Second edition guys, i played it a little bit with melissa on sunday and i really like it. I think i may have finally found a system that i like better than 40k 9th edition that has gotten so bloated and this one just came out and i think the rules are superior um and not only the price uh. This is by mantic, and you know i love tabletop, as you can see, uh, but its been extremely expensive and so and honestly, to be perfectly honest games workshop has been a little unfriendly to its community lately a little too corporate, and so i think its important To support uh some of the alternatives and um mantic is a fantastic alternative. Look at this youre, getting 70 miniatures, two full armies, plus the rule book full rule book, full color rule book and every single army in the game. In the force list you dont have to buy 12 books, you know and all this for, like 110 bucks on amazon. So definitely now you do have to paint and assemble yourself as weve done here. These particular ones were sent over by mantic games themselves, so uh for your viewing pleasure, so id like to play this game with you together and lets get get uh, get it going number one. They handle command points a lot better than their uh competitor and alternative. In my opinion, um, you use these dice and you roll at the beginning of the game.

So why dont we do that now, im gon na go ahead and uh do a close up cam here. If you want to roll right there, joe and knock over, have your arm good job. So joe four, oh you see the two swords two swords is that one nope you move that one when you spend it? Okay, oh my god. I whooped your ass. I looked your ass look at that, so thats uh, two four, six, seven thats like the highest, the shape of things to come. Okay, so all that was was called the recon roll. Now the recon roll is just for setup uh, but, as you can see, ive already set up our forces so im glad that i won, because i will force you to set up for first when you force the opponent to set up, they choose the side of The board that they want to be on obviously youve already chosen, and then you set up. No damn you joe all right. Everybody get their ass up. Mans get up, everybody get up, mens got ta, move joel, wants us to move. Man says no joe says no. Rosa parks and youre on that side, joe all right, uh and then you set up your entire force, but you get the first turn so joe its up to you because alex says hes having you roll all the dice its up to you to blow up my Tank before my tank blows up your tank, all right, anyways um, so youll youll get the first turn.

However, that was just the recon roll. Now we go into turn one at the beginning of every turn thats when we roll our command dice to get the exact amount of command points on our dice faces. So lets do it again. Here we go go ahead. You go first see if you get a better roll this time same four thats, pretty consistent, so leave those faces up and put it to the side there so that you have it ready. I rolled another, really good roll, just loaded. Six. These dice are loaded loaded for loving me. Yes, okay, so im gon na go ahead and put these dice uh over here. So i remember that i have six command points. I love it clean simple. Now, joe you get the first turn um. I looked through the rules theres like uh, eight missions, eight narrative missions and i dont think thats a mistake because this system uses d8s uh so uh before we started i rolled on a d8, i rolled a two, and that gave us mission number two, which is Occupation, so, as you can see, the battlefield, the middle of the battlefield, has a communications hub and basically, its very simple, win condition here. Its at the end of the game at the end of five turns the f. The side that has the most combined strength fully within that 12 inches will win the game so its like capture and hold so basically uh.

What do you call it? King of the hill, i think it like hit like halo right so activation all right here we go sure, go for it chills real this up, so youre the gunner inside the ship. Two three four five hits seven, eight six: what six? Oh thats, not firing! Uh! Oh joe actually got a good roll this time. Okay, so you successfully hit your pin my shields of you. Cant pin vehicles unless you have an anti tank, but uh. I think you knocked my shields down. This tank has four shields since you got six hits um. My shields are down, and i, and so, but at least that blocks four of his hits. What is that one called and so ill roll two dice to see if i get hit with it sixes block, i blocked it. Thats right, you ignore the damage you lower. The shields, its all right, all the shields are lowered, though we are going to be taking damage from here on now um. I also gave you a missile launcher on that thing, so normally that flying vehicle can carry five dudes inside uh, but i swapped that out with a missile pod, you roll one dice, which then turns into four dice. If you hit because thats what the blast keyword is these weapons here, you go, jump go on three crit. Are you kidding me damn it? Our shields are down. Now you roll four dice because its blast four, if you look at the key words here on ill show you what that looks like really well handling my rocket.

