close to stock. I feel pretty good with these i’m feeling really good about these. These don’t have that crazy vibration let’s see. If it has that sound, though, all right, a line of sight, thanks to my loss mount now, these don’t have that vibration. I don’t know if you could hear that before, but before there was like this noise i’ll fly in standard mode, again i’m line of sighting. It my my goggles are off thanks to uh this mount. I can see exactly where i’m going pretty cool there. You are all right, so this one i don’t, have any problems with this. These are actually great, all right, so i’m going to go ahead and throw the stock dji props on. I just want to you know, make a final assessment here before i uh say, which is worth your money, because these are 15 bucks. A piece right here. These are the stock props 15 bucks, a piece for stock props little pricey. If you ask me, but there we go all right so stock props are on we’ll, take this up for a flight, all right, flipping it into manual mode.

Ah, ah, you can’t see it but i’m over here richard pryor, in as i’m doing these maneuvers terrible uh terrible habit to have god blessed it anyways all right. So the stock props are fine. Are they 15 fine? I don’t know flip flop gang all right. I want to go ahead and test out the um, those amazon props, again really quick, just to hear if we can hear that sound all right, so making sure these are all secure. A little curious. I was getting such a weird sound out of these, and none of them appeared to be bent, mind you, but they just definitely had a peculiar sound to them all right, so all of them are definitely tight. Best of my knowledge, let’s try taking off again see if we hear that sound, hmm wow that could have ended badly. That could have ended badly holy holy. Oh, i almost almost landed the drone in the water, um wow, all right, so there’s. Definitely a problem with these props. These amazon props they’re they’re more money than the pyrodrome props and they’re louder. I don’t know if you can hear that sound, but definitely definitely has like a vibration. Doesn’T sound, safe. I don’t feel comfortable flying them so i’m, not even going to list them in the description below, even though they’re blue and they look cool they sound like, which makes me scared all right, so are after market props safe to use on the dji fpv.

Well, that is going to be a yes and no answer, because, yes, if you get them from a reputable source such as pyro drone race, day quads or any other distributor that sells, the fpv drone along with their accessories chances, are they’ve been vetted and produced by A reputable company, but these amazon and ebay props that look cool probably are not balanced correctly and may lead to catastrophic failure of your equipment, prematurely and um again. This is why one of the reasons why i i test this stuff over the water, because, if it’s going to fail, the worst thing that’s going to happen, is it’s going to smash into the water and it’s not going to hurt anybody whatsoever, which is a good Thing you did see, i almost did lose it over here. I did almost crash it into the water that was unintentional i’m. An idiot i am, i am an idiot, but there you go link will be in the description for the drone tech, props and the fpv props. If you like, i said if you want to spend that extra 15 bucks, i don’t see it i’m, not gon. Na put a link for those other props, because, honestly, those are a piece of which is disappointing, because it’s an amazon affiliate link, so i could have made money on them, but i’m, not gon na see, watch people crash their to make money that um. If you do want to support the channel, you can head over to the shop original dobosstore.

com that’s, where all my 3d prints are. If you want to get yourself a loss mount those are there as well, if not that’s. Fine, if you just want to tell me i’m a and i should release the stl file, i’ll um i’ll – accept that as well.