So here is the missile pot. You know what we should have alex ross is rolling so well over him. Oh its also anti tank, so im going to get pin pins go you need um time to get some extra seats in chat. Two hits uh lets see two fours. Oh, you know no. Its hit so its hitting against my armor, so you needed uh um sixes with armor piercing one, so you needed fives, because the missile has armor piercing one yeah and i dont roll for my armor. You do because youre penetrating my armor, so uh one one. Okay, one damage, but i did get pinned, which means that uh my tank will have to do some. I got a super heavy plasma vortex range 24, so i mean 20 dice, 2d, oh, but thats. A real nice armor, pierce value of three. So only two dice. Oh blast of four, though okay, im just rolling five come on baby now, eight on threes, i think, were gon na blow that thing away joe, how many, how much health does it have six, so i got ta get six out of these eight come on baby. One dice popped out. How many hits is that theyre all hits you need this last one theyre, all, oh, no! No, if you hit on threes or higher so uh, six, seven and then heres, the eighth dice that fell out yeah, so theyre all hits now. Do i penetrate armor, oh no, that was the that was the armor value.

So i just got eight. I just got eight hits. I think i just blew it the away thats, just one thats, a big gun that is thats its only gun its an anti tank gun so yeah, i did it Music, so thats, so theres, no armor, like armor and and damage are the same role yeah. So theres no save roll. So what it is is thats comparing it to warhammer 40k since thats what we play normally uh. You do your shoot value yeah. Then you beat the armor value and then the damage happens, theres no save the armor value and the armor value is more simple because you dont have to cross reference. So the armor and the shield already taken into account. Yeah uh well move this group into the trees, okay, cool all right, and then this is cool. This is how i do it. I bought this uh specific terrain to be able to do this, just temporarily remove the trees right. Well still, let us know well, we could pretty much go anywhere with the six inches yeah theyre, actually in the front row there so just put them there, and we know that and then who has awakened him the assault, enforcer, oh yeah, kill the guy dominance is Taking over looking for his tribute thats, my rock smoking all the trees, okay, um and then your final uh, so, okay, so ray go ahead and uh fire. Your sniper rifle choose a target though.

Well, i guess this captains like the most appealing target out there. Okay, so just get off the head: yeah checking the kill the hit the ball ray ray ray. So here comes the four Laughter: it never ends. It never ends. I told dont even give me a gun. You know what im going to do: snipers its a warning shot. Sorry, i wish you rolled better but ooh, those those are our best guys. Those are the actual asterians they are hitting on a three plus. Oh lets, walk them up, yeah, so uh roll three dice. You know whats gon na happen, oj shut the hell up, three dice; first for the no rifles, okay and threes on these theres; no actually fours, because youre firing through cups, because im going through cover right, three fours one thing well, two out of three: okay: okay, Um and then these have no armor piercing so joe said jet bikes are six plus. So six six, seven two sixes two sixes and you kill a jet bite. Oh lets blow this up. Yeah close your eyes. You want to see this coming one six, one one damage now: the fourth guy that actually has the anti um a tank thing, its called the fission beamer, its two dice with armor piercing four oh hold this yeah, so youll need fours to begin with right. Three plus one for the cover so fours once you get through that, then it goes down to threes.

Okay, well lets hope we get two fours four, you know what im gon na do baby show me: four yeah show me threes dont it up now right. I know right only three 75 percent chance to get it right. So of course, we get two times: hey, hey uh yeah that works too its its like warhammer, where you apply all the damage to the one that already has all the damage, but it works out. The same way: yeah, okay, good job, ray uh, so they get a marker by uh, yeah, okay, because i didnt have any and it goes to them. You got ta. Take that thing out. I dont know ill, allow it. We can try its a learning game right. Yeah got ta, learn to die sometime. What is there its nice? Is he the same thing as them? Yeah? They all have dominator rifles yeah, so youd roll, nine, oh okay, our tanks gon na go bye. Bye, i shouldnt have allowed it. I take it back. One. Two three four five six seven hits ill take it back. So if we will roll four, so four dice cause our shields go back down. Thats a six plus plus you only need one and are we reduced to a fine pink mist? Come on all threes, all threes baby, i mean six is so hard. Its still hard come on, got it hey that swings the game back in their favor theres, no explosion rules.

I was kind of hoping for yeah good, because these guys, i just like it thematically its like im big on explosions, our dudes were all the way around it. When you blew it up its like. Do they crash into a guys eyes like? Oh, my also god one could be a two round match because thats sweet its like they shot down a capital ship holy were under our capital. Ship uh. Oh bambi meets godzilla yeah, okay, okay, so we got one guy left to move. You got to memorize by now. Ours are all the same, which i i dont its like simple, but its like. I want my vehicles to be a little tougher and i want my infantry to be a little quattro four hits and i think those guard on a six who are you shooting at gordons those guys are out in the open they have awakened the fire sixes. One. Two um, i think my my big boys have two health, each double checking yeah. So one dice. Oh no, you killed a lizard okay. Uh. Do you want to spend a command point to go another time in a consecutive action? I definitely wouldnt. I would shoot the girl before he moves him into cover your dudes right over there. Man, okay, so were down to four yeah. These guys right here, uh, yes, this guy has that heavy first laser so its exactly. I guess we have to do it for pinning reasons yeah, so uh theres, five yep, five normals, so its ten, not including the other guys, so well, do him last after all, right all ones, thats, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, so eight yep and You need sixes uh yeah, i think theyre dead, right about to say, Music.

I hex you joe. I kill you from hells heart, i stab it. I didnt get to see what this guy did. He had a oh, you know what i forgot. He had a badass gun the last time i shot with him. My bad all right well. Well, they know take out the big threats, the ones that are out in the open yeah. Like i said, i didnt want to leave my pants around me ankles, but uh. Let me spread my cheeks. Give you two good coughs. I want more of these guys im buying more of these guys. They go good with the taco truck Laughter. I hate them all. I hope you roll all once one two three, four five, what the joe! Why is joe rolling so well this game because he was making fun of me thats? Why thats what you get thats five five dead men uh, make sure you leave the leader yeah. I dont know if you want to designate a leader now the one whos left is automatically the leader in the druid, so the one is left and the one that has the special gun. Those are the ones that are left. I think we learned a valuable lesson right: seven, uh fives, five, no, no uh sixes its fives. We need but theyre in coverage, all right roll, some nines. We need a shitload of eights. Are you yeah one one? You know one. We got one uh ray.

We got dont, give me no driver, you got one. How many dice did you roll 12 12 dice and you got one hit? We are cro. We everything that we can get right now. Okay, what did i tell you last round? I do the positioning you do. The rules well be fine, your man or your roles, man, my men, are infantries heavyweight heavy. Do we have ap on them? No, okay, but now what do i need for the sniper? We have a sniper rifle. He rolls uh, two or three rolls of single die. Hey youre gon na need to hit him his sniper. Rifle is not a uh, it says no rifle talon rifle twin rifle and it says his is a sniper rifle. So so i guess that just counts im trying to help you man, but i got you, you just got ta hit a six and then, if you do, then you really only have to roll a four so youre youre good, but you have to hit that six. First, thats a five: yes, it is because i needed a six dont ever give me. The numbers – okay, well im, like im like over here dont, ever give me that what is this boy Laughter targeting systems uh shoot action against a different target than other models in the shooting unit. All right, theres, your six days, Laughter theyre, going after the biggest change. Is that thats way out of range theres? No way they can hit them Music isnt it.

Those are those are 18. 18 yeah. They cant, okay, its off by a its off. By a little. They could move up and blast them. Can they they can move shoot move, they could do, go, go yeah. If you do go, go, go lets, do it do it. They remember Laughter. So theyre gon na pop out of cover, take some shots and then run back into cover quick spin, a command point, so we can do before this. We have command points. Do you want to use them for cool Music? Oh thats, one, two, three, four: five! Six! Oh, i thought it was a bad roll, its an all right girl, okay and you need, and what do you need because were in cover were not in cover well in the woods, no were shooting those five. Oh yeah, fives fivers come on three one. Two, three. Four, oh yeah take out the four closest we got: ta save the big gun and the ball cowards, excellent, shooting, yay, hey who shot us. I think it was the trees coming from the trees, the trees shot on the trees start, making teddy bear noises. You know to get the out of here: get uh, give him a token. Oh its a drop bear um. We can have them move and shoot expensive. Two take this three down to one spending. Two take this three down to one to uh charge these rifles up. Um and fire at blow them up the squad.

No, we, like it thats a sniper rifle man. You know what we should have done is killed this like that. No, we should have got the sniper. We should have gone enemy at the gates, great movie yeah. It was even if ron and pearl may had a shitty russian accent with that. I mean dont get me wrong and kate, because my girl, we have armor, piercing one on this, so five slag them all lets go one two buck. Two two was enough: drop them hit the showers, your dont pull a ray. We already got one on this team, so now lets see how hard a sniper rifle hits. This is our first sniper hit sniper. Yes, armor piercing two thats all it is so force and, of course it doesnt hurt thats a hit choose who i want get rid of the heavy weapon guy: okay, thats, the value of the sniper rifle okay, im gon na double check that can you look up Sniper scope, i cant believe hes gon na leave me hanging. Oh im. Sorry, oh, like my hands getting tired boss, snipers go thanks! Oh look at this one to hit not what i thought: uh hooray sniper scopes, plus one to hit all right. In addition, if the sniper scope causes a removal of the model, the shooting player can choose. Okay, snipers are way better than i thought they were. No wonder our snipers were sucking. Okay, im gon na charge the jet bike before he gets a chance to activate.

Now, if you could tell me what the jet bike does in assault 2d its two instead of three, so what im doing and then is his as value worse than his sh? Yes, okay, so thats what im doing im trying to lock him up now, im gon na take a bunch of fire to my face. You know right after um, but my sacrifice would be thats what you do, thats what you do, thats what you do for your troops. You face the unknown to make your creator proud, try to run you over with a bike. Eight five, those two hit blast that and slice whats the armor value. Six. Let me check to see if ive got anything six, it two sixes will kill him all right. Come on, kill him six, six, six, six double six! Can we can we uh combine these? Why are forces combined? You need sixes on these, come on, oh what thats, what i needed to kill him, so we knocked down two of your shields. Wait a minute! Why dont you have to roll twice! You you rolled a hit in combat thats! All you need against shields thats. True, okay, hes got um. You knocked down two shields lets just say that he has one shield left thats one shield left: okay at least now: hes always busy; okay, so that was um yeah now its four one, two three. Of course, the tree line gets hit by a hellfire missile, our biggest squad, which may swing it in their favor.

How many hits all of them are dead eight and we had eight units and thats no way that rock that was cooler. Im telling you that, like were on the receiving end on that, but that was cool. The rock that was scary, rock climbers watch out watch out for them, lumberjacks dude oj will lumberjack you off right off pride rock. That was that big theyre climbing more on mountain. They got the high grass um well were gon na need one epic turn and they have no cover theyre. On top of a rock uh, two hits okay. What are you gon na? Get armor piercing one. So we need uh fives, no ray. Wait! No! Hey! I scratched your breath all right. I scratched their pants. No, no! No! What color was it pink, pink, pink all right, give me the twin guns: rave, oh okay, right, three, okay, okay ray and on these we need same same thing: god, damn it ray. One rock climber fell down himself, hey your shoes on time. What whats your favorite, color red i mean blue – were gon na expand the action to go again. Okay, keep firing so ray its either you taking out the one dude over there. Yes, fives Music, no were no longer on the objective. So if i just go down four, your leader cant make it but then remember that they can position within three. So i think you can get lets say you get three units in there.

Well can i just go four and then over two? Yes, four and over two, so the leader thatll definitely get here and then all of them will get in okay. That sounds fine yeah, oh yeah, okay, uh we figured it out, then i think you should shoot. All right were going home. Boys were going home youre going to have this stupid water treatment plant. I dont know what i want. You count tower anyway, im just here: uh turned five victory for the enforcers, but god damn it was close. It was fun. Oh youre, half right, it was close. You know it was fun. Yeah closer getting table dont make me roll dice all right. Actually i forgot my guy can do a double teleport and he uh is in there uh and then he counts as two. We did it because i said so, and so that means uh. We have five in there or he counts as three all right, anyways, all right guys. What did you think of firefight uh, sagan uh? I actually did enjoy it. This was right out the box, its a hundred and ten dollars. You said yeah so consider uh, assemble everything and paint, but thats. Just let me let me say a few things first, so uh for a similar uh box set, which includes two armies from say. Their biggest competitor, which would be games workshop, uh, youre, getting half armies, half the amount of models on each side, then youre gon na also have to buy two books afterwards for both of those armies um, and this one is giving you more models and all the Books in one army for half the price, a hundred instead of two hundred um, but with all tabletop games you have to paint and assemble them, but thats true for even games workshops, but i do like it.

It was very simplistic um. First round we got ta get, we got our bearings and everything. Then it started picking up, which was pretty fun. Everything else was like lighter side. Everything was taken care of pretty well yeah uh. This is gon na be i would buy this game. Yeah im gon na go next because i also want to say this is definitely a buy. I think its one of the better introductory um uh miniatures game system that runs fast and smooth. It reminds me of uh star wars, legion. In many ways i like moving via the leader, it kind of speeds things up. I like not having to cross reference tables on that second roll. It speeds things up and you can focus on the movement, so it kind of it turns a little bit more. Like chess now i just realized we did play wrong. We actually played wrong our first one uh. One thing we were forgetting is we havent done any nerve tests, so, as our units were depleting, we would have needed to have made some nerve rolls, so it would have changed the dynamic a little bit, but it still would have been a close game because it Was you know close here, yeah, so um, but yeah the value is unbeatable, guys. Honestly, in my opinion – and you know what, because theres not a lot of companies that are doing uh, you know tabletop miniatures games anymore. I i think its an obligation for me who love this hobby to support mantic games, especially when games workshop are being such corporate and especially when youre getting this much value.

So i highly recommend i i actually im saying it outright right now. I, like this game system, firefight second edition more than 40k now, where its lacking is uh, that character, depth, theres no characters here. So the lore in 40k is better im im. Sorry i cant, i cant, give it to the mantic for that. The lore is so rich in 40k um, and then you have so many character models with all these special abilities. Thats. The one thing thats lacking in this force list book is each side really only has one or two like leaders and theyre not like named guys with stories and like that, so maybe in the next, maybe in an expansion they can add that. But this is definitely a you know what its a buy but im gon na, take it up to a bad bass, because this system ran so smoothly on our first play. Uh versus you know, warhammer, where you had to like. Oh man, we were doing so many wrong things um and then that value proposition the fact that its you know twice or three times you know as cheap and more affordable, so im giving it a bad pass. What do you think uh alex its simple? I dont know if i like this system better than i like their other system, the the grid based system of the dread zone, the drone system um. That one was that one was easy. I mean this oh dead zone, dead zone, so heres the one hes talking about this one has all the fiddly things that i tend to not enjoy about all miniature schemes, its not their fault, but yeah.

Consider that alex is talking about this here. You see this grid system, it kind of removes our oh. No, you touch a model. That model was not close enough, like what we did there at the end, with the clock rock climbers. This is, this is a system that, if you and a friend, are looking to get into a game and youre not expecting to be able to play this in a local game store and just like find a random person to play with. Then i think this is a especially you. Cant beat the d, the the deal that they get yeah the intro set. I think the the models are. You know detailed enough where i i dont, i dont you know dislike them at all. I think they look good um, so i think that this is. This is a pretty solid start um, they simplified a lot, and so you lose you gain something in simplicity, but you lose something in in simplicity too, like where all of you guys are kind of, say me, because it makes it run really smooth and makes it Run really quick, but then youre like wait a minute. Why is my my giant flying ship have the exact same armor as one of my walking around doo dad guys and so, but realize that this is the starter set. So you know its the very same way and say a games workshop box set and you get some of that flavor.

I think when you buy some of the expansions yeah i mean just like even just base vehicles significantly higher toughness. Oh, did you look through like i like different specialists, i went through all of them its pretty but again thats, something that they did on purpose theyre, trying to keep it samey because it keeps it simple. It moves quicker and one of the things that i really dislike about some of these miniature games. You feel like a hostage uh when you play a game for three hours. The first turn doesnt go well and youre, just sitting there going. Oh, my god dude. I dont know about yall, but like see one of the reasons, why were not playing warhammer and 40k anymore, as often is because when it hits that third turn, i feel like this atrophy like i dont, really feel like the rest of right, because every i go And it takes me you forever to go. It takes me forever to get my turn and all my guys are just i dont get to react. You know and were constantly looking up rules depending on what each person does each time yeah. I would rather play more games faster games, smoother games than more complicated games in my in this stage of my old ass gamer life, and so i think i would rather play this yeah. I could see this being a buy if you were really into if you want to get into a miniatures game.

But again this is a small system, an entryway yeah. This is a small system, youre not going to go, find someone else in your city. Probably that you know has a bunch of time to go, play this stuff, so yeah i could buy it together. Yeah this is uh. This is a pick up. A set with your friend learn painting as a hobby, and then you have some fun yeah cool ray ray now again ray is our harshest table top credit because he didnt play these games well about to say, im going to lead off with the fact that im, Probably going to get flamed by chat, but i gives no no dude. What you want to say. Can i get one of those i like this more than warhammer but less compared to watching you guys play star wars league. This doesnt have a lot of depth, like you guys say, but keep in mind. This is only second edition, whereas 40k is up to what ninth now and the fact that, for the cost of maybe one warhammer model youre getting two armies yeah and the core set yeah. So what this lactore is like. The storytelling, like i said, and im not im, not looking so im, not looking so much for lore but, like you said, the fact that every unit kind of feels, the same and again we were discovering more stuff like okay go. Go is definitely an advantage for their team.

Yeah marksman with our snipers, was definitely an advantage for our team, but we just needed to know that going in yeah well well be better on ourselves exactly for first playthrough. This taught us a lot about what we were missing and again the vehicles like the vehicles and everything else seems so op that only a vehicle could take a vehicle out, and we pretty much did that at the beginning. So that neutralized that point, because had they not fired on ours, im sure our tank would have slagged whatever it pointed at next yeah, but it only rolls two dice. Two was all you need. You got splash four with the blast yeah, but i dont think i disagree with you that the vehicles are op, because that that plane, that they had is health. Five and ours is health, four, with three shields, so seven and and how many shoes theres no shields. Exactly they they do have, but they havent they had the minus one to hit which but yeah this is you didnt you. I got ta shut up, no, no thats cool but lets say thats what i wanted to say at the beginning, yeah when i was so rudely cut off, but no at the very beginning when he said hex again: thats thats the style of game that i grew Up playing, but this for itself for the price and everything that you get for me is a heavy borrow. It would be a buy if i was more into this type of game, but again, first time out its a strong ball.

For me, its almost the bible, but again, if some of these guys just had a lex, an extra special feature like this guy is like what are his, what his melee guys and warhammer like the dark, knights or death guards, thats gon na, be there right, because There are, and eventually right and against the first player, which is why its a strong borrow, even though im not into this type of game, because strategy actually matters in this yeah um, yeah, no, and – and i think that this this kind of combines the mass army Skirmish its like in between mass army and skirmish and its in a real nice sweet spot. So i like it, you know battle techs right here is complex and the models are a little lower count, and this one is a little bit more. So when its when theres more models involved, it needs to go a little faster than that, so i i think this simulates it perfectly um. There are other missions. Perhaps you know they definitely games can play differently depending on what mission you pick, but i i really really like firefight second edition um are the models as cool as 40k? If im gon na be honest, no cause, like 40k, has been around thats, my childhood, so i just love the way you know uh the models look in 40k, but this is second, you know this. This comes real close in its second and the fact that we got no characters and thats what i think you were picking up on on star wars, legion when we were playing that there were like little mini stories like oh its, like obi, wan hes like hello.

There and then hes going up against grievous and yeah its all in your head a little bit but theres more theme there. When you have characters and this one, it feels a little bit more generic without those characters so its like its just squads, slugging it out. You know what i mean, and so i get what youre coming from, but as far as the system goes superior in my opinion than than say 40k 9th edition, they just need to remove some of the bloat and thats what this game has done and basically updated. It for modern times where its hugo i go with some command points, so yeah thats, it guys uh.